The wedding

I woke up on our day at around 7.15. When I opened my eyes I saw Sven's face 10 inches away. His regularly breathing told me he was still somewhere in his dreams. I loved that man with all my heart. I would die for him if I had to. He still looked the same as the first day I met him, only his face showed now a very masculine feature. Sven was completely shaved now. No more mustache nor goatee. Lately he wore contacts, so he didn't had his glasses on all the time. His dark hair was lightly curled. I couldn't resist and laid my index finger on his mouth and curved his bulging lips. I loved his lips not only when I kissed him. I had to go to the bathroom badly,but I was afraid to wake him up when I moved out of his arm. One arm was laying on my hip and his hand touched my butt. He always touched me when he felt asleep. I laid there and watched him for almost an hour. Susan told us a few days ago to find a love song for the other half.the first song what came to my mind was " you are the first, the last, my everything". It was the song to describe my feelings the best. Finally I i couldn't hold the urge to pee any longer. I stroke softly over his lips. My tender touch woke him up. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. "Good morning sunshine. How long are you awake?" He asked." Not long" I lied and kissed him good morning. I wrestled out of his arm and was about to get out of bed when I felt his hands around my six pack. "Hey you have to let me go unless you want a golden shower" I told him. "Arg that is gross, or maybe not" he laughed. After I finished my morning routine I walked back to the bed. He was still laying there. We both slept naked except I'm wearing a shirt in the winter time." Don't you want to get up you lazy ass" I said jokingly." Susan will be here any minute with Hans." I finished. "Ok, so no morning quickly today" he laughed back. "You horn dog" I replied and tossed a pillow at his back while he was standing up. As always I was admiring his v shaped body. His brought shoulders and his tiny hip. And his marvelous ass. Whenever I had the chance I had to climb this butt. But every time I couldn't hold it for long. I I had to empty my balls after a few minutes lol. Sven walked to the bathroom and emptied his bladder too. When he came back I clearly could see that his penis was about to grow. What the fuck I thought and jumbled over the bed and dropped to my knees. "Oh oh who is the horn dog now?" He laughed. He pulled me up and we both laid on the bed in our favorite Position. 69.

Not two minutes later we heard the key in the door. Dammit Susan you are way to early. But it wasn't Susan who called us out. It was Sven's mom and dad. We gave them a key to come any time they wanted. Sven flushed and run to the door to close it. He didn't wanted his parents to see him naked and with a boner. " we are out in a minute. I just finish showering". He yelled thru the closet door. He came back to bed and started sucking again. "You better get ready your parents are outside that door." I said and took his dick in my mouth. He moaned a thank you. He erupted in my mouth and I had difficulties to swallow all the cum he pumped out. Hell the danger to get caught made him even more horny I thought. I had to fond out. With his cum in my moth it took me only seconds to shoot too. Smiling and with a brief kiss on my mouth he went to the shower. I only took my robe and went outside to welcome Sven's parents. " Beth, Dwight you are up early. " I said while hugging them. "I know but after we left the welcome party yesterday I couldn't sleep. Because of the jet leg." Beth said" and I want make breakfast for you two. Sven seems to lost some weight. "She added. Well Sven didn't lost, he gained some weight. But I didn't mentioned that. Dwight just rolled his eyes. I hoped they can stay awake until the wedding was through. Beth started cooking. Eggs, bacon and pane cakes. I made coffee and after Sven came out I left to take a shower.

Susan was next to come. She pushed us around for the last three days. Her time line for today was very tight. We had to go to the German city hall. It's called "Standesamt " in Germany. Some of the clerks have the rights to marry you. It's like a notary in the states. Sven had to bring a best man and i had to bring one. Mine was Greg. and Sven's his dad. I wanted Greg since I was his best man on his wedding.

I called Greg on his phone after we discovered that both didn't sleep in my second room. He promised to be there in time.

