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Chapter 9

He broke the kiss and what came out of his mouth shoched me, "I want you to fuck me hard

really I mean it, fuck me as hard as you can. I like hard fucking, He relaxed the grip on my hair

and I started to get into a rhythm to satify my and his pleasure. I drove my dick in hard. "Harder,

harder" he moaned. I rammed it in with all my might. Finally he stopped asking for more.

I did this for five more minutes. It was hard work but it paid off. .He moaned even louder and I saw his sperm shooting all over the wall. " Oh no" I said, but he turned his head and replied. "You keep going,I want to get this as long as possible" and smiled. But I was close to cumming already. I took one of his hands off the wall and put it on my ass. He guessed what I wanted and

started to finger my hole.I was ready to shoot. My dick got even harder and I shot my load inside him. He felt my cum inside and moaned loudly. I shot five shots and after the last blast I pulled my

softened cock out of his ass. "Who taught you to fuck like that?"He asked and i replied " I

never fucked another man nor woman like this before. I looked down at his ass. " I hope you

are healthy," I said. There was more than sperm running out of his hole. " That was great,don't

worry I am HIV negative. I get tested every six months."he said. I never heard of that, but I

read once that actors in the porn industry have to be tested once or twice a year. " The last

time I got tested was two months ago." he said.

I hoped the neighbors did'nt hear us or at least report us to Margot my half sister. Totally exhausted and with a weak feeling, I left the shower, took a towel and gave him one. He used his towel to dry my back and my butt. I dried my front side when suddenly I felt something very soft touching the middle of my ass. Martin was kneeling behind me and was rimmed me with his tender tongue. I stopped him and went to lay on my bed, so he could continue. I lay face down and he got between my legs and started right where he left off. His warm breath and hot tongue

felt ingredable. He licked and kissed my cheeks. And then he pushed the tip of his tongue inside me. He put more of his tongue inside my ass. He then literally

fucked me with his tongue. What a feeling. More than ten minutes, I enjoyed every second.

Replacing his tongue with one of his fingers, I moaned my approvel. "Are you going to cum

while I play with your ass?" he asked. I did'nt answer him, but moaned louder when he put

his finger in my asshole. First one, than two, than three, finally a fourth.Getting my ass ready for

his dick and loosening my tight ass. "Do you have any lube?" he asked. I pointed toward my nightstand. And then he put a good amount on my hole and his dick. Any moment I'd feel that amazing dick in my ass. He stopped for a moment and I moaned . Then carefully he pushed

his dick in me. As he pushed it in I felt alot of pain at first, then it began to feel good, I squeeled a

bit at first, as he went deeper and deeper, His dick felt awesome. My ass spead apart when the head

entered.I thought with the climaxI had earlier I would'nt be able to get an erection again , But I was wrong. My dick came back to life and was hard in a very short time. Martin got

into a rhythm, to be sure his stayed inside me. That was great and the only thing I could do is lie there and enjoy it.My moans became louder with each stroke. But it felt so good. After a few minutes his strokes were more intense, and I felt

his dick come out of my ass a couple of times. But he put it back in right away. Faster and faster

he drove his cock into my hole, All of a sudden he stopped, his dick deep in my ass, and he started

making low growling noises, like a dog. After a few minutes he yield"aaaaggghhhhh" and he shot

a huge load into my ass. After he finished cumming, he collapsed on my back and laid still. The

moment I felt the cum inside me I shot a huge load on to my pillow I had under my belly to elevate my but.I could feel his hairy chest on my back and his heavy breathing. We didn't move for a few

moments, til I said "your getting heavy. " sorry V" he said and rolled off me.His softened dick slid

out of me with a pop. He and I laughed, laying on my left side he turned me over and looked into my eyes and said, V that was incredable ,"thank you. Its early in our relationship, But I think I'm

falling in love with you. And he kissed me. And I kissed him back. What did he expect me to say

