Chapter 25 revised The phrase is "what happen in Vegas stays in Vegas" but that is not entirely true At least not in my case. But you have to wait till the end.

At around 10am I woke up with a pretty hard dick. I had to use the bathroom urgently. When I made my way out of bed, I woke up Jesus. He looked at my boner and with a smile on his face said "I hope that is because of my company." I didn't reply but went straight to the bathroom. When I came back he was laying there naked and played with his soft dick. "You need some help with that" I asked and I almost scared him to death. He didn't hear me coming. "Busted" he said but continued to play on his growing little man. I only had my briefs on and the tent was visible. He sat up on the side of the bed and pulled me to him. He lifted only one side of my underwear and started chewing on my foreskin. "Why are you Americans so obsessed with foreskins?" I asked him. He let go of it and looked up into my face." It's the fact that most of us don't have one. And yours is long. Never had one that size in my mouth" he said and returned to my dick. He was good at sucking. After a few min he was satisfied with my skin and pulled it back. Now I saw what he was really good at. He sucked the shit out of me. Jesus was deep throating me like crazy. I came close to my climax and my dick started to harden, when he let go and said" you know we have something in common?" Disappointed, that he didn't finish me off, I asked " oh and what would that be?" "we both had the same first lover". He said and started to suck my dick again. "Sean! You too?" He only nodded with my cock deep in his throat. "Oh that is so awesome. You want me to suck yours too?" I asked because I wanted feel his dick in my mouth. He didn't reply at first. He kept sucking till my dick hardened again. He let go and said with a grin. "nope not today" and went back to paying the same respect to my dick that he was before. "What do you want me to do?" He waited again but this time I was prepared. With my climax coming up he tried to pull it out again but this time I held on his head and started fucking his face. With my claws in his hair he had to receive my sperm this time. He swallowed drop by drop. "Mmmmmhhhhhhhh" he moaned and I only could scream." Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh what the fuck" when I let out my last jet of cum I asked" you sucked Charlie's dick yesterday, didn't you? I thought he's straight?" "Yep he is but who don't like a good blow job?" He grinned at me with my sperm on his upper lips. "so you and Sean?" I asked. "Yep he was the first one to pick my cherry. He was here on vacation from Germany. We both were 16 and I still remember how gentle he was. He was even worried I would have too much pain my first time. Everything was going fine except for snoopy. I was ready to move in with him. He wanted to stay here in Cali. Snoopy called out of the blue. He said he needed some help, that son of a bitch. He knows exactly how to manipulate Sean. That day Sean came home drunk and broke up with me. ". It felt like deja vous. Snoopy, how old is that guy?" I wanted to know. He was already in his 30 when he fucked 14 year old Sean. He was Sean's first one. And I think you have a special bound with your first lover".

"So if you know Sean you must know Sven as well?" I kept asking. "of course little Sven was cute back then" " do you know where is right now?" He answered " nope no clue. I'm glad Sean is in jail you know. He was invited to the wedding but he would ruin the whole thing. That bastard". "It seems that you don't love him anymore?" He looked at me with tears in his eyes. "I love him too much. That's my problem".

When we started our conversation I heard water running in the shower. It must have been Greg or Andrew or both Lol. I looked down on poor Jesus and asked him if he wanted to take a shower with me. My god I wanted his cock in my mouth so badly and the shower would be the perfect place to suck him off. He looked at me and was about to answer when his phone rang. I only heard him whisper and he hung up. "Sorry but the shower will have to wait. I gotta go" he said and not a minute later was gone. Weird I thought. Never less I took a quick shower and started to get dressed. We calculated a 5 hour drive to Vegas and I had to pick up my car first. It is a Rental car. It was around 10:30am when I left my auntie's house to pick up the car. Andrew and Greg had already left for Vegas and I was supposed to take Jesus and Charlie with me but none of them showed up. Aunty would come tomorrow by plane. Once out of Los Angeles the traffic was not as heavy and I could drive at the maximum speed. It was too bad Jesus didn't show up. He could have given me another BJ while I was driving. It took me three and a half hour to reach the border line. On my way I saw a lot of trailer parks. I thought Sven is living in one of those. My thoughts went back into the past. I still could see his small hairline mustache above his lips and his goatee and that silky skin of his and that big bulge in his boxers. Man, why didn't I just.....

