I started my new job on the first Monday in November. I had to work 4 hours a day or 20 a week. I could come in on Saturday when I missed on day during the week because of my school schedule. I liked that job. The first few weeks I only organized the paperwork between the company and the customers. The company had a great benefits package even for part time employees. In the first week I checked out the pool and the gym. I made a membership card and had access to the place24/7. Cool right. But with school in the morning and work till 9 p at night, I only went there on Wednesday night after work on on Sunday morning early at 8 am .On Sundays I had the place to myself. I guess nobody wanna go up that early.

It was on my second Sunday when I saw him the first time. My first thought was,wow what a great body for a teenager. He was probably 16-17 years old but had a body of Adonis the Greek god. It reminded me of the pictures I saw, in body building magazines of Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he won his first Mr. Universe title. I'm not into kids, don't get that wrong but that body was worth to be admired. He wore a tide white muscle shirt and black Adidas shorts. The shirt had some sweat stains and was clued to his torso. His nipples pinched through the cotton. I couldn't get my eyes of his biceps and triceps he had on his arms. His face were sweaty as well, but u could make out a few pimples. Well you can't honestly say he was as handsome as Sven, but he was good looking in his way. He caught me observing him. " do you got a problem?" He said in a very deep voice. " no sorry, well trained body of yours" I said back and looked at his big brown eyes. My god I thought what would I give if he would be gay and more important, older. He must left the bow flex without me seeing him. I was here only for half an hour and wasn't finished with my program , so stayed where I was . After one hour I went to take a quick shower and after that I visited the sauna. I always went to the sauna after my workout. 12 min. and then a cool down for 10 min. and 12 min. again breathing in the hot steam. When I was done with washing of my sweat I stepped, still wet, inside in the actual big sauna. There were space for about 35 people. Benches on the left,two levels high and on the right as well. And on the opposite wall of the entrance were tree leveled benches. When I opened the door I saw on the right a body moving from laying on the back to his stomach. With the door open I had a brief glance at the guys butt. Nice I thought. But with the door closed the room darkened up to a semi darkness. It was not pitch black,you still could make out body's, but to recognize a face, it was to dark. Unless you sat beside each other. I took the first bench on the left and covert my private parts with my towel. I noticed that the guy over there were laying naked on the bench without a towel. The rules requires to use a towel but I didn't mind. After 5 min. the door opened again and two man stepped in. They has been in there early 60 I guessed. Both were laughing. " have you seen that black chick out there, ill bet she's good to fuck. With her black pussy she probably take both of our rods" one said and both laughed again." Yeah, I would have nailed her right there on the trade mill if she wouldn't had that fagot around her" the other one said. I remember the black lady but I didn't saw a gay guy , I would have noticed. The first one spoke again." To bad Adolf isn't here anymore, he would put them all in the gas chamber together with the Jewish shit. Those gays all deserve to die. " that was the drop witch brought my bucket to spill. " what the fuck" I screamed. " who gives you left over nazis the right to judge over people you don't even know. One of you probably goes home to beat up his wife because you don't get a hardon anymore, and the one one fucks his 13 year old daughter. I hate those law abiding citizen like you." I stopped to get my breath. One of those old farts felt quiet when I mentioned the wife beating and the 13 year old daughter. I don't know what it was but he had a guilty glance in his eyes all of a sudden. The other didn't wanted to give up without a battle. " oh you one of those fagots. Come over and suck my dick". And laughed. The other one didn't joined in and that mad the fighter unsure. " do you really think that a gay guy sucks every dick he sees. I would rather suck on my pinky, than I could feel at least something in my mouth. Look at you, you probably need two blue pills to get an erection. And even then I would suck on a fish smelling leather stick". He didn't gave up. " you fagots..." He started but I cut him of. " you know what, if I would be a fagot, I would go out right now to my looker and come back with my knife to cut of your long time unused wieners". They both looked shocked and were eager to leave the small room. Both wanted to be the first and pushed each other around. They would have probably report me to the trainers but on Sundays none of them were here. I was so in rage, I had to take in two or three audible breath. And now I saw on the other bench that guy moving. He said." Wow you even scared me". In a deep deep voice. He stood up and was about to open the door when I saw who it was. It was that teenager from outside. I noticed how tall, or better how small he was. He was about 5.3 feet tall. That made his buddy even more puffy. And with the door open I had a good look at his ass. Wow he can crack a walnut with his cheeks I thought. What a nice bubble butt, but it was all muscles. Hey he is only 16 or 17 stop those dirty thoughts I told myself. When I saw his backside my little V went hard. To bad I had to stay in here, but luckily nobody was here to see my hard dick. Alone I stroke my hardon. That teen had such a nice buddy and a ass to die for. I squeezed my rod till I could see the veins in the shaft. Then I just pulled on my foreskin. I didn't had to do more than that. When my dick was hard as steel I only have to pull my skin far enough until it hurts a bid. Then I only have to wait till my ball tides up an my sperm finds his way out of my shaft. Also this time. Not even 3 min. my climax started and all of a sudden I saw Sven's face in my imagination. His handsome face, his big bulge in his boxers and his beautiful lips. I moaned and my sperm came, captured in my foreskin. What the fuck is Sven doing in my phantasies I thought. I pulled back my skin and dropped my cream into my palm. The moment I had my hand full of sperm at my mouth and was about to swallow,somebody opened the door. Everything went down my throat and with a half erect penis I left the sauna. I headed right to the showers but Adonis wasn't there anymore. Dammit.

