Cousins Pete and Paul continued their chores around the ranch after they got dressed after their sexual romp. They didn't speak much, but occasionally looked over at the other, offering a sly grin, all because of their sexual adventure they just had earlier in the hayloft. All work done, they got back into the pickup and drove to the house.

Pete turned to Paul, who was driving. "That was awesome man!"

"I know," responded Paul, as he turned to face Pete. "I'm just glad we're both cool about it."

"Been too many lost years cuz!" Added Pete. "I always loved you guys. I just wanted to be part of the family!" Pete added.

"Sorry I've been suck a dick Pete," offered Paul.

"We just gotta play it cool. Ya know? We can't suddenly be the best of friends!" explained Pete.

"Or best of lovers?" teased Paul.

They got back to the house and went to their own rooms to wash and change for dinner.

As Pete left the shower and bathroom wrapped only in his towel, Paul passed him on the way into the bathroom.

Looking around and seeing no one else, Pete whipped open his towel, flashing his cock and balls to a grinning Paul.

Just for effect, Paul shouted "Asshole!" to Pete, who looked back and pulled his towel off completely, baring his cleaned smooth bubble butt ass to Paul.

Dinner went well, although Pete and Paul didn't say more then two words to each other.

Paul's mom turned to Pate and Paul. "You know boys, I'm not sure if it hurts me more to hear you two argue all the time or not talk at all. This really hurts, don't you know?"

"Your mom's right," began Paul's dad. "There's absolutely no reason for this. It tears us apart that you two don't get along. You two stubborn fools are so much alike. You can be the nest of buddies!"

"I am so sorry guys," Paul began. "I'll try harder." He turned to Pete. "Would you also try harder Pete?" Paul continued, trying to suppress a knowing grin.

Pete stood up and held his hand out to Paul. Paul stood up, and extended his own hand, and they shook on it.

Dinner concluded with only a little more conversation, but Peter and Paul knew that at least they could talk in the open a bit more without raising any suspicions.

With a few groceries needed from town, Paul and Pete "reluctantly" agreed to run the errand. It was the perfect excuse for them to have a real heart to heart talk about what happened earlier that day.

"Well, for the record, I'm glad we had our fight and our little romp in the hay loft," began Pete.

"Me too," added Paul. "Its not too weird for you Pete?"

"Not at all. To be honest, I think I'm gay. Whatever girlfriends I had never did it for me," Pete said.

"But you porked quite a few girls, didn't you?" Paul asked.

"Well, I wasn't sure and I was a bit scared. I already had you giving me a hard time!"

"I know," Paul admitted. "I am really sorry, ya know!"

"I do. I understand it now," offered Pete. "But ya wanna know how I could get hard and screw those chicks?" asked Pete.

"I'm afraid to ask," said Paul.

"Ask me!" directed Pete.

Fine, tell me!" responded Paul.

Pete turned to Paul with a wide grin. "I imagined it was you each time! That's all!" said Pete.

Paul's eyes went wide. "Well, I'm not that surprised cause I thought of you when I jerked off!"

"Wow. For how long you think about me that way?" asked Pete.

"Maybe since we were like 15 or 16?" Paul answered.

"Same here," admitted Pete. Both guys laughed as they pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store.

They walked through the aisles picking up the items they needed and checked out. Getting back into the pickup, they gave each other a knowing grin.

"I wanna fuck you, you know that don't you?" stated Pete.

"Same here man," countered Paul. "I'm gay too by the way," he added with a wink, leaving Paul staring with his mouth wide open, his heart filled with happiness.

"How we gonna do this?" asked Pete. Paul just shrugged their shoulders and looked out the window.

The next few days seemed to pass quickly. Both Pete and Paul continued their chores and continued to talk more and more, making sure that it was done in front of Paul's parents to get them use to the idea that they were getting along so much better. Having lunch one day back at the house, Paul's mom walked in to help clean up.

"I am so glad you boys are getting along. I hope it continues. It is such a relief. she said.

