A Reality TV Adventure

By P. J. Nevada

Copyright 2014 P. J. Nevada, LLC

LICENSE NOTES: This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This story contains sexually explicit content and language and is intended for adult readers. It may contain content that is disagreeable to some readers. This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination and are fictional. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Last Man Surviving

I don't like job interviews. I sat uncomfortably in a suit and tie in the brightly lit room in front of a desk. I looked around the glass and chrome office. Not my thing. I prefer a more laid back vibe. So here I was in the middle of this Century City, Hollywood, California television network office complex. What I really wanted was to get back to my much smaller and more relaxed office back in Redondo Beach. The man behind the desk suddenly looked up and grinned at me. With perfectly white teeth, every hair on his head cemented into place, and a wide smile, you could tell he was a television exec.

"I am so sorry," he said, hanging up the phone. "It was New York, I had to take it. You know how it goes."

He picked up the file in front of him. "Oh, that's right, you're Nicholas Johnson, the attorney, right?" He looked back at me.

"Yes, that's me," I answered.

"So tell me, Nick, can I call you Nick? Why are you here?" he asked, putting down the folder and picking up a pen to take notes.

"Nick is fine. Well, to be honest, I've been a fan of your program "America's Survival Reality Show" for quite a few years. I like watching the people who you leave on some tropical island or remote location and see how they do. You know, to see who figures out how to make it to the end and get past the other contestants. Let's be honest, the three million dollar prize would really be nice," I explained.

The man behind the desk stopped writing and looked up at me. "Five million, this year the total prize is five million dollars."

"Damn, that's life changing!" I said enthusiastically.

"Yes, for sure," he continued. "I need you to discuss two things for me. First, you will be away from your home for at least a month, probably out of the country, and of course I cannot give you any specifics," he added with a grin. "Secondly, how comfortable are you with a lot of physical activity and contests, such as possibly climbing, swimming, diving, and other challenges you may have seen on other seasons of our show?" he asked, his eyebrows raised.

I looked at him carefully, trying to figure out what he wanted me to say. "Well first off, as to the time issue," I began, "I am an attorney working for myself. A couple of months ago, I decided working for a large LA law firm was not my thing. Yes, the salary was amazing, but the hours sucked. Eighty hour work weeks, no thank you. I had no personal time and couldn't enjoy the beach and the ocean. I love to surf but I never had time for it. I lost two boyfriends solely because of my job, and had zero social life," I said. "And yes, I am gay and hope that is not a problem for you and the network," I added defiantly.

"No, not at all, Nick," he countered. "So your work plans now?"

"I have enough saved to let me coast for a few months. I plan to lease some office space and open the practice in the next few months, hopefully after this show, if I am selected. The truth is, I've been working full time since college so I'm looking forward to this break."

The man behind the desk gave me a reassuring nod and a smile.

"As for my physical ability, I was always the jock at school. I loved gymnastics and baseball, and of course, swimming and surfing. I've also done quite a bit of rock climbing and enjoy anything that is outdoors as a rule," I explained.

"Yes, yes. I saw that in your application, and thank you for your photos of you in swim trunks. You realize that we needed that for the network. So you have no problem being seen on national television running around shirtless?" the executive asked me, his eyes twitching upward as he spoke.

I looked at him for a moment, trying to figure out if he had any ulterior motive with such a question. "Are you asking me if I'm afraid to be exposed at all?"

"Something like that," he answered.

I stood up and took off my jacket, keeping my eyes on him. I undid my tie and pulled it off, quickly unbuttoning my shirt. The man behind the desk sat unmoving, apparently unfazed. Not wearing an undershirt, it was only a moment before I stood before him shirtless, my bare chest on display.

He looked me over slowly, his eyes showing his approval.

"Need I go further?" I innocently asked.

"No, not at all. You proved that you are comfortable not being fully dressed."

"I've seen enough of the shows to know that sometimes people skinny dip or shuck their clothes due to the heat. I'm cool with that. I've certainly spent enough time at the beach wearing barely more than a speedo at times."

