The Force of Hot Springs, Texas

Howdy! I grew up in the small west Texas town of Hot Springs. It wasn't really all that small. We actually had a population of almost 200,000 people. I grew up in an ordinary household with my folks and my brother Rick, who is three years older then me. My name is Clint. I'm 6 foot 2 and weigh 185 pounds. With dark brown hair and brown eyes, I have a pretty good physique. I loved playing football and baseball with my friends from school so I kept in shape. I'm proud of my smooth firm body and to be honest, have jerked off more then once just staring into the full size mirror in my room.

Fortunately, I really don't have much to complain about. Hot Springs is an awesome place to grow up in. Even thought its in west Texas, we have four seasons and the town is pretty green, being in a valley. School was uneventful and I was lucky to have a great brother who let me know what to expect each step of the way. I realized I was gay at about 13, finding my head turn for the boys instead of for the girls at school. I came out to my brother Rick two years later and he was cool about it all. He asked me some questions about playing safe and told me that romance and dating is all about the drama, whether it was homosexual or heterosexual. Rick was a great role model. Rick was maybe an inch taller then me and maybe 10 pounds heavier. He was sort of the buffer model of me! Also with brown hair and brown eyes, with a nice golden complexion, he kept his hair super short and looked like your typical jock.

I knew that high school could be tricky, being gay and not wanting to be a target. The guys I hung out with were pretty decent but I just wasn't sure how they would react if I came out to them. And sadly, in those days, gay just wasn't quite acceptable. In my chemistry class I sat next to a girl named Loretta Barnes. She was a nice girl I knew who lived a couple of blocks from me. She had long blonde hair and had a nice figure and never wore makeup. We were pretty friendly. A couple of my guy friends teased me that I should ask her out. I had no such intention of doing that even though I always felt comfortable when talking to her. With my head spinning, trying to be a "guy" yet having no interest in doing so, I watched Loretta closely one day in class. One of the other girls came late into our classroom and walked from the front door all the way to her seat in the back. Loretta's gaze followed the girl for each step taken, even turning her head until this other girl took her seat. Another student came in. It was one of the guys from the baseball team. And he was hot! He had just come from practice so he was in the middle of pulling down his shirt which he had apparently just put on while walking into the class room. A few of the guys and girls hooted, having caught a glimpse of his firm defined six pac abs. I watched Loretta who looked up and clearly disinterested, lowered her head back into her books. Hmmmmm! I wondered.

After class, I caught Loretta sitting on the grass between some of our class buildings. I sat down beside her.

"Hey Loretta!" I called out.

"Oh, hi Clint," she responded, offering me a weak smile.

We made small talk about school and our classes, but I kept loosing her attention as she kept watching different girls walk by. When some of the cheerleaders walked by, I think Loretta even forgot that I was sitting there. I knew what I had to do!

"Loretta, I have a favor to ask you," I began, her face becoming quizzical.


"Would you mind if I walk to school with you, and maybe hang around you during lunch sometimes?" I asked.

Loretta looked me over, trying to figure this out. "But why Clint? You have plenty of friends. You're popular!" she added.

"Well, to be honest," I slowly began, "Some of the guys are teasing me that I don't have a girlfriend, or don't even date," I explained, watching her face to see if she was catching my drift. Loretta's face remained expressionless, although she did seem to start breathing heavier.

"I don't really care much about people and their personal stuff," I continued. "But I don't feel like getting grief from people or the guys especially, and I thought maybe we could just, um, look like, you know........."

"Like we're dating or something?" Loretta said, raising her eyebrows while completing my sentence.

We sat quietly for a moment, each holding our breaths.

"Maybe it can help you out too," I added cautiously. Slowly she began to smile, understanding what I was saying.

A few moments passed and our silence was broken by a couple of guys I knew who were walking by, looking at Loretta and I sitting quietly on the ground. Loretta suddenly leaned over and planted a quick kiss on my cheek. "Like this?" she whispered with a giggle. One of the guys caught what happened and yelled out "Way to go Clint!" The other guys laughed and some gave me a thumbs up. I nodded my head up and down, grinning at Loretta. And as if on cue, a couple of girls from our class walked by so I figured I should return the favor. I leaned in and cupped the back of Loretta's head, pulling her close and giving her a nice kiss on the cheek, near her mouth, but not quite. We heard the girls nearby giggle. Success! We both thought to ourselves.

"This is definitely a good thing Clint!" Loretta announced as she stood up, grabbing her books.

