During the week sometimes i eat at my half sisters apartment, not very often but on special occasions we sit together for a meal she usually cooks by herself. And since I declined her invitation on Christmas and new year, I called her and invited myself for dinner. She loves me,I know for sure, but during her marriage with John,her former husband, i avoided seeing her. He died almost three tears ago also on a heart attack like Phil. I was there when the ambulance came. She called me that day. Thanks to him I have a apartment rent free,because the whole 52 apartments in that house were his. She gave me a home when my parents died 9 years ago. Back then she was already Johns wife. I don't know why I don't liked him but I assured her I was cool with it. Not only once he sneaked into the bathroom while I took a shower. Till today I don't know if he was into me, or if he was just a voyeur. Well past is past and I loved my half sister, no matter what. She is the cild of my fathers first marriage. That's why there is the age difference between us.

Never less that evening I wanted to come " out of the closet" like Susan called it. Lol. I know Margot was making my favorite dish ' sauerbraten' its beef stew with a vinegar- sauce. I love it. When I arrived I could smell the food already outside her apartment. I knocked on her door and she embraced me with a hug. " Margot you are all right, you looks a little pale". She looked at me and I saw that her hair were thinned out. " yes I'm all right don't worry, come in I have to talk to you. Oh oh I thought somebody told her about the loud noises. After the delicious meal she offered me coffee. " or dou you want something stronger, Whiskey, Asbach? " I declined both. " so tell me what's going on Margot". She sat down on the couch and took a sip of her Asbach on ice. " Victor you are the only relative I have. When dad died with your mom I gave you a home so you wouldn't be in the system as a Forster child ". I raised my hands and stopped her right there " Margot if this is about the loud sex I have in my apartment...." She looked at me and started laughing. " no V it's not that you have a girlfriend or your - boyfriend - up there. " I looked at her with my eyes wide open " you knew? " I asked. " of course your direct neighbor Frau Schmidt came a couple of times to complain about her" to loud neighbor" She also told me that there are not only girls screaming in there. And she also saw you kissing a man on your doorsteps. I counted one and one together and voila ....."I looked at her and I only could smile. I know I turned red. " V let me assure you, I don't care if you are gay. You are family. But in the future you may can be a little bid more careful and not so loud when you have somebody upstairs. " she smiled. I only nodded my head. " I promise" I said not looking at her, ashamed.

" V what I was about to say is, I have breast cancer. I fought that battle already 5 years ago But the cancer came back and I know since Christmas that I need treatment. About three weeks ago I started with the chemo therapies. I will lose all my hair and I will be nauseas after the treatments. But what is more important right now, if something happens to me no matter what,I left you the apartment building and what's left on my bank accounts. " I looked at her now and said sarcastically. " and I thought I have bad news". She laughed and moved over and hugged me. " V I fought cancer before, I will do it again so don't worry. The doctors are confident that everything works out fine. I still have 6 more weeks. The first chemo treatment showed already improvement. So don't count on getting rich in a little while" and she laughed again. We both hugged each other and I excused myself.

