I couldn't think right. His beautiful eyes were starring at me. "I think I know you but..." Dr Breelan came closer and slightly grabbed my arm. I know I could not push,so I only took Sven's hand. First he wanted to take it away but when I touched his fingers he looked down at my hand and again up in my face. He was not removing his hand and I could held on to it. He again looked down. His finger moved over the palm of my hand. I swallowed. Did he recognize my hand. Does the touching triggered something. Seconds after I was down in an emotional abyss I reached heavenly heights because of his fingers scratching my hand. Sven looked up again right into my eyes. Come on say my name I was about to scream but said nothing at all. He only held my hand and closed his eyes. I thought he felt asleep after a few seconds of silence, when all of a sudden his vital monitor and his EEG went crazy. Dr Breelan grabbed my arm and pulled me away. "His subconscious remembers you but his brain needs time to ,let's say reboot. "He explained and pulled me outside. "Since he tries to hard to remember you, it will be the best you stay outside for a few more hours, maybe even days. I'm sorry. But see it that way, he remembers you. " he said with a smile but I couldn't get any positive thoughts out of it. I had called Sven's dad right after the attack and Dwight showed up the very same day. We agreed that he could go back to deal with his wife and as soon as Sven was recovering I would call him. I did call him this morning after I had the call of the hospital that Sven would come out of the coma. But if Sven has so much difficulties to remember, was it a good time for him to come. Since there were no cell phones allowed inside the facility I went outside to call him. Maybe he wasn't on his way already. But I couldn't reached him. I called Susan and wanted to give her an update but she also didn't answered. I was frustrated. I sat on a bench in brought sunlight and started shivering. It's all my fault I thought. I made the decision to come to LA and now the man of my life was in danger to lose his memory. You made one bad decision and everything can go south. Lost in my negative thoughtsI heard Hans voice calling for me. "Papa papa, I'm here". I looked up and he came running towards me. I didn't wanted him to see me cry,so I swept away my tears and smiled. He jumped into my arms and I swirled him around like a ferry wheel. He loved that. In those moments I can forget the sorrows I carry around. Hans helped me a lot going thru those rough times. Susan and Dwight came strolling behind Hans. Dwight had Susan's arm hooked up in his and they both talked about Dwight's grandson Curtis. He was so proud to have a grand son. "How is Sven?" Susan asked right away. I told them how disappointed my visit went. I also told them that I'm not sure if dr. Breelan let anyone in Sven's room right now. "I wanna see my son." Dwight said sadly, so we went up to Sven's room to talk to the doctor. We asked the nurse to call for him and waited outside the glass door. Sven's head was laying on the side and he seems to be asleep. Hans stood on his toes to look thru the glass. When he saw Sven in there he started banging on the door. "Daddy,daddy wake up I'm here". He yelled. It almost broke my heart. Dr Breelan came very fast and explained why it was a bad time to see Sven right away. Nobody took attention to little man. He opened the door quietly and sneaked inside. On the bed he grabbed Sven's hand and started stroking it. Sven's eyes opened and he looked down at Hans. "Daddy ich bin hier" he said ( I'm here)

Sven looked up at the door and down again at Hans. Dr Breelan was first inside and than me and Dwight. And behind him Susan came in and reached for Hans. Sven looked up and with his eyes on his father he said" dad what are you doing here". Oh my god I thought he's back. "Susan, Hans. Victor." He stumbled and reached out with his other hand. I grabbed the hand and squeezed it. The last few days I was emotionally a wrack. Now all it broke to the surface and I kneeled down and started crying. Usually I'm not that kind of a crying baby but ... "Daddy why is papa crying?" Hans . Sven only shook his head "I don't know". Hans climbed on the bed and hugged Sven. Then he came down, cornered the bed and hugged me. "Everything is gonna to be all right" he said. Like an grown up I thought but I couldn't control myself. I stood up and left the room with Dr. Breelan. He asked me if I wanted some medication to calm down but I declined politely. I only needed to let out all my suppressed emotions. After sobbing for over half an hour I could master my body again and went back inside. Hans was sitting on his bed with his arm around Sven's neck. Susan kissed him on the cheeks and Dwight gave him a man hug. It seemed they said good bye. On her way out Susan kissed me on my cheek "See you at home". Dwight hugged me and Hans kissed me. I stood there not knowing what to say. Sven lifted up his hand at pointed his hand at me. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me to his side. "Sven, I'm so sorry,,," but he only said " shhhh" his brown eyes were hypnotizing me. He pulled on my hand again and I bended over to see what he wanted and when my face was only inches away from his he lifted his head and found my lips. A shower of joy rushed thru my body. He opened his lips and pushed his tongue inside my mouth and searched for mine. With my eyes open I looked at the most beautiful man I ever met. His eyes showed a smiling glance. We kissed until we were interrupted by Dr. Breelan. He looked puzzled at us. "I'm sorry to interrupt but I have to make some more tests. You can stay if you want" he said and I stayed. And now I saw why he looked so awkward at us Sven's blanked showed a little tent in his mid section. "Mr Goldmann, I told you already about you concussion. The x-ray shows a hair fracture of your skull. We couldn't do the x- ray sooner