My brother and I are two years apart. My name is Alan, and I'm the older brother. Bobby is my younger brother and its just the two of us living with our folks, who both work full time. I'm nineteen and my brother is seventeen. Growing up we were always close and usually got along. While at 6 foot 2, I'm slightly taller then he is, and in many respects we look a lot alike. Both active in sports, and pretty good at it I must admit, we are slim and muscular without being too stocky. We have wavy dark hair, which we both keep short, and are proud that our bodies are mostly hairless, except for the usual patches under our arms and our pubes.

Bobby has always followed my path in so many things, like sports and academics, except in the area of a social life. I always had a ton of friends while he would have two or three at any one time. I started dating at like 15 and started on the road to sexual exploration maybe at 16. A couple of circle jerks with some of my buddies, kind of like a show and tell thing, and some nice hand play with a girlfriend here and there. By 17, fucking a girl happened now and then. To be honest, I enjoyed my time with a couple of the guys but nothing more then mutual masturbation ever happened. It felt comfortable - lets just say that!

I knew Bobby wasn't going down the same path and I figured if he had a question or concern, he'd eventually bring up the topic one day. And he did just that during winter break when I came home from college for three weeks. With a couple of pet dogs in the house, our folks took advantage of my being home to plan a long vacation. At first I was annoyed, since Bobby was always home and as a senior in high school was pretty responsible, but now I was looking forward to spending some down time alone with Bobby. He was a pretty cool brother.

The day after I got home from school, we had a nice family dinner out and my folks went over the laundry list of things to watch or look after while they were gone. Our folks were okay, they just sometimes forgot to realize that we were 17 and 19 years old! The next morning we took them to the airport and dropped them off curbside and then drove home. Bobby and I were pretty quiet, still adjusting to the fact that we would have the house to ourselves for three whole weeks. We thought of the possible parties but kind of let the issue slide away. We had our fair share of those parties when I was in high school and the folks were gone. But now the weather was cold and dismal. Overcast skies with wind and temperatures in the low 40's - not exactly pool party days!

Once home, we went to our own rooms, texting friends, looking over this thing or that, but otherwise just chilling. At 5:00 I looked up to see Bobby in my doorway just looking at me.

"Yo, bro!" I said with my usual grin I gave my brother. "What's up?" I asked.

"I am so hungry and I so don't want to cook!" he offered.

I looked at him for a moment. He stood in a pair of tight jeans and t shirt, taller then I remember but with the face of the little brother I knew and loved over the years. Yet his face was looking older, becoming a man, and a good looking one at that. But then of course he looked like me, right?

"Let's order pizza and wings," I suggested.

Bobby looked at me with his warm grin which widened in to a smile. He frowned for a moment as if he were about to say something but then just blurted out: "Awesome idea. I'll call. The usual Alan?"

I nodded. "Of course bro!" He loved when I called him that. Sometimes in response, he'd call me 'big bro.' Like I said, we got along nicely, as brothers and I suppose you could also say, as best friends.

The pizza and wings and liter of Coke arrived and we ate hungrily, occasionally grunting at each other to either pass the wings or pizza or a napkin. We devoured everything on the table and after a couple of healthy burps and a couple of giggles, we ended up back in our own rooms again, after a promise that we would try to do something together the next day. Once in my room, I stripped down to only my boxers, laid on bed with a couple of magazines and turned on the radio. Ah, no school, no homework, no papers and no chores! Pure paradise!

A short while late, out of the corner of my eye I notice my brother appear in the doorway, still in jeans and t shirt with a serious expression on his face. Bobby almost always wore a smile, I sat up concerned and put down my magazine.

"Bro! What? You look like your pet turtle died!" I said.

"I don't have a pet turtle big bro!" Bobby uttered, but letting a slight grin cross his face at my silly remark.

I patted the side of the bed next to me as I moved and sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed. "Sit!" I directed.

Bobby immediately took his place sitting next to me on my full size bed but remained quiet.

I leaned into my younger brother to make physical contact, in an act to reassure him. "Talk to me," I said after a few minutes.

Bobby slowly turned to look at me, then looked back down at the floor. "I'm not sure how," he finally said.

I put my arm around his shoulder pulling him close into me. Even though he wore a shirt, I could feel the warmth of his body on my own bare skin. "You feel okay?" I asked. "I'm just fine, nothing like that," he offered.

