It was Mai already when Sven and I decided to by our wedding suits. He wanted Hugo Boss. He had taste but it came with a high price lol. We agreed to have two separate colors. I will have a grey one with thin black strips. And Sven wanted one black with grey strips. He wanted a red shirt with a black tie. I would have a black shirt and a red tie. We saw a matching couple in one if the gay marriage magazines. It looked good on those models. We went on a saturday to a designer studio to look at the suits. We couldn't found what we were looking for. One of the younger tailor came to asked if he could help us. "Hello my name is Taylor, how can I help you today?" He asked very politely. Sven and I were holding hands. He let his eyes rest for a second at our enchained fingers and finally smiled at us. He was about 25 years old. His figure was well build, as far as I could tell beneath his custom suit. I estimated 6 feet high and165 pounds. His face was well shaven but showed a few scars. Probably he still was fighting with acne. The cologne he used wasn't penetrant yet he smelled very masculine. Sven looked at my eyes and his eyes made a blink in his direction. Was he thinking the same as I did. My first thought was cute guy. Lol. We tried to explain what we were looking for. "I saw in on magazine a couple wearing Hugo Boss suits" Sven started to explain. "We are getting married and we want the same outfit on our wedding". It seemed Taylor's eyes were clued to Sven's face. He didn't looked at my face at all. And when Sven mentioned the wedding I think I saw a little blink of his eyes." Sir, I'm so sorry but we don't carry Hugo Boss collection, but I am sure I can show you some suits out of our line. Can you describe the wardrobe you have seen or where you have seen it. I may can find it online and can show you some textiles which matches your wishes." Sven told him what magazine he was talking about and Taylor excused himself to the next room to find it on the computer. We both looked at shirts and ties. I found a red silk shirt for Sven, it was more a burgundy red. Like the color of the wine. I liked it a lot and we found the matching tie. Sven found also his favorite color for me. A black silk shirt with tie. After a few minutes the tailor came back with a print out. He showed it to Sven. As I would be not visible. Sven took it out if his hands. I noticed that Taylor starched his index finger to scratch over Sven's hand. I smiled. My future husband turned and looked in my smiling eyes. He must had felt it too because his eyes opened when he looked at me. I just formed a kiss moth and with Taylor with the back too me I jerked my head in his direction. Kiss kiss and I laughed. Sven's eyes rolled up in his sockets and he shook his head furiously." Something wrong?" The tailor asked. "No no I just want to show the picture to my husband in spe." Sven said and left him standing there. I had to laugh because I saw Taylor eyes going down on Sven's backside. I don't know if he wanted me to see it or if he was only so focused at Sven. He looked up right into my eyes after a good look at Sven's butt. He flushed red and turned around. Sven showed me the pic. It wasn't the one out of the magazine but the suits were the same. "Yes exactly what we are looking for" I said with still a laughter in my voice. Taylor turned around again and this time he looked at both of us. "Gentleman, I have a big report-eau in textiles and fabrication. If you would please come with me". He said and lead the way to the room he was in earlier. Big catalogs were laying on the shelfs. "We also have a interactive computer program. So you can virtually see how the fabric and design looks at yourself." He turned the screen of the com so we could look at it. He pointed to two chairs" have a seat please." I made sure that Sven was closer to Taylor. He hit me with his elbow. Taylor showed us a variety of fabrics until Sven stopped him. He had seen what he wanted. A black suit with gray one quarter inch strips. "We need the same one in grey with black stripes" he said. "No problem. Now I only have to measure you. If its possible to get out of your jeans so I can make exact measurements, please" Taylor said and looked at Sven ( again I was not present). I did that once before and I know what procedure I was going thru. My jeans was on the floor before Sven stood up. He looked at me surprised. He also stripped down to his boxers. Usually I wear briefs but today I had boxer shorts too. I also lifted my t shirt. When Taylor saw my almost naked body he swallowed. My six pack must have had an impact in his mind. But when Sven's body was visible for him he almost lost it. He dropped the pen he was playing with on the floor. His eyes only had one target. Sven's bulging boxers." Excuse me gentleness I have to get a tape measure." He said with his look still at Sven's body. He left and I laughed at Sven" he has a crush on you". Sven looked at me" shut up." "Seriously his probably will give you a BJ right now if you would ask for it" I said and laughed again. Sven made a fake mad face" shut up" he gave back and laughed again" but he is cute" Sven added." Yes he is cute" I said back. Instantly Greg and Andrew were in my mind. Maybe i could convince Sven to have a threesome. Lol. " I think Taylor is jerking off right now after he saw your ding dong" I laughed. " shut up" came back out of Sven's mouth. He closed the two feet between us and was on his knees in no time. He pressed his open mouth against the bulge in my shorts. "Hey do you want me to get a boner, he will be back any minute and take our measurements. I don't think is a good idea to slap him with a hard dick while he is doing his job" I laughed and pulled Sven up. He kissed me and in that moment Taylor came back.

