Kevin rolled over waking up, realizing he was on the floor, his head resting on an empty pizza box. Gross! he thought. He sat up, seeing he was quite naked, smelling of pepperoni and sweat. He looked over to his also naked brother John, luckily sleeping on the couch. Their friend Tommy, the pizza delivery neighbor was finishing getting dressed, putting on his shoes.

"Morning hot stuff!" Tommy called to Kevin.

"Hey," Kevin grumbled. They looked over at John who was finally sitting up, rubbing his eyes under a mop of his wild brown hair.

Tommy walked over to Kevin, handing him a piece of paper.

"Here, I found this on the floor near the door. I think you missed a delivery," said Tommy.

Kevin looked at the note. "Would love to make another delivery. Call me. Chris."

Kevin grinned, remembering his adventure with the hunky UPS guy who looked like that guy who played "Thor" in the movies. Damn, he was built. And a nice cock and ass, Kevin remembered.

Kevin called quickly to Tommy who was heading out the door. "Hey Tommy?"

"Yeah?" Tommy responded, turning back toward Kevin.

"Party tonight at 8. You gonna be here?" Kevin asked.

With a wide grin, Tommy responded. "Sure, I'll make it. I will definitely cum!"

"Wise ass," Kevin responded. "Go rest up!" Grinning, Kevin added: "And go take a shower cutie!"

After Tommy left, John stood up, rubbing his balls.

"What party Kev?"

"Our last night before the folks return. Let's see who we can round up. Go call your bud Peter. I'm calling Chris, our UPS stud. He left his number!" Kevin explained, waving the note in his hand.

The two brothers went to their cell phones to make their calls. In no time, they were back together, each giving thumbs up for their successful invites. This was going to be fun. They went to their respective bathrooms to shower and then walked into their bedrooms to dress.

"We have to make this a fun night!" John called out while dressing.

"One to remember," added Kevin.

John, in briefs and jeans, but still barefoot, was buttoning up his shirt when he walked into Kevin's room. Kevin was in a blue t shirt and white briefs, rummaging through his closet for a pair of pants.

"Kev?" John began.

"Yeah bro?" Kevin answered.

"I was thinking, in six months I will be ready for college."

"And?" Kevin prompted.

"Would you be upset if I go to your college upstate?" John asked.

Kevin was stunned. His brother always said he didn't want to go away for school but to stay local and live at home. "You serious?" Kevin asked with a growing grin.

"Yeah. I thought it be cool if we were close again." John explained.

"Close to me or close to my cock?" Kevin asked.

"Both of course!" John responded. "You good with that?"

"Hell yeah, or should I say: Fuck Yeah!" Kevin said, practically hollering with excitement.

"Would be sweet," John continued, as he finished buttoning his shirt.

Kevin found some beige Docker slacks and was now looking for his shoes.

"We need to go get some beer for tonight," Kevin said.

The two brothers, now clean and dressed, ran some errands around town, picking up drinks and snacks for their party, both excited and looking forward to what would surely be a fun night. They knew they had the whole morning the next day for clean up, as their folks would not be home before four the next afternoon.

The day rolled by quickly and before they knew it, eight o'clock arrived and the doorbell rang.

John and Kevin looked at each other with wide grins as they approached the door at the same time. Turning to face each other, they stepped closer for a tight hug.

"Love you bro!" said John. Love you too, John," Kevin replied. They opened the door.

Both Tommy and Peter were at the door, both waiting anxiously and clearly dressed for the occasion. Both had on brightly colored polo shirts and nice, tight fitting jeans.

"You guys know each other right?" John asked.

"Yeah sort of," Peter answered first. "We never had the same classes cause Tommy was in the year after us," Peter said.

"Um Kevin?" Tommy asked. "Is Peter familiar with the same sort of activities like we had last night?"

The four guys at the door looked at each other quickly until John responded.

"Yes, for the record we all enjoy some good pepperoni!" John offered with a grin.

"Sausage and wieners!" Kevin added with a chuckle.

