The welcome home party at this evening was as great as all parties has been so far. All our friends were here, except Jesus. He still looked The other way when i accidentally crosses his way. One of these days I'm gonna talk to him, I thought, because I don't wanted to loose a friend like him.

The days went by so fast. After the attack Sven's sleeping habit changed a bid. Before,he tried to hold on to one part of my body to fell asleep after a long good night kiss. But lately he snuggled as close as possible to my body. Sometimes I laid in front, sometimes he did. One night I woke up because Sven moved a lot and moaned in his sleep. Defensively he had up his arms when I woke him up. "Sven wake up its just a dream." His body was sweaty all over. "You are alright?" I asked after he was fully awake. "Yes I'm ok." I was not so sure about it and held him in my arms to make him feel better. The next morning I asked him about what he had dreamed but he couldn't remember. There has been a few of those nights. The polices investigation settled down after two month of searching for any suspects. With no motive they said its hard to speculate who had done it. Sven even tried hypnosis to find out what happened. No results so far. Every time he gets close to the moment he freaks out and the doctor has to call him out of the hypnosis.

The time we spend together with Hans and Susan rushed by so fast. With Susan's belly growing a lot, more than we expected,the time came close to her due day. The gynecologist already told her the date. It was Oktober 22. Sven hired a nanny for Susan to give her a hand in the last 4 weeks until due day. In the last weeks he was more concerned about Susan's welfare as mine lol When ever she exhaled loudly he jumped to his feet. "Relax buddy it's not my first one" Susan always said in a jokingly way. The closer the due day came the more hyper he went. I loved that about him. I wondered if I would have been the same. Probably yes lol.

October 22. came and went without any contractions. The next day the same and finally on the 24. Susan woke us up at 3.30 am "Guys I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but we have to go nnnnnooooowwwww " screaming the end. Finally the contractions had begun. 30 min later we arrived the same hospital Sven was in after the attack. Susan laid in labor for 5 hours. I felt so sorry for her, but later she told me with Hans it took her almost 18 hours. We both wanted to be with Susan when she finally gave birth to curtis. But only one person was allowed to go in. Until Susan screamed on top of her lung that she wanted us both inside. So we both saw the birth of Curtis. First we only saw a lot black curly hair. With his head out, the doctor helped with the rest. The baby didn't cried at first, that mean it wouldn't start breathing so the doctor slabbed him lightly on the bum. And here Curtis screamed in the highest tunes. Sven had tears in his eyes when the nurse gave him his baby in his arms. The new born was the cutest baby I have ever seen. After Susan was decent again Sven laid her Curtis in her arms and kissed her on her mouth. "Thank you Susan, I love you" and Susan started crying but smiled at him. He was so proud to show Curtis to all of our friends, who came as soon as possible to see us. Greg even got home from work just to see Sven and Curtis.

