Gay and married 2 After a sexless night I woke up and looked directly into two dark brown eyes. " Morning sweetheart. How do you feel." He smiled at me. " thanks good and I have to go to the bathroom so please let go of my dick". I said back. He had played with my morning stiffness and that woke me up. " oh sure" he said and pressed his lips on mine. His lips felt so hot and his tongue was even hotter. I fumbled with the bed sheet and finally found what I was looking for. His hard stick. OMG I thought that thing is huge. I had it in my ass before but that night I didn't realized how big his tool was. When I touched his dick head he moaned quietly. He pushed my foreskin back so he could play with his fingers on my dick head. Now I moaned. His head was coffered in a lot of precum. I wanted to go down on him but he held me back. Our lips were glued together. I began to strike his shaft. His moan vibrated on my tongue. He did the same on mine. I tried again to brake the kiss and go down but he didn't released his grip. " No " moaned. I finally surrendered. With my unused hand I stroke over his firm butt cheeks. I didn't wanted more,than to drive my hard dick into his hot bubble ass. His kiss became more aggressive. He stroke my dick slowly. And exactly this soft back and forth made me horny as hell. " I'm cumming" I said when I pulled back my lips. "no you don't" he replied. i felt a sudden hard squeeze on my shaft and pain rushed through my lower body. But it showed results. My urge to blast my cum was gone. He continued to strike my dick in slow motion. I was not used to handjobs so I started again to increase my intensity. But with his free hand he slowed me down again. After 5 more minute I was on the edge again but he squeezed again and it was gone. At my third climax he didn't do anything. He stopped stroking, just pulled back the fore skin till it was hurting. I emptied my load in 4 big jets. It hit his abdomen, his under arm, his pubic hair and one his hand. On top of my highs I saw the white light again, I saw already two times before. My thoughts in that moment was the French called the climax "petite mort" , little death. And that was what i felt, exactly. With my load on his body he moved on his back and I changed the grip on his cock. Finally I could strike up and down. But when I increased the speed again he held my hand back. He raised his hand covert with my sperm to his moth and started licking it. Every stroke he commented with a long aaaagggghhhhhh a few minutes later his aggghhhhh became faster and faster more like a agh agh agh. I felt his dick getting hard and with a loud aaaaaggggghhhh he shot the nectar of his hips. The first jet flew up in the air and felt back on his chest. The second and third was less but the final load flew straight up and hit the celling fan. It stuck there like a spaghetti you threw at a cold surface to see if they are al dente. We both giggled at that when we heard a knock on the glass sliding door. Greg and Andrew were standing outside. One hand on their tent in their pants and one hand showing a thumb up. " the next time consider to close the blinds" Greg said when he opened the sliding door. " and just in case. Whenever you two feel lonely you know where we are. Sven covert his private parts with the blanket but I didn't bother to hide my semi hard dick. " you better clean that up before my mom sees it" he joked and pointed at the van. We all laughed. " let's go Andrew I wanna do the same with you right now" he said and took Andrews hand. Both were gone and Sven asked" what did he mean with lonely?" " I knew I had some explaining to do. But I asked him first. " why didn't you wanted me to give you a BJ?" He turned red and smiled. " since you left LA i only had my phantasies. And this". He opened his wallet and pulled out one old picture. It showed him and me. You could see that he trimmed the side of the photo. I still could see Sean's arm around my neck. And on Sven's other side I could see Susan's arm. The picture his dad took at the airport. " and later I had this" he said and withdrew another picture. This time it was my erect dick. " what the fuck" I yelled in surprise. He laughed. " the night you called Sean's computer. I knew its you so I turned on my photo abb. I wanted a picture of your handsome face. But you surprised me even it wasn't entirely for me. But I made a snap shot anyway." I could see a few stains on that picture. It seemed he used it a lot. " and since than I dreamed about you striking my dick slowly until I cum. Thank you,you made my dream come true" he said and kissed me.

" so now tell me all about you my love" Sven said after he laid down on the bed. After a pee break i laid right beside him, rested my head on his chest and started with my story. Almost an hour later I finished my tale. He only interrupted me once. When I told him about Chris. " you had something with a 16 year old?" He had asked. I could understand his concern. He was working with abused kids and teens.

" Actually in Germany, by law you are responsible for your action with 16. And he was close to his 17. Birthday. When you have consensual sex it's not against the law" I assured him. During my monologue he stroke my hair with one hand. And I enjoyed his action.

" what you want do do today?" Sven asked. " I don't know. Nothing I think. What do you have in mind?" I asked back. " what about magic mountain?" Sven suggested. " that is with all the roller coaster? I would love to go. " let me call Cassandra first to let her now that I will have another night of." He stood up and left the room. I didn't understood why he did it but I thought he didn't wanted me to hear his excuse.