"I think we outgrew the fighting, Mom!" Paul said.

Pete looked over to Paul and smiled. "And it will continue Auntie, that's for sure," Pete added.

"Well good, cause we need you boys to sleep a couple of nights out in the small cabin near the goats and all the new calves. Hope you don't put up a stink like you did last year," Paul's mom said.

"But why?" asked a seemingly upset Paul. That cabin is so small!"

"Neighbors report there have been some coyotes in the area. They won't come close if they smell humans!"

A confused Pete shot Paul a dirty look, and hit him in the leg under the table.

In a hushed voice he leaned over to Paul. "alone! .......together! .... shut the fuck up!" Pete whispered.

"I don't wanna do it!" continued Paul. "Ow!" he grimaced after Pete punched his leg again, even harder this time.

Paul's Mom turned to give him a dirty look. "Did you say something dear?" she asked with a glare.

"Fine!" said a defeated Paul.

A moment later, Paul's Mom left the room. "Now go finish your chores boys. I'll pack you two days of food for tonight. Glad you're getting along. Love you boys! And play nice," she shouted as she walked further away.

An annoyed Pete turned to glare at Paul. As Pete began, "What the f..."

Paul leaned in grinning and planted a kiss squarely on Pete's mouth. "I always complain about coyote duty in that cabin Pate! And OW, you hurt me!" Paul said as he rubbed his upper leg.

"You dirty dog!" was all a grinning Pete could say. "Sorry I hit you, I love that sexy body of your's Paul!"

The afternoon went way too slowly for Pete and Paul. But dinner went quickly and the guys quickly packed up two days of clothing and toiletries and loaded the boxes of food they were given into the trunk of the pickup.

After a 10 minute drive along the dirt road leading from the house to the small cabin, they arrived and unpacked, putting away food and their clothes. They got the generator up and running and turned on the pumps, giving the cabin the electricity and running water they would need.

The front room was a combination sitting room, eating area and kitchen. The back room was the bedroom, which had a closet and two twin beds and an attached bathroom. Pete made a quick trip to the bathroom and grinned when he came out. He looked over to Paul who was busy pushing the two twin beds next to each other.

"Do we have too?" Pete whined in jest.

Paul dug into his pockets and pulled out some condoms. grinning at Pete when he placed them on the nightstand.

"I am so clean man!" Pete explained.

"Me too," answered Paul.

"Plus I got this," Paul added, taking a small bottle of lube.

"Where'd you get that?" asked Pete.

"My best friend Richard got it from his best friend Zane," answered Paul with a wink.

"What did you tell them?" asked a suddenly concerned Pete.

"The truth. Besides they're a couple these days anyway, so they won't say anything!" offered Paul.

"They are? But they were the captains of the school football and baseball teams!" said a surprised Pete.

"Why do you think they opened the garage and body shop together?" explained a very calm Paul.

The two giggled for a few minutes until they walked towards each other, then grabbed each other in a passionate hug.

"I've thought of you every night for the last two weeks!" offered Pete.

"Me too Pete," responded Paul.

They broke from their hug and looked around the bedroom and the rest of the cabin, making sure that everything was in place and that they were ready for their two day stay. They walked around the outside of the building to make sure all the fences and gates were in working order and that all the spot lights were in place.

"Starving here babe! I'm still hungry," whined Paul.

"Did you just called me 'babe'?" asked Pete.

"Um uh yeah, I guess," Paul grinned back.

"Cool!" was all Pete could say. "Me hungry too!" he added.

They went through the food they brought until they found the pie that had been packed for them and put it on the table. They made some coffee and went through almost half the blueberry pie. Cleaning up, standing side by side at the sink, Paul turned to Pete and started to laugh at the smear of blueberry on the side of Pete's mouth.

"Wha?" asked a confused Pete.

Without a word, Paul leaned over and took a long slow lick across the side of Pete's mouth.

Pete was unable to react, so surprised by Paul's action.

"Had to get the last blueberry cleaned off your mouth. You're such a sloppy eater babe!" Paul offered, sending Pete into a fit of laughter.

