Chapter 24

When I arrived at my auntie's house Greg and the others were already pretty buzzed. Greg babbled "last day of freedom" and everyone Except for me Laughed. I went straight to my room. Lying on the bed, I thought about my past lovers or fuck buddies. Out of nowhere,Sven showed up in my thoughts. Why was Sean asking if we had something? Was it Jealousy?

I doubt that. And why was I thinking of Sven in the first place? He was only Sean's brother. Yes there was the one moment at his door. But I never ...

I heard a knock on the door. "Come in "I said and I sat up. Greg opened the door. "I hope we did not disturb you" and made a jerking gesture. "Very Funny but nope I'm just a bit down". Right behind Greg, his bride- groom, Andrew entered the room. "Do you want to talk?" Andrew asked. I just looked at them. I told them that I had seen Sean and what he said about us. I even told them" That I'm just like Sean" Greg said." Nope you're not like him, not at all. He is a looser and you were the best thing that ever happened to him. If I would have been in his place, back then, I would have bought a ticket to Germany the same day. You will find the right one. Look at us. We are getting married. Can you believe that?" "How did you know he was the right one?" I asked Greg. He looked at Andrews face and smiled. "I have known him since junior high. He wasn't the first one I had sex with." Greg said and Andrew added. "Actually it was my dad who showed him how great love could be". "It was your dad?" And now Greg answered." It's Not what you think you pervert. He was the football trainer. I didn't play at that time. I would sneak around and sniff the briefs and boxers in the locker room. Nobody used their locker and all the clothes were on the benches. He caught me one time he called me in his office. He probably knew what was going on. But instead of confronting me he simply asked why I didn't play on his team. That was obvious to me but nobody else knew about my hunger for cocks and sperm. I just told him that I didn't want to play. He looked at me and then he asked. Are you gay? Well if he suspected me who else did? I gave no answers, and after a while just looking at me, he told me that Andrew his son was gay too. I was surprised. I knew Andrew; he was one year older and was a grade ahead of me in school. But the fact he was gay was totally new to me. And his dad told me how proud he is of his son. He told me he would ask Andrew to talk to me so it would be easier for me. And that was when he and I hooked up. "But you said he wasn't your first one?" I asked. "Nope, I had sex with a truck driver when I was 16. It was the first day with my license and I drove all the way up to Palmdale. But my piece of shit truck died on me right there in antelope valley. With no phone I was stuck. And then I heard a truck passing by and it honked at me. The Wal-Mart truck stopped and a handsome Latino guy got out. About 30 years old with a mustache. My god I thought what would I give to suck his dick. And my little brother down here came to life. He had seen the tent in my shorts but didn't say anything. He simply asked if he could help me. I needed a ride to the next gas station or phone. I thanked him and climbed in his truck. We drove for a while when he started rubbing on his crotch. He said that I had a pretty big branch myself. What the fuck I thought and grabbed his big bulge. He ordered me to open his paints and out came that amazing dick. First I jerked him until he asked if I suck dicks. Oh hello I gave him my first blow job. I sucked until he filled up my mouth with his cream. He almost hit one of those signs next to the street. And when I took my cock into my hand he stopped right away and gave me a B J. That was such an amazingly incredible feeling to get sucked. I came very quickly but he swallowed every drop. He told me to come to the spot where I broke down the next night if I wanted to have more. I came back for almost 2 weeks. He taught me everything. Rimming, sucking, fucking you name it. I only stopped going there because of him "and he glanced at Andrew. "That was the day I started talking to him. And the same evening he told his mother that he's gay". I asked " what about the Latino guy?" "Oh Alexander, he is still driving that route every night." "can I have your truck tonight?" I asked and laughed." Andrew and I still see him." " What you both?" I asked. I felt Greg's finger stoking my arm. "hey stop you are drunk" I yelled and jerked my arm back. "He can be awesome when he's drunk" Andrew was the one who spoke and I felt his finger on my neck. Greg started again on my arms. "What the heck?" I yelled. "Just relax it's our last chance. We wanted to do this, the last time you were here. But you were too occupied with that looser. "Andrew whispered in my ear. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. Greg found his way from my arm to my Adam's apple. He started kissing my throat and Andrew my neck. It felt so weird. I gave up and moaned. That was the signal for both to suck on each side of my neck. Greg's hand went down to my nipples, still hidden under my shirt. And on the other side I could feel hands already under my shirt scratching my back. Greg pulled my shirt up and Andrews's hands were at my zipper.