Another 45 min later I arrived at Vegas. The scenery is breath taking. When you enter the city limits you can see the green building of the MGM hotel. And on the right the big pyramid Then Disney castle. It is called "the Excalibur". Further you can see a copy of the Eiffel Tower, And on the left the Bellagio with a big handmade pond right in front of it. I hadn't seen anything like Vegas before. It is Amazing. I left my car at the valet parking and went inside the hotel. The reception hall was to your left. When I checked in I discovered that I was the first to arrive at the hotel- Casino. Greg booked the room in my name. I had room number 14014 on the 14 floor. On your way to the elevators you have to go right to the casino. I never had seen anything so incredible before. I saw joy as well as desperation in the eyes of the gambler. No wonder Vegas is called the mega of gambling. I'm not a big gambler myself but I was determined to play some poker or the slot machines tonight. Well so what if you lose 100 bucks it's not so bad right. I got to the elevator and there was already a crowd of people waiting for one of the lifts. I was next and stepped into one. I checked to see if someone had already hit the 14th floor and I realized there was no 13th Floor. It skipped from 12 to 14. I must have had a puzzled expression on my face. A cute guy smiled at me and said. "There is no 13th floor. You will not find one hotel with a 13th floor. The gamblers are all superstitious and 13 is bad luck.So there's no 13th floor and no room number 13." He had a pretty girl in his arms. He was maybe 25 and she looked younger, and her tidies were fake. He was very cute. Too bad he wasn't gay. I left the lift at my floor and the couple also left. At my door I waited for the love birds, because I wanted to know where their room was. It turned out to be room number 14012 the room right next to mine. When I open the door it was a kind of dark and the AC was cooling the room. The first thing I did was turn the thing off. It can be cold even in Vegas. I stepped to the window to open the heavy curtains. The view was breath taking. I was right in the middle of the hotel and to front. I saw the strip below. Right across, I saw the Eiffel Tower next to it the Venetian. When I looked straight down I saw the pond and water fountain. I could hear music and the water was kind of dancing to the melody. It was still day time and I couldn't wait for it to get dark outside, so I could enjoy the scenery even more.

I decided to take a shower and went into the bathroom. What a big room I thought. Next to the shower was a huge soak bath tube. I could lie in there all the way. Next to the sink the towels were formed into swan sculpture, Amazing and on the hook behind the door were two white bath robes with a big Golden B. I turned on the water and stepped in when something caught my ears. I heard voices in the room next door it was a man screaming. Wow that cutie probably likes it rough. My little friend seemed to like the noise because it started growing. I didn't want to jerk off so I turned the water on cold. After washing my body I turned off the water. That was the moment I heard the guy moaning and cursing. "fuck you bitch, suck, it suck it you bitch" wow I thought, and then it was silent.

I took the robe and left the bathroom. The moment I stepped out I heard a knock on the door. It was Greg and Andrew. "Man where have you two been? I've been here for an hour" I asked. "Oh sorry we took a shortcut." Greg said and they both greened at each other. Yea shortcut you probably fucked another truck driver I thought But I liked the idea that they are doing it together. It's not cheating then right. I hope that I will find a mate who does that with me.

"You wanna check out the honey moon suite?" Andrew asked. "Of course" I said "but let me get dressed first" I thought they were gonna leave but no, they watched me get dressed. Out of Greg's mouth came a nice, nice when I pulled up my briefs. And Andrew standing behind me gave me a slap on my naked butt cheek. They are such horny little bastards.

We went up to the top floor and Greg opened the door to the suite. Wow I thought my view was amazing but it was nothing compared to this. I only had one room with access to the bathroom but there were two rooms and a separate bathroom. The bath to the suite was incredible. The bath tub was in the middle of the room and by the window wall was the Jacuzzi. Really the whole wall was a window. "We are gonna have a party tonight right here". Andrew said. The rehearsal was schedule at 5 pm and we were already late, so we went after they showed me the gigantic bed room with a California king size bed and two couches.