Back in my home I thought about " getting rich" for a wile but the ringing oft phone brought me back to reality. I didn't knew the number and answered as always only with " yes" " hello my name is Ben Pride, I'm with the dural insurance company. " I only said " excuse me" because I didn't expected a call from a insurance firm. " yes mr. Victor- Martin" now it hit me that was Ben. " my company gave me your application for life and house insurance.. Is that correct?" I smiled to myself and answered " what is that all about Ben. " " I call to make an appointment with you if possible. " me : of course, can't wait to suck you off" and laughed. Ben : the same over here. Is it possible to come to my house or do you want me to come to your place" me:"you better be here soon or I have to jerk off alone" and laughed again. Of course mr. Martin, I can't wait to help you with that. What time would be convenient for you. Me : ASAP. I'm waiting the hole week for a good fuck." Him " I thought the same thing so is it all right if I come over in let's say an hour.. Would that be ok with you? " me: I already have a boner and that thing hurts like shit " him: " you can not believe how I agree with you. So I see you in a little bid. And he hung up. I was horny and thought about jerking of, in an hour there would be enough time to recover, but I let my hands not near my dick. Not even 50 min later my doorbell rung and Ben was outside. Knowing that my nosy neighbor was behind her door I said very loud " hello mr. Pride you are with the insurance company right?" He smiled at me and was about to say something but I laid a finger on my lips and let him in. When I closed the door I tried to kiss him but he jerked back his head. " sorry but no kissing if its all right with you" he said. Puzzled but ok with it I said " ok only sex, but I hope we can have a for play" and smiled at him. " sure why not" he said back. I lead him into my living room and pushed him with my hands on his ass. He liked that apparently because he bended over and pushed out his ass onto my hand. I unzipped his pants and pulled it down. With no underwear his dick hard as a rock hit his belly. I kneed down and blew some hot air into his ass crack. He moaned. " I started licking his butt cheeks. Well formed and very firm. I loved those asses. Not a bubble ass but fuckable. I was prepared and took the vibrator of the table that I laid out earlier. I circled around his ass hole. Finding the center I turned it on and his moaning turned louder. The dildo was still dry but it went inside his anus without any problems. He must have lubed it before he came. He bended over even more and pulled apart his ass checks with his hands. I was turned on by all that and his pink flesh in the center of his hole was so inviting. I stood up pulled over a condom, squeezed some vaseline on my dick and aimed for his awaiting hole. He didn't waited that long with a fast movement backwards he drilled my cock inside of him." Woooooooowwwwwww I yield and he only moaned again. With that driving me back,I lost balance and felt on the couch. But with my hands on his hips he felt down with me and I nailed him with my hard dick. I don't know if he felt any pain,because as soon as he could he started riding my cock. My arms flew around his waist and with my right hand I gripped his dick and the other hand found his ball sack. I squeezed on the sack and jerked of his hard on. He had a few droops of precum His dick looked much bigger as on the DVD. I thought approximately 9 inch. And not as much for skin as I had. With each stoke his mushroom head went inside and outside that skin. I was close to erupt but he was faster. He moaned louder and his movements were faster when he jerked back his head, almost hitting mine, and let out a loud aaaaggggghhhhhh. With that he blew a load of sperm all over my living room. It flew at least 4 feet wide and landed on my coffee table. The next shoot hit the couch and the last one landed on my knees. I came within seconds when I saw him unloading. I pushed down his shoulders so he sat as deep as possible on my boner. He wanted to stand up but I still was on my climax and wouldn't let him go. I finally lifted my hands and he stood up. " wow that was great " he said" and he added " that is what I want just sex, no feelings,no kissing. If its ok with you we can see us more often. " " I would love to see you more often and I am totally fine with that. So the next time you call me will it be as wired as the one earlier today?" " we'll I was In a meeting with more of our field agents. So I had to come up with something. You gave me a boner while I was on the phone, with all those boring old fags." I smiled and only said " sorry". " listen V I can tell my wife that I have to go on a field Tripp but I need a place where I can stay. I can do my work from my com.and nobody would ever know. " I thought about it for a moment. " you are sure you wanna do this to your wife?" He looked at me and said with sadness in his words. " my wife and I are only married for the sake of her parents. You must know she is ill for quite a while now ,it's called Alzheimer's. its not in the final stage yet, but she is in a nursing home and I promised her mom and dad what ever will happen I stay to my vow I gave her on our wedding That's why I don't want a relationship."His speech almost brought tears into my eyes.

He went to the bathroom and 5 min later was ready to go. " I'll call you and let you know when.

After he left I felt really good. I started my coming out. Well it was easier as I thought it will be. I picked up the phone and dialed Susan's number. I did it before two or three times during the week but only reached her voice mail. This time she picked up the phone. " V what do you want? " " Susan let me apologies first. I told Margot today that I'm gay. You are right it's easy to be gay without anyone know about. I'm gonna tell everyone from now on ...." She stopped me " V I accept your apologies only under one condition" " ok what do you want?" " you take me out for dinner and tell me all about your new boyfriend". " I don't have no boyfriend" I said. " we'll than it has to be a fuck buddy. I wanna know all about it". " Susan thanks and I love you" I said and hung up. My god does a good fuck changed me that much lol.

I thought Ben would call the very next weekend but I was wrong. On Saturday I took Susan out for dinner and told her about my arrangement with Ben. She remembered seeing Ben on the bday party but didn't talked to him or the other guest in general. " I'm happy with for you". She glanced at me and with a really soft voice said " you really think you can avoid falling in love again?"

Sunday morning came and I didn't heard anything from Ben so I decided to drive to the truck stop restroom again. Maybe I was as lucky as the last time. And since we only came together for sex it was no cheating right?

At the restroom were less trucks as the last time. Probably Sundays are fewer drivers on the road i thought. Inside,almost all cabins where empty. Only one was occupied. So I stepped right to the next stall. Looking thru the glory hole I saw an older guy sitting there. Right away he asked if I wanted a BJ. " nope thanks I'm looking for a fuck" I said. He looked at me maybe he was considering his chances. I stepped out of the restroom and went to my car. I watched the customers for a wile but I didn't had seen anyone I would go for. A growling in my stomach told me to get some food. So I drove of to the next fast food restaurant. It happened to be a Burger King. I went inside and waited in line when the one caught my eye. African American with a little accent. He was cute. About 5.8 tall with glasses and a goatee. He chatted with a female customer. His action were more feminine and his voice a little bid higher as usually . His dark brown, silky skin, his blue eyes and his extra big bubble ass made me stare at him. He was aware that I was staring at him because he paused to take the lady's order and said in his sexy high voice " can I help you sir?" " oh no sorry I'm waiting in line I just thought I had seen you before". If you could clone two hunan beings that would have been the result between Sean and Sven.i thought. I was next in line and he took my order. His teeth, as white as a white cloud. His beautiful lips opened and in my head was that urge to kiss him. " hello my name is Christian, can I have your order please. Normally I don't go for feminine types but I could make one exception of the rule right.

Before I ordered whopper and French fries I promised myself to kiss that mouth and drive my hard dick into that bubble ass witch was btw hard as German Krupp stahl.

Just wanna say there will be a total of 25 chapters

Hope you will be with V till the end lol



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