Story #50:

A bit of a jock in college, I was involved in more sports activities then I had time for, but I enjoyed my sports! At 20 years old, and a trim six foot build, I was big enough for soccer, yet trim enough for a good swimming regimen. My name is Jack, and I weigh 170 pounds, with dark brown hair and smooth skin, I was lucky enough to look like I had a year round tan. But that day goofing around at soccer practice at University changed everything. Me and two buddies crashed into each other on the field while chasing the ball. I remember hearing a loud pop as I fell to the ground, the pain in my shoulder shooting through my body as I lay on the ground moaning. The coach ran over to me.

"Damn it Jack, you are just too forceful on the field. You popped your left shoulder, you sorry son of a bitch!" he exclaimed.

I felt his hands feel my shoulder as I winced. The coach motioned for two of the other guys standing nearby to hold my feet to the ground as another was directed to hold onto my right shoulder.

"One two three," he called out as he yanked my arm back into place, resulting in a new loud pop and I bellowed out in pain, but it almost immediately subsided, leaving me with a dull ache in my left shoulder. I sat up slowly, as my concerned teammates watched. After a second I looked over at the coach with a weak smile.

"Thanks coach," I said, feeling better that we had a good coach who watched after us. He helped me to my feet and felt around my sore shoulder.

"You'll be fine Jack, just watch where the hell you're running next time! All of you!" he added looking at the rest of the players.

"Jack, go head up to the sports clinic. You'll need a few weeks of physical therapy to relax and strengthen that shoulder. You need to rest it up, so no team activity for a bit!" the coach explained.

"Ah coach! Really? I whined.

"Yeah really," he said with a supportive grin. "I need you strong for the rest of the season!" he added.

I walked back to the bench and grabbed my bag and towel and went directly to the sports clinic without changing. I was still in my soccer shirt as well as the usual jock and shorts, in addition to socks and soccer shoes. After a brief walk across campus, I entered the clinic building where I spoke to the kind lady at the front desk. I explained the situation and after filling out a few short forms, I grabbed a seat.. Soon enough, she called my name and I went back into the clinic and was lead into a small room. I grabbed a chair next to a desk and table and saw a file folder with my name in it.

After waiting another couple of minutes, the door opened and in walked a guy I thought was another student. He certainly didn't look any older then me. Also about 6 feet in height with a similar build like me, but with black hair, he gave me a quick grin and picked up my file, taking a seat by the desk. He looked it over and then turned to face me offering out his hand.

"Hi Jack, my name is Ken, I'll be helping you with your shoulder," he said. I shook his hand with a rush of thoughts filling my head.

"Um, no offense, um Ken, but you're like another student here right?" I asked, but for some reason I just couldn't keep my eyes off him. His face was magnetic with just perfect features. His body wasn't too muscular but his chest and shoulders just pushed against his white buttoned medical shirt. Open at the collar, his smooth tan skin just glowed beneath.

"Well Jack," he began with a grin, "I guess I'm flattered that you think I'm too young but I actually am almost 25 years old. I already have my masters in sports medicine and physical therapy and also have a certificate in aquatic sports training and injury recovery. Right now I'm interning here as part of my doctorate in health therapy and sports biology. So you're okay with this then?" he asked, offering a beaming grin that seemed to light up the room.

I took a big gulp and could feel my chest just pounding. Why I had this reaction to this guy, I had no clue, but knew that I was prepared to do anything this guy asked of me.. I nodded my head up and down and grunted a sorry for assuming he wasn't qualified.

Ken looked at me and smiled.

"Honest, we're cool. Guess I'm flattered you thought I was your age," he concluded.

Ken looked back over my file and then scooted his chair next to me, lightly placing his hands on my left shoulder, exploring gently with his fingers which caused me to give a slight shudder under his touch. I saw him quickly glance at my face when my shoulder shook under his touch, but he said nothing.

"Jack, it seems that your arm and shoulder joint were slightly dislocated but your coach popped it back into place quick enough so I don't feel any damage. What we need to do is move it and massage it to heal the area and build back its strength. Typically, a few minor tendons are torn and that's what we need to fix. I need you three times a week here for some massage and therapy. I hope you'll be able to work your schedule so we can do that. Okay?" Ken explained.