"Then what is it Bobby?"

The room remained quiet for a while and I was patient.

"Sssssssks" Bobby muttered under his breath.

"Huh? I didn't hear what you said," I responded in a quiet voice.

"Sex," he said in a voice low enough to be considered a whisper.

"What about it?" I asked, putting my hand under his chin and raising his head to face me. I could see a tear in the corner in one of his eyes. I gave him an encouraging smile. But I remained quiet.

"I'm scared," he finally said, he voice gaining a little more strength.

"Tell me what you mean," I said calmly.

Bobby looked at me intently, trying to figure me out I suppose.

"I haven't had any and I'm not sure I want to," he finally said.

"Bobby, you're only 17, and even thought I started at 16......" I began.

"15," he blurted out, correcting me. "I remember when you told me about stuff."

"Fine, 15, but so what, everyone is different. And maybe you haven't met anyone you have an interest in yet," I offered.

"But I don't want to! That's what's scaring me," Bobby explained.

I hugged my brother tighter. Bobby looked into my eyes and a grin began to appear on his face and then his gaze lowered, to my bare shoulders and chest, and then he suddenly pulled away.

"Did something happen," I asked tentatively. Bobby slowly nodded his head up and down.

"Two things," he muttered under his breath.

I moved my arm back over his shoulder pulling him close while I scooted closer to him. "Tell me please, bro!" I said.

Bobby first told me of a recent visit to the movies with a girl he was friends with, and she took his hand and guided it to her lap, where she had already hiked up her skirt and dropped her panties, pushing two of Bobby's fingers into her snatch.

"At first I didn't know what to do, so I pulled my fingers back and for some reason, brought them to my nose. They stunk! It was awful! Like rotting fish and old sweat socks!" Bobby explained, his eyes in a panic.

I couldn't help but laugh, which only led to Bobby giving me one of the dirtiest looks I had ever seen.

"I am so sorry bro! But that is kind of funny," I began, but the truth is, a pussy does smell like stinky sox and something rotten!" I explained, finally getting my laughter under control.

Bobby's eyes widened. "But you still have sex you said!" he offered incredulously.

I squeezed his shoulder again. "Cause it feels so good! Better then jacking off, and with less work!" I explained.

I could see Bobby thinking, taking it all in. I had to admit I was a bit surprised at how little experience he had actually had by age seventeen.

"And what was the second thing that happened you wanted to tell me," I asked.

"You know Joey, my friend from the baseball team?" Bobby asked.

I nodded my head up and down, remembering that athletic blond kid that lived down the block from us.

"Well, last month, I was helping him clean up his room. We were bored I guess, and we found some of his old porno mags," Bobby carefully explained.

This was getting interesting, I thought. "And?"

"So we started jacking off. We had done it a couple of times before, but this time was different," Bobby said.

"Different how?" I asked.

"I stared at him more then the magazine while I jacked," Bobby admitted, suddenly looking up at me with wide eyes and his eyebrows raised.

"Its cool bro, maybe you're gay? Or maybe not. I jacked off with guys before, a bunch of times. And it is arousing hearing someone else moaning and groaning!" I offered. Bobby only shrugged his shoulders.

"I need to know for sure," Bobby said after remaining silent for a moment. "I need to know now!" he added.

"It's important that I know what turns me on so I know what to do," he explained while not making very much sense.

"Huh?" was all I could say in response.

"Alan!" he stated emphatically as if I was the one not making any sense. "I can't go to a girl and try something and then fail, if you know what I mean. And I can't go to a guy and fail if I'm not into guys! I need to be sure in a safe place to try and see what gets me going! If you know what I mean!" he finally concluded.

I was starting to get an idea of where this was going but not entirely sure I was pleased with what I was thinking.

Sitting quietly for a moment, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue this conversation, but I loved my brother and thought that maybe he could use some help, but what help I still didn't know.

"So exactly what are you asking?" I finally said.

Bobby went back to staring at the floor. But he soon lifted up his head and turned to face me.

"You're the person I trust more then anyone else in the world," he began. Uh oh, I thought.

"And?" I said hesitantly.