"Later!" I yelled out, waving as she left. Perfect, I thought. I now have a convenient girlfriend. Needless to say, Loretta and I became really good friends, coming out to each other soon thereafter and being able to share our thoughts and feelings and frustrations. We each had occasional secret "romances" with the right boy or girl, but school was now drama free for us and we got though it all without any scars!

My brother Rick had a close friend named Chuck who I thought was the hottest guy in the planet. I will freely admit that he was the object of my fantasies during my quite frequent stroking sessions I had in the bathroom or some other secluded place. Chuck was a blonde with pale blue eyes. He'd smile and I would melt. I'm surprised I never drooled when I saw him. The same height as Rick, he was also muscular but had a much trimmer build, probably because he has been on the high school and college swim teams! I loved it when Rick and Chuck let me hang out with them, obviously playing the role as the annoying little brother. Sometimes they would be hanging out in a park and start goofing around, playing touch football and tackling each other, or just wrestle around. Of course I would pounce on the two of them, typically focusing my attention on Chuck and trying to cop a feel of his strong arms or chest and even get silly and try to grab his ass. I never came out to Chuck so I suppose he just thought I was being a silly kid. But it only took a strong stare from Rick to settle me back down, knowing full well what I was up to!

After high school, I went to the local college which was part of the University of Texas and majored in criminal justice. Don't ask me why, but I always wanted to be a police officer, and no, it wasn't because I could arrest guys and "work them over." I just felt like I should be a police officer, and I wanted to stay in Hot Springs. Rick, after trying several majors at the same college, ended up with a political science major which of course is pretty useless. In his last year of school, he was hanging out with Chuck one day when they met up with Chuck's older brother Frank. Frank was three years older then Chuck, and was already a police officer with the Hot Springs Police force. The first time I met him, I thought I was going to pass out! Frank looked just like Chuck, with the same blonde hair and blue eyes, but he was much buffer. He looked like he could be a football player. He had broad shoulders which tapered along his side to a very trim waist. And he had an awesome bubble butt ass! Frank wore his hair really short, unlike Chuck who liked to keep his hair a bit longer.

Well, to make a long story short, my brother Rick applied for the police force and was accepted. Being a straight shooter, both sexually and ethically, he did very well. By the time I graduated college, both Rick and Frank put in a good word for me and I applied to the local police academy. As I was still living in town, the six week course went smoothly and quickly. Before long, I was out on patrol and doing very well. Two years down the road, I was able to put a deposit down on a small home. It was the perfect size and had a really cool in-ground pool in the backyard, surrounded by trees and bushes. In celebration of my new home, I decided to have a party. I decided that the next Sunday afternoon was perfect.

Of course Rick and Chuck were invited and they quickly accepted. I also invited Frank, and even though he was now promoted to our sergeant, I was pleased when he accepted as well. Loretta, my old high school "sweetheart," was also coming to my party. She had also joined the police force so I got to see her quite often and we remained close friends. I also invited Clem, one of the other officers who was really nice, but he talked endlessly. I figured he'd always be able to jump start a conversation if things got too quiet. I invited three other people I knew who worked as detectives with the police department. They were pretty decent and kept to themselves, but I just couldn't leave them out. I bought the necessary hot dogs, hamburgers, fixings and deserts and some beer and soft drinks. I set up the backyard Saturday night and looked forward to my housewarming barbecue party the next day!

The next morning arrived with sunny clear skies and I finished cleaning up my home and getting everything ready. By 2:00 in the afternoon, my doorbell began to ring. In no time, my backyard was full and people talking and mingled and having a good time. As the sun warmed up, people began to look eagerly at the sparkling clear pool in my backyard. With everything running smoothly, and plenty of ice and drinks around, I took the lead and kicked off my shoes and dropped my shorts, leaving me in my bright green board short style swimming trunks. With a whoop and a holler, I jumped into the pool. When my head popped up to the surface, I saw everyone watching me with wide grins.

"The water is awesome, in case anyone is curious!" I announced. Loretta took my lead. With the young blonde gal she brought along to the party, they both pulled off their t-shirts and shorts to reveal they were both wearing bathing suits underneath. In no time they were in the pool with me, splashing around and cooling off. It didn't take long for everyone else to shuck their outer clothes to reveal their bathing suits underneath and join us in the pool. I looked around and was pleased to see everyone having a good time.

