During my meal I watched him. He probably sensed or saw me watching him the whole time. He only smiled at me briefly. I couldn't take my eye of him and I ate so slow that my burger and the fries were cold when I finally finished them. I never hit on a guy before,so I didn't know what to do. Stupid me. Well,if not tonight, than for sure next week. I drove home with my dick still hard. While driving I pulled it out and with one hand on the steering wheel I jerked of with the other. I didn't took me long. Imagine to have the two brother in one body made me cum soon. My sperm flew over my dash board and on the speedometer. I don't know, but passing by truck driver may have seen me jerking off. I didn't care. I had to come back with a plan to get that sexy ass in my bed.

On Wednesday I drove back to the Burger King. He wasn't there. Dammit. But a cute chic was there and when I entered she smiled at me with that extra gloom in her eyes. So that was my chance to find out everything about Christian. " hello cutie " I said " can I have a burger and fries please" and smiled at her. I know for sure that smile got me the chicks into my bed In the past. She smiled at me with those pet eyes. " what's your name " I asked. " my name is Doris". " we'll Doris the last time I was here there has been that, what was his name, black guy. I think he is gay." I said and she started flushing because I managed to grab her hand. " oh Christian,yes he is gay. He is of today. He will work during the week only in the mornings. What do you want from him?" She asked. " we'll he is gay and so am I, he is cute and I want to know him better. " I said. She took her hand out of mine and with disgust in her voice she said" oh another fagot". I smiled at her " with your attitude you will die as an old virgin"

So tomorrow I have to skip school to be here. Said and done. i was back the next morning. He was there. Doris probably told him about me but i doubted that she mentioned the word fagot. I ordered with an other clerk and sat down, watching him. He looked at me and smiled. I heard him talking to his supervisor " I'll take a break". He came over with a coffee in his hand " it's on the house" he said and " Doris told me you were looking for me". I nodded my head and said" yes this is correct. Look I never did this before, I only had my coming out a few days ago, but I think you are cute and I wanna know more about you". He looked at me with his head laying on the side and with his high voice he then said". You are cute too but I don't know. I have a boyfriend. So .." I looked at him with that ice braking smile of mine. Maybe it works with guys as well,I thought. And yup It worked. " I have to work till 2 pm". " ok ill be here". I said and he went back to work.

At precisely 2.00 pm I waited outside the burger place. He came out and I gave him a signal, that I'm here. He opened the passengers door and steps into my car. He said nothing. " ok my place or yours?" I asked. " at my place is my boyfriend so it's yours I think and he smiled. Ok I thought.

At home I opened the door and let him in. As soon as I closed the door he hung on my neck and drove his tongue in my mouth. Oh I thought what a mouth, tender and sweet. I didn't let go of his lips when I pulled and pushed him into my bedroom. I couldn't wait to see him naked. I pulled his work shirt over his head and started working on his hard nipples. Wow i thought, the size of one nipple was as big as Susan's clitoris. I circled around the left one with my tongue. He pulled my head against his chest and moaned loudly. Man,can you not get be a bid louder, so that the hole house could hear us. His high feminine voice made his moaning sounded like a bird cry. He stripped down to his briefs with an extra big bulge at the front. My mouth sucked on his two nipples before I changed my focus on his 10 inch cock.

This monster was big, I think it was the biggest one so far. Not only the length but also the width. I estimated the diameter as about 3 inch if not bigger. That would be a challenge to drill that in my tied ass. So far only , lets say 2-2.5 inch had entered my hole. But I was determined to have that monster in my ass. " fuck me please" I pleaded. " normally I'm the button guy but let's do it" he said in his strange voice.

I had to open my mouth extremely wide to suck on his dick. I even tried to swallow his dick down my throat. But had to give up after my third try. I sucked on his dick head and on his pee hole. The precum he squeezed out was delicious. He moved around on the bed and as soon,as we laid head to cock, he sucked mine too. After a few seconds I told him to rim my ass. He did. I know I had to widen my ass as much as possible so I told him to use more than three finger. After stretching my back hole wide enough I turned on my stomach and made him climb my ass. I gave him a condom to put on and handed him the lubrication. He let out a great drop right on my ass and squeezed some on his cock. He then positioned his head on my I hole and i could feel the enormous size. He pushed his dick head into my hole. His dick head entered and I felt the pain. My god what did I do. The pain, i felt when Sean fucked me the very first time,was nothing compared to the pain I felt right now. He kept pushing in further and further. I screamed and sobbed at the same time. I was about to ask him to stay still for a minute or so but he already banged my ass with his balls. I wished I would pass out because of the pain, but unfortunately i stayed putt. He drove his dick inside me and with each stroke he let out a oh oh oh. I heard that before with Susan when she was about to reach her orgasm. His rhythm became faster and faster until he stopped and screamed at the high of his lung. " aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhh. "With all the pain still in my ass, my dick was dead and hanging down my ball sack. He pulled out his dying cock. Finally the pain subsisted. It almost I could hear my butt saying thank you. If I would have known,that in the first place, I would have never asked him to fuck me with his enormous dick. This fuck was very unsatisfying for me. And I couldn't sit on my butt for two days without a cushion.

I drove him back to his work place. In the car he was quiet and when we where close to our destination he asked shyly" will I see you again?" I thought for a moment and answered " what about next Wednesday. Same time?" I still wanted to fuck that gorgeous ass.



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