Once the sun set, the view outside was pure blackness. Pete and Paul went out the front door to look around. Pete took a few steps forward away from the cabin, taking in the stillness. Paul soon followed, looking around and then up at the sky.

"Check out the stars man!" Paul said, as he took Pete's hand in his.

Several minutes passed as the two guys took it all in. The darkness, the stillness.

Paul leaned over to Pete. Pete tipped his head towards Paul, thinking he was about to receive a kiss.

"I'm ready for the sex now babe," Paul whispered into Pete's ear.

A surprised Pete giggled and pushed Paul way.

"I thought you were going to kiss me. It was such a romantic moment we just had," Pete said.

"But I am going to kiss you Pete, just not on the cheek, at least not that cheek!" Paul teased.

Pete lifted his hand as it to pop Paul on the shoulder but Paul turned to run back inside. Pete laughed, calling after Paul and walked in slowly, looking around and locking up for the night. Pete continued into the bedroom, finding Paul standing motionless in the middle of the room, fully dressed, facing him.

"Now what?" asked Pete.

"Nothing babe. I want you to undress me and then I am going to undress you," explained Paul.

Pete smiled at Paul, savoring the moment. He walked around the room, putting things away, shutting all of the lights except a small one near the beds. He unbuttoned his denim shirt and then removed it while walking over to Paul.

"So you now need help getting undressed cuz?" Pete asked.

Paul nodded his head up and down as Pete unbuttoned Paul's green cotton shirt. Finding a white undershirt next, Pete continued and pulled the shirt up, forcing Paul's arms into the air as Pete pulled the undershirt off and tossed it to the chair where Paul's outer shirt now lay crumpled.

Pete looked at Paul and admired his firm chest and nicely defined biceps. "Love those abs," Pete whispered as he pulled off his own undershirt, leaving both guys standing face to face and bare chested.

Paul looked over Pete's naked chest. He admired Pete's firm chest and smooth abs. He marveled at Pete's pecs and large brown nipples, watching them grow to attention.

"I was supposed to undress you!" said a disappointed Paul.

"Go for it!" announced a grinning Pete, as he kicked off his shoes and pulled at his socks.

"Hey! My job!" barked Paul as Pete giggled.

Paul reached out to Pete's jeans. He unbuckled the belt and pulled it slowly through the loops until it was off. All the while, Paul's eye were locked. Their gaze did not break as their hearts began to slowly pound a bit harder then just moments before. Paul continued the strip. He reached out to unsnap the front of Pete's jeans and then grabbed the zipper. With a very slow motion, the zzzz's of the zipper being pulled down filled the silence of the quiet room like a lone bee hovering between them.

Paul pulled open Pete's jeans and lowered them, allowing them to fall free to the floor once they passed Pete's broad muscular thighs. Paul loved to look at Pete's legs, firm with great muscle definition and a light layer of fuzz running down their length. Once the jeans were down to the ankles, Pete lifted his legs to step out of his jeans. Pushing them aside, he offered a warm grin to Paul.

"Your jeans are next," directed Pete, as he reached out to remove Paul's belt. Their eyes remained fixed to continue admiring each other's bodies as Pete moved quickly to unzip Paul's pants with Paul's assistance with a quick kicked off.

Pete let out a gasp seeing Paul standing in a red jock strap. "You slut!" Pete teased.

"Not as boring as your tighty whities!" Paul countered, turning around slowly offering Pete a view of his firm smooth and muscular ass.

Pete reached out to caress the warm ass cheeks before him, leaning over for a quick kiss and emitted a low moan as he enjoyed the offering.

"Is that ass for me?" Pete asked.

"Absolutely," answered Paul as he climbed onto the bed, removing his jock strap and tossing it at his cousin.

He played with his growing cock and tugged at his balls. With his feet spread on the bed, he looked up at Pete.

"Lose the briefs hot stuff so you can come play with me," offered Paul.