After the plain ceremony at the city hall we were legally married in Germany. We don't know yet if it would stand in the United States but we would find out early enough. Now could the fun began. Lol Susan was there Sven's mom and dad, Greg with husband. Margot and aunty were also present at our vow. They both were crying. The rest of the gang was still sleeping but not for long. While my half sister took Dwight and Beth home along with Susan, Sven and I went to the hotel rooms of the rest of our wedding guests. Cassandra would come today. She didn't wanted Sven to book a flight. She would rent a car and would be here just in time for the reception. We went straight to Jesus's and Charlie's room first. Knock knock. No answer. We knocked again also no respond. I started to worry. We thought Greg and Andrew would be right behind us when we arrived at the hotel but they didn't showed up either. I called Greg's phone. No answer. What the heck was going on. Our feast will start in less than two hours. Where are they? I asked Sven. He only jerked with his shoulders. He also seemed worried.

At home we told Susan about the missing friends. She only looked with wide open eyes at me and turned around. Hans were with his grandparents and Sven and I left to pick him up. Susan's mom gave us both a hug when she saw us. But her dad showed us the cold shoulder. I don't have to talk to him I thought but I tried anyway. He didn't responded and left the room. Susan's mom looked sadly after him" he always wanted the best for Susan. That she would find the right man. He is do..." I only took her in my arms." I know what he is looking for. I lost my patents early and I don't even know how they would feel right now. I only can hope that they would have approved my decision. And Susan will find the love she's looking for " She started crying. Susan's dad head probably heard what I just sad. He came over with tears in his eyes and took my hand for a handshake. "Thanks victor" he only said and turned around. I don't know what I did but it somehow worked out. Sven hugged me outside the door. "Do you really think your parents wouldn't be proud of you?" "See I don't know. And I will never find out" I replied.

Hans was dressed like a child mannequin. His suit looked almost as our suits. Only navy blue. He kissed me and Sven with big eyes. " look mommy bought me that. She said today is a special day". I smiled at him and we both hugged him.

Back in our apartment it was time to get ready. Nobody has seen our outfit yet. So we heard a lot of ohhhs and ahhhhs by the women. Yeah we looked really good but it was almost 100 degrees outside. We probably die on our way to the reception. Susan rented a streched limousine for Sven and me. She thought of everything. A white one. The car was equipped with a bar and TV. And there was a cooler with champagne waiting for us. Chocolate strawberries and grapes. Sven poured us a glass of champagne and feed me a strawberry. It took us 20 minutes to go to the place Susan picked out for us. We never saw the driver. He was behind a tended glass window. We had romantic music and snacks. Susan thought of everything. We were the first car in the big parking lot. And we were the only ones inside the big party room. Everything was decorated with flowers balloons and confetti. The tables were arranged in a horse shoe shape. And in the middle were two big chairs almost thrones. Out name was on a pice of napkin. Golden ones with black letters on golden plates. It felt weird to be all alone on your wedding. We looked at each other in disbelieve. Finally Margot arrived with Dwight and Beth. Two minutes later aunty showed up. No Susan no Greg no Andrew. And none of the friends we thought we have. Only Taylor showed up. He was well dressed. He gave me brief handshake without looking at me. On Sven he wasted a full minute to glance at his eyes. I thought Sven was feeling a bit embarrassed. Taylor sat on the very end of the tables. Music was playing out of invisible speakers. Right in front of the thrones was a kind of stages. With a big old fashioned glitter ball on the celling. The waiter came and opened a bottle of champagne and poured two glasses for Sven and me. Other waiters were helping the guests with what ever they wanted. I asked for water but Sven shook his head" not today". Well I thought ok. Hans came running thru the closing door. "Papa, daddy" he yelled and came running to our chairs. We moved our thrones further apart and placed a chair right between us. He was so cute when he kissed first me than Sven. Dwight and Beth raised their glass to us. I even think Beth had tears in her eyes. "Where is mommy," Hans asked. Yeah I thought good question.