He started with me. He took the length of my legs. And I thought he moved the back if his hand closer to my sleeping dick as necessary. But he did everything in a professional manner. Done with me he did the same with Sven. Only with him he measured his leg twice lol. "I'm go and upload all your sizes now in our program and make a picture of your face and you can see how your suits fits you. It only took a few minutes until he moved the screen again so we could see what he did. While he was occupied with the computer Sven and I got dressed. We watched our faces mounted on two virtuall naked mannequins. Like the dolls we had no genitels . Only a kind of bulge was showing. Taylor enhanced my private part by kicking on it one time. Sven's with tree kicks. I couldn't hold it back and laughed again. To make it short, dressed in the suits we looked awesome. Even the color of the shirts we picked was there. "Ok we gonna start working on it right now and in 6 to 8 weeks you can pick them up. "The tailor said. Sven looked at me and spoke to Taylor without looking at him. "But our wedding will be in 4 weeks". " oh" Taylor said." I'm sure we can shorten the timeline but it will be close to 4 weeks". Well if we have the wardrobe by then it would be fine I assured him. And he gave us the price for the two suits. I swallowed twice by what he told us. But Sven paid with his platinum card again. " we call you ASAP. If you want I can drop of the suits at your house or you pick them up here in the shop" he said.

Right after we left the shop and sat in the car, Sven grabbed my dick. You owe me." He laughed. I was so horny. I drove faster then allowed to reach our house. Half way to the destination my phone rung. "Hey stop what ever you do and pick us up at the airport" I heard Greg's voice. " what the heck. You are supposed to land on Thursday." I said. " yeah I know but we changed plans man. So hurry up"

Sven heard the conversation and laughed. I turned on the next light and drove straight to Munich.

3 hours later we picked up Greg and Andrew. On our way home Greg told us that they wanted to go to Paris for one week and one week to Amsterdam. European gigolo he said and laughed. I never saw that movie but Sven explained what it was. Well I thought. Greg and Andrew would spend almost two weeks with us then they would go and when the rest of the clan would be here they would be back. Both had already two or three German beer at the airport and bought some for the trip home. I declined but Sven had one.

I also had a phone call. "V where are you. Hans and I can not make it tonight to your place." Susan said after I told her that we had early guests to pick up. "Oh finally I can meet the two. Tell them welcome to...." But I had the phone on speaker and both yelled "Germany". So I spoke about my son for a while and that Susan was pregnant with Sven's baby.

The first time since I knew them both I saw disagreement between them. Fist the sad look from Andrew in direction to Greg. And then his mad voice. "Some of us don't want to have kids. You two, consider yourself as lucky to find someone who has the same dreams. " Andrew said with tears in his eyes. Greg didn't said nothing at all. He just looked out of the window. But his hand was still holding Andrews. I could see it in the rear mirror.

Finally at home I showed them both the extra room, in which they could sleep. Susan would stay in her house for the few days.

After I was alone with Sven I took him and kissed him for almost a minute. Yes I was glad to have one to share my dreams with. We started talking about Greg and Andrew. I was determined to intervene with them. After a while I asked out of curiosity. "Sven I'm thinking." He looked at my face and laid his head to the side." I was thinking too. Lets go over there and talk to them. " I smiled he had again the same idea. We knocked on the door but didn't had an answer. Instead we heated a soft moaning behind the door." Sorry pal not right now" I heard Greg's voice. Ok I thought they probably reconciled already and I smiled at Sven. " you horny dog" I said after I looked at his jeans. The tent was growing by the second.