Finally in the elevator on the way down we had to stop at the 14th floor. Other guest came into the cabin. And there was that cute guy again. But when I looked at his girlfriend I let out a "fuck! What happened to you?" She had a swollen eye and several bruises on her face and on her shoulder. Her dress was ripped and she had red tearful eyes. So that's what I heard. He beat the crap out of her so he could cum. "you son of a bitch " I said. "What do you want faggot," he spat in my face. "I've got the room right next to you. I heard what you did you mother fucker". Greg and Andrew let go of each other when they saw that I was about to grab that guys shirt. I wanted to do the same thing to that fucker that he did to that poor girl. "calm down V" Greg said and held my arm so I couldn't go any further. The other people in the lift spread apart when they saw what was going on. One older guy said" oh another gay lover". "I yelled to the top of my lungs. "What's wrong with you people? When you see a guy hugging another guy you scream like it was judgment day but when a son of a bitch slaps the shit out of a girl its fine. What the fuck". The doors opened and both Andrew and Greg pulled me out. "Are you crazy? They can accept violence but not gay people. You have to except that victor".

I was so furious and had to calm down. I was glad that the rehearsal was over after not quite an hour. I needed a drink. Greg and his spouse went to the casino to play at the tables. Let it ride. They told me to spend some money on a table or on the slot machines and the drinks would be free. I did and lost all my money in the first hour. What the heck. But I had a free buzz lol. I went to the let it ride table and lucky Greg had quite a stack of chips in front of him. "The Lucky bastard ". Andrew stood behind him and when he saw me he waved for me to come over. "He is on a winning streak. "He said." Have you seen Jesus already?" He asked. Nope I haven't seen him or Charlie. "He was supposed to come half an hour ago. And he has a surprise for you." He said with a smile. A surprise for me I didn't understand. "What surprise?" "we'll Jesus found Sven and invited him to the wedding". He said. I was sober in a hart beat. Sven is coming. "Really?" I asked and my mood rose up to the highest level. After almost 5 years. I wonder if he's still as handsome as he had been back then. My god I was graving to see him after all these years. Not 5 minutes later I saw Jesus coming over to our table and he was alone. Andrew hugged him and asked where Sven was. "He didn't want to come to the wedding". He said. "Did you tell him I'm here?" I asked. Yes he did. My happiness scale fell down to below zero. He knew I was here and he didn't want to come. I could not deal with that right now. I excused myself and went straight to my room. Once In the elevator I started crying and in my room I sobbed like hell. Not 5 minutes later I heard a knock on the door it was Greg and he was alone. "You wanna talk?" He asked. I let him in. "do you have feelings for that Sven? He asked. "I don't know. It's only that I'm so disappointed that he's not coming. Greg no offense but I really don't want to talk about him right now. "He nodded his head and stood up." If you need anything let me know ok" he said and left. When he asked me if I had feelings for him I realized that I had never thought about that. . I only hugged him once but now He's showing up in my phantasies. Had I fallen in love with somebody I never had sex with? And I thought about Chris. When I jerked off for him the first time I saw Sven's face. It was Chris's body but Sven's face And Chris reminded me a lot of Sven. When I had the fatal accident it was Sven's face I saw in the last second before everything went black. Does that mean that I had fallen for Sven all those years ago? Why didn't he want to come? I am beginning to thank that I will never find true love. I was so pissed in that second that I smashed my glass on the wall right above the second bed. I yelled and started crying again. I knew there would be a party/orgy In Greg's room but I didn't want to go. I lay on my bed and cried myself into sleep.

I don't know how I made it thru the next day and the ceremony. It was beautiful. "We gathered here together....." The priest said and I started crying again. I would never be in Greg's position with a male spouse I mean. After the two hours (that seemed five hours to me) we were supposed to dine in another room. I had already my third drink before food was served and after desert I changed from beer to whiskey. I wanted get drunk tonight. The crowd wanted a speech and they all together screamed "v. V. V" Greg made me do one. I wasn't prepared for that so I improvised as well as possible. "I don't know what to wish a perfect acting couple. Greg, Andrew you both showed me and the rest of your friend how close two men can get. I hope that we all find somebody like you two. Not as lovers, as friend. So now raise your glass for a perfect match. Greg Andrew, I love you and wish you all the best. May your marriage and I know it will last forever?" And I emptied my half full glass in one gulp. When I sat down on my chair I thought about me and Sven. I was sure we.... Jesus came closer to me and rubbed my shoulder. I started crying and he stood up and sat on my lap. "Are you ok V?" He asked. I looked up and I saw a face I hadn't seen in 5 years. It was a handsome face with rimless glasses with bulging lips and a goatee. Sven was standing there. He looked at me with such sadness in his eyes. He held one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen in his arms. She was as tall as Sven and her black hair was short. She looked like Halle Berry only younger. I stood up and walked slowly to the two. Sven was here I thought he came. I couldn't believe it. "Sven is that you how are you?" I asked and embraced him. I couldn't feel his hands at first but after 2 or 3 seconded I felt his hands on my back and he hugged me back. "V it's really nice to see you bro. How are you?" I loosened my grip but he held on a bit longer. After he let go of me I looked at the girl at his side. "V I want you to meet my girl....friend. Cassandra" he said and I thought Cassandra kicked him when he introduced her.