because of the swelling. So you have to stay longer than anticipated. I'm sorry" The doctor said. A male nurse came in and nodded his head. He removed the EEG panels at Sven's head and took one of his inter tubs out of his arm. In the meanwhile the doctor finished his examination. While he only had eyes for Sven I caught the male nurse yearningly looking at the back of Dr. Breelans head. He was about 35 and the doctor I estimated about 40 years. The far as I could recall Dr. Breelan told me he was married when we chatted almost every evening last week. We didn't only talked about Sven conditions but also about marriage and how to live together as a gay couple. I never suspected him to drive on the same road. But maybe I was way to occupied with myself. "Dr. Breelan can I stay overnight? I asked shortly before he left the room. "I'm really sorry but that is against hospital policy. Sorry" he gave back with a sad look in his eyes. And this time I caught him resting his eyes on the males nurses eyes. There was something going on between them. "I'll give you an other half an hour but he needs to rest and you can come back tomorrow. " he smiled at me and held out his hand. I grabbed it and thanked him for being here for Sven. After they both went out of the room I faced Sven again and took his hand in mine. "Do you remember anything about the attack? The police already questioned me but I could only say that I don't know who could have done such a horrible thing". He looked at the celling for a while but shook his head. "The only thing I remember is leaving the house, a bid upset because I couldn't apologies to you in person, and then ,,,,nothing." I flushed. "About that..." But he hushed me off again. "Come here" he said and kissed the back of my hand. "From now on I don't want to go to bed with a feud between us. You have to promise me that we settle all differences before we go to bed." I got tears in my eyes and I gave him a gentle kiss. "Promise" I only said because I could feel a cotton ball coming up my throat. "We gonna talk when I'm out of here. You were right ..." He started but this time I shut him up with a kiss. "As soon as your home ok" I told him and kissed him again. He closed his eyes and laid his right hand of the back of my head to pull me even closer. I almost laid on his chest. His lips drew mine apart and his tongue invaded the privacy of my mouth again. The tips of our tongues danced to an inaudibly song. I touched his face with my hand and with my thumb I scratched over his cheeks. We laid there for the rest of my half an hour and when I broke off the kiss I saw a big tent in his blanked. "Damn it, did it grow in the last week?" I asked jokingly. "Victor I want you right now." He replied but to both of our disappointment I had to leave that forbidden fruit alone for today. I walked around the bed to shield the few to the glass door with my body and kissed him good by. With my hand i gave his brick hard cock a good squeeze. He moaned. "Ohhhh victor" and I really thought he would cum. My dick was also hard inside my jeans and I would have give a fortune to pull it out and bury it in his awaiting mouth. I kissed him one more time without touching him at all and left. I don't know if he would jerk off tonight but hell I know I will.

I had to visit my husband in the hospital for 4 more days, every day I went home with a unsatisfied boner, until finally he was released.

During my absents to pick up Sven, Susan decorated the house. We decided to have a little " welcome home" party for Sven. But I told her also that I had a surprise for Sven as well and that we would be home not sooner than 6 o clock. After all the paperwork and getting out in a wheelchair, witch Sven only did under protest, we were out if the hospital at 12.30. He expected to go home but when I drove into the valet parking at the Holliday inn his eyes almost popped out. I had planed that at the first night I went home after he woke up. After we had the key to the room,witch I had to book for a whole night, but I knew that wouldn't last that long, we started kissing in the elevator already. By the time we closed the door I was shirtless. His forcing kissed made me as horny as the neighbors puppy. We literally stumbled over our shoes witch we only slipped out and our paints tossed to the floor. We reached the bed only dressed in the boxers for him and my way to tide briefs. He laid down first and awaited me with open arms. I lay on top of him and could feel his body heat. He was hot in any meaning of the word. Our tongues battled and conquered inside our clued lips. Both of his hands were up in my hairs to make sure I had no way to escape his forcefully kisses. I had my hands behind his neck to hold him close to my body. He moaned and I broke the kiss. "You made me promise to resolve any problems we have before we go to bed. Now you have to promise me something". He pulled my head back by pulling on my hair. " what ever is is my love I'll do it" he said calmly. " I want you to be extra careful working in the streets of LA as an SVU detective." I answered. His eyes opened up wide. "You knew?" I nodded my head. "Yes your friend Dough thought you told me already and was letting it out". " sorry..." He began the sentence but I pressed my mouth on his lips. Again he pulled on my hair. "You know I love you right? And I don't say it because you in my live and because I have sex with you. I feel it deep in my hart that I love you and I want you to know that I would change my live for you if you would asked me to". Then he kissed me passionately. My already hard dick was hurting like hell. I could feel his cock inside his boxers rubbing against my six pack. To make it even more painful I started to move my body up and down against his. His kiss intensified and his hand moved down my back into my briefs. I rolled of him and pulled down my hurting underwear. His right hand instantly started playing with my