"I looked at him hopefully, still feeling my entire shoulder aching. "Not a problem, Ken," I said. "Its just really sore right now," I added.

With my last response, he jumped quickly out of his seat and left the room, calling back over his shoulder that he would quickly return. He came back with a few aspirin in his hand and a glass of water, and some wet towels under his arm. I took the aspirin and washed them down and then looked curiously at the towels.

Ken grinned back at me. "Let's lose the shirt Jack, and see if we can't get a quick treatment in today while you're here. I'll give you something mild to help you sleep tonight because you'll have the worst pain in the first 24 hours. I awkwardly pulled off my shirt as I grimaced trying to move my left arm out of the shirt. Ken stepped in closer and took my arm in his hands as he helped me pull off the shirt. I looked up at him with a grateful smile as I noticed him looking intently over my bare chest. Meanwhile, I enjoyed feeling his muscular arms rubbing against my chest and bare shoulder.

Fine, I totally get being grateful to this guy for helping me out in a time of pain and injury, but I felt somehow, I don't know, turned on my this physical contact? I was definitely confused.

Ken took the warm wet towels and laid them on my shoulders as he motioned for me to hop on the small table in the room and lay down. He stood very close to me as he slowly and gently, yet forcefully, moved my arm up and around to make sure that I had full flexibility and range. Ken stood so close to me as I lay before him, that I could smell him. I detected some soap and some kind of after shave, and a bare essence of sweat, which actually didn't smell too bad. I was a bit turned on to be honest. Suddenly back to reality and aware of him, I felt him maneuver my hand up against his belly as he gave my arm a long slow stretch. I let the back of my hand relax as it felt his strong abs and I let my hand press into him. I stared at my hand on his belly and when I looked up at him, I saw him staring at my hand touching him as well. Our eyes met for an instant and we both quickly looked away. I snuck another look up at him and saw that his face was blushing.

Oh my god, he's sensing something also. I suddenly got nervous and didn't know what to say or do. The room remained silent as he continued to work my arm and shoulder. Despite the sexual tension in the room, at least the sexual tension I had, he was in fact able to make my shoulder hurt significantly less. After a while, he was done and told me I could sit up.

"Ken, I have to hand it to you, my shoulder feels so much better. Thank you thank you thank you!" I beamed.

He smiled back. "Good, that's what I was hoping for," he offered.

"And sorry about my comment earlier, I really didn't mean to sound like I was doubting you!" I said.

"No problem. See you in three days okay?" Ken asked.

"Absolutely!" I answered emphatically, then panicking that maybe I sounded too enthusiastic. But I knew I was doomed, because there he stood, blushing again! And damn if it didn't look like his pants were bulging ever so slightly in front!

I walked out of the clinic as quickly as my feet would allow. What the hell was going on? Or more importantly, what the hell was I getting into?

The next two days at school went by in a blur. I kept physical activity to a minimum as Ken had suggested and kept to my studies. Luckily I had my own dorm room so I could easily avoid the rough housing that usually took place with my regular buddies. The night before my next physical therapy session with Ken, I could feel my sexual tension and frustration rising, so before bed, I knew there was only one thing a red blooded guy could do, so I grabbed a couple of my porn magazines and stripped naked laying on my bed. And there she was, that red headed porn star on the cover of one of the magazines. I turned the pages until I found a picture of her pulling on one of her massive tits, licking the nipple. Her legs were spread, exposing her bush. I licked up my the palm of my right hand and eagerly began pumping my growing cock. In no time it was at full mast, showing off its cut eight inches, glowing redder and redder by the moment. This is what I needed. This is probably why I had those weird feelings while Ken was rubbing my shoulder. I so needed this! I stroked my cock harder and harder, feeling my feet digging down into my bed. But I had to admit I did enjoy the massaging his strong muscular hands had worked on my muscles. I didn't care that I was shirtless when he worked me over. I remembered seeing Ken's muscles ripple under his shirt as he expertly pressed the flesh of my shoulder. I pumped my cock harder, my ass now digging into the mattress beneath me. I wondered if Ken liked to jack off this way, laying spread eagle in bed, naked to the world, furiously pumping his cock like I was. And I was really eager to have my next massage and rub down session with him. Maybe he would do it with out his shirt on next time. I pumped my cock harder and tighter, spitting quickly into my palm for more lube. I was close, so close, my body squirming naked in bed, the magazine tossed to the floor, my eyes closed. Oh god oh go, I'm cumming, but all I could see in my mind's imagination, was a naked Ken stroking his hard cock before me! Aggggggghhhhhhhh! Oooooooooh!