right now, I had no clue how to explain myself, I only wanted hold him. I rested my head on his chest to avoid eye contact. I was exhausted, his heart beat put me to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt him next to me. He had moved into a spooning postion. I had my arm across his chest holding him close to me. In that moment it felt right. The next morning I woke up and Martin wasn't in bed any more. I heard noises in kitchen and smelled fresh brewed coffee. Getting out of bed with my usual morning stiffness , i went into the bathroom room, He must have heard the toilette flush, he came to the door naked as the day he was born. I must have looked puzzled. He said "If it bothers you I can get dressed. No, I usually walk around my house nude as well, especially in the summer time. He wiggled his ass at me. "nice nice" I said."If you want coffee its done and the eggs as well. I found everything in the cupboard."I came into the kitchen.

He had everything on the table. "Well if you do it once you'll do it every time."I said joking. He

looked at me and with a smile on his face, he asked,"does that mean I can stay another night?"

" Of course, after last night you're welcome anytime." I smiled. He came closer and gave me a hot

french kiss. I had my coffee, toast, and eggs and cerreal."What are you doing today?"he asked.

" I have homework ,I stopped working on it Friday after Sean called and yesterdayI was occupied

with something more important."I smiled at him", and I enjoyed that very much." He walked

over, looked in eyes and touched my cheek gently. I stood up and kissed him. "What are you up

to?" I asked. I want to go with my son to the movies, he likes cartoons so much and there's that new disney movie."Brave". showing right now. You want to go? He asked me, when he turned away. No I said."I have alot of things to finish today to be prepared for tomorrow. And I got something else to do that he didn't have to know about." I'll call you later then if you don't mind."He said.Martin left shortly after 9:00am.I tried to concentrate on the exam I had prepared for. Two hours later I found the strength to finish it all and was proud of what I accomplished in those

hours. What I was about to do now needed more strength. I checked Skype to see if Sean was online. He was and I hesitated a second but called him anyway. After the tenth ring I hung up. I

waited a few minutes and tried again. No answer. I'm not the guy who broke off the relationship

by short messages or by phone, but I had to do that once and for all, so I started typing:

Hello Sean, how are you? I want to tell you that I found someone, who I feel is good to me. I want you

to know you were my first love and I will always love you. But, I'm thousands of miles away to

help with your problems. Yes you have problems and you know it. It breaks my heart to see you

and hear you talking like that. If there is any love for me left inside you, Please I beg you to get some help. I hope you find the way back to being the guy I fell in love with. I will never forget the kind of friend you were, but right now I don't have the strength to go on like this. So I am truly sorry to say farewell. I will always think of you, as I hope you think of me. I love you Sean and goodbye.

I started crying, It was hard writing to him, but I had to do it, for my own sake. Still crying I turned off the computer. I never cried so much before in my life. My heart was still

acheing. Two hours later I was crying, When my cellphone rang. It was Martin"Hey V what's up?

The movie is out now and I have to drop Josh off at his moms....."I was still crying and he

must noticed that, because he stopped mid sentence, and asked,"What's wrong?" Can you come later, please?"I asked. "Of course I'll be there in thirty minutes." Don't move". He was there in twenty five minutes. Somehow I managed to stop crying, but my eyes were still red. Martin stood in the doorway with a bottle of wine."Hey V what's wrong?"He looked into my eyes and gave me

a tender kiss. I told him what I had done and turned the computer so he could read the letter I

had written. When I signed onto Skype there was a new message. Sean wrote back two


FUCK YOU. I started crying again and Martin took me into his arms and walked me to my couch. He sat beside me and I put my head on his chest. I was so glad he was here right now. I finally calmed down and stopped crying."I hope you will love me one day as much as you loved

him."I'd be the happiest man on earth." I looked into his brown eyes, But I couldn't say anything to him.

He finally broke the silence."Whenever you're ready V, I'll be waiting."And kissed me.

(to be continued)



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