We sat there for 15 minutes now. I was getting angry that no one showed up, when the lights dimmed down and the glitter ball started to rotate. The music level increased and spotlights were at the stage now. And I heard the introduction of the song " that's what friends are for."

Susan came to the stage. She had a raspberry red dress. She looked amazing. You could tell that she was carrying Sven's baby. Her belly was clearly formed.

" And I never thought I'd feel this way. And as far as I'm concerned I'm glad I got the chance to say That I do believe, I love you And if I should ever go away Well, then close your eyes and try To feel the way we do today And then if you can remember" she started singing and after the fist verse she stepped aside. I felt my hairs standing up in my neck. Goose pumbs erupted everywhere. And Sven was searching for my hand behind Hans chair . He also felt the incredible sensation. After Susan ,Greg and Andrew appeared on the stage. They sung the second verse. Only the I they changed into we. And after them Jesus, Charlie, Monika and Roberto were standing there. Singing the next verse. I already had tears in my eyes. I was so moved by what I saw. Real friends. We German have a saying. Good friend are friends you can steal horses with. And it was true. They are the best friends you can ever dream off.

Cassandra came last and with the police officer with the crush on Sven. Doug. For the last verse all of the people on the stage came together again and finished the song. I cried when the song was over and I saw tears in Sven's eyes too. We both stood up and ran to the stage to hugged each of our friends. We all sat down except Susan. She stood there and out of the floor came a microphone. She welcomed the guests. I heard the rest but i didn't paid attention to it. The room was filled with people now. I saw a few of my ex soccer friends. Some of them I would never thought of considering them friends. But Susan know better I thought. I never really talked to them, only on the field. And I never, never would have thought that they would except me as gay. I shock all their hand and all of them looked me in my eyes. they didn't lowered their glance like i have seeing it a couple of times now. A few came ether with girl friend or spouse. And one of them had a cute boy,maybe 18 years, old in his arms. But I didn't had seen those faces before. Well I think. But I was sure Susan know who to invite and who not. I was talking to some of the soccer player and Sven talked to Cassandra and Doug when I heard a song I haven't heard for a long time because every time the song was played I turned the station. I looked in Sven's eyes five feet away and he looked in mine with a smile. I turned to Susan and she also smiled at me. And than I heard the deep tenor voice I had loved once. " I wanna know what love is, I know you can show me". I turned to face the stage and Chris. He smiled at me but kept singing. He waved in direction of the guy with that cute stud. I turned again and now I saw in the guys arms a beautiful women. The cute guy was walking to the stage. My neck hair was up again and I felt again the need to cry. Sven came close to me and kissed me. He didn't asked if I'm all right nothing. He just held my hand and faced the stage with me. He nodded his head to Chris. Does he know him? I thought. Chris nodded back. When the song was over Chris came to me and hugged me. He had one hand of that cute guy in his "V let me introduce you to my boyfriend Alex. Alex that is the man who showed me the right direction. And this is Mike my brother and his wife Anja." I shook the hands and I hugged Chris a second time." Susan should have told me" I said but Susan was right behind me and whispered in my ears" I have nothing to do with it". And she looked at Sven. "You?" I asked. Sven looked down and smiled. "I know how much he ment to you and you never heard from him again. So I thought I try to find him. We talked on the phone and he agreed..." Chris interrupted Sven. "I tried to call your phone but after a while the operator told me your phone was disconnected. Ihad know clue about the accident. I thought you wanted to forget me". And his eyes were wet. "Than I found Alex and told him about you and..." He left the rest unspoken.

At around 6.30 pm dinner was served. I was starving. So far Susan did a marvelous job. With all the surprises and than Sven with finding Chris. I was so glad that Chris found someone who will love him like Sven loves me. After dinner Sven and I was supposed to do a speech. I was never good at those improvised speeches. I just took a knife and hit my glass with it. I stood up and pulled Sven to my side. "First of all we want to thank you all for coming to celebrate the most important day in our lives" Sven took over "having family and friends like you makes the day even better" and we both raised out glasses to a toast. I know that I'm terrible in speeches but that Sven was the same way surprised me.