I came like a volcano, finally opening my eyes and seeing a puddle of cum on my chest and a few splatters on my chin and even a few on my left shoulder, exactly where Ken would be working and massaging my muscles tomorrow. A quick shiver went though my body when I had that thought. Oh shit! I am so fucked!

The following day, before I had to walk over to the sports clinic for my appointment with Ken, I went through my closet and must have changed clothes at least three time. I had no clue what to wear. Ken knew I wouldn't be coming from practice, so I couldn't wear my normal soccer clothes. I settled on a jock covered by some briefs and then a pair of boxers, before adding a pair of jeans. I knew id be safe this way! I also opted for a button down polo shirt, as over the head shirts were still a bit of a struggle. But at the last minute I took off the shirt and opted for an over the head red polo shirt with only three buttons. I had to admit, it was a real pain, literally, to put on.

Now running late, I dashed across campus to the clinic and walked in, seeing Ken standing there with a file in his hand, probably mine. "There you are!" he beamed, as he walked to me, offering out his hand for me. I grinned back, shaking his hand and noticed he looked different. His wavy black hair was combed neatly in place, not the straggled mop top he sported last time. He wore a medical scrubs shirt, a light blue, that hung open at his neck, offering me a glimpse of even more smooth tan skin then last time. When we bumped into each other walking through the door way, a stronger scent of soap and after shave emanated from his body. Oh my god! I thought. He dressed for me! I walked behind him, admiring his fit form walking before me, and started to stare at his butt. The cotton light blue scrub pants were quite revealing. I could make out a pair of boxers underneath, but there seemed to be other creases at his hips, revealing that he must have been wearing briefs under his boxers just like me. This is not going well at all!

We walked further and I realized that we were going to a different room then last time. We rounded a corner and walked in to a larger room. Ken dropped my file in a plastic shelf on the outside of the door, indicating that we would be using that room. He locked the door behind him and motioned for me to hop on to the table in the middle if the room.

"Off with the shirt!" Ken directed, and I began to comply but it was immediately obvious that I was struggling with the shirt. He walked over to me with a serious look as he assisted me in removing the shirt. Again, I felt his hands against my bare shoulder and I let out a low deep breath from his touching.

"Are you okay Jack?" Ken asked. ""Um, I'm fine," I offered, feeling my face begin to blush as I looked up and saw a slight grin on his face. He motioned for me to lie down and again he took my arm and maneuvered it into different positions, causing me some slight discomfort, but none of the pain I had felt only a few days earlier. And then it happened; he had moved my hand so that the back of my hand was up against his belly. But this time something felt different. I casually stretched my head in different directions until I was able to sneak a quick look at his belly and realized that his shirt had ridden up ever so slightly, so my left hand was half on the shirt material and half on his bare belly, where I could see his tanned and smooth and impressive six pack.

I quickly looked away but my head swooned. Okay, its official, I was now turned on. My only thought was whether or not he had seen me catch a peek of his belly and my hand. Part of me was a bit nervous but another part of me thought that this situation was not accidental. I moaned and groaned while laying on the table, as if I was stretching my body and relaxing. I made sure to allow my left hand to move "accidentally" against his belly, but making sure that it slipped under part of the shirt, so that it rested fully on Ken's bare skin. And it felt so good. Once or twice I let my hand rub against his skin, and I was almost certain that at one point, I heard Ken's take in a deep breath in response to my touch. Nothing further happened as Ken continued doing his job, or at least trying to do his job.

Once done, I sat up and caught Ken looking at me curiously, but with a slight grin.

"How you feeling Jack?" Ken asked me. "Quite good actually Ken, you're pretty amazing!" I offered. He smiled back and then furrowed his eyebrows, as if to get serious. I sat up, my legs hanging over the table as he stood before me. He stepped closer and placed his hands on my left shoulder.

"The goal here is to relax the arm and shoulder muscles so they react comfortably with the bones and chest muscles," he explained, as his hands moved freely over my arm and shoulder, touching each muscle group as he explained and identified them.

