After the two holidays, most of the time we spend in bed lol, I had to go back to work. Since I'm on winter break at school I had to go to work from 8 am till 4.30 pm. First thing I did on my first day,I went into Mr.Brick's office and told him about my plans. It went better that I thought it will and I was more satisfied than ever. When I told him I'm getting married to a guy he looked at me and I thought he's gonna fire me right away but instead he talked about his 16 year old son and his comming out. I was surprised but he smiled and explained that he and his son had a very good relationship.

And when I told him that I will leave the company after my degree he shook his head. "No way I let you go Victor. But why do you want to quit with us anyway?" Mr Brick asked. And I told him that we,Sven and myself are returning to Los Angeles. His face lightened up and he was picking up his phone. "Yes sir I have a very good man for the position. Yes sir I will ask." I heard and he covered the phone with his hand. "When du you think going back to LA?" He addressed me. I looked at him surprised but I told him truthfully earliest August. He went back to the conversation and I only heard." All right I'm gonna offer him the position, lets see what he says."

He hung up and sat upright in his chair. "That was the CEO of our company. He know how good you are with numbers and I recommended you twice already for a raise. And since we have a small branch in Los Angeles, about 15 clerks he would offer you the position as the branch manager in LA". I was shocked. I never dreamed of being promoted as a branch manager. I was only 22 years old. Yes I'm good with numbers and I found some ways to save some money for the company but that? "You don't have to make a decision right away but it would be good to come back with an answer ASAP" he said. I have to tell Sven first, that I have the dream to go back to LA with him. But right now I felt so high. What better could happen today I thought.

I worked till noon and Sven picked me up for lunch. We went to a near by Italian restaurant. While eating my pizza I had the guts to tell him about the good perspective,the company gave me. "Sven do you think your dad sold the house in Torrance already?" I asked not looking at him. Pretending its just a small talk. "He stopped eating. "Why do you asked?" "We'll I thought about going back with you after I finished school. " I said, now looking at him. He stopped chewing. "Are you serious about that?" He asked surprised, looking deep into my eyes. "Of course I mean what I say. I want to go back with you. All my friends are over there and your family". He stood up cornered the table and pulled me out of my chair." Victor did I told you, that I love you" he said with tears in his eyes. And then he kissed me. Still not very comfortable in public, I flushed red but when he broke the kiss. I held his head in my hands " I'll do it for the love of my life" and now I kissed him.

Nobody in the restaurant seemed to be interested in a gay couple kissing. Except one older women coughed loudly. But I think she just choked on her drink. Then I told him about my job offer and we both agreed to celebrate later that afternoon.

I went back to work and told Mr. Brick that I will take the job but I didn't know when exactly I could start. But the latest August first.

Finally at 4.30 I left the office and drove home. With a really good vibe. That was the best day of my live so far.

20 min later I arrived at my apartment. When I opened the door Sven came my way."Victor ah, we have company. Susan is here". I looked puzzled but answered". Well she was here before". " Victor, she's drunk. " What?" I was about to walk around him when he held my arm. "She came already drunk and she said she has to tell you something".

I walked into the living room and saw Susan on my chair. Wow, I never saw her that way. She looked up at me and tried to stand up. With all her strength she managed to get up and held out a hand. I grabbed it and pulled her to the couch to sit down with her." Susan's what's wrong, I never saw you like this?" She smiled vaguely and opened her mouth to speak to me. But she decided differently. She coffered her face instead and started crying. I hugged her to comfort her. My eyes were looking to find Sven's. He only looked puzzled, so did I. After a few minutes she stopped crying and demanded a coffee. Sven turned around his heels and went to the kitchen. "Victor I have to tell you something. It's not easy for me and I should have done it long time ago." She started. I only looked in her eyes. It must have been something very serious. The way she acted, I thought the worst.

