I wanna wish you all out there merry christmas. Please enjoy the third chapter of my saga.

Chapter 3

With a mixed feeling I went to Susan's house that night but I couldn't point a finger on it.

At the doorstep Susan's mom told me that her daughter wasn't here but Sean showed up earlier and where waiting in the pool house

When I opened the door he sad on the couch with a smile on his face" where is su he asked " I don't really know where the fuck she is" so I called her cellphone but could only reach her voicemail.

Well I said she's not answering her phone and I was ready to break it if when he said ".

" dammit I brought a porn tonight, just to get in the mood" he laughed

U wanna watch it anyway ? "

Sitting between two chairs, half of me wanted to stay the other half wanted to go the fuck out of here, I said. " Wy not" and put the DVD in the player

It was a threesome porn how funny I thought

Two young black Guys and one white girl

First scene we watched was the same way we fucked last night.

Sean started to rub his tent in his jeans " what the heck " I said.

Right after the sandwich fuck they changed position and one guy started to fuck the other while the chick gave the first one a blow job.

Sean let out his booner and gave him a pretty good jerk.

Seeing his dick for the first time so close made me somehow horny. He had a nice mushroom head and on top there where a few droop of precum

Turned on by the porn and Sean's dick I gave my cock the freedom it. was graving for and played with my fore skin.

He where staring at my dick and I can swear he licked his lips again.

The scene on the tv changed there are now one white guy laying on the bed and a white chick sitting on his face the close up showed him eating her out using the full length of his tongue and a black guy kneeing on the other side of the bed giving the white guys 9 inch cock a blow job and rimmed his hole with one finger

That could have been the three of us I thought

Even it was a guy who did that it turned me on a lot.

I still where playing with my for-skin

But decided to give it a little bid more then that und pulled it back when Sean suddenly asked" my last chance can I touch ur for-skin please"

I know he must have watched me the whole time. I where looking in his eyes he had gray-green eyes and that look of a puppy.

" I never has seen one that long "

I wasn't shocked but surprised at that question.

Nobody was here so i thought What the heck and I said " Sure why not"

I pulled my skin forward again over my dick head,laid back and closed my eyes. He touched it tender with his fingers. With my eyes closed I started thinking that I really enjoyed it. There was no difference between a girls or guys hand when u enjoy it. He played with my penis for about 5 minutes and started jerking it of. I opened my eyes and saw Sean's open mouth only inches away of my dick. I started " what " and right in that nano second I thought shut your mouth just let it happen. But it was to late.

The thought of getting a blow job by a man exited me and my dick went even harder again and I exploded. "aaaahhhhhhhh"

He jerked back but held his right hand there to catch all my cum and with his left hand he jerked himself to a cascade of sperm. Oh my good wow such a climax I thought.

Again he was first in the bathroom and left me with my thoughts.

Hey r u really enjoyed that. is that guy going closer to u ...good thing is he is leaving tommorow I convinced myself.

Since I didn't had to clean myself I got dressed quickly and when Sean finally came out I went inside and washed my hands.

I looked in the mirrow and thought

Could it really be that I'm bi or worse gay ? Because I like to be touched by Sean .

When it finally was time to say goodbye he hugged me fiercely.

He was so close I could feel his cellphone in his jeans.

I was a little bit sad when he walked away from me but I admired his bubble ass and smiled.

Well, he will fly out tomorrow and everything is going to be normal again right !

It was almost midnight when Susan called me " I'm sorry I was pretty occupied today. I couldn't make it sorry"

" It's okay Susan nothing happened We both left after one hour waiting on you. He had to catch a flight today he said " I lied to her

Yeah about that I want to ask you something. You want to come with me to Munich to say goodbye.

No I thought I don't want to see him leave but instead I said. "

You really wanna drive all the way down there to say good bye?"

She answered " yes why not"

" ok just so you don't have to drive alone"

" Okay then I call you early in the morning Good night"

After half night awake having a nightmare, Susan called me at 8 o'clock.

" Well sweetheart are you up"

Yeah I said I little bit grumpy

" And I thought I feel like shit this morning lol . I'll be there at nine am"

" U really wanna go, it coast a fortune in gas " " not with my Prius " she said

After hanging up the phone I went to take a shower and while I was thinking of last night I became a hard on. It was the first time I jerked of thinking of a guy.

She was right on time and we started our ride to the airport

" Hey u Look like crap Susan "

" thx love u too. I don't feel we'll today where puking all morning long "

" so u still wanna go? " I asked

" of course "

Despised late December there was no snow on the" Autobahn"

we made the 350 km in 3 hours

And found the Goodmanns in the waiting line for delta airlines.

Sean saw us first and where waving and running toward us.

He embraced me with a big hug and that hug seemed to be longer than necessary and I huged him back wired right . When he finally let go of me I felt his cellphone again shortly before we drew apart.

" hey u r here" he said and gave Susan a quick hug

" Yeah we wanna say goodbye to u and ur family " Susan replied before I could even say anything.

He than introduced us to his mom and dad and to his younger brother Sven

Sven where probably 16 or 17 years old .i could swear I saw that kid before. All of them gave us a handshake and smiled at us.

" We'll Sean's"dad said " u forgot to tell us about your friends "

"He told me all about them " Sven said and smiled at me.

We both flashed and felt a little bid unsure what to answer.

I looked at Sean and he shocked his head almost unnoticeable.

I flushed a little bid more and felt uncomfortable al of a sudden.

So Sven also know about Sean's and my little a counter yesterday

I felt ashamed lookin in his handsome face and his baby blue eyes.

Sean's dad invited us for a last "deutsches Bier "

In Germany u can Drink alcohol in public when u 16 years of age

After that it was time to say goodbye I wished them all a save flight and started to shake hands with the parents while Susan huged Sean and tried to hug Sven but he didn't wanted that and gave her only a hand.

I also gave him a hand and he held on longer I thought as he did with Susan

Finally I hugged yes I hugged Sean and felt his cellphone an my leg again.

I don't know but I had something in my throat and swallowed loudly. Sean where whispering in my ear

" I'm gonna mis u v"

We will miss u to I said and felt still my throat tied.

I had to go outa here or I would start to cry

Susan and Sean's mother already did cry so I took Susan and left the Goodman's .i saw Sean and Sven waving at us and turned around to avoid to look them in there eyes

On our way home we where quiet for a long time till Susan said " V did I miss somthing cause Sean seems to have a crunch on u not me he probably only agreed to our threesome because of u I think"

"We'll that is his problem I said but was not saying that I had the same in mind and almost wished it would be true.


It's not the end of the story. There is more to come I promise.



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