My executive's eyes widened with that comment.

We chatted a while longer after I put my shirt, tie and jacket back on. He informed me that I was definitely in the running and that there would be a final meeting and interview before selections were made. There would also be a medical exam if I proceeded to the next level of the process. I thanked him for his time and I headed out.

I was happy to drive out of hectic downtown Los Angeles and hit the 110 freeway south until I was back in Redondo. I grabbed some board shorts and quickly changed, eager to get out of my suit. In no time, I was sitting on the beach enjoying the fresh ocean air, peeling off my tee shirt and relaxing. I missed the smell of the ocean and the salty air. Hopefully my new life would afford me as much ocean time as I wanted. I looked over a few of the guys walking by and enjoyed having a couple of them look me over as well. At 30 years of age, I still had the looks of someone much younger. My unruly mop of blonde hair and tanned body defined me as a typical southern California surfer dude. At 6 feet in height, I kept my weight to a trim 170 pounds and loved my defined abs. One particular guy, maybe in his mid-twenties, walked past me at least three times, glancing my way and flexing as he passed. Nah, not my type, I thought.

My mind was overwhelmed with what I was getting myself into. Part of me thought I was crazy to want to be on a reality show but another part of me looked forward to showing off on national television walking around buff and shirtless. In a former life, I must have been a model. That television exposure, plus a few million bucks would definitely jumpstart my social life when I returned to civilization.

A week later, I was back in Century City. This time, I wore a sport jacket and some Dockers pants, assuming they were dressy enough. The friendly lady calling me about the appointment warned me to be prepared to stay for a few hours. When asked, she said nothing about my chances. It was 10:00 a.m. as I sat in a room with maybe 50 other guys, looking like a real cross section of the population. I saw white, black, Hispanic and Asian guys of all sizes and ages. Some looked like they were only 18 or 20 years old while others looked to be in their thirties, forties, and even a couple in their fifties. I sat quietly, watching, taking it all in. I assumed the female contestants were being handled on another day or in another place. Every now and then, someone at the front of the room would call out a name or two and those guys would be led out of the room. I found it interesting that sometimes the guys called out would return and take their seat, but some never came back.

"Hey, man. You think you have a shot at this thing?" a voice to my left asked.

I turned to look at him. He was a nice looking black guy. His hair cut short, wearing jeans and a nice button down shirt.

"Don't know," I half muttered.

He put his hand out towards me. "Hey, the name's Denzel. How ya doing?" he asked.

We shook hands. "Nick here. I'm doing fine, just not sure what I'm doing here putting myself through this crap. I have no clue what they're looking for."

Denzel leaned forward. "I heard that if you make it to the final steps, you really have to push it to make an impression, hoping the interviewer has some authority with the decision," he offered, keeping his voice low.

"Interesting," I responded.

"I'm 29 years old, by the way. And you?" he asked.

"I recently turned 30. So are you married or single, Denzel?"

Denzel frowned as he spoke. "My old lady split. We were together 8 years and she ran off with some guy. She's a bitch and a half! So I thought I could use a break from the real world. How about you? Wife or girlfriend?"

"I'm gay; I'm not into the female scene," I answered.

"You are one smart fucker!" Denzel offered with a grin. "No bitches to mess with!" he added with a smirk.

I shrugged my shoulders, unsure how to respond. "I have nothing against women. I'm just not interested in them sexually.

"You know something? No bitches means no drama!" Denzel said.

"Hah! Guys got their own drama. You'd be surprised."

We talked some more. I found out that he worked for the post office and accumulated enough vacation time to try out for the show and take over a month off from work. I explained that I was an attorney between jobs.

A little while later, Denzel, two other guys, and I were called up and led into a small room. A young woman came in with a clipboard.

"Gentlemen," she began, "congratulations! You are part of the final 40 applicants. At this point, we are going to do some photo tests to see how you look on film. The final step will be one last interview." She looked around the room. "Any questions?"