From that day one I saw him almost every Sunday morning. He didn't went to the sauna every week but sometimes he was there on his stomach when I stepped in. One day I thought to introduce myself. " hey I've seen you here pretty often. My name is Victor, my friends call me simply V". He looked at me and checked me out. I had a shirt and sweat pants on that day. He as always, muscle shirt and Adidas pants. After looking all over me he talked with his deep voice. " hey my name is Chris." He was so much smaller than I was. His fore head reached my chin. I tried to give him a hand. " is Chris the short for Christian?" I asked. He only looked at me. He was not a friend of words I guess. He just nodded. After my routine I showered. He wasn't in the sauna this week but I saw him in one of the shower booth . With his back to me I didn't saw his front, but when he turned around i gasped, I think,because he looked at me with a disgusting look and covert his dick. What the heck,how can a teen, has one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen. Must be the name I thought. But then i realized that the size of Chris made the illusion of a oversized dick. He just left the shower without a towel again,I noticed. My little friend was raising again. I was embarrassed to get a stiffy for a teenager. And I wasn't alone in the shower so I left with a growing dick. In the looker I only saw him heading out of the door. When I was finally dressed I left the building and went straight to my car. It was first week in December and it started to snow. Usually I drive into one of the parking spots they provide, but this time I parked out on the street. I past an old VW Beatle, witch I had see a couple of times already. Every time I went by, no driver was visible, only a few old plastic bags and trash from fast food. This time I saw the driver. It was Chris the teenager. What the fuck I thought. He saw me and looked away as soon as he recognized me, but I stopped walking and looked at his car and him. He sat there with wet hair and wet cloth. I knocked in his window. He pulled it down but didn't spoke one word. " hey Chris, do you live in there?" I joked around. I didn't know that I would hit a bullseye with that. " yes victor I do, do you have a problem with that?" I raised my hands defensively. "No bro, I was just kidding". And I was about to turn around and go away when he asked" by any chance, do you got a buck for me or two?" I turned around and looked at him. " are you hungry?" I asked. He only nodded. " let's go for breakfast then, ill pay" I said.

