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Chapter 19

After my climax I found finally some sleep. The next morning I was the first one awake. I made coffee. Susan came out next. I poured her a cup and sat down with her on the

dining table. " and now what you wanna do?" She asked. " I don't know maybe I should give him more time." Hans woke up and demanded his bottle. The crying child woke up Chris. He came out and went straight to the bathroom. When he came out I offered him a cup of coffee. He took it with a nod of his head. Ok we were back to the awkward silence. Susan left shortly after that and I went to the gym. Chris didn't wanted to go.

We didn't spoke for three days. Maybe we both were to stubborn. On Friday I came home early from my work. When I entered my apartment music was blasting out of Chris room. There was "Foreigner " I wanna know what love is" coming out of the speaker at the highest level possible. What a weird taste for a teenager I thought. His door was wide open but he wasn't in his room. When I reached the living room I heard water running in the bathroom, the door also wide open. He turned on the music as loud as possible so he could here it in the bathroom. I reached the bathroom door and what I saw let me froze. My shower had a glass door. Chris was leaning against the door holding balance with his left hand. The glass was foggy,because of the hot water,but I could clearly make out that he was beating his meat with his right fist. Instantly I had the urge to strip naked and join him in there but I battled against my desire. But without thinking I opened my zipper and started beating my dick as well. I could hear him moaning in the bathroom. And I thought he was moaning names,but with the music and the running water I couldn't understand what name it was. He fucked his fist in such a speed that I thought he will have burn marks when he is done. Chris threw his head back and screamed " fuck fuck fuck". He was close to shoot his load. I already did. I could not hold it back seeing him jerking of. My sperm where all over the bathroom door and frame. " fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck aaaagggghhhhhh. " Chris screamed even louder and I saw white drops of his cum hitting the glass door and it run down with the splashing water. He must have the song on a loop because it heard it from the beginning after a few sec. of silence. He took the shower head and drained his man juice. I couldn't clean up my mess because I would be caught while doing it. I run as quite as possible out of the apartment door. Outside I thought about what I have seen. His god like body, his dick fucking his fist and the cum drops running down the glass. I had a stiffy again only thinking about that. I took a deep breath and opened the door. " what the fuck why is the music so loud?" I yelled into the apartment. Chris came running out of the bathroom, naked only one hand on his half erect cock. " sorry I turn it of " he yelled back on his way to his room. When he run inside I had a great view at his still wet muscle ass. My god I want to buried my dick in his crack. He closed his door. Stop that victor I told myself there is no way you will get that sexy ass. That dream will die with you. I have to find a way to get him out. If he is around much longer I don't know if I could be as brave as today. And I don't wanna do that to him. I think he is trusting me finally. And I don't want to break that.

Half an hour later he came out of his room. Dressed for a night out. " oh you are going out" I said with a bid of disappointment. " yeah why not?" He said back. " it's Friday night you should go out too". I only waved at him" have fun". And now he had a disappointing face.

With him out of the door I thought of going to the truck stop but decided to stay home. An hour later my cell phone rung. It was Martin. Wow over a year went by since he moved to Spain. I picked up. " hello V how are you. Sorry to call that late at night but I just landed in Nuremberg. I visit my little one. Couldn't made it for Christmas but now I have a few days off and I miss him so much". No word about me. " I wonder if we can stop by at your place, to chat a little?" I wrinkled my forehead. " we?" "Walton and me". With a brief look at the clock, it was only 9.30 pm I said " no problem stop by, can't wait" I lied. At around 10.45 they arrived at my doorstep. Both looked well tanned. Martin gained some pounds but still was good in shape. With a designer beard, one vertical line above his lips and three horizontal line on his chin. Ridiculous I thought, but had to admit he still looked handsome. Walton wore an Armani suit and a pink shirt with no tie. His top two button were loose,so i could see his hairy chest. They both looked good together. I wasn't jealous at all. " we have some news" Martin said and raised his hand. Walton did too. On both ring fingers were new rings. " you are married?" I asked surprised. " no way". And both answered in one voice " yes way". I hugged Martin first and firmly and, not knowing Walton too good, just briefly. " since when?" I wanted to know. " Martin gave the answer. " about 24 hours now" and smiled. They looked at each other and kissed. French kiss. I looked away.

