The police came and took all of our fingerprints, samples of the food we ate and had still in the fridge and of course some of Sven's power drinks he or Susan prepared for him. The results would took several weeks the officer told us. They also interviewed all of us separately about Marie and how she found her way into our house. I knew Sven made an flyer for the black board at school, witch was only answered by Marie. And after he had talked to her, he was sure she would be a good maid and help for Susan. Actually that was the truth, she was a big help.

Sven missed a few days at work and school because the drugs were bothering him more than expected. He told me every day that he loves me and he sent icons on my phone almost every hour. I was so embarrassed to question his loyalty to me. In good days and in worth that what we vowed for at our wedding. I know I had to apologies one way or the other but I thought right now was not a good time. Sven had so much sorrows on his own right now.

The rest of the week run by too fast. Sven and I made love every night, mostly the way he liked the best. I didn't minded at all because of my bad conscience. We talked to Sean and he told us that the deal with the DA was done and he would leave prison on Friday. We agreed to pick him up. He would be out at around noon and Chris would arrive att LAX at around 8 o'clock at night so I had enough time to go with Sven to Orange County.

The night before Friday I slept very bad. I dreamed about Sean and me in the past. Having Sex in his bed room and every time Sven interrupted us. Even at the breakfast table I was hunted by day dreams. Sven caught me staring at my cereal bowl for several minutes and asked if everything was all right.

At 10.30 we drove off to pick up Sean. He was already standing outside the facility when we arrived. He looked alone and forlorn. When he saw us leaving our car, his spirit changed and a smile was on his face. Sean hugged me first and I could feel his hand scratching along my back. Again the question popped up in my head. Does he still loves me? Sven only watched us. He didn't said one word. Finally I had to push Sean away and he turned to hug his brother. It was briefly and I wasn't sure if that was a good sign. On the way home Sean told us how the deal condition had been and that he was eager to testify against Snoopy. I was sure it was a hard decision to make because I knew Snoopy was his first one and I said before u have a special connection with the first guy you fell in love with. Yes it was the same with me and seeing him made me aware of that. In my mind all the good memories were running, like a movie playing in the theaters. I felt Sean's glance in my back. On my leg I felt Sven's hand looking for mine and I grabbed it and squeezed it hard. I didn't know what was going thru his mind right now but I guess it wasn't a good thought. At home Susan's embraced Sean as an old friend and introduced him to Hans as uncle Sean. Susan and Sean acted as nothing ever happened. For her, he was a friend, maybe more than a friend. They talked, laughed and even made jokes about me. Sven was quiet the hole time, only after Susan gave Curtis to Sean and told him that Sven was his biological father he joined them. Sean had tears in his eyes as well as Sven. Holding Curtis in his arms, Sean reached out to Sven with his left hand and they both hugged for a very long time. Surprisingly neither Susan nor I tried to join them. Only as Hans asked Sven why he was crying? They let go of eatch other and Sven sat down beside me on the couch and I instinctively searched for his hand. We had some beer, well they had some beer I was determined to stay sober that night and somebody had to go to pick up Chris. Hour by hour went by fast. Sven drunk more than normally.

At 7 it was time to leave and I gave Sven a kiss for a good by. His eyes were sad. I saw him before in that mood so I pulled him outside to asked what was going on. He hugged me and told me everything was fine but I knew him better. I stared in his eyes and he in mine. No word was spoken. After a while, still his eyes connecting with mine he started. " I watched you today. Your eyes were glowing because of Sean. "He made a pause. I swallowed two times." I don't want to be jealous but I am. Sorry" he continued and smiled. "And now u have to pick up another love of your live, V. I don't know how ...." He stopped with tears in his eyes. I kissed him. " Sven, your brother was my first love, yes I still has feelings for him. And Chris, also yes I still feel something for him too but they are my past. I told you already. You, honey, you are my present and my future. I wanna grow old with you." I said and kissed him again. I opened my mouth but didn't allow my tongue to invite the privacy of his mouth. I waited for him to reach out. And after a few seconds he did. I could feel the tip of his tongue touching mine. I opened my eyes and looked into his tearful beautiful brown eyes. Then I broke the kiss and looked at my wrist watch." It's time, I gotta go. You can come with me if you want. Just to make...." But he gave me a quick kiss. "No my love, you go and I stay with Sean and Susan. Don't do anything stupid." He added and smirked in my face. I hit the back of his head and formed I love you with my lips.

