" I'm moving out don't worry" he said. I raised my voice " the hell you will, you sit down right now". Chris : " what the fuck do you want". He raised his voice too and stood up this time without the blanked. He looked me right in my eyes. Then he abruptly turned around and went to his room. 5 min later he came back out with a back bag and a plastic bag. He headed to the door. " ok go, throw the only one who gives a fuck about you over board. Hope you enjoy the rest of your live" I said in a very low voice. He stood there not moving. " why do you give a fuck about me?" He wanted to know. " Because I like you, more that I should." I said with a look in his eyes and went to my room, closed the door and laid down on my bed. I could hear the door of his room closing. Good he didn't left. I could hear him cry in his room. I had to talk to him but right now was a bad time. I had to wait until he would come to me.

The next morning after finishing breakfast i was ready to leave for school as Chris came out of his room. He looked briefly into my eyes. " I am sorry V". He said in a very weak voice. " we have to talk but only if you want it too" I said on my way out and closed the door behind me.

He avoided me the next few days. I only noticed that he didn't left the apartment during the whole week at night. On the follow Saturday he knocked on my door. Every evening I went right after dinner to my room. I called him in but he stopped at the door. " Victor I am really sorry what I said or did last week but you has a right to know all about me. Would you please come out to hear what I have to tell you. I saw tears in his eyes. He probably fought with himself for quite a time. Slowly I stood up and joined him in the living room. I sat in my chair. He was walking around like a wounded tiger. I started. " where are you every Thursday and Thursday ?" He didn't reply. " what did your stepdad do to you?" Again no answer. "Are you gay?" And that was the trigger.

" I was 11 when Mike left because I called him a liar. But he wasn't lying. He left because of me. Shortly after he moved out mommy started to get sick. " he started to cry. " she had known what Tony did but she wanted to be happy. When I was about 14 and started to jerk off in the shower, Tony caught me one time. But instead to turn around he came into the shower and gave me a hand job. I didn't told mommy, because she was so weak. After that he came one night in my bedroom and laid on my bed with me. He played with my dick and I had an erection. He sucked me off that night." And he paused sobbing. " and I liked it". And he buried his face in his hands. I stood up and hugged him and made him sit on the couch. I sat on the couch with him,still holding him in my arms. I heard enough but after a few min he continued. " he came almost every night then and sucked my dick and finally he made me suck his dick. And I like that even more. " again a pause filled with sobs. " and I begged him to fuck....." And he broke down he cried and cried. I started crying to. What was that kid going thru I thought. After crying for minutes he started again. " my mom died not on cancer she died on a broken heart. The last day I saw her in the hospital she looked in my eyes and told me that she knew." I tried to stop him. " Chris calm down its not your fault". But he wasn't finished. " after mom's funeral Tony changed. He started drinking. He came home drunk and always brought a young stud or a twink with him. He didn't wanted me anymore. That was the day I run away. And not quite 2 month later you found me out there". He sobbed and cried louder and I felt so sorry. I didn't expected that. I held him in my arms for almost one hour. Finally he calmed down. He wrestled out of my hug. " I found some old fagots who only wanted to fuck me and they paid good money. Twice a week 100 bucks only to get fucked". He looked at me. " and then there was that guy who gave my a roof over my head, who seemed to be different than all the others. You was the first person who didn't wanted me in bed. But I, I wanted you and you introduced me to your " ex boyfriend. Tell me the truth. If I wouldn't came home that early you would have had a threesome". And he cried again. I reached for him but he pushed my hands away."Chris, Martin was my last lover, that is right but him and me, that is history. I had some short affairs but since you moved in I'm all by myself". He then surprised me" do you love me Victor?" I looked him in his eyes. " yes I do and the day I saw you at the gym I prayed that you would be old enough, so I could drive my dick into your ass. But you are only 16". " but I'm turning 17 in 10 days" he said. And he tried to kiss my lips. I didn't know what to do but I led him. But after a few sec I broke the kiss. " Chris please don't make it more complicated like it is". He looked very sad. With red eyes from crying he looked me in my eyes. " I love you V and I want you to fuck me right now" he took my hand and pressed it on his crotch. His dick was hard as a rock. All my bravery vanished, my doubts were gone only my desire was important right now. I couldn't suppress my feelings anymore. I pulled him closer. My mouth found his and I drove my tongue inside his mouth. He striped naked in a minute and I tossed him around. I lowered my pants and aimed my dick head right on his hole. " fuck me" he pleaded and I drove my rod right into his hot ass. Chris screamed out. I just realized that t fucked him without any lubrication. Except the few drop of precum. But he seemed to enjoy it. He yelled my name over and over again. His muscle ass was so good to fuck. I rammed my stick into his hole as it was the last ass i will ever fuck in my live. He stopped yelling, now he moaned in his deep voice. I came closer to my climax and drilled my dick one last time deep into his ass. I rested there till all my cum left my shaft. I screamed his name while climaxing. After the 5. shoot of cum I pulled out my still hard dick and with 3 more strikes I covert his ass crack. It was a wonderful feeling. Finally I had fucked that ass. He turned around and started to jerk of but I held on to his hand and went down to take his circumcised dick in my mouth and down my throat. He moaned in his tenor voice. I stopped sucking him and climbed on his muscled body. With pulling up his 9 inch dick I sat down on his hard stick. He was shaved like I was but I could swear when I saw him in the gym shower there has been a bush of black hair around his penis. But that didn't matter right now. When I buried his dick inside my guts he moaned my name " victor aaaghhhhhhhhh". I started riding this marvelous dick and moved my as up and down. Riding him like a jockey a horse in a derby. He closed his eyes and I could see his neck muscles expanding and the veins throbbing with each heartbeat of him. I stopped counting my strokes at 55 and I enjoyed every inch of his hard dick driving inside of me. His breath started to speed up and he opened his eyes. He looked in mine and screamed my name and blew his load inside of me. His eyes rolled up and I could see the white. His climax must have been for at least one minute because he held me down on his dick for quite that time. Finally he came back and smiled at me. " thank you V" I only smiled back. I rolled of his dick, witch was still hard as a rock. I laid on his right side and kissed him tender. "And is it so bad that I'm only 16 years old?" He asked me smiling. " it's not bad at all" I said back and kissed him. His tongue invaded my mouth and we kept kissing for a long time. I could feel his still stiff dick on my balls. And mine started to raise again. As soon as my rod were hard he went down on me and started to lick first around my balls and shaft and finally on my for skin. He pulled it back and by doing that he moved his hot mouth over my dick head. But he didn't stopped there he went deeper and deeper. Almost down his throat he started gagging and pulled back. But he kept my dick in his mouth. He sucked and licked. With time I know how to hold back my climax. So he had a hard time to blow until I came. He kept all my sperm in his mouth. I don't know how many jets I blew in his mouth but it was a lot. He let go of my dick and came right to my face. He pressed his lips on mine and divided my lips with his tongue. I could taste my cum. When I opened my mouth to allow his tongue to drive in ,I felt my own cum running out of his inside into my mouth. He swapped my cum with me. Than he broke the kiss and swallows the remaining sperm in his mouth. I did the same. He smiled at me and said " victor,I love your cum". " what about me" I asked. " stupid question, I love you too



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