But I didn't pushed her, I wanted her to calm down and she did after the second cup of coffee. "Victor, I just say it right away, i believe you are the father of Hans." My eyes opened and I shouted surprised. "What?" She smiled. " Richard ( that's Mr. Dressels name ) and I wanted a second baby, so Hans wouldn't be a single child. We tried and tried. Than his wife told him to do a paternity Test. He is infertile. The only other person I had sex with is you. I know you always used a condom but I didn't had sex with anyone else back then". I looked from her eyes to Sven's. His eyes were as bright as a flash light. "You are a daddy " he said and kinda danced around. I was shocked. I didn't expected that. Not that I will be a father nor that Sven was so happy about it. We were talking about getting our own children one day ,but Hans is my biological son. And what is with my dream to go back to LA with Sven. Susan sat there not knowing what to expect. Suddenly I felt so much happiness and I pulled up Susan and kissed her on her mouth. "Thank you Susan you made my day perfect." I laughed and I whirled her around. I grabbed Sven's hand and pulled him for a group hug. We stood there for a long time. Sven eyes glared into mine. He formed his lip to a " I love you" and I did the same. Finally I let go of his hands and Susan's body and sat her down. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Now she looked ashamed. "I tried a few times and the one Christmas when I thought we are coming back together I was about to tell you. But then we had that terrible fight and I knew that you would not be ready for fatherhood. And with the accident and your coma I didn't wanted to tell you then. But now I know you are in deep love with Sven." She was holding my hand while she spoke but now she fished for Sven's hand and held on to it too "And you are going to get married and I wanted you to know before that. I didn't want you to split up because of me or Hans. Nothing will change I promise. I only wanted you to know". I squeezed her hand. "Susan everything will change from now on. I'm gonna be a father for Hans. But I'm not gonna marry you!" I said with a laugh. "And you are welcome any time. I'll give you a key to the apartment if you want to. No we,Sven and I want to be fathers." Susan started crying and hugged me. And she included Sven in her hug. Even Sven had tears in his eyes. After all the crying and hugging I went one step further. "Susan, we decided...."I started and held Sven's hand in mine and pulled him on my side. I don't know if he would approve what I was up to, but I hoped and prayed that he would agree with me. "....To move to Los Angeles after my school year is over. And now knowing that I am the father to Hans, I want you to come with us. So we can be a family." When I spoke to Susan I felt Sven's hand squizzing mine. Susan looked at us in disbelieve. "You are serious?" And she looked at Sven. l nodded my head and I saw Sven did the same and now he spoke. "Look Susan Victor and I spoke already about having kids one of these days. And now, surprisingly as it is,he is a father" in that moment I hid the back of his head." Ok we are dad and dad" he looked in my eyes and smiled. "But I am really glad that it turned out that way. We only could ether adopted a child or try to find a surrogate mom to carry our baby. Now we don't have to do neither. And I would be glad if you would come with us to LA.You are Victors past and the mom to his child so, like he said we could be one family. " Susan started crying during Sven's speech. And I had a big ball in my throat. I had to swallow twice to fight back my tears." Can I think about it" Susan said and stood up. Sven and I did the same and Susan kissed first Sven on the cheeks and than me.

I drove her home. In the car I made pretty sure that there would be no reconnection between her and me. "Victor, I still love you and yes you still arouse me sexually but I don't want to sleep with you anymore. Your ship is sailed". She said and smiled at me. I grabbed her hand and kissed her palm. At her pool house I let her out and asked if I can say good night to my son. It's sounds so weird. I've got a son. Hans was already asleep and I only kissed his forehead. And now I had my sentimental moment. I kissed her good night ( on the cheeks) and left. On my way home I started crying now. It was a incredible feeling to know you got a child.