The next day Susan came with my son. I introduced her to m Greg and his husband Andrew. She kissed both on the cheeks. When I introduced Hans I saw again Andrews sad eyes. "So they are not papa or daddy?" He asked in a childish innocent way. We all laughed. Even Andrew. That would be a long evening and I called Mr. Brick to take the Monday off.

I didn't drink alcohol until Susan left with Hans. And only with Sven's permission I had a whiskey coke.

The week was gone in a heart beat and on the weekend Greg and Andrew left with their rental car for Paris. I wished we had the time to join them. Every time Sven and I heard the two having sex. ( they really didn't care that we could hear them ) we had a good lovemaking too. Lol. And one night I asked if Sven could imagine to have sex with others. " if you mean I have sex with somebody, no but if we both..." He had to stop in mid sentence because I kissed him. "Do you think Greg and Andrew would be interested?" He asked. I wasn't sure but asking don't coast a dime right. But it didn't happened before they left. I didn't had the guts to asked. Lol.

The two weeks without them was quiet . I had my son more often and had more time to spend with Sven.

We wanted to hire a wedding planer right in January but Susan wanted to do the whole wedding. She did very well so far. The only thing we could do is to decide what we gonna wear on our day. Speaking of our great day. It was only one week left. Then there would be only Mr. and . Mr Goldman. I decided to take his name. He didn't agreed with it because of Hans. But I could adopted him to give him my name. By law I had to. With only days to judgment day we went back to the dressmaker. Taylor wasn't there but an older tailor looked it up in the computer and told us the two suits would be delivered by his son on coming Saturday. That was great we said and left again.

Both lovebirds came back on Friday afternoon. Their car was packed with goodies. Cheese from Switzerland and France. Chocolate from Belgium and Amsterdam. All kinds of sausages from everywhere. Susan came with a check list I looked curious at her and than at Greg. "We had our orders" he said and saluted. Susan slab the back of his head. She really liked them both. After everything was in the freezer or fridge Susan left with Hans. Greg and Andrew went to my bathroom to take a shower. Right I thought and looked at Sven. He smiled and we sneaked into my bed room. The bathroom door was wide open. We could see them playing with the water. Greg tried to get the hand of Andrew and when he had it he pulled him onto his enormous body. They kissed and started stroking each others chest. Andrews cock was hard already and he turned Greg around. He squeezed some of my soap at his hand and lubed his dick and Greg's ass. When he was about to drive in his crack I stepped into the bathroom. We both were already naked. They both jerked a bid and Andrew pulled back his dick. He was already one inch inside off Greg's butt hole. Both smiled at us and Greg sat down in the water again. Andrew was closer to us and I was in front is Sven so my dick ended up in Andrews hand. Greg didn't wasted any time and took Sven's dick right in his moth. Sven moaned. He bended towards me and kissed me. Andrew smiled and said. "It's nice that you too had the same brain fart , we would have come to you tonight". He took my for skin into his moth and kinda chewed on it. The bath tube wasn't big enough for all of us so I sat down on the rim. Sven wasn't moving at all. He enjoyed Greg's mouth massage. He only moaned deeply. I took advantage of Andrews curly hair and grabbed it to pull his head. He swallowed my whole 9 inch. "Man, we should have asked you to come with us. We all would have had so much fun." Greg said while letting go of Sven. He stood up and his removing massive body dropped the water level so I could see Andrews hard dick standing upright. Greg tried to kiss Sven but he didn't wanted it. He just stretched his head so Greg could suck on his neck. I pulled up Andrew and went down on him. Still covert in the soap foam on his private part I removed as much as I could and took his cock deep in my throat. He moaned and laid his hands on my head. After sucking each other for minutes Sven and I were wet as them. But never less we went to my bed to make it morr comfortable for the four of us. I had fucked Greg's ass already so I was still on Andrew and Sven stayed with Greg. Actually I wanted them both to do the same to Sven as they did to me the first time. And I whispered it in Andrews ear so Sven wouldn't heart it. Andrew stood up and moved over next to Sven. He only looked his husband in the eye and Greg understood what he wanted. they both stood up and worked their magic on Sven. Starting with his neck and throat. Greg in the front and Andrew in the back. I thought Greg must be the bottom one in their relationship. As I was probably in ours. I loved to have Sven's dick up my ass.