On my way, I thought about what he had said. Was he really scared I would leave him for one of my old lovers. If he has that issue we should talk about that soon. Or is it still the drugs in his body, what let him think so irrationally. I only know I would never do anything to question our relationship. Never !

I was late but Chris wasn't out jet, so I waited at Tom Bradley airport. It took him another half an hour to go to custom and all the controls. I texted Sven that it would take longer than expected. And while I was texting him another text came. It was Jesus. Oh no I thought not another one. I had enough to deal with right now but i didn't wanted to ignore him. "Hello V, how r u?

Thought bout coming over 2night. Is it ok?" Of course I texted back, not thinking about Sean. I knew Jesus loved him still. After the text was out I added another text. "Sean is out of prison. U will see him tonight." It took Jesus almost 10 min to answer. "Ok then I'm sorry, don't want to interrupt." I typed back: "Hey buddy what's up? U r coming to my house. Don't give me that BS buddy. Doesn't matter Sean is here or not. I waited a long time for u to do that. I'm missing you buddy. Please Jesus don't let me down". There was no answer.

At the ramp I heard some German talking. And a few minutes later I saw the muscle packed short guy I once loved so much. He wore khakis, yellow khakis and a red muscle shirt. His biceps and triceps was bigger than I remembered. And his legs showed also more muscles. But something was wrong. I always admired the way he walked. Proud of his body but today he walked as an old man. He didn't had seen me in the crowed so I surprised him by blindfold him with my hands. He screamed my name and everybody around us looked at us. He swung his arms around me and hugged me furiously. He kept hugging me for several minutes and all the other passengers had to go around us because we stayed in the middle of the exit. First I felt that sensation I always had back then when I held him in my arms, but that feeling subsided very fast and Sven came into my focus. Yes Chris was still in my hart but not as a boy friend anymore. After an awkward long time holding on to me I softly pushed him away and looked in his still handsome face with his big eyes. His beautiful eyes were filled with tears and now I felt his body shaking. "What's wrong buddy ?" I asked. "Oh V how could I ....." But he stopped. I took his suitcase and pulled him with one hand thru the door. On the way to the car he calmed down. I asked him trivial questions about the flight and the food on board. He politely answered all my questions.

After 15 more minutes we were on our way to my house and I asked again what was going on in his live. And he started to tell me about everything. That his brother and his wife moved to Switzerland and he did move in with Alex shortly after his brother left Germany. That he finished school and found a good job and went to colleague again for his hobby "cooking" " I wanna be a chef one time". He said. And all of a sudden his mood changed. "I found out that Alex was dating another guy. First I thought nothing seriously but when the text messages went over to phone calls and he left the room while talking on the phone I was suspicious. I confronted him and he said yes. There was another man in his live. My world broke a apart again. With nowhere to go,so I stayed in his place. We thought we can be friends. It was good at the beginning but my feelings for him were to strong. Every time he spoke with his boyfriend on the phone I was jealous. And then he said he is moving out to live with his new boyfriend. And I lost it. I hit him....." Now he starting crying furiously. I stopped the car as fast as possible and took him in my arms to comfort him as good as I could. I stroke his back and finally after an eternity he calmed down. I could feel his hands stroking my back too and when I let go of him he quickly pressed his lips on mine. I don't know why I let it happen but it took me 2-3 seconds to realize that his tongue was inside my mouth. I pushed him away. " V I still love you, please let us be together again. You has been my one and only true love". " No Chris stop that. I am married" I told him. His watery eyes starred at me and he started crying again. What the heck did I do that everybody is falling in love with me. It's like a curse. The only love I feel is for Sven and nothing will ever change that. Even with the problems we are having right now my feelings will never be different. First Jesus, Sean and now Chris. I didn't knew what to do. Chris let go of me and turned around. His hand reached for the door handle to open the car. "What the heck are you doing?" I asked. He turned his head away from me and I could barely understand what he said. "You don't love me anymore. I hoped it would be different." And he opened the door and was about to step outside when I grabbed his arm. "Chris, I love you but as a friend. Please understand that. I was in love with you yes but..." And I stopped. It wasn't right to tell him that Sven was in my mind already when I slept with him. "I always will remember the time we spent together and the fun we had". He tried to get rid of my hand but I kept pulling him back. I embraced his shaken body and pulled him onto my chest. He cried for several minutes before he calmed down.

