I waited outside in the waiting area while Sven had his MRI. I was as nervous as Sven was. Late last night, after Sven finally fell asleep,I called Susan. I know she wasn't able to sleep anyway and I was right. She picked up her phone after only one ring. I told her, I found Sven and will stay with him until we found out what was going on with him. She, on the other hand told me about more text messages on Sven's phone. From I love you to I'm gonna kill you both. Not only Susan was worried about that. I had called my office to excuse myself for the day. Family business. Now I was waiting and all kinds of thoughts went thru my mind. What if Sven had a brain tumor. I didn't wanted to think even further. I only knew no matter what,I will be on his side forever.

Half an hour later Sven came out and sat right beside me and I took his hand. "Dr. Breelan said it could take a while until he has the results and he wanted to ask another doctor for an opinion. He said we could go for breakfast and come back" Sven told me and we both left. There was an I-hope right around the corner, so the right place to go. We didn't talked much. We just had our hands on the table and we held tide on to each other. The waitress brought our breakfast. I wanted to start when my phone rung. It was Susan. "V please call that number immediately. It's the Orange County prison. Sean tried to call Sven two times already and after the third one I picked up Sven's phone. He has good news. Call." I told Sven what Susan told me and dialed the number she gave me, turned on the speaker and gave the phone to Sven. "Hello this is Sven Goldmann, may I speak to my brother Sean Goldmann, he called me earlier." It took almost 5 minutes but eventually we heard Sean's voice. "He brother how are you?" He asked and I could see Sven's hand trembling. "What's up bro? came his answer. Sean told us that he had a visitor this morning. The district attorney was talking to him about Snoopy and a child kidnaping ring. "I only told him what I knew about Smoopy and his colleges. "He kept going. "When I testify agains Snoopy in court they will reduce my sentence to the minimum. Witch is 1 and a half year, witch I already served. If everything goes well I could be out of jail next week. The only thing is I've got nowhere to go. I don't want to go to Palmdale again and..." Sean stooped mid sentence. Sven looked at me and I looked at Sven. I could read his mind in this moment and I nodded my head in agreement. "You are very welcome in our house brother. "Sven said. Sean waited long with his answer." No, I don't want to ..." He started, but now I said. "You are coming home Sean" and I saw tears running down Sven's cheeks. Lately, his foundations has been built very close to the water. Lol. We also heard Sean swallowing loudly before he finally said thank you and i love you both." My i phone started to vibrate, that meant a second call came in and I took the phone. "Sean I'm sorry but I have to get the other caller. Your brother and I will be with you later today. Ok?" He agreed and hung up. I cornered the table,with the still untouched breakfast on it, and kissed Sven. I don't care anymore, if somebody has a problem with two men kissing in public. "He's coming home" Sven whispered in my ears.

I took the second call and it was Dr. Breelans office. I told the receptionist we will be there ASAP. Dr. Breelan let us wait for another 10 minutes but finally he came to see us, In his hand a folder with Sven's name on it. "Sven the MRI didn't showed any abnormalities on your brain. However, to make completely sure, it's not neurological nature, we gonna take some samples to analyze. I need a blood sample but you already ate breakfast so it have to wait till tomorrow. You have to be completely sober." Sven agreed to come in first thing tomorrow morning.

I went to work after Susan promised me, she would go with Sven to the appointment. Sven didn't wanted to be alone that day because of the blackouts. At work I made dam sure with the auditor that I will be out by 3.30pm the latest and we worked furiously to make that goal.

Right after I came home and kissed first the kids and then Sven we had the call that they had the results, but the doctor wanted to see Sven in person. We looked at each other puzzled. Susan catches our curiosity and asked us what was going on. She and Marie were preparing dinner. "Something must be with my blood results. I don't know" Sven told her and we went to see the doc again.

"Sven I am sorry but the test showed some strange results. We found tadalafil in your blood Do you take any medication for erectile dysfunction ?" The doc asked. "Doc I'm in my 20. I don't need those blue pills" Sven said. "We found something else in your blood and that concerns me even more. Your testosterone level is way to high. We found trace of what's called Spanish fly. Not very popular here in the USA but in Europe a big hit. It's called the love poison. Not clinically proven yet, it's supposed to arouse a male or female to the other gender. And another trace of GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric acid), its called date rape drug. It's only minimal but still. In combination with all the other substances we found, could explain your behavior. And it seems that you are getting the drugs over a great period of time. We are not sure yet how long but the amount also seems to increased over the time." Sven started to look into my eyes when the doctor started talking and his and my eyes went bigger and bigger with each new discovery. "But doctor, how... I mean maybe it's a mistake. I never used drugs in any kind and I don't need stimulant pills or drops. So how come its in my system ?" Sven asked. "I don't know but most likely you took the combination of the drugs oral. So in any kind of foot or drinks." Dr. Breelan explained.

On our way home we made assumption who did it and why. But with each accusation we had to back off again. First one we had in mind was Snoopy, but he had no access to Sven's food or drinks. The only person who know Sven ritual with his nutrition was Susan. But I would have cut off a arm and a leg for her. Who else could have it done and why?