"Kielbasa and bratwursts?" Tommy chimed in.

Peter looked at the three guys. "Can any of you guys say cock or penis?"

They broke out laughing.

"Dicks and pricks and shlongs and peckers too!" added John, joining in the laughter.

"And one more friend stopping by is also a member of our club, just for your information!" Kevin said.

The four guys moved into the room and sat down and started to chat about this thing or that, enjoying a beer and some of the snacks set out in bowls around the room. A short while later, the door bell rang and Chris entered into the room. Not wearing his normal delivery man uniform, he was dressed in a very tight white t shirt and black jeans. The four guys stared at his impressive frame.

"Jeez!" muttered Peter.

Introductions were made and the five continued chatting, until Kevin stood up.

"We need to play some party games or something, to kind of break the ice and get things started," Kevin announced.

"Any suggestions?" John added.

Chris stood up with a frustrated look on his face, and peeled off his shirt. "Do we really need an excuse to strip girls?"

He walked to the side of the room and grabbed a chair and placed it in the middle of the room. He turned to the guys, looking them over until he spotted Tommy.

"Strip to your undies," he commanded.

"I don't have any," Tommy stammered, not sure exactly what was happening.

"Not my problem kid," Chris huffed. "Now strip!"

Tommy stood up and obeyed, walking naked to the the hulking Chris, who maneuvered Tommy into the chair.

Kevin figured out the scene and walked over to the stereo, turning it on and tuning it to a station obviously playing some up-tempo dance tunes.

In no time, Chris began to dance and gyrate around the chair. Kevin, John and Peter took their positions on the couch, eager to enjoy the show. While rubbing up against the now excited Tommy, Chris worked his way out of his pants, revealing a tight skimpy thong that leaved little to the imagination. As if to sit on top of Tommy, the muscular Chris began a lap dance, teasing and taunting Tommy's now erect cock. Tommy moaned, eager for release, but Chris offered no such option. With Chris rubbing back and forth, Tommy's moans only grew.

John, meanwhile, was clearly enjoying the show. He removed his shirt and began to play with his nipples, his eyes glued to the scene before him.

Kevin also could not contain himself, and stripped down to his briefs. With his hand inside his undies, Kevin stroked his hidden cock. It was clear Kevin was enjoying the show very very much.

Peter, not wanting to be left out, knew that this was no time to be shy. He stood and stripped completely. Naked, he pushed his way into sitting behind John and Kevin. Peter turned to John and moved in for a deep kiss, as their hands began to explore each others' body.

Kevin didn't know where to look. Enjoying a slow jacking off, he looked at Chris, who had now lost his thong and was busily grinding Tommy's throbbing cock between his ass cheeks. To his side, Kevin watched his brother who had fallen to his knees and was busy sucking off Peter.

"What the hell," shouted Kevin, as he stood up and shucked off his briefs. He walked up to the dancing Chris and stood behind him, engulfing him in a bear hug and began to grind his own cock against Chris's firm smooth ass cheeks. A left-out Tommy stood up, getting behind Kevin, and began to do the same to Kevin's ass. The three guys panted hungrily, each feeling the urge to get off.

Chris turned around, pulling both Kevin and Tommy to the floor. Maneuvering Kevin onto his knees, Chris got at Kevin's ass and began a slow rim job. Tommy moved to the front of Kevin, also lowering himself and offering his leaking cock to Kevin's hungry mouth. Kevin began to moan in delight as his ass was being serviced by the hulky Chris behind him. But Chris was ready for something more as he removed his mouth from Kevin's ass and replaced it with his eager cock. Slowly but surely, Chris slipped more of his leaking tool into Kevin. With his hands on Kevin's muscular hips, he began a slow push that went further and further with each push. Soon enough, Chris was plunging hard and deep into Kevin, who was forced each time to take more and more of Tommy's cock down his throat. The moans and groans grew in intensity.