Magic mountain isn't that far so after an hour we arrived the fun place. I loved to ride roller coaster. And at the entrance I could see all the exiting rides they had. Only thing is you have to wait in line for an eternity. Lol. " it's really fun here." I said and squeezed Sven's hand. He had my hand in his the whole time. And time was running by fast when you have fun. I was in a good mood until I caught Sven looking after one teen when we past his way. " hey you are with me, no work today" i said and smiled at him. " I know him, he's one of our problem kid" he replied. He led me the way the kid was going. And he went right to the closest restroom. " excuse me V but let me talk to him for a minute" he whispered in my ear. " go ahead I said and he vanished into the restroom. Not even one minute later he came out and was in a hurry. " we have to go" he said and pulled me away. I didn't know what was going on and I was about to ask what was wrong when two Hispanic man came out of the exit door of the restroom. " dammit " he said and let go of my hand. " please react as you don't know me and go directly to the exit" he said with his face in the opposite direction. " what's going on?" I asked. But he pushed me away. I was so confused and didn't now what to do, so I walked away from him. My thought went crazy. Why is he pushing me away. And what has that teen to do with my love?

I went straight to our car. I didn't had to wait long and Sven showed up and opened the door. " get in hurry" he said. When he put his car in gear, he checked the rear window. " please tell me what's going on?" I asked. " the boy you saw, he is one of our suspect. His name is Norbert. We think he is working to find gay teens for the organization. He is supposed to find young boys. You won't believe how many kids are going to find a BJ or a fuck buddy in those parks. So when he finally find one,he reports to his " friends". And they, we suspect, kidnap those kids and use them as sex slaves." I get it" I said but I didn't understood why he left the park in such a hurry. " those two guys you saw are the one who take the kids away as soon as they leave the park. I have seen them before and I think they recognized my face. And more imported they saw you with me." I thought we are heading for home but he went straight to Cassandra's. " our office is in Cassandra's basement. We started as a support group for teens who need help to tell their parents the truth about their sexual problems. Not only gay and lesbian. Also transsexual or transgender. We also support those who changed their gender with a surgery." He explains when we arrived at her place. Cassandra opened the door and was furious at Sven right away. " I told you to avoid those places. It's too dangerous that someone connects you to us or the police. You can not help them by sneaking around. Now you got it. You are busted. You know what that's mean. No more street work for a while." " I know" Sven said" I'm only scared that they saw me with victor." I was surprised to hear that. " why?" I asked. " I don't want you to be in harms way ,that's all " he assured me. "Ok I have to go home to Germany anyway". I said back. He looked at me with sad eyes now. We didn't spoke about my return to Germany yet but I had to go home. If I wanted to or not. If their would be a way to stay with Sven forever I would stay but I had my job and my apartment. And not to speak about my degree,I was working on. I saw in his eyes sadness and fear. I wanted to hold him right now but I thought it will be better to wait until we were home. " I have a room here in the basement if you want we can stay here for tonight". Sven said. " please if you don't mind I want to go home to my aunts place" I said back. He came closer to me and hugged me. " Of course my love". Cassandra was watching us the whole time with a smile at her face. " V I think I owe you an apology. I didn't mean to be rude in Las Vegas but I ..." I broke Sven's hug and faced her" without you nothing of that would be. I have to thank you to be the one who opened my eyes. I will always be in your depth". I said and while I spoke I closed the distance between her and me and hugged her.

We left shortly after that and went straight home. Sven didn't spoke one word. I asked a few questions and he barely answered them. I don't know what made him so quiet. Finally in our room I took him in my arms and looked him right in his brown eyes." What's wrong with you. Since we left Cassandra's place you are like that. Tell me what's bothering you". I whispered. " I didn't thought that you have to leave me again. I know you have to go home but I don't want you to go. Stay here with me please. " he pleaded. " Sven I can not break up school like this. I'm almost done with it. A few more month and I have my degree I'm working at for years. Can you not understand how important it is for me. " " if you are not staying here I'm gonna come with you. " he said. His eyes were looked into mine when he said it. And I could see and feel he meant what he said. " you can not break up all bridges you have build up in the past. It's only a few month. It's a long distance relationship but I'm confident we will manage it don't you think." He pulled me to his chest and kissed me. " no I will come with you". My heart was racing at his words. He really would come with me. Now it was my turn to kiss him. " we still have one week here. Let me call Cassandra right away." And he did. He told here he want to quit his job and that he will leave the states with me. I couldn't hear what she had to say but I could hear him answering some questions of her. " yes that would be great" and " please do that". And his last sentence was. " I'm looking forward to it, so let me know please". I asked him as soon as he hung up. " we'll Cassandra know somebody in Germany who may can help me to find a job in the same field. I still could work with young teens to help them. She will let me know". I saw his eyes lighting up and I was glad. I was sitting on the couch and he came closer to me and pressed his lips at mine. "So now let's talk about our wedding. It seems we will get married in Germany then" he said. I smiled and nodded my head. "



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