My brother Rick, and his pal Chuck were huddled in a corner of the pool, talking about one thing or another, usually some police force rule or procedure and the older detectives were nearby, discussing some old ball game from who knows when and debating one statistic or another. Sitting on the edge of the pool, having already jumped in and immediately pulled himself out, sat Clem, talking up a storm about some family problem he was facing. Chuck's big brother Frank, was standing off to the side, just relaxing in the water. Standing behind him, I saw his broad back just gleaming under the sun. I walked towards him admiring the broad shoulders and rippled muscles. I stared for a while until he dipped himself under the water to cool off. I marveled how the rivulets of water cascaded off his strong shoulders. I took a step closer and put my hand on his bare wet shoulder, but remained behind him.

"So you doing okay Sarge?" I asked, keeping my hand in place.

"Absolutely Clint, this is awesome. Its good for us all to get together and wind down. I just wish I brought someone, feeling silly standing alone," Frank responded.

"Yeah, why is that? You always have a cute girl nearby you when you go out," I said.

"Slow period, to be honest," Frank admitted.

"Well, for what is worth, I didn't bring anyone here either," I joked, my hand slowly casually rubbing Frank's beefy shoulder.

Frank turned his head sideways to speak to me while I remained behind him, my hand still gently rubbing his shoulder.

"That feels kind of good Clint," Frank said. Following his cue, I rolled my hand around his shoulder and moved it to his side, again rubbing and exploring sideways. I knew I was on thin ice, playing around with another guy who happened to be my boss in a pool with other coworkers around. Frank let out a deep sigh, relaxing under my touch. I looked around to see Loretta in the pool with the other gal, inches apart from each other, talking in hushed tones. At one point, I think I saw Loretta look my way for a quick look.

Rick and Chuck were now sitting on the edge of the pool, still talking. Poor Clem was still there, chatting away, occasionally getting a response from one person or another. The older detectives had worked their way back to the food tables and decided to repeat their meal, hungrily wolfing down more food and drink, which pleased me immensely that they were happy enough to stick around.

And I still had big Frank in my clutches. Feeling bolder and a bit giddy, I allowed my fingers to slip to the waist band of Frank's swim trunks, a pair of standard boxer style swim wear. I took a deep breath and went for it, letting my hands run down along the outside of Frank's trunks, feeling the material and then letting my hand wander back onto his hard firm ass. I eagerly rubbed his globe shaped ass cheeks, knowing that the water, up to our mid chests, kept my hands hidden below. Frank let out another gasp, but made no movement to escape my manual exploration. I on the other hand, had progressed from a occasional gasp to a heart pounding state of barely breathing. Glad my own swim trunks were cut loosely, I could feel my own cock harden and grow and get quite erect.

I let my fingers run up and down Frank's ass crack, and could see Frank drop one of his hands into the water and head straight for the front of his trunks, probably needing to rearrange his cock. I was now passing into a state of utter excitement and feeling the moment, I brought both of my hands underwater to the waist band of frank's trunks and with one fell swoop, pulled them down and let them fall to his ankles. Frank let out a gasp, almost loud enough for the rest of the party goers to hear, and I stepped closer, letting him feel my hardness through my own trunks. My hand returned to his hip under the water, now a able to feel his warm firm bare skin. Again he turned his head sideways to speak.

"You're quite the devil, aren't you Clint?" Frank said, his voice growing raspy.

"Well, you are quite the hunk and I'm afraid I just cant control myself," I responded, leaning my head closer and practically whispering into his ear.

"Exactly how much of a devil are you buddy boy?" Frank asked, his voice growing even weaker.

Now even hornier, I pushed my own swim trunks down to my ankles and moved closer, letting my hard cock wedge itself between Frank's sweet bubble cheeks. In the same instant, I let my hand rush around Frank's hip and grab his already hard cock.

"This much of a devil!" I announced, again in a whisper but this time followed by a kiss on Franks muscular neck.

"Oh man," was all I could hear Frank mumble as I began a slow but steady stroking of his massive hard cock under the surface of the water of the pool. In no time I was rocking back and forth into Frank, letting my throbbing cock rub along his ass crack. I just knew that I would not last much longer. And based on the heavy breathing heard coming out of Frank, I knew he was approaching the point of no return as well. After some forceful fondling of Frank's bull sized balls, I stopped and reached down to pull up my trunks, moving my hard cock a bit to get them inside my shorts. In a flash, I dove under the water, kissing Franks ass on the way down, to grasp his trunks, which were still around his ankles, and I began to pull them up. Swimming around to Frank's front, I pulled up his shorts, pushing my face into his cock and balls for an instant until I got his swim wear back up to his waist.

