Gay and married 11 The oncoming week, I'm gonna finish my school and had my last day at work here in Germany. Sven, Susan and myself couldn't wait to catch the flight out. But still we had to wait a few more days. After the wedding Sven's dad promised us to made some chances to the house in Torrance. We needed a separate apartment for Susan but with a connection door to the rest of the house, so Hans could come and go whenever he wanted. And Sven talked to his father privately with some other remodeling in the master bedroom. He said it would be a surprise.

Greg went home with the rest of the folks after another week of celebrating and a lot of German beer lol. We spent as much time with Hans as possible. Sven and I decided to wait with our honey moon until we moved to the United states. Sven promised me a vacation in Hawaii for a few days. It was the first week in July. One and a half weeks left till our journey. Susan was so exited about it. Tuesday night our phone rung. Nobody would call us at that hour except it would be an emergency. I picked up the phone and listened to absolutely silent. Than I heard Dwight's voice, filled with grief. "V can I please speak to my son?" I didn't answer and gave it to Sven right away. I covert the speaker and told him" that's your dad". He took the phone. He listened to his dad and I saw his face line drop. His eyes showed a sad expression. He looked at me and stopped his dad. " hold on dad I want victor to hear that. So his dad continued but I could hear it. "Since we are back in LA she was strange". My blood left my face and I stood there shaking. Was? Does it mean? "And yesterday I was out with a friend. I didn't thought she was back in her depressions. Everything was fine. I came home not even two hours later and found her unconscious on the floor. Next to her was that whiskey bottle. I don't know where she had it from. We never had liqueur in the house when she was home. Now she's in a coma at the hospital." Sven turned off the speaker and after a while I could hear. "I will be there ASAP. Love you dad and don't worry". He hung up. I was so glad Beth wasn't dead. He looked at me sorrowfully with sad eyes but he wasn't crying. "I hope you understand..." I cut him off. " Give me your ticket please I try to switch your flight for tomorrow" And I called my aunty in LA. Not even two hours later everything was settled. Sven would fly out today. "I don't want to leave you come with me" he said. I shook my head." You have to go but I have a few more days on my job and I don't want Susan and Hans to fly by them self. It's only one more week." I took his head in both hands and kissed him. "You know I love you to much to keep you here not knowing what will happen over there. And I don't have the time to miss you with work and Susan and..." Sven just kissed me to shut my mouth. After the kiss he spoke now with tears in his eyes. "V you don't now how much I love you. And I'm gonna miss you every second I'm not with you". Now I kissed him "I will do the same". He flew out I was alone with Susan and Hans for the rest of the last few days.The days flew by like a river downhill. the next morning, Sven picked up a rental car and we met outside the school to say good bye. I didn't care that everyone could see that I kissed a guy. We both had tears in the eyes when he finally drove away. One of my co students, a mean ass of alpha male ( thou he thought ) blocked my way back into the class room. "Oh oh look what we have here. V is a little cock sucker". He said and laughed. A few of his followers did the same. "Leave me alone Markus." I know he wouldn't drop to make fun out of me so I turned around. "Hey you want to suck my dick. It would be something knew for me". He kept going. Again his friend laughed. I wasn't stupid so I turned around. "No. I thought when you paid me the last time you enjoyed it". I spit at him. His friends looked at me than him and their laughter died. Markus was embarrassed. He swung his fist at me. But I could dive his swing and pulled my knee up, right in his crotch. He went down and had both hands on his cock. "I'm gonna kill you" he pressed out of his mouth but he couldn't stand up. I probably hit him hard enough to stay down.

That day after school I was afraid to go home. I expected to be attacked by ether Markus or one of his friends. Nope. When I reached my car somebody sprayed with neon green in bolt letters gay on one side and Schwuli ( German for faggot) on the other. I didn't care. Only one more day.

When I parked my car on the street at my apartment building Susan was there with Hans. She saw the graffiti on the car and turned Hans around so he wouldn't see what was written on. He could read already. "Who did that?" She asked. I told her about the night and asshole Markus. "A few more days only than we are out of here" she said and kissed me. I picked up my son and kissed him on his chin.