I raised my hand. "Yes?" she responded, looking at me.

"Where are the women? I only see guys here," I asked.

"Good question. This year we are trying something new. We are currently filming a females-only show and today we are putting together the cast for the guys-only show!" she announced proudly.

"Nice!" I said, supporting her enthusiasm.

After she left, the four of us guys took our seats and picked up some of the various magazines lying on the tables near us. The first guy was called, an older guy, maybe in his late 40's. Twenty minutes later, he stuck his head in the door and shot us a thumbs up sign. Damn, that wasn't good for me, I thought. The second guy was called out but we never saw him again. Half an hour later, someone called for Denzel.

"Good luck man," I called out as the door closed behind him, hearing a muffled thanks in return.

I sat quietly reading a magazine, my heart pounding from nerves until 20 minutes passed and the same lady as before came in the room. "Nick, are you ready?" she asked.

Damn. Denzel never came back, I thought. I was disappointed at the loss of the only friendly face I knew in this whole affair. I followed along the hallway and was led into a room set up with lights and camera equipment. In the corner I saw Denzel. It looked like he was finishing up his photo shoot, standing in his pants without his shirt. It took me a minute to stop staring. His bare chest was impressive. His dark skin was smooth, very well-muscled. His pecs stood out and he had the best abs I had ever seen. His waist was trim and tight. Denzel looked over and gave me a thumbs up as he put on his shirt, putting himself back together.

I was directed to sit in a chair on the side as the woman who brought me in talked to the photographer, a man standing next to some lights.

She turned to face Denzel, who was dressed. "Okay, Denzel, you're done today and we'll be in touch. So far, so good. The photographer was happy with your photo session," the woman said.

Turning to the photographer, she continued speaking. "Bob, this is Nick and he will be your last shoot for today. We're sending the rest of the applicants upstairs to the other studio."

"Thanks, Meg. Sorry I have to split early today," Bob, the photographer replied.

"Lock up when you're done," Meg replied. And with that, she escorted Denzel out of the room.

"So you're Bob I take it," I asked, giving this guy the once over. He was about my height and probably a couple of years younger than me. Bob had dark red hair and fair skin. From his waist down, covered in a pair of jeans, his hips were as slim as his legs. However, from the waist up, his body flared outward with impressive lats and shoulder muscles. He wore a blue checkered shirt and no undershirt. A small patch of red hair poked out of his collar, the top two buttons of his shirt open. I couldn't decide if I thought he was too cute or too sexy.

"So how are you doing today, um Nick, right," he asked as he looked down at a clipboard and then up at me. I nodded a yes with a smile, not quite sure what to expect.

"Well, this will be real simple, Nick," he began. "I'm actually one of the judges to see who makes the cast. Since I will be one of the on-site producers and cameramen, I need to make sure the camera loves you," he explained.

"Fair enough," I said, realizing this guy was important, very important.

"First I will take some head shots, close ups, then a couple of bare chested poses, for those beach scenes," he explained.

"So we at least have a beach where we are going, huh?" I said, prodding for some clues.

Bob looked at me grinning. "IF ... you are going. But, yes, we almost always have a beach, Nick. You won't get any other information from me!" he teased.

I was positioned where to sit Bob began snapping away. I made sure to do everything exactly as directed, hoping I would get his attention. Five million dollars, five million dollars, I repeated in my head. When he was ready for me to take off my shirt, I kept my eyes on him and kept talking, forcing him to watch me. Five more minutes taking photos, he was almost done, I saw my opportunity.

"Bob, can I ask you a question?" I asked.

"Sure, Nick, what?" he answered.

"I'd like to do some extra poses for you, different ones, to see if I can stand out somewhat. Do you mind? I asked innocently.

Bob looked up at me as he looked at his watch. "Sure, Nick. Why not. You've been easy to work with and I'm ahead of schedule. I was actually thinking of calling Meg to see if she wanted me to shoot a couple more guys."