Pete grinned back, his hands in the waist band of his briefs as he ever so slowly took them off. First exposing his smooth muscled lower abs, he rubbed the skin and grinned at Paul. Moving the briefs a bit lower, he exposed his pubic hair, which he had recently trimmed into a smaller "V" shaped patch just before they left the house, knowing the fun that awaited them for the night.

Paul took a deep breath, eagerly eyeing Pete and wanting to see more. Pete played and teased Paul further. He turned his back to Paul as he slowly lowered and removed his briefs, exposing his bare ass. He rubbed and slowly caressed his ass erotically. "You like?" he called out looking over his shoulder.

"MMmmmm," was all Paul could say, still writhing naked on the bed, digging his ass deep down into the mattress.

"You want it then?" Pete asked, still teasing.

"MMmmmmm," was all Paul could muster.

"You can have it after I take yours, ok baby?" Pete asked.

"Fuck yeah!" Paul finally said.

Pete turned back to Paul slowly, his hands suggestively running slowly up and down his naked body, his 8 inch cut cock rising to the occasion while he stared at Paul's now hard 8 inch uncut cock. Crawling onto the bed on all fours, Pete reached out to Paul's legs and pulled them up at the knees and pushed them apart, forcing Paul to role his hips slightly up and expose his waiting hole. Pete reached over to the nightstand to pick up the bottle of lube and looked it over.

"Zane said to put a gob in my ass and a bunch on your cock," Paul offered.

"Starting to like this Zane more and more!" Pete said with a wide grin.

With the lube bottle in his hand, Pete leaned in to move his face towards Paul's ass. He marveled at the musculature as he gently extended his tongue to lick around the pink puckered rim. Paul cooed like a kitten as he felt pleasure radiate out from his ass through his body. Pete teased and caressed Paul's balls, fondling and tugging them as he continued his pleasure giving rim job just below. Paul's whimpers turned into pleas for release until Pete relented. Paul soon felt the cool gel being eased into his hole. He breathed a loud sigh of relief, knowing what was coming. He was hungry to feel Pete ease his cock deep inside. Paul looked down to see Pete positioning himself between Paul's legs, getting ready to begin a sweet fuck.

Pete looked up to face Paul. "Ready lover?" asked Pete.

Again, Paul could only nod up and down as he felt Pete's cock head pop into his asshole. "Ahhhhhh Oooooo Ahhh," was Paul's response while Pete paused for a moment, allowing Paul's sweet ass to get accustomed to Pete's hard throbbing cock. Soon enough, with Pete leaning on his arms in a push-up position, Pete began in earnest a slow rhythmic pushing in and out.

The pressure and speed slowly picked up, as Pete thrust himself deeper into Paul. Paul moaned in delight feeling himself being filled and alternatively emptied by his amazing lover's cock. His mind began to float as the sensations flowed through his body. Paul occasionally clenched his ass down on Pete's cock to offer a tighter entrance and more pleasure for Pete. Pete responded with louder grunts and more vigorous drives deep into Paul, again and again and again.

Paul howled from the assault, his face and chest flushed in the heat of this amazing passion. At the point his head began to spin, he felt Pete push a bit deeper into him and felt the flesh-drill deep inside his loins seem to expand as Pete froze in place, as if time itself stopped. With Pete's body shake, he felt Pete drain his load deep inside in two, three or maybe even four spurts.

Paul's and Pete's reddened sweaty faces met, their eyes locked, as the pressured frowns slowly turned into wide grins and sighs of delight. Pete moved first, slowly lowering his chest onto Paul's chest. Both shiny and slick from sweat, the two bodies merged into one, and Paul slowly lowered his legs, allowing Pete's softening cock to gently slip out. Pete and Paul remained motionless as their bodies calmed back to normalcy. With a light grunt escaping his lips, Pete rolled off Paul's body in slow motion.

Laying naked side by side, their bare hips touching, there was nothing but silence hanging overhead.

"Delicious and just yummy," a calm Pete finally said.

"And filling too," joked Paul.

