Gay and married 6

We landed safely in Munich 11 hours later. The steward blinked his eyes twice at me. And Sven gave me a dirty look. I only laughed.

I couldn't wait to go out of that tiny air plain. I knew Susan was here to pick us up and with sweet little Hans. I loved that child and he called me uncle V. With his almost 5 years now he was a smart kid. And with every penny, I could spend, i bought either toys or cloth for little Hans.

After passport control and luggage pick up we were finally out. I could hear Hans voice already. "Uncle V, uncle V, I'm here." He was holding a German flag in one hand and a American flag in his other hand. I ran to him and picked him up. I missed him a lot. Sven came and I introduced him to Hans. " Hans this is my friend Sven. Sven this is my little friend Hans. They both shook hands. Sven came closer to me so only i could hear him. " He looks like you". He whispered. I punched him with my elbow in his rips. Susan was right behind the little man and i hugged her. I missed her too. " Susan this is..." " I know who that is I saw him 5 years ago. Man you are a handsome young man Sven". She said and hugged him too. She saw the rings on our fingers. "You didn't married in Vegas without me. Did you?" I knew what she meant. You wear the wedding band on the right hand in Germany. So to her it looked like we were already married. "No way you would be the first one I would tell" I gave back and hugged her again.

Her car was parked a few feet away and I carried Hans to the parking area." Uncle V, mom don't like when you spill milk on the shirt." And he pointed at my stains on my shirt. Sven burst out laughing and Susan looked at me. I turned red again. Sven excused himself for a pee break. When he was gone I addressed Susan." You have to do me a favor. Tomorrow is x-mas and I need something for Sven. I know it's short handed but can you find something special. Please help me. "I pleaded. "What do you have in mind? Cloth, jewelry or what?" " I don't know but I want something extraordinary." I said and smiled at her. She nodded her head. "I'll find something" she said. After Sven was out we continued our way to the parked car. At the car we loaded all the luggage in the trunk and all of a sudden Sven asked. "Can I drive your car Susan. I would love to drive on the German autobahn." Susan looked at him, then at me and I nodded my head in agreement. She tossed him the keys and told him to drive carefully. "Its a Prius not a sports car remember". But the glance in his eyes made her smile.

Susan's sat down with Hans in the back and I took the passengers seat. I saw Sven driving before so I know he would be careful. " V, if you can spare a evening next week I have something to tell you" Susan said. I looked surprised and asked her why not right now. I had no secrets in front of Sven. But she insisted to tell me later. Sven could come too. Well I thought if she don't want to talk about it so it's trivial. And I forgot about it.

After 2 and a half hour drive we arrived at Margot's apartment. Margot was already preparing some food for us. She only looked at Sven and fell in love. "Wow what did I wrong. It's true all good looking guys are either gay or married. Dam" she said. I said thank you sister. She looked at me surprised. "Who is talking to you. "We all laughed.

Sven didn't know how to react to all that, so he stayed pretty quiet the whole time. He looked tiered. No wonder I thought, its in the middle of the night in LA. I was tired too and after the delicious foot we went to my apartment. I showed him around when he suddenly hugged me from behind." I owe you something" he said and started licking my neck. I could feel his penis getting hard in his paints. He whirled me around and kissed me passionately. His hands pushed my shirt over my head. As soon as my nipples were exposed to the air he fingered them till they were hard. His lips abandoned mine and he licked his way down via my hard nipples to my six pack. Sven opened my zipper and my growing cock escaped my to tight briefs. He pulled back my for skin and engulfed my dick head with his bulging lips. I stood there, jerked my head back and moaned. It felt so awesome to get sucked by the love of your life. Inch by inch he took my rod deeper into his throat. My hand found his hair and I pulled his head of my dick. "Can I asked for something else?" I asked when he looked up at me." Whatever you want my love". That was what I expected and gave him a hand to pull him up. Standing in front of me I pulled of his shirt and took his hand to lead him to my bedroom. We kissed while walking until we reached my bed. He stripped down to his boxers and laid down on his back. I climbed on his body and drove my tongue deep in his mouth. My hands were all over his body. Kissing for a while i felt my desire growing inside if me. I took of his glasses and turned him around on his stomach. Slowly I pulled down his boxers to reveal his gorgeous muscle packed ass. His ass crack in all it's glory was right in front of me but I neglected it for now. I found in my drawer what I was looking for. Sven turned his head when he heard that bbrrrrrr. "Oh you got one too?" He said. I started to strike his legs with the vibrator. From the inside of the left leg I went higher over his butt cheek up his spine and on the other side down. Sven exhaled heavily. I did the procedure two three times. Finally I circled around his well formed butt. Smaller and smaller I drove around his bulging inside of his anus. He moaned when I touched the entrance to the, already moving from excitement, ass hole. With a squeeze of Vaseline I lubed the tip of the dildo and pushed it carefully in his awaiting inside. He let out a long aaaaggggghhhhh. He seemed to like it. I pushed the vibrator as deep as possible. When I thought his hole was wide enough for my rock hard dick I pulled out the dildo and replaced it with my cock. He moaned as my rod divided his ass lips. After every inch I stopped to let him get used to the pain. This time I didn't wanted to it to early. Finally deep inside of him I had the great feeling of satisfying his and my pleasure and needs. He turned his head and searched with his hands for one of mine. "It still hurts like crazy. But please don't stop." He whispered more than he spoke. And after a few more minutes he moaned In heavenly pleasure. Minutes after minutes i fastened my movements. And I could hear my ball sac kissing softly his. The moment I felt my climax I slowed down.I couldn't hold it any more. I exploded like a fire cracker on 4.of July. He must had felt it because he lifted up his ass and moaned loud. His position made it even easier for me to release my sperm into his butt. I screamed on top of my orgasm his name. Over and over. It must have been a super load. When I pulled out my dick I could see a stream of cum running out of his hole. And that continued for a while. " V that was incredible. Wow. " Sven said when he turned around. I saw a big stain of cum beneath him. He must have had his orgasm with mine when he lifted up his ass. I laid down on him we kissed. "I just want you to know. That side of the bed is yours by the way" and pointed at the sperm stains from him and mine. We both laughed. After a few more passionate kisses we felt asleep chained in each others arms.

