As always I was right on time and knocked at his hotel room. After the second knock he opened the door. Luis was standing there with wet hair and only a robe to cover his enormous body. "You already" he said, and I noticed his nervousness." I didn't think ryou would really show up here. It's a dream right". With that statement he turned and walked away. I closed the door and sprinted after him to calm his anxious nerves. I laid my arms around his upper body and started sucking on his neck. He threw his head back, exhaling in a deep moan. I was trying to open his robe belt with my hands but his body was way too large. Instead I turned him around and untied his knot. With his bath garment open I stroke his big belly upwards to his nipples. He moaned louder. His eyes were closed and his hands were hanging by his side. I took one hand and put it to my mouth, so I could suck on his fingers. His little man started to grow. It was average size, about 6 inches long without skin. The belly covered almost everything except his mushroom head. I always thought that "fat" people are more hairy but his body had no hair at all. Ether he shaved or waxed. Not even his armpits showed any trace of hair. He smelled so good and when I kissed his bulging lips I could taste the tooth paste he just used. After I stopped sucking his fingers I laid his hand on my chest. I wanted him to unbutton my shirt. My tongue divided his lips and I searched in his mouth for his. I found his tongue and conquered it. He moaned and started breathing heavily. Don't die on me I'm not done yet, I thought. His shaking fingers had some difficulties with opening my shirt, so I did it for him. After the shirt, I opened my belt and zipper and dropped my pants. He looked down on me and my already hard dick bowed a welcome. "Wow, how long is that thing?" He asked. "Only 9 inches" I answers and smiled. I slipped his robe over his shoulder and like the textile I dropped it to the floor and welcomed his dick in my mouth. Usually I do more on nipples and bellies but his heavy breathing and moaning told me that it wouldn't be long before he shot his load. And my guess was right. As soon as I closed my lips around his dick head he let out a very loud "aaaaaaaggggggghhhh" and jerked his head backward. For his normal sized dick he had a lot of cum. He let go of 6 or 7 loads of cum and I tried hard to keep the sperm in my mouth. His hands were searching for something to hold on to. The left hand found the wall and the right my head and he pulled hard on my hair." That was awwwwwwsome "he whispered." So now you know what you have missed". I said jokingly.

I stood up and kissed him again. He was calmer now. His hands found my dick and my balls. His lips left mine and he wandered down my Adam's apple, my chest and finally found there target, my nipples. Now it was my turn to moan. He pushed me back until my legs collided with the bed frame where I sat down and he kneeled down right in front of my dick. Unsure what to do next, I made it easy for him, and pushed his opened mouth directly on my cock. I pulled back my foreskin. When he felt my dickhead, covered with a few drops of precum, entering his mouth he moaned. And he started playing his tongue on my piss hole." Luis, have you done this before" I said and he opened his eyes. Now he started to drive my dick in and out of his mouth and scratched with his teeth over my shaft. But unfortunately he was unable to take it very far in his mouth. He tried to take my dick into his throat but he gaged. Coughing and apologizing at once he tried to stand up. But with the weight on his body he had difficulties. I gave him a hand to pull him up." You don't wanna fuck me?" He asked almost sadly. "Have you ever had a dick up your ass?" I wanted to know. "Nope, but it looks so great in the gay porn's I have been watching". He answered with glowing eyes. "I can fuck your ass but prepare for pain, a lot of Pain!" I said. "Do it please" he pleaded. He turned around and laid face down on the bed. I pulled his oversized butt cheeks apart and looked right at his ass hole. I penetrated it with my tongue and he moaned. I knew that he never had a man before so I was easy on him. When he was well covered in saliva I spit on my hand and lubed my dick with it. With the mushroom head of my dick on his ass I said" bite on your pillow so you don't scream to loud." I pushed and his ass muscle spread apart. He did as I told him and his scream muffled in his pillow. Inch by inch I kept going. It was such an awesome feeling, to know, that you are the first one to enter a virgin ass. Now I understood why Sean was so proud to be my first one. When I finally buried my dick in his ass he moaned and squeaked like a big. His face was lying to the side and I saw tears running down his cheek. "Does it hurt too much, I will stop if you want" but he spit out the billow edge he was biting on and said "No! No keep going, it hurts but I want this so badly. Please don't stop". I started to find my rhythm. Every time I went in and out he moaned. But he wasn't in pain anymore, he was enjoying it. I really tried not to move to fast or too far out, so it wouldn't too painful for him. Stroke after stroke I buried my dick in his ass." He let go of the pillow and gasped. At the top of my climax I moaned loudly and emptied my balls into his guts. I pulled out my still hard dick and he tried to roll on his back. "Does it always hurt so much?" He asked. "The first time always hurts a lot. You get used to it and after a while you learn to enjoy the pain." I answered. I reached for the tissues on the night stand when he stopped me. "Let me do that". I thought he wanted to clean my dick so I gave him the tissue I had in my hand, but he declined the offer and pulled me closer to the bed. He managed to get in a sitting position and started to lick of the sperm off my dick. Wow what a horny bastard I thought. After he finished cleaning my cock with his tongue, he excused himself and went in the bathroom. With him gone I laid down on the side of the bed, naked. When he came out, he looked at me. "You are still here". He said. "Of course I am". I answered back. What was he thinking? With a look of curiosity he asked" V why are you doing this, I mean, other people will not even look at me. And here you are a handsome boy, has sex with me. A guy who is fat, black, and ugly"