"Maybe we can try something and I can see what I think, cause you won't laugh at me if I say or do something wrong," Bobby explained. In a moment, before I cold even respond, he stood up and unzipped his jeans, pulling them off as he tossed them to the floor. In the next instant, he peeled off his shirt, leaving him wearing only a pair of snug white briefs as he sat back down next to me, his bare side now leaning against my bare side. My eyes went wide, and the truth is, I'm not sure if it was the shock of how boldly and fast he moved without any hesitation, or, whether I was actually eager to see him strip off his clothes.

Bobby sat down next to me and stared at me, his gaze slowly dropping from my face to my chest and then my legs, then focusing on my crotch. He placed his open palm on my crotch and I could feel my cock quiver and jump to his touch.

"Looks like you may enjoy this too," he said with a wink. I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't stop him or pull away. Maybe I was a bit curious as well. His hand closest to me moved to my knee and gently massaged and caressed it. Ever so slowly his open hand began to caress the inside of my leg. I let out a low gasp which caused Bobby to stop and look at me, offering me a sly grin. I knew at that instant that I was in trouble. The inside of my legs, above the knees, was probably one of my most sensitive areas on my body. My cock and balls always seem to know that being touched there almost always signaled that some hot action was coming! Or should I say 'cumming?"

My little brother seemed to know something, and I was proven right when he stopped his hands just below the leg opening of my boxers and faced me once again. "I am so sensitive right about here," he announced.

"Just like me," I admitted in a hoarse whisper, almost unable to speak at that point. I leaned backwards, my back down on the bed, and instinctively spread my legs, giving in to the erotic pleasure my brother was offering me.

I felt his hand continue its journey once again, now entering inside my boxers leg opening, caressing my bare skin ever so gently and erotically. And further still his hand wandered upward, eventually finding my ball sac and fondling my balls. I let out a moan as he leaned towards me, his hand still playing with my jewels. His face near mine he moved his gaze from my now tenting boxers to my face.

"So tell me big bro, I know you're obviously aroused and enjoying this. Is it because I'm a guy or you are simply being manually stimulated?' Bobby asked, watching me for a reaction. "or maybe cause I'm your brother?" he suddenly added.

I turned to face him, feeling totally turned on and leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Maybe all three," I offered. "Or does it even matter?" I offered. I could see Bobby think about my response and suddenly his grin widened into an even broader smile.

Bobby pulled his hand out from inside my boxers and stood up. He faced me while I remained lying on the bed, my feet still dangling over the side. With his arms on his hips, he moved his fingers into his waist band of his underwear and slowly and seductively pulled them down, kicking them off when they reached his ankles. His beautiful cut 8 inch cock, looking just like mine, sprang to attention. Smooth and pink, with a sweet pair of hairless balls, he was a sight to behold. Hot and manly and muscular yet youthful and graceful, he stood over me.

"I so totally get it, big bro!" he calmly announced, his hand moving to cup his balls and give his cock a quick tug. "I'm too hung up on names and words and labels, aren't I?" he asked. I nodded my head slowly up and down as I raised my hips off the bed and pulled down my boxers, kicking them off my feet and onto the floor. Still staring at Bobby, I pulled my body higher on the bed and straightened out, my head now on the pillow as I lay naked on the bed before him. I patted the mattress next to me, grinning.

"Right here, hot stuff. We still haven't figured out exactly what you like?" I said, my eyebrows rising.

Bobby walked over to me and laid down, our bare shoulders touching, our bare hips rubbing. He turned onto his side, still keeping our bodies in contact. "You have such a hot fucking body Alan!" he announced as his hand went to my lower belly to continue his exploration. His fingers rode the ridges of my abs which caused my cock to remain fully upright and erect, pulsing and quivering in step with my heart beat. My heart of course was now pounding, trying to remain cool and not jump onto this hot piece of man being offered to me.