"They all lock into the chest group, specifically the pectorals," Ken continued, while his hands moved slowly over my chest now, letting his wandering fingers brush over my nipple. I shuddered at his touch and drew in a breath and he caught me doing it.

"So I'm okay then? My shoulder I mean?" I asked, looking up at him admiringly.

Ken pressed just on the corner of my shoulder. "See this?" he asked. I could see a small bump under my skin.

"This tendon is knotted and that's our target," Ken explained, and in an instant, he peeled off his own shirt, revealing an almost perfect chest, tanned and muscled, with two dark brown nipples staring back at me.

"See how my shoulder is smooth at this point?" he asked, placing one of my hands on his muscular, warm and bare shoulder.

I stood up to get closer, allowing me to follow his lead for this free feel. I let my hand wander slowly over his shoulder, ever acting the obedient patient-student, learning what I could and taking what was offered. I let my hand explore onto his chest, just as he had done to me. Standing face to face, our eyes were soon locked as my exploring fingers found his nipple, which became erect under my touch.

"I definitely see what you mean, Ken," I offered, our faces now breaking into mischievous grins.

"I could get in trouble here, you know!" he said softly.

"Well, I don't want you in trouble but I have to be honest, I've never had these kind of feelings before," I admitted to him. "But you get me so turned on!" I added.

"Me too," he said in a hoarse whisper.

I giggled. "I changed clothes three times and have on three levels of underwear," I said, watching his reaction. He giggled back at me.

"We are so fucked!" he said. I also changed clothes and am wearing multiple layers down below!" he added.

I took a step back, removing my hand from his bare chest.

"Check this out," I said, as I pulled down my pants and revealed my boxers.

"Oh yeah?" he responded, as he stepped out of his scrub pants, showing off his boxers which he quickly lowered, revealing him standing in a pair of black boxer briefs.

I ginned back at him, admiring his buff legs, and I pulled off my boxers, displaying my dark blue briefs.

Ken continued his strip as he pulled down his boxer briefs to reveal a white jock strap. Damn, his lower belly was tight and hot.

In response, I pulled off my briefs and also stood wearing nothing but my white jock strap. "Same here!" I announced.

Ken stared at me grinning ear to ear. "Damn Jack, you have a hot body!"

I looked at him and then put on a fake frown. Here we go, I thought. "But nothing under the jock!" I announced as I peeled off my jock, standing naked before him with a semi hard erection beginning to take on a life of its own, while I continued to stare at the beautiful man standing before me.

"Same here, hot stuff," Ken announced as he yanked off his jock, revealing his eight inch uncut cock already rising to full erection as if happy to see me! We both laughed and I stepped forward towards Ken, and in a moment, we were both arm in arm, hugging tightly and feeling our now fully hard cocks pressed eagerly against our bellies.

Our mouths locked in a deep passionate kiss. Feelings from deep inside me flowed eagerly, offering me a sense of sexual satisfaction I had never felt before. My mouth opened to find Ken's mouth already open with his tongue waiting patiently to enter my mouth and find my tongue. Our mouths remained locked in the heat of passion as our bodies hungrily pressed against each other. I pulled my mouth back and soon found Ken's face and strong jaw, as my mouth traveled across new territory, pressing firmly into his neck, nuzzling and breathing in deeply his manly scent, which only pushed me to further arousal. I could feel my cock straining and throbbing as my mouth continued its journey south and was soon covering Ken's shoulder and chest with little licks and kisses.

Ken's hands continued to caress my shoulders as he whimpered under my attention and my mouth was soon over his belly and abs, the same territory that began my awakening. With my hands moving to hold on to his hips, my knees instinctively lowered themselves to the ground, allowing my face a perfect view of his beautiful hard cock, which quivered in sync with Ken's heartbeat. I looked up at him and saw his beaming face smiling down at me.

"This is a first time for me, so please let me know if I do something wrong. All I know is that this is something I really want to do!" I offered.

"For the record Jack," Ken began, "I have never been with another guy or even wanted to, but this feels so right, so natural. I just know that you will be just fine. Besides, I'm going down on you real soon, so I'll have my revenge if you leave any scars!" he offered with a mischievous grin and giggle.