The noise was noticed by John and Peter. John stopped his hungry sucking of Peter's throbbing cock as the tow looked at each other with knowing grins and walked over to the busy trio.

John moved first. He came up from behind Chris and laid down on the floor. Laying on his back, he scooted up under Chris' legs until he was laying under Kevin who was kneeling on all fours. Close enough, John lifted his head to begin sucking on his brother's cock, large and engorged and hanging down over John's head. With his mouth full with Tommy's cock, John could only hear Kevin's muffled moans grow louder.

Peter moved next. Seeing John's cock quivering wildly in the air under Chris, he got down on all fours, with his head down to take in John's cock. The group of five, now all huffing and puffing, moaning and groaning, looked like a human locomotive, hell bent on racing down the tracks to one big orgasmic finish. Tommy wailed first, cumming explosively in Kevin's mouth. Hanging onto Kevin's shoulders, Tommy's final forward thrust resulted in his eruption down Kevin's throat. Kevin sucked hungrily, taking it all and even wiping Tommy clean.

With Tommy now satisfied, and the others going at it, he spied an exposed Peter, busy doing John, but his own cock left unattended. Always the good boy scout eager to help others, Tommy went to Peter and began an earnest suck. A surprised Peter looked back at Tommy, offering him a grateful smile. The locomotive chugged on until it was time for Chris to reach his destination. His forward thrusts quickened until he froze in place, his cock firmly embedded in Kevin's tight ass. Chris bellowed like a bear as he felt his cock empty its load deep inside Kevin. The pressure on Kevin's ass forced his cock to grow even more, which was currently throbbing inside John's mouth.

Chris's violent orgasm set off a chain reaction. Kevin came next, resulting in John taking his load. John was further aroused by the two orgasms happening almost simultaneously above him. He felt his own cock suddenly stiffen even further which was being serviced most excellently by Peter.

John came, his body twitching on the floor, his cream spilling forward into Peter's waiting mouth. Of course this excitement helped Peter reach his destination. The stiffening of his arms and legs was the signal to Tommy that his victim was also reaching his nirvana. Tommy tightened his lip-grip on Peter, making sure to offer a good release. As Chris and Kevin uttered their final moans, followed by John and Peter, the four began a slow descent back to normalcy.

Slowly the five untangled themselves, their purple shiny cocks slowly deflating, and the five hunks found themselves all lying on the floor on their backs. Their chests still heaving from their heavy work and most excellent orgasms. A sigh or groan was heard from one or the other as they all felt their hearts return to normal beats. Kevin was the first to sit up, shortly followed by Tommy. Looking around, Kevin grinned.

"This room smells like sex!" he announced.

The others laughed. "Smells more like cum!" Tommy added. More laughter.

John, Peter and Chris all sat up as well.

"Smells good to me!" Chris said with a grin.

"I want another round really soon!" John said, which was followed by the others shaking their heads up and down.

"Hot tub?" asked Kevin.

"Sounds good to me," responded Peter, as the five suddenly found the energy to stand up and run to the back door, with Kevin in the lead out the back.

Soon enough, the five naked guys were sitting naked in the small hot tub, their knees almost touching as steam gently rose from the water into the cool night air.

Kevin and John kept the lights off the patio and in the night, the only light came from the house. The sensual setting soon encouraged all five guys to soon be playing with their again growing cocks.

The guys made general conversation while they enjoyed the warm water swirling around their bodies. The knowledge that they were sitting their with other hot naked guys certainly helped to keep them aroused. Tommy was the first to find the water getting to warm, so he scooted himself up and onto the edge of the tub, his legs dangling in but the rest of his wet naked body visible for all to see. Peter and Chris followed suit, having enough of the heat and eager to offer themselves for the viewing pleasure of the rest also. Kevin and John looked at each other with a grin, knowing that they should follow, and they did, by jumping up out of the tub and sitting on the edge.

The guys continued to chat, but all eagerly looking over their naked pals, admiring firm abs, sleek chests, impressive pecs, strong smooth muscular legs, and well developed biceps.

