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I enjoy reading these hot stories so I wanted to share some of my own. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment! Please vote and feel free to say hello. Thanks to GayDemon, I polished my skills and now publish my longer stories! Please look for my stories at Smashwords.com, AllRomance EBooks, and Kindle Amazon! Thank you. Contact me for a coupon!

Stories by Petey

  • Worst of Friends

    Ryder and Damon were the best of friends. After facing some major obstacles together, their single parents found each other and married, bringing the two young men under the same roof. What should have been a happy situation became one of rivalry and hatred between Ryder & Damon, who were now ...

  • Jungle Jim

    James Stoneman needed a break from his hectic life. He quit his job and went to Brazil: a week in Rio and a cruise to the wilds of the Amazon. Things didn't go as planned and met some of the steamy men of the jungle. After enjoying a lusty shipboard adventure, James was soon lost in the jungle, and ...

  • Last Man Surviving - A Reality TV Adventure

    Attorney Nicholas Johnson needed a break from his loveless work schedule, and tried out for a spot on a survival reality show. To his pleasant surprise, he got on the show, with an all male cast of sexy characters. With some sexual manipulations, he tries to work his way through the cast, possibly ...

  • My Very Own Male Stripper - Part 1

    The saga continues between Chad and his new friend Luke, the male stripper, who introduces Chad to a whole new life!

  • Overnight Flight

    A boring airplane trip proves anything less then boring.

  • Tattoo Two

    Finally got to finish the hot saga of Kirk and Duke and a sexy tattoo and where it takes them! Sorry for the delay!

  • The Force of Hot Springs, texas

    Follow the story of our hero, Clint, and his sexy adventures which take him to join the local police department. Good comments and scores MAY lead to a sequel if you like!

  • The Photo Session

    I just hate having my picture taken! That is until I met the 'right" photographer!

  • My Sister's Husband - Part 1

    What happens when a buff gay guy meets his sister's straight studly man?

  • My Sister's Husband - Part 2

    The continuing relationship of a man and his sister's husband.

  • Me and My Brother

    A winter afternoon leads to an adventure of erotic discovery!

  • Eric & I & Josh

    What happens when the boys add a third playmate? Please bring your cum rag! Comments most welcome.

  • Physical Therapy

    My fiftieth story! A college jock needs some physical therapy. Hope you enjoy!

  • My Wrestler

    The worst of enemies or the best of lovers? You decide! And bring your cum rag!

  • Swim Team - 1

    Meet Pete, captain of his college swim team. Sven, the blonde stud teammate, offers help with the team. Does Pete accept? Hope you like it guys. If we get enough comments and good reader numbers, we'll find out if Pete returns the favor!

  • Swim Team - 2

    This is really the second half of the first part, I just couldn't get to this part of the story in the same sitting. So I wanted to get it out quickly! You guys will tell me if we need a third scene that would probably happen in the team shower!

  • Vampires Really Suck 1

    Further sexual exploits of our hot and horney vampires. This story is dedicated to my most supportive fans who enjoy a good tale! I hope I delivered! Comments welcome. I am also putting my Reality Survival series on hold as not too many people seem to read it or enjoy it!

  • Sex Games & Survivor TV - Part 3

    Nick learns what to expect on the island and gets to know some of his fellow contestants even better!

  • Sex Games & Survivor TV - Part 2

    Follow Nick when he makes it on the game show and takes his flight across the Pacific and soon "makes it" on his overnight flight!

  • Three Frat Guys and a Cabin - Chapter 3

    The three way sexcapade continues in the cabin and outdoors! Hope you enjoy the conclusion of the story of Roberto, Greg and Paul. Please enjoy. Your comments very welcome!

  • Sex Games & Survivor TV - Part 1

    Please come meet my good friend Nick, who shares his adventures on a "survival" reality television show!

  • Vampires Really Suck 3

    Okay - so its campy, but I had fun. Next time, more serious and more romance. I promise! But please enjoy!

  • Ranch Hands - Chapter 3

    Paul and Pete wake up the next morning and get a surprise!

  • Three Frat Guys and a Cabin - Chapter 2

    Paul Greg and Roberto continue their day of sexual discovery!

  • Ranch Hands - Chapter 2

    Pete and Paul are two studly ranch hands that no longer fight incessantly. After their first sexual encounter, they now have to figure out the next step!

  • Vampires Really Suck 2

    The title should say enough!

  • Ranch Hands - Chapter 1

    Pete and Paul were ranch hands that fought incessantly, until they figured out why!

  • Three Frat Guys and a Cabin - Chapter 1

    Three Best Buddies Have a Weekend Escape. See what happens!

  • My Lifeguard - Part 2

    Pete and Jake have a foursome!

  • My Lifeguard - Part 1

    Jake and Pete Having More Fun!