" nice meeting you, what a great name Cassandra that's a Beautiful name". I said and kissed her hand. "You can call me Cass. Everyone calls me that. So you are Victor, I have heard a lot about you" she said and smiled and I could swear I saw Sven kicking her now. "Honey would you excuse us for a moment?" Sven said and kissed her on the cheek. "Of course" she answered and turned around to find an open chair at the bar. "So V tell me what's new in your life?" I heard him but I was 1000 miles away in my head. He is straight I thought. What fool I have been. I fell in love with a straight man. It took me a free seconded to realize that he was talking to me. I couldn't believe how foolish I was. I haven't seen him in 5 years and before that we only spoke a few sentences. He was still handsome. The hair was longer and the mustache was gone. He has a girlfriend what the fuck. My thoughts went crazy inside my head. "V are you ok?" He asked and snapped me out of my thoughts. I couldn't let him see how disappointed I was so I played a charade. "Well I'm doing great. I saw your brother last week. I went to the prison to see him". He looked puzzled. "Now I know why. We had a call on Friday. Sean started a fight with one of the meanest inmate there. He's in the hospital wing. But he will be fine "he said." oh my god it's my fault" I said and I felt tears running out of my eyes. "No it's not your fault. He loves you and he knows that he fucked up the best thing he ever had. And when you left he probably realized what an asshole he has been". Sven said. "You still hate him why?" I asked. He didn't answer; he only looked in my eyes. I wanted to change the subject and asked him. "You're wearing glasses today?" He smiled and answered "yup somebody told me once I look handsome with glasses". "No doubt about that" I said back. My brain went back to Cassandra. "How long have you together?" I asked. His eyes left mine and lowered to his shoes. "Quite a while. And you, do you have a boyfriend?" He asked and looked up right to Jesus. "nope right now I'm flying solo but not for long" I lied. I had to get out of here. I knew I couldn't have him. So what was the point? I made a fool out of myself and I have to live with it. Cassandra came back and asked Sven. "Do you want a drink sweetheart?" That was too much I had to go. I couldn't stand that any longer. I excused myself for a pee break. On my way out Jesus joined me and put his arm in mine. He really went to the bathroom. But I made my way to the elevator. I opened the door in a hurry and tossed the do not disturb sight on the floor. I hung it up this morning. I didn't want the cleaning crew to see the smashed glad on my bed.

Finally alone in my room I screamed and cried. I was so mad at myself. How could I believe that Sven was my soul mate? He found the love of his life no doubt about that. But what idiot I have been. When I saw Sven standing there I was sober again but now I needed a drink badly. I took all the bottles out of the bar in my room and opened one after another. Then my Conscious came back. I had to go downstairs again. They would know what was wrong with me. With all the crying and drinking I needed a cold shower. Said and done. I stripped naked and took a really cold shower. The water was good for clearing my brain. When I stepped out of the shower I heard a knock on the door. Oh no Jesus not right now I thought. I only slipped into my robe and didn't bother to tie it in the front. I opened the door and was surprised. It wasn't Jesus. It was Cassandra. "You?" I asked and forgot that my robe was still open. She looked down at me and then back into my eyes. "Sven told me that you are good looking and well hung. Both are right. But he also told me you are smart and I have problems believing that ". I looked at her puzzled. "What you are talking about?" I asked. She looked in my eyes for a long time before she spoke again. "You know he loves you". "what are you talking about?" I asked again. "V, Sven is in love with you. Ever Since I've known him there is only V V V". I didn't understand one word. "I thought you are his girlfriend?" I tried to make sense out of what I heard. There was another long pause before she explained." Two days ago your friend came to invite Sven to the wedding. I guess Sven knows Jesus or better his brother knows him. He told Sven that you would be here. Sven was out of his mind when he heard you are here. And then Jesus said something about coming closer to you and so on after that Sven didn't want to go anymore. He thought it would be pointless to come. I pursued him to come. That it was maybe the last chance to talk to you about his feelings. So he agreed. And when we arrived Jesus was sitting on your lap. He wanted to go without saying hello. I guess he didn't want to be in the way with your boyfriend. That's why he introduced me as his girlfriend. And when you left with Jesus and none of you came back Sven just left. It was too much for him. He saw you once falling in love with another guy and now". Oh my god I had no clue. "Cassandra where is he?" "I don't know. He cannot have gotten far. I have the car keys so I don't really know. I called him twice already. He won't accept my calls". My brain was racing again. "Cassandra, give me your phone I want to text him". She gave me her phone and I texted: hey Sven. My room number is 14014. Please come to my room V".