With my shirt of and my pants down both started again. I could feel them sucking at the same level. While one at the front the other was in the back. And when Greg dived to my nipples his partner sucked on my shoulders. I could feel Andrews's teeth scratching softly over my skin. Both of them made their way down. They were synchronized in their movement. When Greg reached my belly button Andrew was at the top of my ass crack. He pulled my ass cheeks apart. When I could feel his hot breath on my anus I felt Greg's on my mushroom head. He had pulled back my foreskin. The tip of Greg's tongue touched my dick head and Andrew's my ass crack. As he drove his tongue into my ass, Greg sucked my dick into his mouth. How did they do it? Both synchronized as they could be one. When Greg had my dick deep in his throat I could feel Andrews's lips touching the outside of my anus with his tongue deep inside of me. They did that for quite a while. And the only thing I could do was moan. I grabbed Greg's hair and tried to get hold of Andrews as well. After about 5 min they both stood up also in unison. I felt Andrews's greasy hand on my crack. And Greg squeezed some Vaseline on his butt. He took my hand and pressed it against his lubed ass hole. With one finger I entered his anus. And I could feel Andrews finger in my ass. Greg gestured to remove my finger. He stepped back and aimed my dick at his gorgeous behind. Again Andrew did the same with his dick on my ass. And when I felt his dick entering my ass, Greg pushed himself back on my stick. The more Andrews dick drives into me the more mine drove into Greg. I guessed Andrews's dick is about 9 inch the same as mine. When my groin rested against Greg's butt, Andrew's rested against mine. I moaned. That was the most incredible thing I ever encountered. My dick was in a guy's ass with another guy's cock in my ass. How could that be a bad thing? I know, many people think that gay sex is against nature, but if they had ever felt what I was feeling, they wouldn't.

Greg and his spouse continued for a few more minutes. I stood there with closed eyes and open mouth. Andrews's dick deep inside of my guts and I felt my balls getting ready to climax. I told them "I'm cummmmiiiinnnngggggggh" and both answered "aaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhh". All three of us came at the same time. Greg shot his load all over the carpet. My sperm hit the inside of his ass and I felt hot cum hitting my guts. And I felt a pain as Andrew bit me in my left shoulder. I didn't care. In that moment it felt like heaven on earth. We stood there for about 3 min and I saw a mirror on the back of the closed door. There stood two defensive players in football with me in the middle. We looked like a normal hotdog in xxxxL sized buns.

Greg finally stepped forward and released my dick out of his butt and Andrew withdraws his cock from mine. My white juices were running out of Greg's hairy ass and I could feel Andrews running out of mine. After getting dressed we joined Jesus and Charlie in the living room. "Oh did you have fun?" Jesus asked with a big smile. Yes we did I thought but it seemed they had fun too. Charlie's zipper wasn't closed all the way and there were white stains on Jesus's shirt. I looked into Jesus's eyes and thought one of these days I'm gonna fuck that mouth too. Maybe Greg and Andrew were right. I'm not a hunter like Sean; I'm just a guy who enjoys gay sex.

After two hours I was drunk and told them my sad story with Chris. And the alcohol made me say things about Sean and Sven and all my other fuck buddies. I only saw Jesus looking in my eyes when I talked about Sven. Seconds later I saw him on his phone talking to somebody. We had to go to Vegas the next day for the rehearsing. At 4 am I finally went to bed. When I woke up two hours later I felt a body right beside me and a hand on my bare chest. It was Jesus. I didn't care. I laid my hand on his skinny chest and felt asleep again.



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