At 4 am I woke up and sneaked slowly and as silenced as I could out of his hug and out of the bed. A lot of things went thru my mind. I thought about my past few X-masses. Almost every Christmas it seemed I spend alone. Nobody was there to celebrated the hollyday with me. For 5 years i had lovers ,sporadicly but none spend christmas with me. Until now since Sven moved in with me and I was so glad. But there were other things they concerned me. He was talking about two rapes by Sean. And the wish to have kids. I thought about that too but it's to early right now. Some day maybe. I was lost in my thoughts for almost two hours when I heard a bang and some cursing" damn it, fuck,V where are you?" I heard him yelling. I had to laugh when I opened the bed room door and saw him rubbing his left knee. "I hope i didn't ruined your drawer?" He laughed." Why are you out of bed?" I looked at him and answered truthfully. "I couldn't sleep anymore and there's a lot on my mind". Sleepy he looked in my eyes and started to smile." Right now there's something on my mind too but we have to go back to bed for that." He almost whispered it in my ear. " you are a horn dog you know that?" I gave back and hit him softly on the back of his head. He lost the smile and said a little bid upset." Ok was worth a try" and smiled again. "So what's on your mind?" He wanted to know. "Not today, today is Christmas and I want to have a merry merry Christmas. Only you and me Susan will come later but she will be gone by let's say 6 pm. So the evening is ours my love". I said while striking my hand thru his hair." And now let's take a shower" I suggested. His eyes went bright and he jumbled to his feet. I gave him what he appreciated the most,a blow job and he gave it back right away. Lol The day went by,way to fast. Susan and Hans came around 3 pm and surprised not only Sven. He didn't expected a gift at all. Susan bought necklaces for both of us. A broken heard. One side was for me with Sven initials and he had mine. I gave her a kiss. Thank you I only said with my lips so Sven wouldn't hear it. He also kissed her on her cheeks. " thank you Susan" he said too. She smiled at booth of us. "I love you guys and merry Christmas." She said it with a smile but I saw concerns in her eye.

Again I made " gl├╝hwein" and even Sven loved it. We were watching " it's a perfect live",a must on the holidays and after that we listened to Christmas music. Sven and I talked about almost everything. I sensed that he avoided to talk about his family. "What do you think about Susan?" I asked him. "She is one of a kind. I loved her from the first moment I met her 5 years ago. First I was jealous because you slept with her but I saw how she looked at you. I don't know but since I can remember I can read people like a phone book. If I have good vibes I like them. If I feel uncomfortable in the persons present I don't want to become friends with him or her. But that was only one time so far. Susan and Margot, I had the vibe." He said and laughed. " do I know the person you don't like?" I asked. He only looked at me and his smile vanished out of his eyes." Yes you know him, its Sean's first love Snoopy. " he answered sadly. I felt his misery and changed the subject." What we are doing tomorrow, tell me what you wanna do?" I asked. He smiled at me again. " I want you to walk around the whole day only in your briefs or better nude." He said and numbed up to avoid my hand trying to slap his head



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