The next day was torture for me at school. Everyone was whispering about my back. I thought I'm man enough to ignore that and stayed calm. But when I was called into the principals office I was far from that. The principal mr Right made a gesture to sit down." Victor I have a notice here with serious accusations. Markus Winter says you attacked him yesterday and without any reason kicked in his ... abdomen. Can I asked you if it's true and why you did it? I know it's the very last day for you at school but there could be consequences. Not only by the school board but also by law. I haven't decided to call the police yet. " I swallowed. Now or never I thought. Now everyone will know that I'm gay. "Yes I kicked him in his nuts but after he swung his fist at me. There should be witnesses to verify my story. He saw me kissing my husband good bye because he had to go back to Los Angeles. And I'm going too ." Mr Right looked up because I stood up while speaking. "I never ... " He made a pause " Well I will speak to more students today because of that incident. Hope we can clear it out"

I was dismissed and called Susan right away. If i would be charged with a crime here in Germany I couldn't leave the country. She started yelling at me" you are stupid." Couldn't you just walked away?" In the hallway I had the glances at me again. And the whispers. Now I can not say I didn't care because of some stupid action I .. I didn't wanted to think of the end. One class mate poked me on my shoulder. "Hey v what's up?" It was Trent. He was what you consider a perfect German. Blond blue eyes and 6 feet tall. I didn't said anything to him. We never spoke before. "Ey man just want to thank you for shutting up that stupid asshole Markus. He deserved it." Now I looked at him. "Thanks man" but I didn't know what to say else. Two more congratulated me on my way back to the class room. Some are really accepted me of what I am. In my class room one mate started clapping, another joined in and more and more applauded. What the fuck I thought. Was it because I kicked an ass or was it because I'm staying my ground of being gay.

I had to return to the principals office right before the school was over. Mr Right asked me to sit down. "Victor after, lets say very strange reports of. Mr Winters friends and some very detailed versions by other students I decided not to call the police.

What I'm gonna say now stays between us. Thank you for kicking his ass." And he smiled at me.He wished me luck.

That was the last day at school but I still had two more days at work. I had. finished my degree with an A. At work Mr. Brick called me in his office. He told me that he will have the next day off so that was his last chance to say good bye. "Hopefully I will see you the next time when I have to fly to LA" He said. Sure you will I assured him.

After a mixed day of emotions I was eager to go home and to call Sven. I couldn't reach him yesterday. I knew it was a 11 hour flight and I had to go to school to receive my degree. So as soon as I opend the door I dialed his number. Afte a few rings he picked up the phone. It was so nice to hear his voice" hey how are you?" I asked. He whispered in the phone " hold on, I'm in the hospital right now. I got to go outside". I waited and then finally I could heart him speaking. " how are you my love. I'm missing you already. How was your last day at school?" I was about to tell him but that could wait till I could hold him in my arms. "I miss you too. How was the flight? How is your mom and how is your dad holding up?" I asked back. "Listen V we can talk later on the com. I have to go back. The doctor will explain the condition she's in. So please don't be upset I have to go. I love you". And he kissed loudly thru the phone. "I love you too later. " I said and he hung up. I was alone for only one night but hearing his voice aroused me. I had a boner. I cleared my mind by starting cooking. And I called Susan " are you stopping by today?" I asked her. "Sure if you would open the door for me " she said laughing. She was already outside the door. "Papa, papa where is daddy?" Hans came running. As always I kissed him first than Susan. "He is with his mom and dad. We see him next week. "I told him and he was satisfied, turned around and started playing. I told Susan what happened at school and how Sven's mom and dad has been. She looked at me. "You already miss him do you?" She asked with a smile in her face. I flushed and turned away.