We went to the Stadtcafe because they have a breakfast buffet and you can eat as much as you want. He didn't eat, he stuffed himself. I only had a capo chino. When he slowed down I asked him " Chris are you serious about living in your car. He looked at me and nodded again. Me"how old are you?" Him" I'm 16, I'm turning 17 in February " he said in his basement voice. Me" how come you life on your own, don't your parents a worried about you" him" I don't have parents anymore" he said it with a attitude. I didn't go further so I changed the subject. " Chris, if you want you can crash in my apartment for a while. You can not life in that car when winter comes along". He looked at me." Why you are doing this. Buying me breakfast, asking me to move in with you? I thought you aren't gay?" " we'll Chris to play with an open hand, I am gay,but that has nothing to do with my question. If its a problem with you you feel free to decline my offer, but then I have to go to the police and report you. You are probably a run away and your parents a desperate to hear from you and winter is coming. Since I know you are living in your car I have a responsibility. So ether my place or the police station". " I told you, I have no parents anymore. I never has known my dad and my mom died 4 years ago, so leave me alone" he stood up and turned around but stood still " do I have to sleep in your bed or on the couch?" He asked with his back to me. " don't worry,like I said I'm not into teens and I have a spare bedroom." That was the day,he moved in with me.

" first of all I have a few rules" I started. He just looked at me with question marks in his eyes. " while I'm gone at night you will clean the dishes and take care of your room. You don't have to mop or to clean the toilets unless you make a mess in there. Clean up the shower after using it and no girlfriend in here without asking for permission . And most important stay out of my room. I don't invade your privacy and you don't mine. Ok?" He,as always only nodded. " are you going to school or did you dropped out already? " I asked and this time he had to give me an answer. " I didn't went to school in a while"." So you are still a student with witch school? " I asked again. Him " with the tech college in town ". Me" than you have to go back and don't come with some bullshit you don't have too. You understand. He looked at me. " and what if I don't wanna go back you can not make me" he said. Typical teenager I thought. I have to ask Margot if I had been the same smart ass." if you think you don't have to go fine with me. Lets call the police right now and you are free". And I smiled even more. " you think you can black mail me with that. I thought you are cool and now you acting like my stepdad. " you have a stepdad?" I asked but his face showed that he let out to much. " ok I will do what you want but only until I can life in my car again" he almost screamed at me and went to his room. Boom the door was slammed onto the frame. I have to talk to him about that too no door slamming.

The next morning I made breakfast but he didn't came out of the room. I knocked on the door and told him to wake up. Two min later he was awake and already dressed. He didn't said one word. " do you need a rite to school or do you take your own car?" I asked. " my car needs gas" he said quietly. I reached for my wallet and fished out 40 bucks and laid it in front of him. He looked at me and I didn't could made out what he was thinking. I finished my breakfast and was out of the door without saying anything to him. After my classes I came home early that day. I had to go to work today at 4 p, so i had about two hours. He wasn't there. I only checked his room for his cloth.I only opened up the door for a quick look. His cloth was still there. he was a teenager, his belongings were everywhere and not were it belonged. I didn't mind. I was the same in his age. I closed the doors again. The doorbell were ringing and I opened the door. Chris came in and went straight to his room. I let him. I prepared lunch. The smell let him come out of " his" room. He sat down in front of one plate I placed on the table. He didn't spoke. I said nothing. I sat down with my plate and told him to help himself if he was hungry. He was lol. Halfway thru our meal he asked " don't you wanna know if I went to school?" I looked up and said " nope I trust you". He looked at me and again I couldn't made out his mind. I only added" I have to go to work at 3.30. Don't forget to wash the dishes. I'll be back at 9. On my way ill go to the key smith and make a duplication of my house keys. So you don't have to wait for me to come home". He looked me in my eyes and I tried to keep up with him. Man his eyes were so cute. Looking at him gave me a boner again. Dammit. He broke the glance first and went without a thank you or fuck you to his room. I left shortly after I jerked of in the bathroom. I took one of the magazines I bought to jerk of alone. But my thought went back to him and again,Sven showed up while my climax.



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