Seeing him so joyful and exited made me feel horny. And when he kissed me my little friend in my jeans cried for release. He must have seen it and kissed me even more passionately. I didn't wanted to show how much I wanted him right now to all our friends so I left the room. To bye some cigars for Sven I lied. I was out and about to corner the hallway when I heard his voice behind me. "Hey my love wait for me". I turned and grinned. His pants had a big tent himself. He sprinted the last few meters and with his enormous arms he pulled me onto his body. His brown eyes looked right into mine and I felt his lips pressing at mine. The smile in his eyes changed into desire and his tongue played the same tune. Suddenly i felt his left hand grabbing my crotch. I could go nowhere because he placed his right hand behind my neck and pulled me in to a kiss. I coluld feel the wall behind me. I don't know if other people were around. Here and now only he was important for me. He pulled back his tongue and left my lips" Did I tell you today that I love you. Just in case I forgot. I love you Victor Goldmann. I always will" and he kissed me again. He still massaged my dick and I felt his cock growing even more in his pants. Now I scanned the hallway for nurses or visitors. There were none but a few doors away I saw a restroom sign and gestured with my head in the direction. He looked around an let go of me, but only to pull me into the bathroom. I made sure nobody saw us going inside together. We didn't even closed the door when he started to kiss me again and pulling of my shirt. His kiss was now so intensive that I only could moan. Our tongues battled inside and with his hands he lifted up my body. My desire changed into ecstasy. My hands dived in his waistband of his paints and I played with his butt cheeks. Enthusiastically he chewed on my tongue and his hands went from behind my back to the front to my nipples witch were already standing out like bullets. He let me down to the floor. My hands abandoned Sven ass checks and opened the zipper to his jeans. He moaned and that vibrated the inside of my mouth when I let out his boner. Breaking up the kiss, i started to lick down his throat until I reached the collar of his shirt. With both hands I pulled up his shirt. With his nipples exposed, I immediately sucked on the left one. Sven only stood there with his hands in my hair. He pushed me a little bid to go deeper. I did and when I stuck my tongue in his belly button he moaned again. His curved cock hit my chin and pleaded for attention, witch I was eager to give. I kissed the top of his dick head and played with my tongue on his piss hole. "Aaagggghhh" was all I heard. Satisfied with his head I started to lick down his shaft to the beginning of his ball sac. I tried to take both of his balls in my mouth and sucked on it, while my hand started to pump his dick, slowly. An even deeper aaaggghhhh escaped his throat. With my fingers I rubbed between the end if his sac and the beginning of his hole, i felt his body rising when he lifted himself up on his toes. Oh he liked that I thought and intensified my action. After giving his balls enough sucking I went up his shaft again and blew some air on the track of salvia I left. "Oohhhhhhhhh fuck" he moaned. I opened my mouth and engulfed his dick head. Sucking it inside of my hungry throat. I knew he loved to be deep throated. "Aaaaaaaaggggggghhhh victor" he screamed now. If somebody was outside they must have heard him. His hands fastened his grip on my head and slowly he took over the initiative. He started to fuck my face and I let him. I loved it. My fingers were on his butt hole now and I pushed one thru his sphincter. He stopped for a few seconds but with more force he started again to thrust his hard dick into my mouth. While I had his cock down my throat I pushed my finger inside of him. And when he pulled himself out I pulled my finger back. "Oooohhhhhhh mmmmyyyyy ggggggoooooddd". Sven fucked my face for more than 5 minutes. I enjoyed every second. If i would have get paid by inches,swallowed, i would be rich by now lol. I felt his movements increasing and with that he blasted his load down my throat. 7-8 spurts I felt going down and he finally pulled out totally. His legs were shaking and he searched with his hands for the sink to get a hold. " oh my god who taught you to suck a dick like that" he grinned at me. I was still on my knees and looked upward. "We'll with age comes wisdom." I laughed. He pulled me up and kissed me. "I love you victor". "I know my love now it's time to go back" I answered. My dick, still in my jeans was hard as a rock and hurting like hell, but it'll goes away, i thought. "The hell we do" he said and lifted me up as I would be a feather and pressed his lips on mine. After 30 seconds of tongue work out he went without detour straight down and opened my jeans and lifted my dick over the waistband of my briefs. Usually I'm not a big precummer but as Sven pulled back my for skin a big drop was about to be wasted by dropping on the floor. With his quick hand he cached it and liked it right away of his fingers. " mmmmmhhhhhh" I couldn't hold it any longer so I said " make me cum my love, hurry". He only took my exposed dick head in his mouth and pumped with his right hand my shaft. "Aaaagggghhh" was all I let out. With his left hand he started rimming my ass. "Aaaagggghhhhh fuckkkkkkk. " after only a minute or so I let go of my man juice. He tried to swallow but somehow he got it in the wrong throat and was coughing badly. My sperm, he intended to swallow, was all over my pants now. Shit. I pulled him up and stretched his hands in the air. When he finally got better he asked" did u try to drown me. That was a huge load man how come you came like this?" I know what it was. The danger to get caught made me hotter than usually. I felt it already at the tailor place when Sven tried to come onto me. The danger to be exposed, while having sex, was so exiting for me that i felt hornier and hotter.