I opened a wine and they told me all about the new studio, the high society in Madrid and how they fell in love. We talked and talked and it was 1.30 am when Chris came home. He saw us and wanted to go straight to his room but I stopped him and called him. I introduced him to Martin and Walton. I explained that Martin was my ex boyfriend and the situation right now. His dark face lightened up a bid. He shook hands with them and excused himself to the bathroom. With him gone Walton said that he has to go too. I was about to explain that he can use my on-suite bathroom but he was already at my bedroom door, opened it and went inside. I looked puzzled, how come he know where the second bathroom was? " everything all right? You look as you had seen a ghost?" Martin said and laughed. " yeah sure everything's cool" I gave back but still, i didn't had an explanation. " don't tell me you are into kids now, Chris seems to be not 18 yet?" Martin said. " no no, he is a run away and I found him on the street". " he looks sexy, I'll bet he has a hilarious body" Martin said. I didn't gave him an answer, I only smiled at him. Walton came out of my room and Martin excused himself. Well he knew about my second bathroom he used it a couple of times but Walton? With Martin gone I addressed Walton. " how come you know about my second bathroom in my room?" He looked at me guilty. " ahhhhhhhh Martin told me...." I doubt that, you never has been here and I don't think he told you about it. So how come you know? And suddenly it hit me. " you made the pics, Phil tossed at me. Right. You were spying on Martin and me. Why?" With a guilty look in his eyes he started slowly to explain. "Phil made me work hours and hours, he even wanted to fuck me, but when I asked for companionship he declined. And I tried to ruin his relationship with Martin. It turned out to be a deadly mistake. But I didn't wanted to harm Martin or you. I just wanted Phil to fall for me". He started crying. " I didn't know what to do after Phil diet. And then I was lucky and Martin needed my help. And I felt in love with him. And we love each other dearly. Don't tell him please." He begged. I didn't knew what to do. Martin came out of my room and saw Walton cry. " what's wrong honey ?" Walton looked at me and stupid me,I said" he told me how you two felt in love". And avoided eye contact with both of them. Minutes later they both were ready to leave. Martin hugged me and whispered in my ear " part of me still loves you V. Hope we still can be friens". I hugged him back. " why not " I replied. Walton hugged me and he also whispered in my ear. " thank you ".

I closed the door behind them and went to the bathroom door. I knocked and told Chris he can come out now they left. He opened the door and I saw he took another shower. With wet hair and tears in his eye he ran to his room. I stood on his door and heard him crying. I was tempted to knock on the door but instead I went to my room and started crying too.

The next day he spend most of the day in his room. I could hear music but this time on a decent level. " I wanna know what love is " over and over again. On Sunday I went to the gym again without Chris. At the gym I couldn't concentrate on my sessions. I laid in the sauna, only thinking how to help Chris in his misery. One of the old nazis showed up and I left. I didn't had the nerves for him today. On my way home I thought: is Chris still there, or did he took the opportunity to move out. When I opened my door I expected everything, but not what was coming. Chris sat on the couch, drunk. He had a whiskey bottle in his hand. He was naked. I walked slowly over. He felt my present and looked at me. He didn't tried to cover his body, he just looked at me. " V, I have to talk to you. I can not live like this any longer. Im gonna move out right away". I said nothing and that probably made it worse. "Do you like what you see?" he asked and sipped some whiskey,trying to stand up. I lowered my glance. " you are gay, do you like what you see?" He asked a second time, louder. i didn't looked at him but i told him. "Chris, please you have to put some cloth on and I make coffee and then we can talk. " do you like what you see?" He screamed at me this time. "Chris what do you expect me to say. Yes I am gay and I would lie when I would say that I don't like a body like yours, but...." He started crying. " nobody loves me, all of you only want that body of mine. You are all the same, my stepdad, the old farts who wanna only fuck me and you. Look at you. Your" ex" boyfriend. Who you wanna fool , me or yourself. I hear you jerking of in your room and I saw all the magazines and DVDs and your toys. Why do you don't admit. You wanna fuck me as well". All of a sudden he collapsed on the couch. I closed the distance and kept him from falling of the couch. He was unconscious and I covert his naked body with the blanket. I left him sleeping on the couch and went into the kitchen to made a very strong coffee. I had my pot and sat down in my chair. Thinking of what he had said. They all only want the body of mine. Did his stepdad try to abuse him as well? Poor boy. No wonder he didn't wanted to talk about that. But what with those old farts. Who are those? Could it be that he sells his body to earn some money. Hopefully not. Is he gay and did he fall in love with me? Questions over questions. I watched him for an hour. I already had prepared a bucked in case he had to puke. He gaged and i helped him with the bucked. He filled it up half way. And he felt back to sleep. At 5.30pm he woke up and moaned. " oh my head". When he saw me, he looked away and wanted to go to his room. He realized that he was naked. Covert in the blanket he tried to stand up. " Chris sit down we have to talk" I said.



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