I popped up in front of him, water running over my head, grinning at him.

"Damn!" was all I could say, pushing the water off my face and standing up.

"You stopped!" lamented a disappointed Frank.

"Maybe you can stay after the party and volunteer to help me clean up," I suggested with a wink.

I pulled myself up out of the pool and sat on the side as Frank turned to face me. He pushed my legs apart and stood between them.

"That's possible," he said, slowly looking me over from head to toe, as if he had never seen me before.

We stayed in those positions a while, talking about this and that until I excused myself.

"Don't you think that maybe the party is winding down?" I asked Frank with a smirk.

I dried myself off and tossed another towel to Frank who had already followed me out of the pool. And as if the universe was helping me out, the sky overhead began to get cloudy and the wind picked up. Everyone around started to dry off and get dressed. Loretta came by and planted a friendly kiss on my cheek and thanked me for the invite and turned to leave. She gave me a wink and tossed her head in the direction of Frank, offering a "good luck" as she left with her friend.

The three detectives mumbled their thanks as they each picked up a fresh bottle of beer with them as they left.

"Drink those when you get home," Frank shouted out to them.

I turned to see that Clem had already slipped out and saw Rick and Chuck still deep in their conversation, begin to help pick stuff up and toss out whatever trash they found into a trash bag I had already set up.

"Hey guys?" Frank called out to Rick and Chuck, "Why don't you hit the road. I'll give the kid a hand!" Frank said.

After some mild protests from Rick and Chuck, they eventually took the hint and split, leaving Frank and I quietly putting stuff away. As I had kept things pretty organized, the cleanup took little time.

"The kid? I'm the kid?" I protested with a grin. Frank shrugged while giving me a reassuring grin.

"I know by the way," Frank stated, looking away from me.

"About what?" I asked innocently.

"That you're gay!" Frank said softly.

"Well damn Einstein, you think after my attack on you in the pool it was that obvious?" I joked.

"No, I knew when we hired you!" Frank offered.

"You did?" I asked, a bit surprised.

"Yeah, Rick and Chuck had a conversation with me. They were concerned that the issue might arise in the future," Frank admitted.

"Oh," I responded, not quite sure how to react.

"It's cool," Frank said, taking a step closer. He turned his head to his shoulder which he arched upward and took in a deep breath.

"Whew, chlorine, do you have a shower I can borrow?" he asked with a sly grin.

"Only if you return it," I replied, following his joke.

I took a step forward and sniffed his buff shoulder and shrugged, "Not so bad," I said, planting a little kiss in the same spot.

Frank turned, grabbed me by the hand and led me inside the house. Having been to my home before, he knew where my bedroom and bathroom were and led me along, not saying a single word as we went. Once in the bathroom, he turned to face me and dropped his trunks, revealing his amazing mid section and already semi hard cock, which twitched as he moved. In a flash, he reached over to me and pulled my swim trunks down as well, leaving me standing before him naked with my cock already coming back to life. He took me in with his eyes and smiled approvingly.

"So we know that I'm gay," I said slowly, waiting for him to complete the sentence.

Chuck looked at me with some apprehension. "Well, I probably am too," he finally admitted.

"Probably?" I asked.

"Well, I've had my girlfriends, and a couple of guys," he said slowly. "But I think I prefer my time with the guys, in bed I mean," he concluded.

"So am I an experiment?" I asked.

"No, not at all!" Chuck protested. In the two years I've known you I really like you. You are smart and funny and cute! I am quite comfortable with you to be honest, and when I came over and saw you in only a swim suit, I decided to stand next to you and see what happens. I might have put my hand on your shoulder if you didn't act first!" Frank explained, still standing before me and now casually fondling his balls.

"But I'm six years younger," I reminded him. Frank just shrugged.

"And does Chuck know?" I asked. "Not a clue," Frank answered. He knows how wild a playboy I was in college so it's the last thing he would think."

"How about Rick, does he know you're gay?" Frank asked me.

"Oh yeah, I told him when I was a teenager years ago," I said.

Frank took another step closer to me and wrapped his hands around me. He wasn't that much taller then me so the kiss that followed was pretty comfortable and of course, pretty hot. Our bodies fused together with our hard cocks pushed up between our bellies.

"I need a shower Clint. Maybe you can help me out," Frank announced, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me into the shower stall.