At my apartment awaited me the next surprise. When I opened the door I could smell vanilla aroma hanging in the air. And candles were sitting not only on my tables, no there has been some on the floor. And red roses. It seemed the trail leaded to my bedroom door. And I heard soft music playing out of the Bose system he bought. Must have been today. I also heard the jets of my bathtub. And some moaning. What was he doing I thought. Quietly as possible I reached my bedroom door. The door was wide open but I couldn't see Sven. On tip toes I sneaked to the open bathroom door. Sven was siting in the tube with his back to me. His apple laptop was on a chair right beside him. On the screen I could see the picture of my dick moving from one end to the other. Sven had his head back. I only could see his shoulders but his arms made a unique motion. I smiled. He was sitting in my bathtub and stroke his dick. I only watched one guy jerking off so far . But back then it aroused me a lot and right now I was getting horny as hell. Unluckily I only saw his back and his arms. I assumed that one hand was playing with his nipples. As he had read my my mind he pushed his lower body out of the water. His dick emerged like a telescope of a submarine. He continued striking the full length of his penis. My cock was hurting inside my pants and I unbuttoned my 501. To avoid any noise I only pulled on my for skin. His tempo increased and his moaning became louder. I had never thought that watching somebody jerking off could be so exciting. Sven jerked his head back and let out a deep aaaagggghhhhh when he let go of his man juice. I saw his sperm flying high into the air. Stream after stream he shot out. Most felt back into the water. Some landed on his arms and shoulder. When he finally stopped fucking his fist and licked the cum of his hand I couldn't hold it any longer. I pulled back my skin and plastered the tiles with my sperm. "I hope you enjoyed the show". Sven said and surprised me. I took one step inside the bathroom and saw a reflection on the mirror over the sink. He had seen me standing there and watching him. Sven stood up and turned around. His still fully erect dick pointing at me. I closed the distance and took Sven in my arms. "Yes thank you" I said and kissed him. I was wet ,instantly. Sven started laughing and pulled me inside the bath tube. I was still in my cloth but he didn't care. I started laughing too and let it happen. We sat there and kissed passionately . He naked and I'm fully dressed. Slowly I peeled myself out of the wet shirt, pants and briefs. It's not easy to do so when you won't stop kissing. And Sven wasn't helping either. But finally I won the battle with my cloth and tossed everything on the floor. "You will clean up the mess tomorrow " i told Sven. He only. Nodded his head and smiled. He took my hand and pulled me on top of him. Water was running over the top of the tube now. I felt his hard dick beneath my stomach. Mine was rising too and we began the second round that night. His dark brown skin always turned me on, because of his silky texture. When wet it was even more sexier. I left his lips and cruft his cheek bone with my tongue. Deeper at the side of his neck I stopped and sucked on his pulsating vein. Not to long so he wouldn't have a bruise tomorrow. From there to his nipples. The water level stopped me there. If I would have go any further I would have to dive. Sven was playing below the water surface with my butt cheeks. He spread them apart and fingered my sphincter. I could feel his dick on my spine. Sven finally lifted me up and angled his legs into 45 degree. Sliding up his muscled legs. He fumbled with his cock and with his head in position I let myself go. It was one smooth motion and I sat down on his hips, his dick impaling my inside. I was still not used to the size of his dick, I think I never get used to it because of his enormous dick head. I let go a painful. Aaaaaggghhhh. It only lasted seconds and the pain changed into pleasure. Sven moaned and started lifting me up with his strong arms. My dick came close to this face when he had me high enough. Not to high so his cock wouldn't leave my butt hole. He leaned his head forward and engulfed my rod. Only my dick head disappeared in his mouth. Lowering his arms my body lowered too and I drove on his stick again. We continued this for a while when Sven suddenly stopped lifting me up and on the contrary pushed me down. His constantly moaning erupted to a loud. " I'm cumming"

And I felt his hot sperm leaving his dick head. He opened his mouth and I took the opportunity to shot my load. Like a arrow finds his target 50 feet away my cum found his open mouth. The first jet hit the bulls eye. The second flew higher to his nose and covert one of his eyes. And the last blast hit his chin. He started laughing." We'll done daddy" he said. I washed my man juice of his face and gave him a long kiss." This was the best day in my life so far" I said and drove my tongue back into his mouth.



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