Silently he stared in my eyes. And I kept the glance. "Are you good bro?" I asked and smiled at him. In my head was everything spinning around like debris in one big hurricane. What was I supposed to do. Could I take him home. Would he try to do that again ? "Yes I'm ok, I'm sorry V it's just..." The rest was unspoken. I leaned over and closed his door. We didn't said one word until I reached my destination. Sven and my house. "You sure you want me to stay with you?" Chris asked when I unloaded his suitcase. "Of course I want you to stay with me, us I mean", but in my head something screamed nooooooo.

Susan saw him first and hugged him like they didn't had seen each other in years. She looked at me with questions in her eyes. I formed later with my lips and she nodded with her eyelids. Sven was in the living room with Sean. They both had a glass of Sven's 50 year old whiskey in there hand and were laughing about something funny on TV. Sven looked at me and from one second to the next his laugh vanished and concern was showing in his eyes. I only shook my head " not right now" I whispered to him and continued to them both. "Sean I want you to meet a friend of mine. Chris this is Sean, Sean this is Chris." They both shook hands. I guess nobody was sure what to say I just broke the ice" Sean was my very first lover. And Chris was my very last lover before Sven". Both only grinned at that joke. Sean and Chris started a small talk and I took the opportunity to pull Sven out of the room. I explained what had happened and he only looked at me for minutes. "Say something. What I'm supposed to do?" I asked. But he didn't gave me an answer, instead he asked" what about you. How do you feel about him ?" Again that question I thought. " how often do I have to tell you that I'm in love with you". I said a bit angry. His face cleared and I saw a smile flashing. "We'll you can tell me every day because I love to hear it". I tried to hit him on his head but he probably knew what was coming and he grabbed my hand, pulled me towards him and turned me around so that I stood with my back on his chest. I turned my head so we could kiss in this position. First I only felt his lips on mine. Very affectionate. I had my eyes open, but he had his closed, so I closed my eyes too and enjoyed that tender kiss. After a while he opened his mouth slowly and I could feel the tip of his tongue gliding over my lips. I opens my lips too and with only the tip of my tongue I conquered his tongue. With doing this he pushed me forward closer to our bed. With each step his tongue went further down my mouth and I could feel, on my butt, his penis growing in his shorts. Now he kissed me more forcefully. Oh my god I thought I want to feel him right now. Inside of me. When he fucked me it was like a missing piece in my body finally reappears. It made my world perfect and I had a feeling like heavenly peace.

Shortly before we reached the bed, the door flew open and Hans was yelling at us. "Papa, daddy u got company. He said he is Jesus but believe me it's not the Jesus I know. I have seen him in my kids bible and he looks not like.... What are u doing?" He asked when he looked straight at us. "Are you kissing?" He asked like child would do. " ohhh that is disgusting.aahhhhh" he said. "Oh ja, wait till I catch you. I show you how disgusting that could be." I replied and chased after him. Sven turned around to hide his enormous tent in his short pants. Hans run in circles around the bed and I right after him. He was giggling and when I reached him and picked him up to kiss his forehead he started laughing. "Daddy, daddy help me. "He laughed but Sven was laying on his stomach on our bed. "Little buddy, daddy don't feel so well" he said with a smirk on his face. Well I thought I wouldn't feel good either, with a bonner, bigger and harder than a one hundred year old oak tree and I smiled at him.

