We were together for a month now. Martins birthday was coming up on November 5 and he planed a big party at his house. I didn't know what to buy a guy,who seems to have everything. A few days before the b-day, i still didn't had found anything interesting. I walked thru one of our super market, when something caught my eyes. It was a big old looking book. " Kama Sutra " the art of sex was the subtitle. That was the perfect gift for Martin. It wasn't cheap but he was worth it. I still couldn't say I love you but with that gift he would know without telling him that I really liked him a lot. A few days before the party I was alone at my apartment, when Martin showed up unexpected. He never comes during the week without calling me before. " V " he started but hesitated for a while " look, my boss and partner is coming to my party too so ........ " he paused again " I love you, you know that but........ Well I can not introduce you as my boyfriend when he's around. I don't wanna make things more complicated as it is right now. He don't know that I found somebody who I wanna spend the rest of my life with. I have to talk to him, I know I should have done this already,but there was no time or chance to talk to him. And he comes on my b-day directly back from Madrid. I hope he is in a good mood so I can tell him about us. " I still didn't said anything yet, but now I swallowed and asked " so when exactly you wanted to tell me about spending the rest of our life together". He looked at me surprised " oh no I did say it,right. Oh no fuck that was my gift for you tonight. As soon as we would be alone I wanted to ask you to move in with me. Now I blew it right. " " no but don't you think, you should salve the problem with your partner first? This seems pretty serious. Lets talk about that next week ok. In general I'm not at all against that thought " I finished. His eyes started to shine like light bulbs" really oh V ..." I just laughed at him.

This night we had the most romantic night since I know him. He decorated the bathroom with candles and let in water with bath salt and fragrances,I never dreamed of. He took my hand and pulled me close to him. He kissed me very gentle and started to unbutton my shirt. I found his zipper on his jeans and opened it. Without a shirt on,only his jeans were in my way. But he stopped me. When he had off my shirt he embraced my hard nipples with his moth and played with his teeth on it. I moaned loudly. He opened my paints and pulled them down. With no underwear, my half hardon sprung out of it. He didn't stopped there, he kneed down and pulled my jeans all the way down and made me step out of it. I played with his hair and thought he would give me a bj right away. Instead he stood up laid one hand under my arm and with the other he lifted me up so i laid in his arms like a new born baby. " wow you are heavier than expected ". He laughed. But never less he carried me out my bedroom into the bathroom. In there he tried to sat me down in the bath tub, but with my weight he decided to let me do that on my own and let me down in front of it. He kissed me again and dropped his jeans. I was in first. He came in and sat down in my back. I could feel his dick on my butt cheeks. He put his hands around me and hugged me tied. I moved my head and made him come closer so my lips found his. His hands where discovering my front side , nipples , belly , and finally my already hurting cock. He lifted me up and was about to let me down on his standing dick. But I wanted to look in his face when I drove onto his dick. I turned around and tried to sit down, but he stopped me. He opened the drain and almost in slow motion let me sit down. With the water running out of the tub and the water level going down, I went down on his cock. It still was painful but the pain subsided. With no more water in the tub I was sitting right on his boner. The feeling was incredible. I wanted to start to pump up and down. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down. " I know you like it the gentle way so just relax." Yes he was right i love it, just to feel his dick inside of me. I was sitting there on his stick for 5 minutes until I felt my balls hardens and my load running thru my dick. I came in one big blast. All my cum hit his face and he tried to catch some with his mouth. His dick started wiggling in my guts and I wanted to help him by lifted up my weight but he just pushed me down on his legs again. He started to breath heavily and then there was his growling again and that ended in on loud moan. I felt his hot sperm. When he erupted like never before I drove my tongue in his throat. First to show him what I felt that moment and secondly to quiet him." That was the best sex ever". I said " V I love you " he said back. And this time I did it. I opened my mouth " Martin I love you too". He looked at me with tears in his eyes. " you made my day. I am the happiest man on earth today".

No I thought I am the happiest man because you gave me the best climax I ever experienced. And I mad a mental note to give him the next time what he wanted most. The only thing I won't do is strangling him or hit him with a stick or belt.