" you think he will come?" Cassandra asked. "I don't know but I hope so" I answered but I wasn't sure at all. Cassandra left shortly after I texted Sven. "I'll be downstairs. There are really cute guys down there". She said and smiled.

I waited in despair for a sign from Sven. Nothing, half an hour later I gave up and was about to get dressed to go downstairs when I heard a knock on my door. Please god let that be him. Please I prayed. And yes he stood in the well-lit hallway. He had cried a lot you could tell because of his red eyes. I only held the door long enough to let him in. Then I went back to the spot I was standing the whole time Right in front of the big window. It was dark already and the strip was shining in all the beautiful colors. I did not have nerve to admire the scenery until now. He was here and my heart made a joyful jump inside my chest. He stood there in the open door. I could see his reflection in the glass since it was dark in my room. He closed the door." You wanted to talk to me?" He said. I didn't respond.

The only light in the room was the emergency exit sign above the door. But it was enough to see his shadow standing there and looking at me. I still was looking at the strip below. But I only saw the reflection of him. "Cassandra said you want to tell me something". I said after a while. He didn't say anything in return. But then he started. "I had seen you the first time when I started the boxing class at school. I was only 14 years old. Your body your eyes everything I saw was so handsome". Yes back then we had to share our locker room with the younger students. But I couldn't recall seeing him. Well I wasn't into guys back then much less one that young. "When Sean came to our school I told him about you. I knew that he was gay. He had his first boyfriend at 14. He started playing soccer and was good enough to play on your team. I wanted to know if you were gay. One night he came home, drunk. He yelled at me. He isn't gay you asshole. You only wanted me to make an idiot out of myself. Then I start hitting him and he raised his hands and beat the crap out of me. It was almost 2 years later he came home and told me that he had had a threesome with you and Susan. He told me every single detail. I was jealous and when you came to America, I knew I had lost you to my brother.