Jesus really came. I didn't counted on that. I let go of Hans and looked at Sven. Are u gonna be ok I asked him. "Yes I take care of this " and when I looked a bit darker he added. " no I wait till it subsides." And he laughed . I and Hans gave him a quick kiss and I left with my son on my hands.

Still in the doorway, Jesus was talking to Susan. They also met at the wedding and Susan always asked for him. She liked him a lot. I let go of Hans and he ran to his mom. "Daddy is sick" he announced but I shook my head immediately. Susan's eyes showed a suspicious glance." He is all right" I assured her. I couldn't tell her that he still affected by the drugs and was laying in my bed with a monster boner. I pulled Jesus on my shoulder an squeezed the shit out of him. I was so happy that he found his way back to me, us. I was tempted to kiss him but thought about how it would look like if I would kiss another man in front of my son. "Hey buddy, only god knows how much I was praying for this to happen". I whispered in Jesus's ears. "Yes I missed you too, and forgive me for being an ass." He answered and squeezed me again. When I let go of him he smiled at my son and introduced himself. "Hey my name is Jesus, we met at ur dads wedding. Do you remember me?" But Hans shook his head. "No, but all of papas and daddy's friends are here. And even uncle Sean is here". He said in his childish voice and grabbed Jesus hand and let him to the living room. Jesus looked in my eyes and smiled. The last time I had seen him smile was long time ago. Susan wanted to know what was wrong with Sven when we followed Hans and Jesus. I only laughed at her and instinctively I pulled back my head to avoid the reflex of Susan's hand. We both laughed.

In the living room I saw Sean talking to Chris. My first thought was wait for Sean. But when Jesus entered the room, Chris eyes opened up wide and he left Sean standing there alone to come over for the introduction. After they knew each other name they were chatting as if they would know them for ever. I don't know If they ever talked to each other at the wedding.

Sean's eyes and Jesus eyes met for one split second but I could tell both didn't wanted to do the first step right now. Only Jesus nodded his head lightly in Sean's direction. Whatever they thought right now will be a secret for ever. Sean turned around and tried to leave but I was faster and grabbed his collar. "What did u expect. That he comes running into ur arms again? Give him time buddy. After all those years, I think it's hart for him to see you. It was hart for me too". Sean only looked in my eyes and nodded his head. "I guess so. You know in prison I always imagined the reunion between Jesus and me. I probably deserve it". He said sadly. At the other side of the room I saw Jesus looking at us. So he still cares about us. Me and Sean. Lol I stayed for a few minutes but the thought of my husband laying in our bed with a hardon made me somehow hot. My little man inside my pants started to repel inside his fabric prison and it felt uncomfortable after a while so I excused myself and run up the stairs. I opened the door in a hurry and could see Sven still laying on his stomach. He didn't moved at all. He probably felt asleep waiting for his boner to get lost. I closed the door as silently as I could and looked it this time. I didn't wanted another intruder or surprise. Lol. As I moved closer to him I watched his V shaped torso rising and falling by each breath he made. He still had his cloth on but his short were skipped down a bid so I could see the beginning on his ass crack. His chocolate brown,silky shining skin on his ass laid there as it would be a gigantic praline in a box. Witch each step I came closer, I thought about how lucky I was that he felt for me the same way i felt for him. Standing on the side of the bed I reached out and touched the visible skin of him with my fingers. Warm and soft. Only this split second made my dick hard. I knelt down and kissed his half exposed butt cheek. "Oh I always wanted to wake up like this . Can u do that every morning from now on" Sven said. I must have woken him up with my tender kiss. " of course my love. If u want u can have that twice or three times a day." I joked back. He didn't turned around, he only lifted up his ass and fumbled with his belt and pushed his short with his boxers deeper to his knees. I couldn't resist and stroke with both hands over each of his butt cheek. He moaned softly. I started to kiss his ass.With each kiss I came closer to the center of his crack and inhaled his man sent. With both hands I spread apart his cheeks and with the top of my tongue I licked over his brown-pink entrance. He moaned louder and lifted up his body. The higher he held his butt the deeper I drove my tongue into his ass lips. They were so soft and tender. Around his anus, he had some very short but soft hair. Sven finally reached as high as he could and I stuck my tongue as deep as possible inside his ass. But not for long and I pulled it out again. All the way and when I left it completely he lowered down his butt,so he laid flat on his growing boner again. If I wanted to stay in his butthole I had to follow his ass down. After a few more intrusion with my tongue I exchanged it with my fingers. His moaning became more powerfull and after the third finger he stopped moaning. "Please V take me. I want to feel you inside of me." He had the same thoughts as I had earlier. My dick was as hard as a rock and I was eager to do him the favor, he asked for. "Are u sure u want it this way? My love." I thought of the conversation we had one time. "Yes I want you right now". He pleaded. One hand on the nightstand to take out the Vaseline and the other hand on my zipper I managed to get undressed and lubricate his sphincter at once. Sven, still laying on his belly moved his body, so he laid on his left side now and pushed his shorts all the way down. He lifted his right leg and placed it on my shoulder. Now all his glory was visible and I didn't wasted one minute and aimed my pulsating cock onto his hole. With all the lubrication my dick slipped in without any resistance. I only heard Sven " ahhhhhhhhh fuck ahhhhhhh" as I slowly divided his ass lips. Inch by inch I dived deeper. And with each inch he repeated his comment. Finally 9 inch later I stopped for a few minutes to let his sphincter get used to the intruder.