"Chris has the best nipples," Peter noted.

"Thanks," offered Chris. "I like em. They can actually give me an orgasm if played the right way!" he explained.

"No way!" said Peter.

"True!" replied Chris.

"Hey Peter!" began Tommy, "Do it! Suck and play with Chris' tits. See if he will cum!"

It didn't take much convincing for Peter to take up the challenge. He moved over to Chris, sitting beside him and lowering his head to Chris' chest. He hungrily swallowed one of the quarter sized nipples and sucked hungrily, easily bringing it to a small eraser sized erection. Chris leaned back on his hands, obviously enjoying the titty attention. He spread his legs and his cock began to grown. Peter's hand eagerly explored the rest of Chris' chest and soon switched to give attention to the other nipple. John Kevin and Tommy watched the seduction eagerly, their own cocks now swollen to full erection, and saw Chris' cock also hard and throbbing. Tommy leaned in for a closer look.

"Damn, he's leaking already. Wow!" offered an amazed Tommy.

Before long, Chris' cock now pulsed with his heart beat. His pre-cum increased to leak as Peter hungrily sucked away. When Chris began to moan louder, it was clear that Chris was about to cum. Sure enough, without a single stroke or touch, Chris came violently. His body shook, forcing Peter to sit up, and Chris squirted his creamy loud into the middle of the hot tub.

"I'm impressed!" announced Kevin, as the others nodded in agreement.

Chris stood up, shaking off any remaining water.

"I hate to cum and go guys," Chris began, "but I have an early day tomorrow. Definitely we keep in touch, yeah?" Chris said.

The other guys agreed and Chris went inside to gather his clothes. A few moments later in came back outside fully dressed. He leaned down to give the four remaining guys good solid kisses on their mouths and offered to let himself out as the others shouted their good-byes. Tommy and Peter were next to stand up for their departure but this time, all four guys walked inside the house.

Kevin and John stayed naked as they moved to sit on the couch. They watched Tommy and Peter dress as the four talked about what fun they had and the need for a repeat performance some time in the near future. A round of hugs and kisses followed until Tommy and Peter were gone.

Kevin and John surveyed the room and cleaned up what ever was necessary. Content that all evidence of their first orgy was removed, they walked back to the bedrooms.

"Follow me," Kevin directed, as they walked hand in hand to the large quest bathroom which had the large size tub.

Kevin filled the tub as John watched smiling. His hand absent-mindedly playing with his cock which was once again growing, he waited for the tub to be full before getting and leaning back. Kevin soon followed, sitting just in front of John and leaning against him. John's hand came forward, wrapping around Kevin and playing with his chest.

"Let's see what we can do with your nipples Kev!" John offered.

Leaning against the other, with John's fingers expertly tweaking and playing with Kevin's nipples, Kevin's cock began to emerge from under the water like a submarine's telescope.

The brothers laughed at the site of the once again throbbing cock making its appearance. Kevin turned his head to face John as their mouth's met. Their tongues darted out to find each other as they hungrily sucked and kissed. John, still glancing at Kevin's rising cock, could stand it no longer. With a free hand, John reached out and grabbed Kevin's cock to begin a good solid stroking. Kevin pushed himself backwards and started to rock, applying his ass pressure against John's cock behind him.

Kevin and John remained locked in their deep kissing as they both began to moan, each feeling their cocks harden again for yet one more time that night. The urges grew deep inside of them as their hearts pounded harder and faster. Still in the tub, the brothers came almost simultaneously. John came under the water. Kevin, with his cock still standing up above the water, shot like a fountain before them. Their kiss finally broke as both guys grinned from satisfaction. The moment calmed and they stood up, turning on the shower to wash off one final time for the night.

They dried each other off and noticed that it was now midnight. Still naked, they walked hand in hand to Kevin's room which had the larger bed. They tumbled in tired and spent but very well satisfied over the several days their parents were gone. With grins on their faces as they fell asleep, they each hoped, but also knew, that they still had new adventures to experience!



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