My last attempt to show you my real brother was to invite you to the back door club. I thought if snoopy was around and he got drunk you would realize what kind of man he is. But then you got drunk and everything went south. From that moment on I tried to stay away. I couldn't stay at my friend's house so I had to come home that day and Sean saw us both in the kitchen. He knew that I loved you. He also knew that the day you knocked on my door to give you a ride home, I was close to revealing the truth". Yes I remembered. "Yeah you said. You fell in love with the..." And he finished my sentence. "With the wrong Gold... Guy". I saw him coming closer and closer he was only 3 feet away from my back. "And last week when Jesus invited me I wasn't sure how to react. When I saw you with him..... I lost you once to another guy." He was now only one foot away. I turned to face him and I looked right into his eyes. "I made a lot of bad decisions in my life. I only regret one. The day at your room door I was tempted to touch you and your beautiful lips". With that I lifted my hand to his right cheek. He leant his head into it. And I started stroking his bulging lips. I pulled him closer and finally after all the years my lips found his. Before my tongue could invade his mouth I felt his dividing my lips. We stood there for minutes. After a while I opened my eyes and looked right into his eyes. He had not closed his eyes at all I thought. His hands were still hanging at his side until he moved upwards to my head. With both hands he held my head. I broke the kiss to ask if he ever had a boyfriend when he said. "V you will be my first one. I never had sex with another person". How did he do that I didn't even asked yet. "So I will be your first one". I tried to push him to my bed but he just pushed me back to the window. With no way to go I gave up and he started to kiss my neck and Adam's apple. "I only know things from a DVD, I have at home". He said and smiled at me. I wanted to know how much he learned lol. With his lips glued to my neck and upper body, his hand undid the knot on my robe. It slid open and my nipples, six pack and my rod emerged. He started immediately to play on my nipples with his mouth. His left hand found my ball sack and the right one my hard cock. He moaned. "I was waiting for that for a long time. I always imaged how your body would feel when I jerked off. "He continued to lick my nipples and moved further down to my belly. I was quite the whole time and enjoyed what he was doing. He was good despite the fact that he was doing it for the first time. When he drilled his tongue into my belly button I flexed my muscle and my dick and hit him under his chin. It only took one big gulp and had my cock down his throat. "oh my good Sven" I moaned. He deep throated me without any gagging. It went In and out. I couldn't believe that he could do that. I was ready to blow my load. But he let go of my dick and jerked me around. Now I stood with my dick pressed to the cold window. I was glad the windows were tented so nobody below could see our love making. He drove the tip of his tongue into my ass hole. He moaned and moaned the entire time. I tried to turn around but his hands made it impossible for me. I don't know how long he took care of my man hole. Suddenly he stood up, opens his jeans and dropped them to his knees. I turned my head only and had a good glance at his dick. Wow I thought almost as long as Christian. Maybe it was not as thick at his head and his dick was curved. I saw a g- point dildo that looked the same. His shaft was thinner below his dick head and widened at the end. He spit in his hand and lubricated his dick with his saliva then aimed it at my hole he stopped and whispered in my ear. "V I don't know how often I dreamed about this moment." Forcefully he shoved his dick inside of me. I expected pain but after one split second of agony I felt nothing except his dick inside. The curve of his dick probably made it go in easier I thought. When he was in all the way he stood still and yells a big ". Aaaaagggggghhhhhh. I thought he would cum but no, he started to move out and in. With his second stoke I felt his warm sperm hitting my intestine. Every time he drove his dick into me I felt a gush of cum. But he didn't stop. I wondered how much cum he pumped into me. Finally he increased his speed and yelled in my ear. "oh my gooooooddddddd" and not 30 seconds after his first climax he had his second. Nether said a word for quite a while than he started" I'm sorry V, I came way too early I know "I shook my head" no you did a great job, we have the whole night". I just finished the sentence when he picked me up with his strong boxer arms. He carried me to the bed and tossed me on it. I just thought about the smashed glass when there was a pinching pain in the back. Sven lay on my belly and started kissing me. I didn't feel any pain. I guess the endorphin in my body made that happen. We kissed passionately. With my eyes open I could see deep in his divine Brown eyes. Somebody must have turned on the light because I saw Sven getting brighter and brighter. He lifted his head and I heard his voice from a distance "V are you ok?" My god how much do I love that kid I thought. From even further away I heard his voice again "V you're bleeding. Help. Help. And everything went black.

Peep peep peep. Oh no I thought everything was just a dream. No I screamed in my head. I felt somebody's hand in mine. Aunty I thought because I didn't want to open my eyes. I wanted to go back to the dream. Then I heard Greg's voice whispering." He lost a lot of blood. One of his kidneys was stabbed. But the doctor said everything will be fine. I was on my way to get a coffee. Jesus is already there". Wait a minute. Jesus wasn't there. I opened my eyes to see who was holding my hand. The hand belonged to a black dude. I looked higher and saw the muscles on his arms attached to really broad shoulders. I finally looked at the face of a handsome guy. His glasses hung on the side, and he was asleep. I hadn't dreamed it all. It really happened. I wanted to go up and kiss those beautiful lips. But I was too weak. I only squeezed his hand lightly, but that was enough to wake him up. "V oh my god, I thought I lost you again. There was so much blood". He said and I saw tears running down his silky checks. He leaned over and kissed me. He wanted to make it a quick kiss but As soon as his lips found mine I opened my mouth and my tongue found his. He didn't move away. I broke the kiss and said with an almost inaudible voice "I love you". "I love you too V and I want to ask you a question." I also wanted to ask him something. So I asked what he wanted. He started" that was the best night ever except that blood everywhere. But making love to you showed me how much I love you". "Sven, it's the same deep in here. I don't want to go one more second without you" I said back and laid my hand on my chest close to my heart. "I know I have not fucked you yet...." He put one finger on my lips to stop me. "You will not be fucking me. You are gonna make love to me. So V Do you want to...." And I finished" married me?" I have found my soul mate. And as if in one voice we both said "yes "and kissed until Greg, Jesus and aunty opened the door.

The end

To all V lovers and haters this is the last chapter

I'm writing right now on the second book but I didn't decided yet if I will post it

Please let me know what you think of Victors journey.

I also would love to hear some critics so I know what to change in the future



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