"I am yours, bro, do whatever you want. Use me and see what gets you going the most," I said, my hand going to his smooth muscular shoulder as Bobby sat up, his gaze now fixated on my pulsing cock. To my pleasure and delight, he leaned over, his face hovering over my crotch as he hungrily licked his lips, eyeing me slowly from head to toe, only to return to the target before him. My hand caressed the back of his head, and he moved lower, his mouth now just inches above my cock. The moment I had been itching for these last few moments was now at hand. With one hand he cupped and squeezed my balls while his mouth finally found its prize. Bobby licked the top of my cock like a treasured ice cream cone and swirled his tongue, causing me to gasp and shiver. Still cupping my balls, he began to lick the underside of my cock only to return to the head for some more licking and sucking. Slowly but surely, his head lowered, taking in more of my cock. My hips ground into the mattress while his attack brought me sheer delight. And suddenly he went in for the kill. With his grasp tightening on my balls, occasionally tugging and pulling them, his mouth tightened and his lips applied more and more pressure, offering my cock greater and greater pleasure.

My hand on his head began to caress him more furiously, my sense of control fading as my mind began to roll, and I suddenly found myself licking my lips and getting hungry as well. I bolted upright, sitting now and staring at Bobby, who was busy attacking my cock. I rolled onto my side, pulling him with me yet he never unlocked his mouth from my cock. I shoved and pushed his body around while I maneuvered and was soon able to go down on his quivering cock. In a tight 69 position, with my hands clasped onto his firm smooth ass cheeks, I tentatively licked the tip of his cock, only to be rewarded with a few pearly drops of his leaking precum. The scent and taste turned me into an animal as I dove deep, taking his cock until my nose grazed his few silky pubes. Now in a haze, we both pumped back and forth, our faces like pistons against the cocks rising up and down in our mouths.

I have no memory how long we had our mutual face fucking lasted but I know my time was fast approaching as my toes began to curl. I could feel my legs stretching as my back began to arch but still sucked hungrily on my brother's pulsing cock. I could tell he was also approaching the point of no return as his ass cheeks, still in my firm grip, began to clench. My fingers spread over his smooth, muscular globes and one of my fingers took on a life of its own as it found his sweet rosebud and began to poke forward. Ever so lightly, caressing at it went, my finger found its target and pushed forward, entering Bobby's ass as a daring explorer, eager to move forward into a new discovery. Rubbing his inner ass wall, I heard Bobby moan, obviously enjoying this new intrusion. Two of my fingers now found their way in now and pushed onward, only to recognize the fact that Bobby was now copying my actions. Two of his fingers, at least I think it was two, found their way to my own boy pussy as he stuck them in as deep as he could. For a presumed novice, he was amazing. When his fingers began to explore and wiggle inside of me, I felt the title wave of release rushing forward and my body just froze. Unable to move, I quaked and rocked and my cock erupted. Several streams of my juice poured forth, Bobby eagerly taking my load and sucking hungrily.

I suppose it was my cumming which pushed Bobby into his orgasm at that point. His cock, still deep in my mouth, seemed to swell and pulse as it offered me its own sweet cream. The first spurt went deep into the back of my throat and the second and third waves filled my mouth to capacity, forcing me to loose some of his juices and dribble out of my mouth. We both sucked hungrily, taking their fill as we helped to drain each other. Slowly, ever slowly, our once hard throbbing cocks began to wilt, forcing the last drops of our cream out. I pulled my fingers from his rosebud as Bobby did the same, and we licked each other clean of our final offerings. Weak and battered, we pulled ourselves up into sitting positions, our knees touching and we looked at each other, our eyes locked in a post orgasm gaze.

"That was amazing big bro!" Bobby offered. "Hell yeah!" was all I cold say, still trying to catch my breath after probably one of my best orgasms ever," I admitted. "The right moment with the right person is key, little bro," I said.

Bobby shook his head up and down. "And fingering my ass was just awesome. It so pushed me over the edge," Bobby announced with a wide grin, while taking a deep breath and bringing himself back to normal composure.

The room remained silent as we gave each other warm grins until Bobby once again slid close to me, face to face, still grinning. He placed his hand on the back of my head and brought our faces together, to be joined by a warm sensual kiss. At first our mouths remained closed, enjoying the sensuality of the kiss, our lips warms and soft, pressing forward. But soon the inevitable happened as our lips began to part,. I don't remember who made the first connection but our tongues found their mates and began a slow rhythmic dance of exploration. Licking and sucking, our tongues caressed its opposite, our saliva churning and mixing as one. I don't think we could even tell where one tongue ended and one began, but I do know that my cock was coming back to life, twitching and squirming and steadily growing as a new wave of blood rushed back for another erection. Out of the corner of my eye I looked down to see Bobby's cock had reacted the same way and had also come back to life. I've been able to have erections after orgasms before, but I don't remember a recovery this quickly. Surely, something special was going on here.