I was watching the tree and jerked my dick. It was a fantastic feeling that the love of your life was enjoying the same thing I had enjoyed last year. Sven opened his eyes, looked at me and licked his lips. I left the bed I was sitting on and joined the group. Sven's hands left Greg's hips and grabbed my dick hard. He pulled me closer and covert my mouth with his. I could feel his tongue entering my lips. When he broke the kiss after an eternity I thought Greg and Andrew were already at Sven's mid section. It wouldn't take long and he would have one ass to fuck and one dick up his but hole. He grabbed my hand and gestured at the bed. I know what he wanted and climbed the bed. Standing there with my dick at his chest level he only needed to bent down a bit and had my cock in his awaiting mouth. That son of a bitch I thought, he's gonna have it all. When Greg turned around and Andrew started to penetrated his cypher he moaned deeply. I could feel the vibration on my dick head. Now all of us has what we wanted. Minutes later Greg started to jerk his dick like crazy. He was close and the breathing of Andrew told me he was close too. Sven was quite and I know it won't take long until he lets out his deep aaagggghhhh. And here it was. Unfortunately he let out my dick when I started shooting. All my cum hit his face, eyes, hair and some found the way inside his open mouth. Greg's cum flew out and landed as a big puddle on the hard wood floor. And Andrew opened his mouth wide and bite Sven in his shoulder. He did the same to me and I still could see the bite marks. Lol. Sven started laughing and pulled his dick out of Greg. With his cock came almost a liter of cum out of Greg's hole. "That was awwwwwwsome" he said and Andrew replied" it's to bad we have to go back to the USA again". Sven looked at me and with a smile in his face he nodded in my direction. "Oh you don't know yet " I started" we are moving back to LA". They both looked at each other and then at us. "Oh my good we will have so much fun" Greg said and I thought no doubt about that.

The Weekend came and went without our suits. We called in and the owner of that studio assured us that we will have the wardrobe the very next day. We hoped it wouldn't be to late for changes. Only two more days. The next day Taylor finally came. We told Greg and Andrew to pick up the rest of the Americans at the airport. They both had to take a car. Sven booked them all at the same airplane so it would be only one pick up.

Taylor opened his big suite case and took out out wardrobe. Sven was first to strip down to his underwater. Knowing that Taylor would come we both had only a string tanga on. His eyes widened up that I thought they gonna pop out. He was all of a sudden nervous. And Sven made it very hard for him to look the other way. When I had down my jeans he moaned loudly. We clearly could see his pole rising in his designer shorts. Ashamed he turned around and waited until we both were dressed again. I had a mirror in my bed room and all of us went to see us in there. We looked exactly like the models. Stratified what we had seen we peeled us out of the wardrobe. Taylor was watching us and his boner was standing there. I looked at Sven and blinked my eyes. He nodded lightly and finally in our tangas we made a move forward. Taylor had only eyes for our growing dicks. Suddenly I heard the apartment door. "Papa, daddy,where are you?" We heard Hans voice. " we are here, our suits finally arrived" I said. Susan and Hans came inside the bed room. Susan instinctively pulled Hans back out." Honey let them get dressed". She said to Hans. Taylor went out first, covering his boner with his suite case. Sven and I took some jeans out of the closet.

In the living room we only heard Susan talk to the trailer."so you are Taylor the trailer" and she sysrted laughing. I looked at her with a mad eye." It's ok , she's not the first one who gets the joke." And now I saw it too. Taylor the trailer. And I started laughing too. Taylor was about to leave when I asked him to come to our wedding." Yes please come, you can bring someone." Sven added. He agreed after Sven asked him. With him gone Susan hit us both on the back of our head. "What's that for?" I asked." You know exactly for what. That poor man". she said and smiled.

Yes we both knew why we deserved it.




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