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Chapter 5

I woke up with somebody using a sled hammer inside my had

Ahhhhhh was all I could say.

I had a bad taste in my mouth and smelled vomit all over the place. I thought where in the hell am I? When I opened my eyes I saw a room I never saw before. There was a bed, I laid on naked no not naked with boxer shorts. I don't have boxer shorts. Where was I?

" hey finally awake drunk boy" Sean where standing there and smiled at me. " my head is killing me what happened " Then ,I remembered " oh I did some shit yesterday "

Well he said yup " what else do u remember ? ". Everything came back " oh good I almost had a blowjob on the dance floor. Biff right, that was his name and ur boy friend what was his name ".

" Snoopy is his name but I broke up with him last night"

Why. I wanted to know " told u I'm in love with someone else. "

" Now tell me why was I at that club ". My asshole brother thought that would be .... fun "

And he continued " I wanted to break up with Snoopy because I ....... man that is hard. I know u r not gay and after the first night when u were so disgusted by my hand on your shoulder i thought that was the first and last time I'm gonna see you. But then u agreed to a second night and I was delighted. Maybe I was able to be close to you that way in a threesome relationship. On that Friday my dad told us that we are leaving Germany, he wanted to go out of Germany ASAP, dammit

I know I would loose u one way or the other so I mad my move that night and wanted to fuck u not her but before I could ram my dick into ur ass I came all ofer ur butt, again dammit". " you telling me u are gay" I asked, not really listening to the rest of what he said.

"That wasn't your thumb I felt on my ass?" He laughed. " but u fucked her. " I said. " no I only fucked her ass and she gave me a bj and rimmed my ass remember,she was good". He explained. Yes she was or still is I thought

" I only agreed having a threesome to be close to u. I have a crush on you since I started in the soccer team."

Wow my headache where still pretty bad, but my brain was racing with thoughts. He was talking and talking and I looked at his face at his handsome chocolate brown skin at his almost purple lips. I wanted to kiss him. Right here , right now but decided to wait. He reminded me of the one kid in one of the commercials with the way to tall Christmas tree witch was standing bended in the living room.

" ........and my stupid brother thought u should know the hole truth. "

" he was right u should have been truthful in the first place. But first I need a coffee and do u have a tooth brush I can borrow , I need do get that awful taste out of my mouth and then we continuing talking ok?"

" but there is nothing more to say, I love you and u r straight, so forget it and be angry at me. Yell at me if u want to,u are not the first one who will call me a fagot"

When he finally fell silent i moved closer to him and kissed him on his beautiful lips.

He just stared at me with his mouth open in disbelief.

" tooth brush .... Coffee please "

I said and he reached over on the night stand and took one brush out of his drawer , still with his mouth open. I asked again"coffee, please and where is the bathroom "

He just pointed in one direction

When I stood up my boner was visible now and his eyes almost fell out of his head. I headed the direction he was pointing at and left the room. The door wasn't closed all the way and when I steps outside I saw Sven down the hallway. Wow that hallway was at least 40 feet long and I already admired Sean's room for the high ceiling. The same heights out here.

I know I had to talk to Sven and to apologize for the things I said last night but his brother where more important for me right now, so I just asked him where the bathroom was and if he can bring me a coffee.

He just looked at me no smile no head shake. Nothing, he just pointed at a door close to me.

I was glad my stiffy wasn't there anymore, that would have been even more embarrassing for me.

After taking a crab and brushing my teeth I want back in Sean's room.

He still was there where I left him.

" V ......" He started but I shook my head. " I have to tell u a few things.:

When Susan wanted that threesome I agreed because I thought she meant 2 women.

But once agreed I don't wanted to go back. Yes I was straight back then but ur hand on my shoulder ... There was no disgust in my jerk or to shake u off , u gave me the shiver and in that moment I had the orgasm of my live.

And the Friday when u touched my hole I came even harder. But that night we were alone and u touched my for skin I almost exploded. I regret that I couldn't kept my mouth shut when you where about to take my dick in your mouth. And when i finally came there where so much cum all over your hand. Even then I denied that I had feelings for u.

At the airport when we finally said goodbye and u hugged me I was sure that I had feelings for u. I even wasn't able to ask you for ur cellphone number despite I felt ur phone on my leg"

He coughed and said " that was no cell phone, that was my hard dick, always had it when I hugged u "

" well u where gone and I lived a normal straight live, so I thought but no girl could satisfy me anymore. I didn't could convince my dick to get hard even when they gave me a blow job. I started to jerk of to the porn,wishing the two guy are u and I. Then I bought some carrots to shove it up my ass imagine that's your hard dick. Nobody knows this except Susan. When she gave me the porn we left in her dvd she did know that something happened that night. So I told her about my twist in my life.

All that told me that I'm not straight anymore. I felt in love with a guy.

My hole universe fell apart. So I decided to come to LA and gonna find u. "

"Sven was right from the beginning , he always said u had feelings for me!"

" speaking of your brother, is he gay or does he has a girlfriend ?"

" I don't know he is not talking to me in that matter , I'm different I tell him everything. I only caught him once jerking of to the DVD I gave u." So ur brother and I have something in common lol"



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