After we sat down again Susan stood up and pulled out of her purse a large roll of paper. Everyone in the room inhaled loudly, expecting a very long speech. But Susan laughed and tossed the paper on the floor. "I don't need to write down what I want to say to those two. Victor I know you for an eternity now and you are the father of my child. Sven I know you not as long as victor but I know you pretty well. May you both life a long live fillet with love and passionate s. e. x. She spelled sex because of Hans but Hans was in preschool already and asked loud so everyone could hear it. " papa what is sex?" We all laughed. Susan continued." Mr. And Mr. Goldman. I am proud to have you as the close friends you ever have been and will ever be." She also raised her glass. After Susan, Margot my half sister was ready to speak." Victor, Sven I never have seen so much love between two human beings. The one fulfill the others sentence and their thoughts. Sven I can clearly see your parents are proud of you. And victor, I know for sure your parents would have been here today. And they would have been as proud as I am right now." She finished and started crying. I had tears in my eyes too. I stood up and walked over and hugged her for over a minute.

The speeches were very touching for the women and some went to the bathroom to " powder their nose". The rest chit chatted with different guests. I was in a conversation with Chris and his boyfriend Alex when suddenly Taylor rudely interrupted me. "You should keep an eye on that stud over there. He is clearly into Sven". I looked at him with wide open eyes. "Excuse me" I asked and turned my head in direction of Sven. He was talking to Cassandra and Doug again. When I turned again to face Taylor he gave me a hand to say thank you and good by. I shook it it disbelief. Why was he warning me. It's shouldn't be his concern. After he was gone I went over to Sven and told him about the awkward conversation. He only shook his head. " I don't know I thought he is cute but on the other hand he is creepy as hell". He said and kissed me. "Don't worry we won't invite him a second time."

The night came and Susan told the guests to choose a song out of a book for karaoke. Now I know why we should find a song for the other half. I picked" you are the first, the last, my everything. But Greg and Andrew started." I can't live without you" by Mariah Carey. They missed a few tunes but they performed perfectly. And the song seems to fit both of them. I clearly can say it would have been the right song for us too. But Susan wanted both to choose a song so. Susan told Sven to go next. I wondered what song he would song." Please forgive me" by Bryan Adams. I was moved again but I managed not to cry.

Next was Susan." Hotel California" Eagles. Sven and I knew why. A few other performed. Some good some not so good. Last but not least I went to the stage. Barry White's song was not easy to sing but I think I did a good job because everyone gave me standing ovation after I finished. Sven came running and hugged me, sobbing. Susan came up to the stage and invited all of our guests to follow her. "I'm really sorry but we have to be out of here at 2 am and with an eye on the clock it already tells me that we 15 minutes late. So please this is the last song for tonight.

"And now the end is near so I face the final curtain ". My way by Sinatra. I hugged all the friend and family and thanked them for their support and love they had shown tonight. Slowly one after another left the stage and the building. Sven, Susan , Hans already sleeping and me were the last. The three of us stood there in a group hug and cried. We never can thank Susan enough for the perfect day.