We turned on the water and began to soap ourselves up, getting rid of the chlorine from our skin, and soon enough we were soaping each other up. At first I let Frank take the lead, soaping my back and playing with my ass cheeks. I soon felt his fingers slip under my ass when he grabbed my balls and began to fondle them. I leaned back into Frank and just let him take over. Considering how muscular he was, I was pleased that he was so gentle with me. Our bodies rocked in motion under the water of the shower. The entire world slipped away as I felt wrapped up within Frank's body. In no time, I was hard as a rock and felt the throbbing deep in my loins. I pulled way from Frank and we both turned around, facing the same direction. I grabbed from the shelf in the shower some liquid soap that I had heard about on line. Apparently it was a natural soap that was also safe to use as a lube.

I pressed my body against Frank, letting my hands soap up his chest and then without being very patient, slipped down to begin jacking him off with my soapy hands. He squealed in delight, grinding his ass into my crotch. I knew what I wanted and decided to make my move. I brought my hands back to my own cock and making sure I was sudsy enough, began to rub some of the lube soap into Frank's anal opening. His squeals turned into moans and I'm sure he suspected what I was up to.

With all destinations lubed, I held on tight to Franks' hips as I maneuver my cock head into position. With my first thrust, I was able to get my cock passed his asshole. He was nice and tight but I went no further, waiting for his ass to relax before an additional attack. We rolled back and forth standing in the shower for a while, just holding on tight. Feeling Frank ready, I went further, passing his next muscle ring and began my fucking. It felt so good.

I brought my hands around Frank and held on to his lower belly as my assault progressed. It felt so good and so natural to be here doing this with Frank. I no longer felt that Frank was older then me, or that he was even my boss. We were just two kindred spirits, connecting and being together at this moment. My thrusts increased and I moved Frank and I so that he now faced the wall. I pushed on his back a little to make him lean forward a bit to give me a better angle. My goal was to get my cock to push up against his prostate, his love button, so that he could receive even more pleasure.

Our pumping continued as we both moaned in delight. Every so often, Frank would clench his ass muscles down on my busy cock, making his ass even tighter. And the pressure was building and I knew my fuse was getting short. I was definitely about to cum in a mighty explosion. I reached down and squeezed Franks cock as I stroked, which caused him to howl like a wild beast and in turn, make his ass muscles even tighter. And that pushed me over the edge. I joined his howl and felt my insides shudder. I rammed my cock forward one last time, feeling it engorge and then spurt out my juices. I came in maybe three waves, three that I can remember that is, and let his ass squeeze me and massage me and drain me. Exhausted, I leaned up against his bare back. Despite the shower water still falling on Frank, I could feel his heat.

Slowly, Frank stood up straight again, pulling me up with him and I soon felt my cock relax and fall out of its deep hidden chamber after its grueling workout. Frank turned to face me, wearing a wide grin. "I know you sure came, but for what its worth, I really enjoyed that too!" Frank offered.

"Do you think you can take this monster?" he asked, holding his hard cock in his palm. I looked down, seeing his nine inch cut cock throb and pulse. And I thought MY eight incher was big!

"Lets finish up in here; we'll rinse off and get dry. I want to take you on the bed, when we are dry," I said, returning Frank's wide smile.

We rinsed and shut off the shower. We toweled dry and of course dried off each other for any parts we missed. My very red cock hung low, still leaking a drop of cum from time to time, but twitched as well, showing that it could make a good recovery. We walked out of the bathroom and over to my king sized bed where I removed the blanket and pillows, giving us a larger playing field.

As Frank walked to the bed, he turned to face me as he fell onto the mattress onto his back. As he went backwards, he grabbed my hand so that I fell as well, onto him, with my chest now resting on his chest. Despite our shower, our bodies were already getting warmer. But it felt good. It felt cozy. Hugging and kissing, we stayed together as Frank rolled slowly to his side, pushing me to my side as well, facing each other.

I reached over to my night stand and dug into the top drawer until I pulled out a small tube of lube, and tossed it to Frank. He looked at it and then opened it up, putting a gob on his fingers and then proceeded to rub some along his cock, giving it a firm pull to keep it hard. Frank reached behind me, finding my ass and gently pushing one finger in, taking some lube along the way. His finger massaged my rim so gently, so delicately, so erotically, that my cock responded and immediately began to inflate. With some more lube, Frank repeated the process, getting two fingers into my ass and working my ass muscles to a more relaxed state.