In this position my balls laid on his butt cheek and allowed my dick to go in all the way. When his breathing normalized, i started to pull out again. Not to far just a few inches. And back in. More and more I pulled out and I accelerated the speed. At the beginning slowly and short, I increased my effort and shortly I fucked him with the speed I liked the most. Not to fast and not to slow. My balls touched lightly his ass but made no sound. " I love you V" he managed to let out under his moaning. "Ah ah ah faster faster ah" he demanded and I obliged. His ah became faster and i increased my speed. I was so close to my climax, but I wanted this to last longer so I suddenly stopped. But it was to late. My climax had already started and even if I wanted to stop it I couldn't. I rammed my dick deep in Sven's anus and he exhaled loudly. And then I started to fuck the shit out of him. With every movement in, my balls slapped on his butt cheek. I could see the white light again as I did so many times before. And my high lasted longer than usual. 15-20 strokes I needed to explode. And I screamed Sven's name over and over. With each spurt I emptied inside of him I earned a fuck fuck fuck by Sven. I don't know how many blast I had but it was enormous. With the last strikes I saw my own sperm cumming out of his hole and with removing it completely a river of my white man juice came out. Sven, still moaning,turned on his back and allowed me to take his steel hard pole deep in my throat. Just after a few seconds his ah ah becam a long and loud ahhhhhhhhhhh. And I felt his nectar crawling down my throat. I let go of his spitting dick, but tried to catch as much as possible with my mouth. But still, I missed three or for blast. It hit my cheek, my left eye and some of my forehead. I swallowed what I had in my mouth. It tasted a bid like egg white and a bid salty. After Sven's climax subsided and his breath was normal again he started laughing. "Oh my god V, u filled me up good". He said and pulled me up by gripping my hair. I thought he was about to kiss me but instead he let his tongue tip glide over my cheek and forehead. And with my finger I cleaned out my eye and feet him that spurt too. He smiled at me and pulled his head up for a kiss. After out lips were looked he shared his cum with me. We kissed for minutes until I broke it. "Sven, thank you my love." He looked at me. "For what?" He asked. I starred in his eyes. "For trusting me. " I only said and pressed my lips on his again.



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