First of all i wanna apologies for my bad writing. I know my gramma is not so good. Never less I hope you enjoy the second episode of my not total fictive story.

Chapter 2

On Monday at school I saw Susan and we hat a little small talk.

" I think I can get used to it " she said" " yes it wasn't that bad at all". I"answered still asking myself if I really, really enjoyed it

On Thursday after practice Sean came up to me" hey bro u r totally into her ass hu " he said and looked at me as if he had something dirty in his mind. " Yes i am totally into asses and I like to fuck her that way" I replied to him. He still stared at me knowingly.

"Actually I am a ass fucker myself" he said." We'll if she agrees u may climb her backside and I fuck her tommorow night,she is dreaming about that" I said

Yeah that would be great he replied

I didn't know anything about Sean, so I thought that he gets horny when he can laid a girl on her stomach and fuck her dogy style.

On Friday night in Susan's pool house we started the same procedure as last week, taking a shower and than on her bad.

I put on my condom and laid down as first. As Susan mounted me she gave my hard on a brief mouth diving and moved into position. Sean watched us and let out a aghhhh. Susan was in the right spot her hips went down and my hard cock went into her wet pussy as a hot knife into butter. Finally Sean climbed on top and shove his hardon forcefully into her butt. It seems he really liked that and let out a loud ahhhhhhhh.

I enjoyed to lay there and waiting for him to push down Susan's lower body directly on my boner.

After 5 min however I was tiered of all the inactivity and wanted to do somthing and asked them two to move up a little on the bed " so I can lift up my feet on the bed" I said

I Shifted my legs into an angle and started to lift up the weight of them both. Susan went crazy when we finally had the same rhythm ,Sean and me. I was close to shoot when I felt Sean's thump at my asshole, again a shiver went throu my body and my dick went big and hard again

Sean where moaning and I felt his hot sperm all over my bud and in that moment I filled my condom withy my cum.

Susan again felt the sensation of my dick getting harder and she gasped and gave me a bad glance. Sean where on his feet first and Susan rolled of my body . I pulled of the filled up rubber and tossed it with my briefs on the floor next to Sean's boxer shorts.

He was first and went to the bathroom with his boxers in his hand.

I was about to stand up but Susan held me back " what is wrong with u I thought u don't like the threesome and now ur climaxing like crazy " " I honestly don't know but I think I really getting used to it " I said but in my mind I thought she's right what was it.

Sean came out of the bathroom and tossed me my briefs " musts have accidentally grabbed it, and btw I flushed ur condom " and he smiles at me " thanks" I said

With the briefs I wiped the sperm of my ass

I heard Sean saying dammit and Susan asked what where wrong

" oh ahh I just thought it is bad that I can not do this again" Sean said

I was faster than Susan and asked " why not". " Well my dads assignment here in Germany is over and we wanna be in LA for x-mas we r flinging home on Sunday and I will probably not return next year to school " what the heck I said a little bid to fast and to loud because both were looking at me. Sean with a smile " well what about tomorrow " he asked "fine with me I said " " we'll I don't know if I can make it tomorrow but I try to be here". Susan said

Alone in my apartment I was thinking why r u reacting like this what is wrong with me ......



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