Friday might, the night before his birthday Martin called. " do you wanna spend the night here in my place. I'm off tomorrow and we can decorate my place for the party. " I never has been in his house. " I'll be over there in half an hour" I said. His apartment was directly above his hairdresser studio. The studio was about for 35 costumer at once so it was pretty big. His apartment was the same square footage. It has a large open kitchen, marble countertops and stainless steel compliance. Even bigger living room and dining room combination. And there where closed French doors to his bed room. After he opened the door to let me in he went back into the kitchen. He had a apron on with the front showing the well build body. The food he prepared on the stove smelled so good. I was hungry and horny as well,so t stepped behind him and hugged him." Hey be careful ,it's hot here you wanna burn your finger?" He shouted out." No "I replied" only one finger is burning right now and with that I pushed my tent in my jeans on his ass. Only now I saw that he had absolutely nothing under his apron. " nice" I sad and licked his ear. I didn't stopped there I moved on to his neck, down his spine and all the way to the line where his ass started. With both hands I pulled apart his ass cheeks and licked gently over his anus. He moaned loud. On the small island I saw a basked with cooking ware. The handle of the steel meat beater had the right shape, so I could use it as a dildo. I grabed it with one hand and moved the cold object over his hot body. He moaned even louder. I placed the handle on his opening and started to push it in. Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhh came out of him when he felt the cold steel inside his ass and he started to jerk off. " no way" I said and whirled him around, still the handle in his as. I must have pushed it deeper inside of him. He gasped but when I drove his dick in one motion into my throat he moaned again " hey that is dessert " he moaned. " I don't like dessert anyway, I prefer entrees. " I said back and took his cock back in my throat. My hurting penis where still inside my jeans I opened with my left hand the zipper and started jerking myself. He must have seen it. Mimicking my voice he said " no way" and pushed away my hand holding the steel beater. He came down and lifted me up like he did it in my apartment. When we reached the French door he ordered me to open it. With one hand still holding the substitute dildo I only pushed open one, but both doors opened at the same time. I never saw a bigger toy room as Martins bedroom. In the middle was that gigantic bed. Each wall had ether open shelfs or side boards. There where blow up dolls, male and female ones. African American and Caucasian. Leather masks, whips and collars with leaches attached to it. And various dildos, black, white, latex all kinds. And I saw the black one they used in the movie he showed me. " what the fuck" I started but he cut me of. " no time for explanation right now" he said and dropped me on the bed. He climbed up as well and 2 seconded later we where laying in the 69 position. He took my dick in his mouth and sucked on it like crazy. For one second he let go of my cock to find something in one of his drawers. He must found it because he embraced my dick head again with his lips. And then I heard a brrrrrrrrr in my back and vibrations on my butt cheeks. It came closer to my shit hole and finally I could feel it inside of me. He used one of his smaller vibrators to stimulate my ass. That gave me the kick and before I could say it I shoot my load down his throat. It must caught him by surprise because he choked on it and started coughing. My sperm hit Him on his chin, nose and landed in his hair and on his chest. 30 sec later he gave me his load but I was alert enough and swallowed every drop. Both exhausted we rolled apart when we heard the smoke defector going off in the kitchen." Dammit my duck " Martin shouted and run toward the doors his still hard cock leading the way. I could hear him cursing outside. I looked around his bedroom one more time. In one corner was a swing screwed into the celling. It was for back and forth swinging and for up and down pouncing. I will ask Martin about it. I thought. There was smoke in the kitchen and living room. He pulled the hot pan out of the oven. I saw a drop of my cum running down his cheek and right into the pan. " I hope you don't mind some special ingredients". He laughed. Nope

" you better eat that shit , it's your fault or I have to kill you". Our Dinner was "delicious". The noodle where far from al dente. And the duck was burned to the core. Lol. We had to remove all the skin and even with that the meat tasted burned. With every bite I took I said " delicious " but after a few bites I gave up. " thanks " I said " for what for a burned dinner? Martin asked. I stood up came around the table and kissed him. " no for the appetizer " and laughed. U better sit down and eat more or I will kill you" he laughed back. Most of the dinner went to the trash can. " Well I still can order a pizza " he said when we cleaned the dishes. " what is with your bed room " I asked. We are shooting some of our scenes in there. " you don't think if I move into your place I will sleep in there" I was curios what he had to answer. " when you decide to move in with me, this all will be history. No more porn shooting no more adult toys. " we'll a few of your toys you can keep " I said and mad a bbrrrrrrr sound with my mouth.

After our marvelous dinner( fiasco ) Martin opens up a red wine and we sat on the couch. He talked about his son, his studio and his ex boss - partner. And then about his dream to become a famous hairdresser for the actors or top models in the fashion industry. " one day I'm gonna have a name in France or Spain , were all the high society is staring at the catwalk and admire my work. I will be one of the top ten among the hair stylists in the world". I looked him in his eyes and I saw he was not dreaming about it he would sell his soul to the devil if he would has a chance. I said " one day you will be famous in your business and you will forget about me " and laughed ." He put his wine glass on the table, took my head in his hands and said". V I know for sure that I will accomplish my dreams but there has to be a wonder to make that happen and as long as I am here with my studio below I am yours and yours alone " and kissed me.



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