Sven and I took the limo home. Just holding hands. We didn't spoke, we didn't kissed. We just were lost in our thought. As soon as the car door was closed I asked Sven what he was thinking. "You are so quite since we left the reception. What is going thru your mind?" He just took my hand and without looking at me he said. "I can't believe I am married to you. It was my biggest wish since I saw you the very first time at that gym. What did you think. Was it Chris?" I stopped walking and turned him around so he had to face me. "Do you really think... Actually I thought I'm married with the one I always wanted." Was he jealous? No way I gave him a reason but a thought crossed my mind." Did Taylor said something to you?" He nodded and looked in my eyes now. "I'm sorry but.." I laid a finger on his lips and he felt silent. Inside my apartment he pulled me onto his well shaped body and kissed me passionately. I kissed him back. We stood there only kissing. Finally I started to undress him on our way to my bedroom. Like in all movies with a hot love scene we dropped our cloth on the floor. Jacket, shoes, paints, socks and boxer and briefs until we reached the bed room door. I opened it with one hand and broke his kiss. The bed room was rearranged. The big Cali king size bed was in the middle of the room now. With new bed cloth. Black and grey silk. With our name in golden letters. Susan thought of everything. Both swallowing we smiled at each other. "To bad we have to ruin it in our first night" Sven said and laughed. I took the lead now and while going back to kiss him i pulled him on the bed. We just kissed and stroke the others hair. Sven's hand moved deeper and deeper and finally he found my growing dick. His eyes opened up and were smiling. I thought he, as always wanted to suck on it, moved around but he stopped me. Instead he rolled on his left side. His cock was standing out like a tree in the sommer wind. He lifted up his right leg and exposed his entrance to his anus. His white teeth were glowing in his dark face. I never had him like this before. He didn't wanted a for play. He just wanted me to drive my dick inside of him. With his leg on my shoulder i could see and feel the strong build muscles in his lower leg and thighs. Stroking the inside of his tights with my fingertips I felt his body moving. The excitement to enter his body grew with the second. With a few dropps of vaseline i massaged his sphincter and he moaned softly. His dark skin around is anus looked glossy now with the lubrication. Slowly I aimed my dick head at his butt hole and with almost no force at all I entered his ass. His moaning became more of a exhaling. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. His eyes were closed but with my dick penetrating his guts he opened them and smiled. I was slow because I wanted that to last long. 5 minutes later after I banged his ass well enough I felt my climax rising, so I stopped. He still hasn't made any sound. I pulled out of him and turned around to allow him to climb on me, but he had plans on his own. He took my hand and we both stood up. Leading me behind the bed to the iron headboard. Standing there and kissing he turned me around so I was facing the bed now and he was behind me. His hands where everywhere on my body and i could feel his hot breath between my shoulders. One hand found the way around my upper torso and played with one of my nipples. His trail of saliva went deeper and deeper until I felt his tongue at my belt line. He stopped there and now I felt his hands spreading apart my butt cheeks so my man cave was exposed to him. Seconds later I felt his tongue entering my sphincter. My moaning was a bit louder than his earlier. I can not believe how much I liked his action. Not long after extend my ass muscles he spit one load of saliva on the spot and stood up. But before he did that he blew a steam of his hot breath at my wet hole. It made me shiver. With his mouth again on my neck I could also feel his pole on my ass. He managed to find the right spot without looking down. And then I felt the incredible feeling again. The penetration of his , in my eyes, gigantic dick. He did the same the very first night at the hotel in Vegas. Standing behind me and making love to me. I don't know and I didn't care why he did it. Was it a dominate or submissive behavior? I didn't care. I only know I loved him. And that he liked to fuck while standing. No big deal right. It took him not long to reach his heights. I could feel with every penetration his dick became harder and harder. With each stroke at my prostate I reached my goal as well. But I didn't wanted to cum right now. I wanted to enjoy every second knowing he felt the same way. He stopped suddenly. Without cuming inside of me he pulled out his 10 inch and whirled me around. His kiss was more forcefully than before and his hand reached my dick. He started stroking it. I did the same with his dick. His moaning mixed with mine muffled in our looked mouths. He came a split second before I reached my climax. His sperm was all over our belly area. And mine lower on both of our legs. Still holding each other close and with our lips welted together we stood there. Through the body heat I felt the sperm on my legs liquifying and running down the inside of my tights. Sven finally broke the kiss. With his eyes deep in mine he opened his mouth. "Hello mr. Goldman how are we today?" He asked and started laughing.



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