Pete turned on his side to face Paul. "Your're the best man," Pete said.

"Your ass ready for a visitor?" asked Paul.

"Hmmm," purred Pete. "How you want me?" Pete asked.

"Well, since you crawled on to the bed on all fours, and you looked so hot in that position, lets try that, okay?" asked Paul.

"I'm all yours," offered Pete, as he grabbed the bottle of lube and shoved some into his ass, and then offered it to Paul.

Paul got into position on his kneed behind Pete, leaning into him and rubbing, bringing his cock to full attention. While putting some lube on his cock, he leaned over to lick and kiss Pete's lower back.

"That tickles," Pete giggled.

"I'll remember that," Paul stated, as he stuck a finger gently into Pete's ass in an effort to loosen him up. Wiggling it back and forth, and in and out, spreading the lube around, he soon added a second finger, which resulted in a low moan from Pete. After the two finger mini-fuck and massage, Paul positioned his cock head at the mouth of Pete's sweet hole.

With a free hand, Paul reached under Pete to fondle Pete's balls and tease his cock, again resulting in a soft moan from Pete. Paul pushed his hips forward until he was ale to get his cock head into its target. With the same hand still playing with Pete's cock and balls, Paul pushed his cock further into its destination. A third of the way in, Paul placed his hands on his lover's hips and began a methodical rocking back and forth. With each effort, his cock went in a bit further. In no time, all of Paul's beefy throbbing eight inches was buried deep inside Pete.

Paul's pubic hairs now tickled Pete's ass, and he decided that he would trim his pubes for next time, to look just like Pete's! Slowly, Paul's thrusts picked up speed and energy, plunging harder and faster into Paul. Paul's body was soon rocked and pounded back and forth as Pete gathered his concentration and began to squeeze and clench his ass back down onto Paul's cock, giving him a tighter and firmer target. The effort worked as Paul's groans and grunts grew louder and stronger. The two male bodies generated enough heat and sweat to put a thin layer of fog on the window just over the bed. The level of sexual energy emanating from their bodies was nothing more then nuclear, with enough power to light a town, Paul thought as he once again began to feel his mind and soul leave his body in this amazing euphoria.

The spell was soon broken as he felt the tide of power rising deep inside of him. He knew he was about to cum. With a louder howl and a deeper thrust, he felt his insides pour out of him as he came deep inside Pete. He felt wave after wave of orgasm as his cream flowed deep into the ass before him. Suddenly he heard a roar from beneath him and realized that Pete had come as well, purely from the pressure he received through his ass.

Their gasps and groans lessened and the smell of their sex and sweat permeated the room. From far away outside, they could barely hear the faint howl of a coyote.

"Amen brother!" Pete said with a giggle.

"Guess we scared the wildlife huh baby?" Paul added with a grin as he fell off his knees and onto his back, lying next to Pete.

"Guess so," answered Pete. "One sec though," he added as he patted Paul's belly and got out of bed.

Still naked with his cock leaking some leftovers, he opened the front door to the cabin which was directly in front of the open bedroom door near where Paul laid, also naked. Pete walked out the front door and reached over to turn on some outside spotlights. Paul looked at his cousin's naked ass and back, standing in the doorway. Paul marveled at the firm muscled back and hips and legs and could only whistle in delight knowing that he was looking at the hot sexy body that he had just possessed.

After a few moments, Paul watched Pete turn off the outside spotlights and then close and lock the front door.

"Just in case something needed to be scared of," Pete explained.

Pete walked slowly back towards the bed, offering a wide grin. He shut the last room light and crawled on all floors back into bed.

"So you like me on all fours? Think I'm sexy this way?" Pete whispered in the dark.

"Hell yeah," responded Paul, who felt Pete lay down on the pillow next to him.

They pulled the blanket up and arranged themselves in the bed. With Pete turning on his side, he soon felt Paul wiggle up behind him in a spooning position. After a couple of deep breaths, Pete and Paul fell restfully asleep, each to dream of their wonderful sexual escapade of the evening.

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