"We'll see," I said as I unsnapped the top of my pants and lowered the zipper slightly, seeing Bob's eyes widen as he picked up his camera again. "I'm sure the camera will find me wearing only shorts while on the beach," I remarked.

"Yes, that is true, Nick." Bob started to move around me, taking the photographs at a slower pace this time, not sure what I was up to.

I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks, walking around him barefoot.

"I'd certainly not wear socks or shoes on the beach, would I?" I asked with my eyebrows raised. He nodded his head up and down, still taking pictures, watching my actions.

I lowered the pants zipper a little more, letting my fingers slip casually inside the waist band of my white underpants, a pair of tighty whities.

Bob continued clicking his camera, but I could see I was pulling him in, frame by frame. I pulled my pants down, turning half way away from him, allowing him to see the profile of the bulge in my underpants. His eyes took it all in. I kicked off my pants entirely and grabbed a chair, sitting down, spreading my legs suggestively. I looked up at him with a smirk on my face.

"Is this a good pose, Bob?" I asked, eyebrows raised.

"It's definitely better than the ones I took with the other guys before you," he said, putting the camera down and smiling back at me.

I got up from the chair and walked towards him slowly, wearing only my underpants.

"You look warm, Bob, I bet from all those pictures you had to take of so many guys who may not even be selected." He grinned back at me, nodding his head.

"And you said you would be on the island with us, huh? I bet it's in the Pacific Ocean!" I said, standing directly in front of him.

"You know, Nick, I can't tell you that it's one of the islands of Tahiti," he said, his smile widening as his eyes scanned my body. I reached out and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, revealing an impressive chest dusted with short curly reddish hair.

"I've never dated a redheaded guy before," I said slowly as I admired his muscular chest. "Or had sex with one either, for that matter," I added with a wink.

Suddenly I felt his hand on my crotch. "White fabric doesn't photograph very well. It glares in the picture," he said, rubbing my swelling cock beneath the cotton material of my briefs.

"I am so sorry, Bob," I said as I quickly pulled my briefs down and off, allowing my growing cock to pop up into his waiting hand.

"Is this better now, Bob? I'd never want any glare," I purred.

With my hands slowly exploring and caressing his chest, I worked his shirt off, letting it to fall to the floor. I moved in closer, feeling his body heat next to mine. He continued a slow stroke of my hard cock as I opened his pants. They dropped, revealing Bob went commando, no underwear at all. He stood before me naked, his cock crowned with light red hair, grew more and more erect.

Bob moved into me as we fell into a tight hug, our hard cocks pushed up against our bellies. Our mouths locked, tongues moving to find each other, beginning their courtship dance. Like two slippery eels, our tongues wiggled about, darting in and out, exploring new territory. Our raw lust increased until we found ourselves on the floor, working into a 69 position. My mouth found Bob's ball sac and kissed the wrinkly skin. Taking one ball at a time into my mouth, I sucked and licked as Bob moaned in delight. He meanwhile went straight for my throbbing cock. Not wanting to be undone, I moved onto his cock, licking the head first and then the underside, being sure to cover it all. With my hands clutching his plump ass cheeks, my lips tightened around him, giving him a good, tight suck.

Bob remained attached to my cock as his head began a back and forth motion, triggering my hips to begin a slow pivot movement so I could properly face fuck him. Our moans grew as our bodies heated up to keep pace. I knew I was close and could tell by the rising sound of his moans and groans that Bob was also close. Sucking busily on the floor of some office for the chance to win big on television somehow spurred me on. I tensed and felt the rising tide of my cum. I began to shoot out as Bob's cock stiffened in my mouth. I felt wave after wave of his own warm cream hit the back of my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth as he calmed, allowing me to take all that he offered.

At the other end, Bob was doing the same. He tenderly licked me clean until he was finished. A few moments later, we pulled apart and found ourselves sitting naked side by side, still panting, on a small couch nearby.

"So, will your wife or girlfriend be with you in Tahiti during the filming of the show?" I asked, our bare hips and knees pressing together.