After no lunch at all I was hungry, so we ate first and than we talked about today. Like a married couple. I had turned on my computer so I would see Sven when he was online. Susan laid down Hans at 8 pm and she went to bed at 9.30. I was tiered too but I wanted to see Sven so I stayed awake. I strolled to the window and looked outside. In the summer time it gets dark really late in Germany. So around 9.45. So I could still see the people down the street. And one guy caught my eye. He was looking straight up to me. Dark baseball cap ,dark shirt and pants. Was he watching me? He stood there for quite a while and vanished when I opened the door to the balcony. He just walked away. Weird. Finally I heard the sound of Skype. Sven was calling. I ran inside." Hey my love." I just said. "Hey buddy. I've got good news. Mom is going to be all right. The only thing is she had to go back to the clinic. A stupid neighbor brought over a whiskey for my dad. And she..... You know. It was way to early to leave her alone. My dad is punishing himself for doing it. I miss you. I miss your kiss and I miss your...." I gave him a hand kiss. "I miss you too. Susan is here with Hans you wanna talk to her?" I asked. "No not today. I want to hold you in my arms right now" Sven was sad you could tell. " hey pal turn around for a second and don't peek" I said and smiled. I knew what to do. " his face showed a puzzled impression. " what?" " turn around and wait till I say you can look at me again." He did what I was asking for and I was naked in a hard beat. I stood there with my growing dick right in front of the camera." So now turn around" i said. When he made the turn halfway he saw my dick and opened his mouth wide" oh V ohhhh. I'm so horny right now. I wanna suck that stick" . He moaned. I started jerking, slowly. He dropped his paints and his boxers,10.000 miles away and started stroking his dick as well. I never had a chat jerk before but there is always the first time right. I sat down and moved my chair far enough so he could see my whole body now. I was focused on his moving dick head. How nice it would have been to suck his dick right now. I stood up and turned around. Sven whistled. Moving my butt back and forth, I played with one finger on my ass hole. I heard Sven moaning loudly and when I looked I saw only his tongue in front of his camera. I turned around again and started jerking furiously. It didn't took long and my man juice ricochet at the screen and landed on the key board. Sven made some funny noises and let go if his sperm.

Exhausted I sat down and looked Sven thru the com right into his very close eyes. " I love you and I miss you my love" I said and made a kiss mouth." The same over here, but it won't take long". Yes I thought only a few more days.

I knew he wanted to go back to the hospital so I lied and told him I want to go to bed. So we hung up.

Chris was still in town and I wanted to meet him at the Stadtcafe. We already talked about that at my wedding. When I arrived I saw them already sitting inside. They both held hands and were laughing. As soon a I reached the table Chris hugged me as he wouldn't had seen me in years. Alex just smiled and gave me his hand. I took it but pulled him into a hug. I whispered in his ears. "It's good to see him so happy". We talked about the wedding, about them both and after Alex excused himself to the bathroom, Chris talked about how great the sex live was. "I'm so Lin love with him and he seems to know what I think" he said. Yeah I know that feeling. I took his hand in mine and leaned close to him so I could lower my voice. "I don't know if I ever see you again because I'm leaving Germany next week for good". He was shocked. "What do you say you are moving away?" I nodded. "I'll give you my phone number and the new address. Whenever you and Alex are in Los Angeles let me know. I love you Chris." I said and kissed him on his cheeks. Right in that moment I saw Taylor on one of the big windows. He looked at me with his head shaking. He came inside and straight to our table. "You are cheating on him already?" He said with disgust. "What? Hey..." I started but he turned around and left. I couldn't explain, nothing. Chris looked puzzled. Alex came and I told him about or trailer Taylor. He turned out to be a freak. An hours later I said good buy to Chris and Alex.