Frank's actions were so hot and sensual that I wanted him to just take me, to push me into his control. Although in the past I preferred laying on my back with my legs held up high for a fucking, this time I wanted something different. I rolled onto my hands and pushed myself up on all fours, keeping my ass aimed at Frank who was watching my maneuvers. With my ass thrust back and my face forward in a doggie position, I made sure to be ready for Frank. Before he got to using three fingers on me, his cock was already telling him that it was ready for action. I felt Frank place his hands on my lower hips as he got into position, his cock now twitching at my eager empty hole.

I felt a cock head press up against my anal opening and knew it was show time.

"Go for it, stud. Take me! I so need to feel that hot fucking cock of yours deep inside me!" I growled, urging him on. And Frank complied. Slowly, so slowly, he pushed forward, getting in an inch or two before resting, letting my ass get used to this new large visitor. But I was ready for action and firmly pushed back against Frank. He took the hint and began a slow pumping rhythm. It was awesome. It was delicious. No, it was FUCKING delicious. Or just delicious fucking?

In no time Frank found his beat and began a solid pumping motion and bucked back and forth into me. I obliged and met his motion, pushing into him as he went. This was bliss. I knew that Frank was enjoying himself as well, moaning and groaning like a wild beast. I looked down between my legs to see that my cock had already come back to life, throbbing and twitching and leaking precum as it was feeling the pressure from behind. I began to clamp down on my ass, clenching firmly and applying as much pressure as possible to Frank's steel cock. And it was working, as I could hear Frank muttering.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," was all that I cold make out as he sounded uncontrollable. And then it happened. Frank pushed his hips so far forward, I swear his cock had reached my stomach. My whole body lurched and then felt streams of cum flooding my insides. I soon felt wet on the front of my legs above my knee and realized that I had shot a small load as well. Several waves filled me as Frank's rocking and thrusting began to slow. He suddenly laid his chest on my back, but did not give me all of his weight which would have pushed me flat onto the mattress. I heard him giggling and felt him licking and kissing my back.

Frank soon pulled out of me, causing a popping sound to come from my ass. I giggled at it all and watched Frank crash on to the bed on his back. I rolled around and fell right next to him, our bare hips touching.

"Awesome Clint, thank you," Frank beamed.

"No, thank you Frank. That was wonderful," I added.

Frank took my hand and held it on his stomach as we talked. Despite so much that was different about us, we seemed to have so much in common. Here was this big beefy guy six years my senior with fair skin and short blonde hair and blue eyes, who seemed to have his life so together. And me? I was younger and slimmer and had darker skin and eyes and was just starting out. And yet, we clicked and I think he felt the same connection.

And my youth revealed itself when I asked the obvious. "Now what?"

"What do you mean?" Frank responded.

"I have to admit I have feelings for you. I'm not sure exactly what is happening in my head but I want this, I want US, to continue, but I don't know if there's anyone else in your life, and then of course, there's the Hot Springs force," I said, giving Frank an inquiring look.

Frank turned onto his side, looking at my face. His eyes were gazing deeply at me, a soft smile growing.

"Well, Clint, I think I'm at the same place. I have feelings for you too. And no, there is no one else at this time! So no matter what, this day with you, which was wonderful by the way, is definitely not our last time together!" Frank announced, causing me to break into a wide grin and let out a happy giggle.

"As for the police force, lets set a night this week to have dinner with our brothers and let them know where we are. I don't want to hide anything and hopefully, we can get their support. Meanwhile, there is a movie I want to see so tomorrow after work so we'll grab a couple of burgers somewhere and catch that movie," Frank stated, so matter of fact.

"And work? You are my boss you know!" I offered.

Frank inched closer to me, his fingers now dancing on my belly and abs and occasionally tugging at my pubic hair, looked down at my body.

"I don't think I can give this up, it's a one of a kind," he explained, rubbing and touching my body which lay out before him.

"But there are other jobs if it becomes an issue," he said calmly. "But, but ....." I started to say before he put a finger over my lips.

"We'll deal with that later," he said as he rolled forward onto me, his face descending over my midsection as I felt his tongue play in my belly button.

I spread my legs, preparing for the inevitable as Frank moved his face lower.

"Frank, you are trying to change the subject on me," I said in mock protest.

"Mmm mmm," Frank grunted as his head nodded up and down, since his mouth was already full of my cock and he couldn't speak any clearer nor move his head any more forcefully. Who am I to argue? I just went along for the ride!



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