Home we were greeted by Susan and Hans. "Where is Marie ?" I asked, but Susan told us that she left earlier, right after our phone call, and wasn't back yet. We didn't wasted a second thought on that, until later when she didn't showed up to help Susan with Curtis. Marie never was late or not present when Susan fed Curtis

Sven and I made our way to the Orange County correction facility to see Sean. He sounded so euphoric this morning and we both felt bad that we had to let him go on the phone. It was already 6 pm and we had no clue how long the visitors hour would be. It took us not so long this time to see him and he walked in without any guard on his side. Sean hugged first his brother than me. I felt his hands scratching my back. Does he still loves me? I hoped not. I loved him but not the way it used to be.

He told us again about the offer and that he could be out by Friday. And then Sven told his brother about the doctor visit. We also told him about our thought who had done it and so on. "Nobody could have drugged him outside our home so we don't know who could have done it" I told Sean. Sven took out his phone and showed him the text messages and when Sean saw one of the dick pics he shouted out. "I know that dick. It's Snoopy's. yes it's his. I sucked that pice of shit a thousand times and I would recognize it out of 100 cocks. See that mole on his hip, yes that's him. Wow brother now you are his target." Sean said and had a smirk on his face. "What the fuck. That son of a bitch. But how could he drugged me?" Sven shouted. While the brothers talked, I called Susan to ask if Marie was back? When Sean heard the name he raised his eyes. "Marie ? Snoopy has a half sister named Marie." And both, Sven and I yelled " fuck" and Sean continued " yes she should be around our age. And since she's only the half sister and he is bi, i assume he does her too, so." Sven couldn't say a word and I needed some time too before I asked. "Did u met her before ?" But he shook his head. "Nope never but he also has a half brother. Marie and Carl are twins." Again I said simultaneously " fuck " with Sven. "I never saw him either, but Snoopy told me once they don't look alike and that Carl was the black cheap in the family."

On the way home Sven was very quiet and I looked at him more that twice to read his face. I couldn't tell what he was thinking. I had a guilty feeling about the fight we had. Now with everything out on the table I had to admit that I was very unfair to him. "Sven ah look, I am so sorry...." I started but I stopped when he turned his head in my direction. His eyes were filled with tears and he reached to touch my hand. I made it easier for him and grabbed his hand, witch he pulled to his mouth and kissed the palm of my hand. "Victor Goldmann, I love you man. I would never do anything to hurt you or the kids or Susan. I was careless when I hired Marie, but I never thought of that kind of evil in the world. My god, if I think about what could have happen to all of you. It would have been so easy for her to get to the kids, to do something unspeakable to them...." I squeezed his hand. I had thought that too but I didn't mentioned it. He left the freeway and stopped at an appended warehouse. It was 10.30 and nobody was in sight. The tears I saw earlier in his eyes were by now streaming down his cheeks and his body was shaken in sobs. "It's all my fault. I ...." But I stopped him by kissing his salty tears off his face and mouth. "No my love, it's not your fault. We know the person responsible for all that. And I know you would never do anything to harm us. " I made a pause to swallow hard. "Sven, I am sorry I didn't trusted you enough. I love you so much and the thought of loosing you to another guy made me so jealous, I couldn't think right. I try to suppress my jealousy in the future, but I can not promise it will not happen again. Every time you are with Doug at work,I feel like, I don't know, it's like to think about you and him cuts into my heart. You understand that? We are married, but it seems we have to learn to know us better. You are the best thing ever, ever happened and I don't want to loose you because of my inability to trust you..." And now Sven stopped me by kissing me with his bulging lips.

We drove the rest in silence, just holding the others hand. He rested my hand on his leg and I could feel his expanded paints in his cock area. I tried to grab it, but he stopped me. Finally home, every one was asleep by now, we went straight to our bed room. I found a message by Susan. "Please wake me up when u r home" but I decided to tell her in the morning what was going on. Her notice also said " Marie didn't came home and I'm worried." So it would be a shock for her and I didn't wanted her to stay awake all night.

Sven and I undressed and laid on our bed naked. I could see his dick standing out and I asked him if it hurts. He had a boner for quite a while now. He just shook his head and smiled. I tried again to touch his beautiful coffee brown penis but before I could reach it he grabbed my hand. "I just want to hold you right now." He said and I was ok with that. He was laying on his back and I rested my head on his shoulders until he moved and was laying now on his side facing me. We were as close as possible. Our faces only inches apart, I looked in the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. We just stared at each others eyes and sporadically kissed. I don't know who felt asleep first. I only know I slept thru the night in the same position. When I opened my eyes I looked in his handsome face. He smiled at me. "How long are you awake?" I asked. "Long enough watch you sleep. You know you are moving your lips in your sleep. As you would talk but without sound. To bad I'm not deaf and can read lips, I would have known what you are saying." He said and smiled at me. I moved my face closer and kissed his moving lips. My tongue slit slowly thru his awaiting lips and tenderly touched the tip of his tongue. That kiss was as passionate as a kiss could be. While kissing I usually close my eyes but this time I left them open to watch him. He also had his eyes open. A smile surfaced in his iris and his tongue now was all the way in my mouth now. This time was no battling necessary to make me hard. He took my hand and moved it to his steel hard cock. No surprise lol. And his fist closed around my shaft when I held his dick in my hand. But none of us broke the eye contact. His lips opened up a little to let out a moan. And then he broke the kiss." I hope what I feel is because of me?" He asked. "Of course. It's always because of you. And for you only." I answered. His eyes left mine and he was about to say something but I didn't wanted to hear it. I pressed my lips back on his and moved my head from left to right as to say I don't wanna hear it.