Later that same evening I mixed myself a non alcoholic Bloody Mary and sat outside to enjoy the cool down of the day. My eyes wandered around the street when I saw the guy again. Just watching me. No he had his phone on his ear. But still he looked right up. He probably didn't see me sitting there. After I stood up he looked away and left. I was watching him until he reached the corner. Five minutes later my phone rung. It was Sven. " After he told me that he's missing me he started" you won't believe who called me right now and told me a unbelievable story. Taylor called for a follow up on our wardrobe. He chit chatted for a while than he told me that he was running into you today. With another guy. The guy from the wedding." That son of a bitch, I thought. I stopped Sven. " hold on my love. I had a coffee today with Chris and Alex and Taylor rushed in and acted pretty weird. That asshole had the nerve to ask me if I would cheat on you." I had to calm down because I felt anger growing inside of me. "He didn't know that I am in America right now. I told him that we are planning to move over here. He seemed very upset and hung up." Sven said. "He seems so cute but I'm afraid he is a geek." He added. "And V tomorrow I'm not able to chat with you so please don't wait" he told me after we chatted like lovebirds for almost an other hour.

The next day was Friday and without seeing Sven on the com it was an boring day and it was to be the same at night. Susan called out of the blue." Mom and dad are taking care of Hans. You wanna go out with me?" She asked. Nothing else to do I agreed. We went to the next bigger city nearby. The night live there was much better as in our hometown. After good Chinese foot Susan decided to go dancing. I'm not a good dancer at all but I thought I'll do it for her. She had fun even without me on the dance floor lol. It was 2 o clock in the morning when we went for an ice cream. Right across the ice parlor was an gay club. Susan insisted to go inside. I was not so happy with that. Without Sven I felt lonely in there. The club had two floors. On the first floor was a dance area and the bar. All kind of " guests were there" young, old, masculine, feminine. Guys and girls. Susan wanted to check out the second floor, so we went up the stairs. It had a long hallway and doors on each side with numbers. Some were open ,Some closed. And we heard a lot of lustfully moans. At one open door we saw a couple of guys in leather jackets with spikes on boots and paints. One of them held a leach in his hand. He stood in front of a guy on his knees. The leach was connected to a neck leave of that guy. Other than that he was naked. One guy had his boot on his shoulders. "Lick them you bitch" he commanded but the kneeing guy had enough to do with the other guys cock in his face. And there was one other guy who urinated on the " slave" on the floor. I was about to turn around because I'm not into MS when my eyes caught the face of the guy on the floor. He saw me too and turned away. It was Markus. The guy who tried to punch me because I humiliated him with his friends. The submissive behavior he showed here was the exact opposite of the dominating style in school. So the macho man by daytime at school was a salve bitch at night. I turned and left. I never told Susan what I had seen. She was disgusted enough with what she saw, so we went straight to the car and drove home. Susan slept in the second bedroom.

The next day we picked up my son and went with him to the zoo. We had so much fun. He knew al the animals and he gave each a name. He had a blast. I enjoyed the time I could spend with Hans but the more I saw him, I missed Sven. Those two man are the most important men in my live. I couldn't think of one without the other. The day went by way to fast. I caught Susan a few times checking on the phone. After we had lunch, we let Hans decide where to go (mc Donald's) we headed home.

I was glad when we reached the apartment. Hans wanted to watch TV and I was going to have a nice relaxing bath. After Susan had a text message she told me that they had to leave. I didn't asked why so Hans gave me a kiss. Susan did to and she had a kind of a smirk in her eyes. I let water in the bathtub and stripped naked. I moved my laptop next to the bath tube. Just in case Sven was trying to reach me. It was way to early but you never know right. Thinking if Sven and for 4 days now without sex, not even jerking off, I became a boner. The warm water and the good smell of the bath salt didn't helped at all. My brain visualized my husband sitting with me in here. With my eyes closed I started to move my hands into my privet section. Hard as it was, my dick began to enjoy the massage of my right hand. With the left I pinched my nipples. Oh what a feeling after ( only) 4 days. I thought about getting out and take the dildo out of the drawer when I heard the door. "Susan is that you? You forgot something?" I asked. No answer. " Susan?" I asked again. No answer. Now I was scared. With that guy outside the last few days I didn't felt save. I always keep an baseball bat in my beed room. I sneaked out of the tube and opened the door to the bed room. Naked with foam all over me and a still hard cock I looked kinda funny. "That is exactly what I need right now" a voice said. I couldn't believe it. Sven was standing there and he started to get undressed.



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