I looked at him. "Well I know what I want. When I want chicken I order chicken. Beef I order beef. And when I held your hand on the airplane I wondered what it would be like to have sex with you. It was Not bad at all, and the other guys. They don't know what they are missing". And I smiled at him. That was the first time I had sex after Chris, I really enjoyed it.

"How can I ever pay you back?" He asked? "You can do me a favor. You are an attorney right. Can you find somebody in jail for me?" "I need the Name and crime?" He asked as he opens his brief case for his laptop. I gave him Sean's name and told him that he was convicted of rape. He looked at me suspicious but didn't say anything. "He is in the Orange County facility of justice."

I stood up and walked over to my clothes on the floor. His closet had a mirror and I could see Luis sitting on the bed and playing with his dick beneath his robe. I bent over to pick up my underwear. He moaned as my ass cheeks spread apart and offered a good look at my hole. He moaned louder and worked fiercely on his little friend. "You want it?" I asked and spread my butt checks apart. I turned around and told him to lie down. I climbed on his belly and aimed my hole over his dick. There was enough precum so I didn't need any more lubrication. When I sat down he cried out loud. I did not take him long to start to climax. While climaxing he moaned louder and louder. Finally he exploded inside of me. After he was done I got dressed and left. He thanked me a thousand times. "If I had a little bit more time I would stay two more weeks" he said.

The next day I was on the way to Orange County. Thanks to the navy I found my way to the jail. It took me almost 2 hours to go through all the safety protocols and searches. I even had to give my fingerprints. A guard finally brought me into a visitor room. About 10 table with 5 chairs around it. All screwed into the cement floor. He guided me to one table and I waited another 15 min. When Sean entered the room he had no handcuffs or anything. He didn't saw me at first. Probably he was expecting one of his relatives. But when he saw me he smiled and ran in my direction. "V it's you. Oh my god you look so good." He hugged me and one guard said" no touching". So Sean broke the hug. In his eyes I could see the tears erupting. "Sit down and please tell me how you are?" He said and moved his hand and put it on mine when I finally sat down. We were talking about the food and the inmates. Then out of the blue I asked Sean. "Why, why are you in here? You and I we were in love and jet.... How come you forgot me so easily?" And my eyes were filled with tears. "V, I always have and always will love you. But I am a hunter you know. I take whatever is out there. And if it's a virgin it's even better. Yes we had something but I cannot turn back the hands of time." I removed my hand. He looked at me. I don't know why he did it but he suddenly said. "You and Sven, was there something going on between the two of you?" I was shocked. "Nope never, why do you ask?" But he didn't give me an answer. He just looked in my eyes. "How is your brother by the way, and your mom and dad?" I wanted to know. "I don't know, haven't talked to Sven in a long time. And mom is an addict now. She's in a clinic. And dad, nope he wasn't here ether. I'm probably a big disappointment for them." And tears were running down his checks "where do they live now? I drove by the house but it's empty." Dad moved closer to the clinic. Somewhere near the Nevada border in a trailer park." He stood up and waved to the guard. "It was really nice seeing you. I love you V" I didn't understood but it seemed he wanted me to leave. "Yeah it was really great seeing you too" I said before he went out the door.

On the way home I thought a lot about what Sean told me: I'm a hunter and I take whatever is out there: Then I could hear Luis: why are you doing this. Most people don't even look at me: was I a hunter too. Did I only fuck around? My brain was racing inside my head.



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