"Nope! I'm gay!" he said with a wide smile.

"What a coincidence," I said, smiling widely. "I'm gay too! Small world, huh Bob?"

He stood up and walked towards his clothes which were lying jumbled on the floor.

I also got dressed. "Thanks for the time. I truly had fun with you today!" I said.

"Me too, Nick. Thanks for the little thrill!"

"Little?! We're both a good eight inches! Not so little I my opinion!" I teased.

"So, Bob," I began, what's the next step here after today? When do I hear something?"

Bob turned and walked over to me, standing inches from my face.

He lowered his voice to speak, his eyes serious. "Sir, the producers shall meet to review the candidates' files. Most will be eliminated tomorrow and receive a letter right after that. Some may be asked back for another meeting, but a handful will receive an acceptance letter to be on America's Survival Reality Show. Does that answer your question sir," he stated, without any emotion whatsoever.

Bob surprised me and leaned forward, planting a big sloppy kiss on my lips. He raised his eyebrows and turned his mouth to my ear.

"Go call your utility companies and set up automatic bill pay from your bank account to cover at least 5 or 6 weeks of your absence, beginning the first of the month, hot stuff," he whispered, causing my heart to skip at least three beats!


"Don't call us. We'll call you!" he added with a wink.

Holy fuck, was all I could think. What the hell was I getting myself into, I wondered.

Three days after my rousing photo session with the cameraman, who apparently was also one of the producers for the show, I received my letter inviting me to be a contestant. Since this was going to be a male-only cast of buff guys willing to tough it out in the wild, I figured this should be a most exciting undertaking.

During the next week, I dealt with my bills and utilities and told a friendly neighbor to keep an eye on things for a month or two. I packed my suitcase in preparation for a tropical journey, being sure to include my personal essentials. We were not allowed to bring any electronics like cell phones or computers. My adventure was beginning.

So here I was sitting in a business class seat of an Air Nui Tahiti jumbo jet to Papeete, capital of Tahiti. Looking around the plane, I appreciated the upscale treatment. There were seven seats across in each row. Two on each side and three in the middle. I lucked out with a window seat and an empty seat next to me. It was a nine hour overnight flight from Los Angeles and I was excited yet nervous, not sure exactly what to expect.

Bob, my cameraman buddy, walked down the aisle and stopped to say hello. "Hey, Nick! Are you holding so far?" Bob asked.

I returned his warm smile. "I'm doing great. Thanks again, by the way!" I said with a knowing look.

"Hey, for what it's worth, you were always a top contender; you're smart, articulate, and have a hell of a rocking hard body!" Bob said in a hushed voice.

I thanked him again as he took the empty seat next to me and we talked about the flight. Bob told me about some of the other contestants scattered around the plane.

Bob motioned to the other window seat at the far end of my row. "That guy there is named Scott. He's close to 20 and a student. Slightly nervous about the long flight, he's way cute, and looks really good on camera."

I leaned forward in my seat to try to see who this guy was. I could barely see him but with short black hair and a Mediterranean complexion, he seemed cute enough. "So how good was he to photograph?" I asked with a dirty grin, knowing how far my own photo session went with Bob.

Bob leaned in closer. "For the record, Nick, you were the only applicant who had a "special" camera session," he answered with a leer.

"Anyway, he's super straight, so we are out of luck!" Bob determined. I looked at Scott and wondered.

Bob got up to return to his own seat. A short time later, Denzel walked by and noticed me. Seeing the empty seat next to me, he plopped down.

"Hey man!" Denzel said excitedly, grabbing my hand and shaking it. "We both made it, isn't that sweet!" he added.

We chatted for a while and he went into his anti-female rant again due to his longtime girlfriend dumping him. He started asking again about my sex life.

"Denzel, the truth is a guy's physique is what gets me going, and a guy can give me anything a girl can. Period! To be honest, guys know how to pleasure another guy better because we all have the same parts!" I explained.

"I don't know if I can give up pussy, Nick. Hanging onto them titties! Mmm mmm!" he said, almost blushing as he explained his preferences.