Finally we went back to Susan and Curtis. Greg only smiled at me, he knew exactly what was going on. Sven's parents was supposed to come the next day to see their grand son. Sven had tears in his eyes when he told them Curtis was born.

Later that evening, Susan had to stay one night and they kept the baby as well, we had a little birthday party for Curtis. Lol. Greg's gang ( except Jesus ), Cassandra and a few of Sven's old friends from the neighborhood was here to celebrate with us. As always there was a lot of alcohol involved at that party. I stayed sober because I saw Sven already starting to drink tequila at 6.30. And by 8.30 he was drunk. I had seen him only once that filled up. The night he was naked in Greg's jacuzzi. He smoked his cigar proudly. Everyone else joined in. Even I had a few inhales but I could not stand it for long. I knew that he had enough when he started babbling and giggling. "Come one my love lets call it a night" I said and grabbed his elbow. He looked at me with his deep brown eyes. " V I love you so much." He almost started crying when he let out that trivial phrase. I helped him to stand up and kissed him. "You know I love you too my love. Lets go to bed." I suggested. He looked in my eyes and nodded his head. On our way out I told Greg he could stay if he wanted. Sven's body was heavier than he looked like. If you carry a drunk you have to almost drag him. I was glad when I arrived our bed room. Almost blacked out I laid him on the bed and undressed him. Shoes, shirt, paints and when I pulled down his boxers I realized, his little Sven was growing. He was knocked out but his penis was ready for action. I smiled and kissed his penis head briefly. I undressed myself and turned out the lights. I still could hear the music playing in the living room. So the rest of the gang was still partying. I didn't closed the roof blinds because it was such a night that you could see the stars. Finally I snuggled close to Sven and felt asleep. I don't know how long I have slept when I was woken up by Sven's movements and screaming. I tried to calm him down but I had no chance to hold him. A few seconds later Greg and Andrew was standing at our door. "What's going on?" He asked with a surprised face. "Are you fighting?" Andrew asked almost at the same time. "Sven has one of his nightmares again and I can not wake him up. Probably to much alcohol..." I tried to say but I was interrupted by Sven talking in his sleep. "Snoopy what you are doing here..... You son of a bitch.... What the fuck" and then he was silent again. I looked for Sven to Greg and Andrew. They both looked shocked. "What the fuck was that?" Greg asked. "I don't know, he never talks in his sleep." I said with a concerned glance at Greg. Sven still moved a lot but not as bad as before but he still let out some strange noises. I sat in bed and held his body close and Greg rubbed his shoulders to calm him down. " what happened?" Andrew asked. I replied with what I thought. "I think he is going thru his attack right now. And I think we know now who attacked him. Snoopy! If he just would stop. Or wake up. I'm scared. "Greg saw the panic in my eyes and let go of Sven. Andrew took over for him and Greg came around and held me close to his chest. Like a mother does with her kids when they woke up from a bad dream at night. I started crying. Not only because I felt scared no because I felt the hate growing inside of me. The hate for snoopy. He took my first lover and now he messed with my true love. " If I could get a hand on him right now I would kill him" i said out loud. Andrew and Greg nodded their heads in union. After an half an hour Sven finally calmed down and his heart beat and his breathing lowered down to a normal level. I still was scared. Greg offered to sleep on the couch in our bedroom but I told them to go back to bed, I wouldn't closet door so they would hear me when I needed them. Greg hugged me and kissed my for head. Andrew rubbed my shoulders. I couldn't go back to sleep. To much was racing thru my brain.Was Snoppy the attacker? I couldn't made a connection. What motive could he have? Sven never had any connections to Snoopy except the one night when Sven raped him the second time. And suddenly I remember what the doctor ( hypnotizer ) told us. Whenever Sven has any recollection on that night we should call him as soon as possible. I glance at the watch. It