With my hand on my brother's warm bare shoulder, I suddenly pulled us apart, forcing Bobby to give me a soulful gaze.

"I need to catch my breath little bro," I announced, looking over the beautiful man before me and taking a quick peak at his once again pulsing cock. "Or do I need to call you 'big bro' also now?" I added, causing both of us to break out in hearty laughter.

Bobby leaned in, causing our foreheads to touch. "Let's fuck! I think our cocks are ready for it," he said in almost a whisper with a wide grin on his face.

"Well, since today is for your voyage of discovery, do you want to take me first?" I asked.

"Yeah yeah yeah!" he said like an excited school boy. I nodded my approval and laid back down, bringing my feet up to my chest and allowing Bobby to get a clear view of my ass and the waiting rosebud. "We won't need lube, I'll get you ready," he announced like a seasoned veteran, dropping his head between my legs and extending his tongue.

I kept my legs up tight to my chest as he went to town. Bobby started licking my rim and occasionally letting his tongue dart deeper, making my hole nice and wet. I looked down at my own cock to see it already reacting to the erotic activity just below, and to my surprise, I could see some precum already leaking, not sure that I even had any juices left! But my brother pushed forward, his tongue going deeper with each thrust, his saliva coating me more and more until I could feel it dribble down my ass cheeks below.

I began to gasp in delight and tried to speak. "Bobby, how, .... How do you know ...... how?" I gasped. Bobby looked up at me with a grin. "I've been watching a lot of porno so I figured out what to do?" he answered without even letting me complete the question. My little expert brother was now leading me into a new realm of pleasure and delight. The next time I looked up at him he had already maneuvered into position and was lining up his cock with my hole. He scooted further and I soon felt his cockhead pressing up against my ass. I was soon wet enough because I felt the pop of him inserting is erect cock enter my wet hole. He strong muscular arms reached forward and grabbed me by the hips, pulling me forward along the bed and onto his knees, bringing his cock ever deeper into me. Bobby leaned forward, extending his arms onto the bed along side my body, putting himself in a pushup pose, and then he began. His hips began to roll and pump forward and back, allowing his fleshy hard rod to begin a slow and deliberate fucking. I never felt that initial surge of pain I expected but only the warm erotic pressure against my prostate. I'm sure he felt good but I was in pure heaven. The thrusting and pumping of his wonderful fucking was awesome. I could feel each plunge go deeper and deeper as my own cock stayed erect and fully up, quivering and vibrating with each lunge my ass took.

Bobby fucked me and fucked me, my hips soon eagerly rising with anticipation and a hunger to be filled. I looked down at our bodies, now glistening and shining with a thin glow of sweat and saw my own cock begin to steadily ooze cum, as if in a trance of a slow motion orgasm. The feeling was amazing as my balls once again released their cream, forming a small puddle on my belly in the middle of my abs. Bobby looked down and saw what he had done to me and looked me in the eye, a deep soulful gaze, and grinned knowingly. But as I watched his face, a scowl appeared and his grin was replaced with a look of determination, revealing that he was now reaching his own orgasm. His grunts and growls deepened as he puffed louder, his thrusts became stronger and more forceful. And as if time itself was stopping, he plunged so deep, our bellies were now flatly pressed against each other, and he froze, his ass clenched and I could feel deep within me a stream of cum escaping from his rock hard cock. His body twitched and even shook while I felt other waves of his cream fill me. Bobby's body began to relax and our eyes locked, knowing the moment of complete surrender and release that we shared. With a couple of quick plunges and withdrawals, Bobby finished his orgasm and began to pull out. With a quick motion he was out and I suddenly felt empty.

Out of breath, Bobby fell onto his back next to me on the bed, his breathing still hard and ragged from his sexual performance. He soon caught his breath and I finally lowered my legs, my muscles stretched and now in recovery. Again we turned to face each other with warm grins.

"Absolutely amazing," I announced, but as soon as we recover, I want a piece of your ass!"

"Hell yeah, big bro!" Bobby replied. "I am so looking forward to that!"

I leaned over for a quick loving kiss. "And to think we still have almost three weeks alone!" I added in glee.



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