We chatted and teased until they dimmed the cabin lights, indicating that it was time for the passengers to sleep.

Here's my chance I thought, to get this guy and start building an alliance that I could use in the game. I leaned my head closer to Denzel and began to speak in a low voice.

"Denzel, I know what you are used to, but I bet I can make you agree that a guy can give a better hand job or blow job than any girlfriend of yours could offer," I said with eyebrows raised, watching his reaction in the dim cabin light.

"A bet?" he asked, taking my bait. "You offering? Like right here, right now?"

"Yeah, why not? Don't you deserve a good thrill? Besides, who knows when you'll be able to get off again on a remote island filled with just guys," I said, making my cock twitch thinking of a remote island of only men.

"And I don't have to do anything?" he asked, as I began to reel him in. "And the bet?" he added.

I thought for a minute. "First, let's switch seats so you're near the window and I'm blocking you. You don't have to do anything at all. Once you cum, I'll trust you to tell me if it was better than any female who gave you head," I explained. "If I'm right, you owe me a vote on the island when we have to eliminate someone. You vote for whoever I name. If I'm wrong, you control one of my votes. A true gentlemen's agreement, alright?'

I watched Denzel's face. He was quite torn but I could tell he was slowly biting down on the hook. He looked back at me with a grin.

He's mine, I thought, as I stood up and grabbed a blanket and my jacket from the overhead bin as he slid over into my window seat. I looked around seeing the nearby passengers were either asleep or into a movie, wearing those thick padded headphones. At the front of the cabin, the flight attendants' area was dimly lit, their curtain closed.

I sat down next to Denzel and opened the blanket across our laps and we both reclined our chairs. Before I could say anything, Denzel slipped his hands under the blanket and undid his pants. Damn, talk about an eager victim, I thought.

Looking around my seat, I saw a button that allowed me to lower the middle arm rest separating our seats. With the armrest down, I scooted closer until our hips touched. I looked over at him, seeing the slightly apprehensive look on his face.

"Any time you want me to stop, say so and I will."

Denzel offered me a smiling, concerned face. "Okay, thanks," he responded.

I slipped my hand under the blanket and rested it below his chest, trying to get him to relax into this. I stroked his belly gently, pushing aside his loosened shirt, exploring his bare warm skin. His abs were awesome; firm, smooth and defined. I think I was about to enjoy this as much as him! Rubbing slowly, I could hear him take in a deep breath. Once he seemed relaxed, after he looked around once or twice, I moved my hand lower, feeling his small patch of tightly curled pubic hairs.

"You must trim?" I asked in a hushed voice, looking at him.

"Yeah, I do. You?" he asked.

"Always!" I answered. Curiosity about me was a good sign, I thought.

My hand slid lower under the blanket until I was grasping his growing cock. It felt long and cut. And hot!"

I leaned in closer and sensed his breath quickening. With his cock getting harder, I knew I was doing well. I leaned in closer. "You doing okay, buddy?" I asked

Denzel leaned in to me. "Man, this is hot; you are awesome! It feels real good," he offered. "Does this qualify us for the mile high club?" he joked.

I laughed, still pumping him. His cock began to leak precum, allowing me to jack him more aggressively, my mouth starting to salivate. I looked up at him with an evil grin and leaned down, getting onto my knees on the floor and going under the blanket between his legs. Denzel began to stroke himself as I moved closer, my face butting up against his moving hand. Denzel gasped, figuring out what I was up to! I pushed his hand out of my way and planted my mouth on his rock hard cock. I heard a soft "Oh fuck!" escape his lips as my mouth took over.

One of my hands caressed and cupped his balls. My other hand grasped the base of his nine inch cock while my mouth furiously moved up and down, my lips gripping tighter around my target. Denzel's hips began to buck in his seat as my clenching fist began its assault on his cock base, my mouth working the top half. Sensing him getting close, I began to tug on his balls and move my hand under them, pressing firmly against his bare skin.