My head inched forward, not quite sure what to do yet somehow knowing what step came next. I opened my mouth slowly and swallowed the air of his sweet musk as I licked the top of his quivering cock head. It tasted sweet with a bare essence of salt as I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. Letting my tongue swirl around his foreskin, I began a slow suck, which resulted in Ken letting out a low moan. With my hands firmly holding his bare hips, my mouth seemed alive with a mind of its own, sucking and licking the hard throbbing member within its control. My mouth moved deeper and deeper until in no time, my nose was rubbing into Ken's pubes, taking his cock hard and deep. Soon enough, Ken was rocking his hips back and forth into me, giving me a full throttle face fuck. My lips tightened and my mouth sucked, coaxing out the sweet precum that soon dribbled onto my tongue.

I could feel my own cock throb and leak between my legs as a new state of euphoria flooded over me. Ken's groans and moans grew and soon, I could feel his cock widen in my mouth and he suddenly pushed his hips forward one more time, but this time, freeze in place. He body rocked and quaked in my hands and I felt his cock's cream erupt into my mouth in several waves. I hungrily took what he offered and swallowed quickly, making sure not to miss a drop. After a few more shakes, I could feel his cock slowly shrink and withdraw as it fell from my mouth, still slurping and licking his remaining juices.

I slowly rose to my feet and Ken pulled me in closely, a full grin on his face, and he held me tight.

"There is no way that was your first blowjob, because you were absolutely amazing!" Ken offered.

I blushed at his comment but immediately offered my defense. "Honest Ken, not only have I never done that, but I never ever thought of doing that, but man oh man! That was amazing! I had no idea it would be such a hot turn on!" I explained.

Ken looked down at his bright pink and still wet cock. "And I don't see any scars!" Ken joked. "But now its my turn! And I cant wait to get hold of that beautiful cock of yours!" Ken added, sinking slowly to his knees and moving his mouth over my hard cock. In no time, my throbbing cock was deep in his mouth, being sucked and slurped and licked by someone who I was sure was a natural. My hands caressed his head and my hips instinctively went into their own thrusting motion and my cock entered its own state of nirvana. My moans grew and Ken moaned, even with his mouth filled with my hot cock. This was amazing. This was better then my hand or even the occasional pussy that my cock had explored from time to time. My head swam in a mist of pure ecstasy and our bodies seemed connected as one, with my own orgasm slowly building and surging deep within me. The very thought of being with Ken, another man, which felt so natural and comfortable and hot and sexy, easily pushed me over the edge. A low animal growl escaped from deep within my throat as I felt wave after wave of cum erupt from my cock and balls, making my head spin.

Just as I had done to him, Ken hungrily swallowed and licked my draining cock, making sure not to miss any of my cream. Our passions satisfied, Ken slowly rose to his feet and stared deeply at me with a grin and a single tear in his eye.

"Awesome just doesn't describe this," Ken offered, kissing me lightly on each cheek. "I feel so connected to you, like I never have with anyone before," he added.

"To be honest, I felt something last time also," I admitted. "It just feels so right!" I said.

Ken wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled our bodies tightly together. "As much as I'd love to attack you right now, right here, we've been in here long enough already. But I want more!" he explained.

"I know, me too!" I said. "But I have a single dorm room!" I offered with a sly grin.

"And I have my own apartment!" Ken said.

"Dinner tonight?" I asked.

"Of course," he answered, "but I may skip the food and go straight to dessert!" he cooed.

I reach d down between us and grabbed his balls and gave them a loving squeeze. "Fuck yeah!" I responded.

"That too!" Ken said, as we pulled apart and began to dress, our eyes still hungrily taking in each other's bodies.

In no time, we had straightened our clothes and put ourselves back together.

We walked out slowly to the front reception area, where other people were waiting, unaware of the hot passion that had just taken place. "But my shoulder still has a way to go, sir!" I commented in Ken's direction when we were in the reception area.

"We'll do what we can to get you back in shape, Jack!" Ken offered.

The receptionist, with an ear open to our conversation, chimed in. "Oh Jack, don't worry. I'm sure Ken will leave you smiling when he's done with you and your shoulder!"

I turned slowly to the receptionist offering my biggest smile. "Somehow, I really truly believe that!" I said as I walked gaily out of the office.



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