Slowly I started stroking his dick and he mine. In this moment I felt so high, like a junky after his joint or shoot. His eyes closed and he pulled out his tongue but only to suck on my chin. Deeper and deeper his kisses went till he was at my Adam's apple. I know what he was up to and made my move before he could do anything about it.i swung my legs above his back and turned around. Where he had just sucked my chin a second ago was now my dick with the for skin. " oh hello buddy, nice seeing you again." He said and took my for skin into his mouth. Only my for skin. He loved to suck on that pice of me like a child loves to suck on a lolly pop. And I had his circumcised dick right in front of my face. It was loaded with precum. Sven is a big precummer and I was eager to taste his man meat, so I literally sucked it in. He did as I did seconds before, only moaned. It is the greatest treasure in the world to get sucked while you are giving a blow job. I loved this feeling. I was lucky to have that pleasure by both gender, but I have to admit, to be sucked by a man is more intensive as by a women. I don't know why but It could result out if the fact that you know how you want to be satisfied, so you do the same to the other half. And Sven know exactly how to satisfy me. After he chewed on my skin for a while he took my dick head, still covered with my foreskin into his mouth. And now he pulled it back completely. He twisted and whirled his head to engulf my cock in every direction. He still had problems to swallow my 9 inch down his throat but he did a marvelous job never less. I, on the other hand sucked on his head for seconds before I pushed his dick down my throat. I know he loved it. My chin was buried in his black, curly pubic hair and I smelled his masculine odor on his ball sac. I kept his cock in my throat as long as I could without breathing. He let go of my dick and moaned loudly. My hands moved his legs into a angled position so I could reach his behind. He already started to touch the inside of my ass and his fingers stroke over my sphincter. It drives me crazy if he does that while sucking my dick. Like I said, he knew exactly what I liked and how to bring me to my climax. With his right leg angled I had a nice few at his ass crack. His sphincter, dark chocolate brown with curly black hair around it, was the goal I wanted to achieve today. I played a few minutes with his gorgeous balls, squeezed them until I heard his moaning starting to become more like "aaaggggghhhh." And I knew he was ready to blow. I let his dick out of my throat so I could catch most of his man juice inside my mouth. At least I thought so. His aaaaaggggghhhhh went to a cascade of short ahh ahhh ahh and I felt his dick wiggling in my mouth. I pushed one finger thru his ass hole and that was the acceleration he needed. "Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhh fuck VVVVVVVVVVV " was all I heard. And he blasted 6-7 spurts into my awaiting mouth. And with the taste of his nectar I came too but with all his sperm I couldn't scream or moan. I just squeezed his butt checks. My cum landed all over Sven's brown face and neck and I also let run out some cum. I swallowed the most but there was way to much. It took me long to come down, out of my climax. I never wanted to end this. It felt so unbelievable. Sven's screams ended in a loud laugh. " V I know one day you are killing me with your BJ's" he said. "We'll I hope I die with you then" I answered and laughter too. Sven turned on the bed, so that we both faced each other again and started licking his cum off my face. I returned the favor and tried to collect all of my sperm off of his face. Our tongues were fighting for every drop and I saw his eyes smiling again. It took us quite a while, before Sven held my head in his hands. "Victor what ever happened during those weeks, I am sorry." I looked him straight in the eyes and they told me that he spoke from deep of his heart. I knew I had to apologies too but right now I wanted him to feel better by telling me.

After a short shower, his dick still standing lol , we went downstairs to see the kids and Susan. "Papa, daddy, Marie didn't came home" Hans said and I had a feeling that he really liked his nanny and I had to dissapoint him by telling him she would never come back. He cried and turned to look at Sven's face. But Sven shook his head and with that Hans run in the kitchen to his mom. We could hear him telling his mom what I just said under tears. It must took him hard. Sven hugged me and said he is gonna take care of little man while I explain things to Susan. I hugged him back.

I wasn't the right dad to talk to Hans right now, but I was sure Sven was. Susan was mad at me, firstly I didn't woke her up and secondly for telling Hans that Marie never comes back. But her mood changed after I had told her everything." I really liked her, damn. That birch tried to harm one of my loved ones " I hugged her and smiled. Sven would call the police and I was sure they would come and took some fingerprints and samples of the dishes. I also told her that Sean would move in with us, maybe already by Friday. "Wow and right now I don't have any help with the kids. So u have to pick up Chris on the airport on Friday " she said. I had completely forgotten all about Chris.



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