I decided to purplish my story even in the bad English. So please enjoy.

Chapter 10

The next morning I woke up at 7.30. " shit I am late for class" I yelled,and woke Martin up. " What time you do you have to be in your studio" i asked. " I have my first appointment at 10 o clock with that old toad. It gives me a shiver just thinking of her",he said and laughed. I rushed out of bed into the shower. Martin shouted into the bedroom " you want me to join you?" " Thanks, but no thanks ", i shouted back. I was done in record time. When I entered my bedroom to get dressed,I saw Martin still on my bed,playing with his hard dick. " You sure you wanna wait till tonight?" He asked. Seeing him laying there,I couldn't resist and climbed on the bed " but it had to be a quick quicky ",i said and took his dick deep in my throat. He just appreciated it with a moan. I changed position so he could reach my dick with his mouth. He didn't hesitated and deep throat me too. With that he rimed my asshole, he knew I wouldn't last long with his finger up my ass. It took me 2 minutes to fill up his mouth with my cum." Mmmmmmmmmm, better than breakfast" he said. It took me a few more minutes to bring him to his climax,but then I swallowed every drop. After i moved of the bed he reached for my arm and said " thanks V I love you". I looked at his face but couldn't say anything like this in return " look Martin it's to early for me to forget completely about Sean. I need more time ". Awkward silence. " Is that the way,to say I love you, too ? Just kidding". He said and smiled.

I was dressed in less than 2 minutes and was almost out of the door when he said " V, I can not come to your place tonight or tomorrow. I have to work late but I will call you. It has nothing to do with you,or that you can't say I love you." I looked at him suspiciously. He smiled at me convincingly. I gave him a air kiss and closed the door behind me.

The day went by pretty fast because I was busy with school and homework. At 7.30 he called me " hey V are you all right?" " I guess so " I replied. " look I am not able to make it to your place till Friday night. But I will explain than. Love you " he said and hung up. Something was wrong. I could smell a fire if there was one.

He called me every night to tell me everything was ok and that he loved me. I couldn't wait till Friday, so I would know what was going on. Finally it was Friday night and at about 8 o clock my doorbell rung. It was Martin and he held a wrapped gift in front of him. " what is that " I said and let him in. " it's for you " he only said. I unwrapped it and it was a DVD. It was a gay porn. The title " Dildo Pleasure "

" I don't need a gay porn to get horny " I said. He just replied " watch it please". I put it in my DVD player and hit the start button. Martin already had the remote and fast forwarded to the introduction of the actors. At the very first one he pause so I could see. And I saw Martin on the tv but his name was " Van Dildo" I looked from the TV to Martin and back " what the fuck " I said." I am a gay porn star and in some circles I am famous" he said. " what the fuck" I said again. " let me explain" he started " I am a hairdresser and some of my customers want more than just a haircut. They want a Brazilian haircut,a name shaved in their pubic hair or a waxing down there. But they don't want it in my store, they want it in the privacy at their homes. And one of them is the most imported mogul of the German gay porn industry. First he brought me back stage to maintain the hair of the actors. When he found out about my preference for pain in my sex live he took me on the stage. From then on I made my way up to the famous " Van Dildo " " . He looked at me and smiled " what the fuck " I said again and again. He started the movie again. The scene on TV showed about 8 or 9 guys standing in a circle and jerking their dicks. In the middle was a podium and on that where Martin with the biggest dildo I had ever seen. It was approximately 15 inch long and 4 inch in diameter. He was in pain you could here him moaning and gasping. The podium was In a rotation so every guy could see his occupied ass. That continued for a few minutes until one of the guy climbed the podium, took the dildo out of the ass hole and replaced it with his dick. Then he started to fuck Martin really hard " stop please stop " I said. I had seen enough. I talked to him while he turned of the TV. " so you telling me you are a porn star ". He looked back and said " yes and I am famous too " and smiled. " Look when I say I love you I mean it. And I don't want to start our relationship on a lie. Can you forgive me?" I looked in his beautiful eyes for a long time. Finally I said " there is nothing to forgive you. I am good with it as long as you don't bring home your work into my bed room" and smiled at him. " and I'm proud. Who else can say I fuck a movie star ". He took my head in his hands kissed me briefly and said" V you don't know how much I love you" and kissed me passionately.

" Martin I have only one question. I know you are into pain while having sex. What if I can not give you that every time we have sex. Would you drop me like a hot stone ? " I asked with tears in my eyes. " are you crazy. I don't except you to do anything you don't want and honestly, since I'm with you and know now how sweet and gentle love making can be I'm not passive anymore I only have to look at you to get a boner. And V I know it's sounds like a phrase but its the truth. I love you"" I still couldn't say it back.





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