penis. He pulled back my for skin and played with his fingers on my piss hole. His other hand he squeezed my balls. I told him to stop or I would cum but in mid sentence I shot my three day load. It hit his chest face and for head. I was about to apologies when he started laughing. "Really it was that intense? He asked under his laughter. I started to clean up my mess with my tongue but held on his hands so he couldn't touch himself. After I was done with his chest I had a good mouthful already and was about to swallow. "Don't you dare to swallow" Sven said and opens his mouth. I place my mouth right above his and opened mine too to let out most of my collected cum. As soon as it touched his lips and tongue he moaned. I pushed down my face to engulf his lips with mine. Our tongues played with my sperm for a while until we both swallowed simultaneously. Slowly I went down on his neck and kissed his Adam's apple. Lower and lower until I could chew on one of his nipples. Then i released his hands and pulled down his boxers with my teeth. He expected I would give him a BJ as always but I only needed to go down on him to reach the bottle of Vaseline I brought knowingly. I greased his hot rod and the entrance of my butt. I swung one leg over his legs and suddenly he knew what was coming and let out a delightful moan. I aimed his dick head on my sphincter and slowly sat down. His hands played with my nipples while I was adjusting my body but now he move to my neck and pulled my upper body down so he could kiss me. His curved cock slides inside like a hot knife thru butter. When my lips touched his I felt a hot sensation in my guts. He came without saying a world. "Oh yeah, and you were laughing about me" I said with a smile. "Told you I love your ass" he said and smiled back. Jet after jet he plumbed inside of me even while we joked around. I laid my body on his chest still his hard cock deep inside of me. I thought his dying dick will slide out but it stood hard as a pole in a dance bar. Finally I rolled if him and laid beside him. I had a close look at his bandage on the right backside if his head. "Does it hurt?" I asked. "I only have a light headache. Why?" I used my fingers to strike over his face. "Just want to know if you want to go home already?" I asked with a smirky smile. "Oh no no we are not going anywhere before I had a good ass full of that. "He answered also with a smirky face. Suddenly his smile vanished out of his eyes. "Victor.." He started and I knew that he wanted my attention. "About that ... If you want to see Sean you are welcome to do so but.. I'm not over it, what he did. I know I have to forget it but I'm not sure if I can forgive him. You know?" While he spoke i lifted my head and rested it on my elevated hand. I looked straight at him. His eyes starred at the celling. Sensing he didn't finished his speak yet I stayed quiet. "I don't know how to say that. Every time we are having sex I want you inside of me. It is as we are one in that moment. I really want that feeling but as soon as you stand or keels behind me that horrible scene appears in my mind. That night Sean came home and ...that's why I wanted you to take me in the shower but all of I sudden I froze." My hand was resting on his chest but now I moved it up to his head. I remember that night and I thought that something wasn't right but I never had thought of that. I pulled on his chin so he had to look into my eyes. "Sven I am sorry. I should have never brought up the visit. And about your fear, we have to find something that fits for both of us. I love to suck you off you know that." Suddenly I had an idea. "Maybe you should take control over the situation. Maybe..." But I didn't finished my sentence. I kissed him instead and my hand wandered down to his still semi hard dick. My demanding kiss and the play on his cock showed results instantly. His hands was holding me in the back to pull me closer to him. I let him but when he was hard again I broke the kiss. "Stand up" I said. He swung his leg outside. " nope just stand up" I repeated. He did as I told him. I positioned my head exactly under his butt. The view was amazing. I saw his dark brown ball sac,his not quite vertical standing dick and the beginning of his ass crack from underneath. Delicious. I fingered for the Vaseline I used prior and squeezed some of it on my hand. By pulling back my for skin the precum was already running down my shaft, so I reached out for his hole. When finished I ordered him to knee down. He knew what I had in mind and he smiled. "Take it easy ok it will hurt so..." I told him and he slowly let his body weight down on my hot rod. His sphincter opened up and without any difficulties he sat down. His hard cock struggled a little but with my dick up his ass the full 9 inch, he came back to live when Sven started to ride my cock like a jockey rides a horse in a derby. And when he started riding on me I could see his eyes rolling up. I enjoyed what he did, he was good. After about 5 minutes of pure excitement I came like a bullet out of a chamber. But that doesn't stopped him. He must have felt my orgasm but he continued riding me. "Don't you think I'm gonna stop now. I love that" he said and jerked back his head. Two minutes later I came again and I felt my dick dying inside his ass. I thought he will break it in half if he don't stop,so I grabbed his steel hard cock and jerked furiously on it. That gave him the hype and he spurted his load on my chest and face. Finally he stopped in his movements and rolled exhausted of my soft cock. "That was so awesome, thank you victor I love you" he whispered and tried to kiss me. I stopped him and said very slowly. "Hey buddy I love you, because you exist. Because I can count on you when I need a friend and because I'm a different person since you came into my live. And I thank you for that". With that I kissed him passionately.



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