On that Friday, Ben finally called and this time he was alone. " hey V how are you? Just wanna know if I still can stay a few days in your house?" Making up that disappointing encounter with Christian I was looking forward to the few days with Ben." Of course"I said, "I can't wait to see you". He told me that he will show up at around 10 pm. I really couldn't wait to see him. It's not that I would fall for him. I liked the idea to have a fuck buddy,I can rely on. He was again on time. When Ben arrived at my door he had a smile at his face. " wow somebody is in a good mood". I said. " yes, I just had a phone call with a friend of mine. One of the producer want me in his next movie". He said proudly. " in a real movie or in ....?" I asked suspicious." No in a porn, but it's not a gay porn. He wants me for my special tool. " we'll I thought,his tool isn't something special,its average size so I asked " what tool?" He only laughed and rolled out his tongue. Help me ,I thought that thing is huge. Normal people has a tongue size about 2 and a half inch, he on the other hand had a size xxxl. It's was out of his mouth almost 4 inch. Wow. No wonder I thought. Shooting a close up, eating out a girl, is probably a good scene. I wondered if he ever fucked a guys ass with his tool. I'm not shy , so I asked him right away." Would you fuck my ass hole with your tool?" " wow that's gross " he replied. " we'll I'm gonna show you how gross that is. Did you ever licked a mans ass? Or did anyone licked and fucked yours?" I asked right away, don't wanna waist any time. My cock was building a tent in my sweat pants. " nope. I just give a blow job or fuck guys asses. And I like to be fucked but no, nobody gave me a tongue fuck yet.

His dick in his pants was growing too and I think the thought of having a tongue up his ass made him horny. I tried to start with a kiss but he refused again. Ok. I loosed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and went straight to his already hard nipples. Sucking on each, my hand already were opening his belt and zipper. Again no underwear. His dick popped out and I immediately felt to my knees. And without hesitation I deep throat his cock. I could taste the precum and I thought to myself I wanna swallow his load the next time. Today I had some other fantasies. I sucked on his rod until he started moaning. I know it wouldn't take any longer and he would release his sperm. I stopped abruptly. His closed eyes opened and he looked down. " no keep going, I'm already there." But I stood up and dragged him into my bathroom.

I bought myself a little toy. It's called a " After shower" no kidding. I found it the last time I was in the pharmacy. It's like a cylinder with holes on top and on the sides. About half an inch in diameter. You can attach a flexible hose to any faucets. And it has a little valve on the side to adjust the water flow. It's designed to wash your behind from the inside. I used that toy a couple of times already, alone but with joy. So I attached the hose and told Ben to step back in the shower. At three feet I stopped him and let him bent over and told him to put his hands on the tiles to maintain his balance. He did and I started washing his backside. While I took intensive care on his butt cheeks I slipped my middle finger in his crack and kneed behind him. Pushing his cheeks apart with two fingers I entered his hairy hole with the 5 inch long cylinder. He moaned when he felt the warm water inside his guts. I reduced the flow of the water because I didn't want him to fill up like a sponge. He moaned even louder when I pulled it out completely. The butt was spotless on the outside and inside. The last time i already wanted to lick that hairy crack hole. now or never I thought. I circled around his hole and his butt cheeks. I licked his crack until I reached his hole. Right there I stopped and entered that dark hairy shit hole with the tip of my tongue. He moaned louder and pushed his ass back. Deeper and deeper I drove into him. He only ordered "deeper". Hey I thought. Im not the one with that world record tongue. I continued to mouth fuck his ass for 5 min when I felt his butt muscles squeeze together. He was so close to shoot his man juice. I pulled out and wheeled him around just in time to engulf his dick head. His sperm was not as liquid as mine , it was mor like whip cream. But it was a lot. I counted 6 stream of sperm. I swallowed everything. "Wow that was awesome " he said. He didn't screamed while he was cuming he just looked down at me. Now he said " let me do the same to you". That is what it is all about I thought and stood up. He kneed down and when I was in position he shove the ass shower inside. Incredible feeling. Less than one min.later I felt him remove the shower and his hot breath on my anus. My ass still sour, because of Christians huge dick,I expected pain when he entered my man cave. No pain just a incredible feeling. If you ever experienced a tongue fuck you know what I felt this moment. His enormous tool entered my ass, I thought I could feel his tip on my prostate. So soft and fluffy. I came not long after that and painted the tiles with my sperm. Ben stood up and looked in my eyes and said " that was even better. I can't wait to do that again". And I asked " was it growth?" No not at all just like haven on earth. And he came closer to my face. I thought he's gonna kiss me but a few inch before his lips could reach mine he stopped. " sorry no offense" he just turned around.

Getting out of the shower, taking a towel for both of us I went into my bedroom. He followed me. " Ben how long is your tongue?" I asked. And he answered proudly " mine is 3.6 inches. 0.2 inches more and I would be in the Guinness book of records". I was amazed. " wow some guys have to live with a penis size like that " I said and laughed. He was already dressed and ready to leave when I asked " I thought you gonna stay for a few days?" Maybe with a sad tone in my voice. He looked at me. " I can't sorry, the producer wanna start the movie already tomorrow and I have to go to Frankfurt for the shooting. But V do you wanna work for us?" I was perplexed. " I don't think I will make a good actor". I said. " oh no sorry in the insurance company I'm with. They are looking for part time employes. I told my boss about you and that u will have your degree in accountancy one day. They pay good money and they have a lot of benefits. They even have their own pool and gym with sauna." That sounded good " what do I have to do?" I asked quickly because the I had problems in the copy shop. I was fighting a lot with my supervisor while i was down. Sooner or later he will fire me anyway. " just bring your resume to Mr. Brick and he will do the rest".

Sounded like a plan " I will do that first thing Monday morning. Thanks a lot appreciate that". I said and he was just inches away from my face. I just kissed him on his lips. He looked scared but kissed me back. So much about no strings attached. That was the last time I saw him. Shortly after his wife diet half a year later he was promoted,in his company and moved to Frankfurt. Probably his second job promoted him as we'll.

I went to Ben's company and the supervisor took me. " you can start right away if you want to" and I did. I quit the job at the copy shop and the next evening I started with " Dural insurance".

On Wednesday I left school early to check on Christian. When I arrived at the Burger King he wasn't there. Doris left the counter as soon as she saw me. I smiled at her and thought. Stupid bitch. I ordered with an little,aged black lady. Like the one in the commercial for Popeyes. " excuse me ma'am but I was wondering, last week I met Christian here. He is not in today?" She looked at me and asked me. " by any chance is your name Victor?" I admitted and she kept going " last Thursday Christian came in with a smile on his face, he even hummed a song. I asked what happened and he told me about you. I don't know what you did to him but he was in a very good mood. He said he could fall in love again. That stopped when his boyfriend came to pick him up. Poor Christian, I always told him that this men is not good for him. He didn't wanted to go with him. He said its over and that he will move out. They started fighting and I had to asked them to go outside because of the other costumers. Then I saw that guy starting beating poor Christian and I called the police. He came in the next day and quit his job with us. He said he wanna go away as far as possible. Why in the hell didn't he found someone like you. You seems to be a good guy". The only thing I could say was thank you. I don't know what happened to Christian. I only hope he is ok.



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