was 6.30 am. Was it to early to call him? I didn't care, and called the number he gave us. I only could left a message so I told him about the last night. Not 5 minutes later my phone rung and it was Dr. Welles. " you wake him up right now and I expect you both as soon as possible at...." And he gave me his private address." Wake up handsome, rise and shine my love." I said louder as necessary and jerked in his shoulder."Hey man, what the f, what time is it?" He whispered. "It's time to get a shower and get dressed we have to go somewhere. "I only said and pulled on his feet. He still was drunk and halfway asleep but I managed to get him out of bed and into the shower. 25 minutes later I had him in the car and we drove to the address the doctor told me. Sven asked three times what I was up to but I didn't tell him until we rung the doorbell. "Hello Sven,hello Victor come in" Dr. Welles said and lead us to his private office. It was furnished as every doctors office. Sven looked puzzled when I told him what he had done last night and after I finished he looked scared. The doctor let him lay on the couch and started the hypnotizing procedure. "Sven I want you to be calm. Very calm. I want you to relax. Now I want you to go back to that day. ". He said in a very monosyllabic voice. Sven's eyes were closed but you could tell that his iris was racing under his eyelids. " I left the house in anger. I couldn't apologies to Victor. He was right I didn't told him that I applied for the police academy. There was not the right time to tell him and when he told me that I had trust issues I couldn't deny it. That made me angry and I left the house with anger. I open the trunk to put my uniform inside. Suddenly I hear a familiar voice. Hey Sven how are u my love bug? Snoopy what are you doing here I ask him. To bad I fucked that gorgeous ass of you only two times he said and laughed. You son of a bitch I screamed at him. Now I was facing him. He held a steel pipe in his hands. That is to remind you to stay out of my business he said and swung the pipe at my shoulder. What the fuck I screamed but he swung already his next blew to my head this time. A atomic bomb went of inside my head and I felt to the ground. He raised the pipe a third time when I heard a voice I called the police they are here any minute. And Snoopy let go of me and turned around. I tried to stand up but I couldn't. I heard sirens and voices. Then I feel hands on me and they lift me up. And I hear Victors voice screaming my name. My love is in such pain but I can not get up to hold him. Then..." I tried to touch Sven's face with my finger but dr. Welles lifted his finger and shook his head. " he fucked me twice I thought before I blacked out. But when ? He was with Sven when I was 14 and Sven was beating me up so badly and... But Sven was in my bed when I woke up. And he was naked. The second time he was there too. He was friendly and offered us drinks. Sven and me. When I woke up I was raped and they both were gone. " Sven added. Dr Welles asked about the first night if Sven had anything to drink that evening and Sven told us that he had ice tea. Snoopy gave him a glass of ice cold tea. Yes. " Sven you can come back now. I want you to wake up. Wake up."the dr. said and Sven opened his eyes. Not knowing what he had told us. He could hear it when Dr.Welles played the recorded session . "Oh my god, oh my god." Was all he could say.

Now he knew who really raped him. It wasn't Sean. After we left Dr. Welles we drove in totally silent to the police to let them know what we just discovered. The police officer who took our report only looked at us after we gave him the tape of the conversation, Sven did under hypnosis." Really hypnosis?" The officer asked and started to laugh. I was pissed. Not only the bad news about Sven made me angry, also the wrong accusation about Sean drove me wild and now that mother fucker son of a bitch, still diaper wearing asshole questioned Sven's integrity. " you better get our report or I will call your supervisor and tell him that you are to lazy to do it". Sven looked in my face and smiled. The officer stopped giggling and flushed red. And he pulled the keyboard closer to him and started typing. After 30 minutes he had the whole tape in written form and also as verbal because he copied it to his computer.



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