I heard him take in a deep breath. His butt pushed hard into his seat as his cock pulsed in my mouth. I felt his first wave of cum shoot out against the back of my throat. I sucked hungrily and urged out two more streams of his juice. I lapped at his cock, making certain I captured all of his cream as his body calmed. Feeling around his deflating cock with my tongue, I sensed the right moment to remove my mouth, putting his cock back in his pants, zipping him back up and snapping his pants closed.

With all in order, I eased out from beneath the blanket and scooted back into my seat. I looked around quickly, mindful that those who were sleeping had remained asleep. Back in my seat, I leaned over to face Denzel.

"So?" I asked in a bare whisper.

"All I will say is that you sure as hell have my vote, man! Who knows, I may need to sell you some more votes if I last long enough on that island, Nick!"

"Always open for business, pal," I offered with a grin. A few minutes later, Denzel leaned back over towards me again.

"You don't mind if I head back over to my seat do you, Nick?" Denzel asked.

"Not a problem, go grab a nap. I probably will too."

Denzel patted me on the shoulder as he got up to walk back to his seat. "Later," I called out in a whisper, not wanting to wake any of the nearby passengers.

I leaned back in my seat, taking a deep breath, and tried to fall asleep. After a short time, and unfortunately still awake, I grabbed my toiletry bag and headed to the bathroom to freshen up, hoping that I could clear my head and relax for some good snooze time. I took a very long pee and then washed. I grabbed my toothbrush and tooth paste, cleansing my sour smelling mouth. With my face washed, feeling refreshed, I turned towards my seat, but stopped. I walked toward the other aisle instead, walking slowly in the near dark, seeking a different destination. I was in luck. That other contestant, Scott, was sitting by the widow and the seat next to him was empty. I watched for a moment and noticed that he wasn't sleeping. In fact, he seemed very restless.

As I walked slowly, as I was passing his seat, he looked up and over at me and grinned. By the expression on his face, I knew he was not enjoying an otherwise calm smooth flight, so I took my opening.

"Hey, how are you doing?" I inquired quietly.

"Not so hot. I hate flying!" he answered.

I grabbed the empty seat and stuck out my hand. "Hey, I'm Nick, also on the survival reality show."

"Cool," was all he could muster.

"It's not so bad," I began. "It's a good airplane and this airline has a great safety record."

"Really?" he said. "I'm Scott by the way. I must be nuts for going on this show!"

"Hey, that's what I was thinking also."

"Well, at least there's a chance for a big payout!" Scott responded.

"Anyway, I'm an attorney, I'm 30, and I'm gay!" I announced.

"Cool. I'm 20, a political science major hoping to go to law school," Scott answered. "And I think I'm bi!" he added.

"You think?" I asked.

"Well, I've tried both and I'm still not sure."

"Hey, it's not an either/or decision, Scott. You have plenty of time to figure things out and see what works for you!"

He smiled back at me.

"You should try to sleep," I suggested. "Want some company for a while?"

"Yeah, sure. That would be awesome," he said with a widening grin.

I pulled out a pillow from the overhead bin and put it behind my head as I reclined back, patting his leg reassuringly. I loosened the top of my pants a little to get more comfortable.

Once my eyes were closed, I was soon dozing along to the low steady hum of the smooth flying jumbo jet. I fell asleep to the thought that the grand prize win would be life altering, figuring that I'd have some good sex filled days on a tropical location. Certainly a good way to clear my mind between jobs!

My mind drifted to the memory of my fun suck off of Denzel. My mind floated as I could feel each suck on my own cock, remembering each suck I gave Denzel. And the feelings grew more and more pleasurable in my dream. They kept getting stronger. I was having a wet dream triggered by this recent memory. Or was I? I began to wake, definitely feeling a mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes, recognizing that I was still in the darkened airplane. A blanket was spread across my lap and someone under that blanket. Holy Fuck!

I instinctively looked over to find the seat next to me empty. Scott was sucking me off! And doing a damn good job at it! My hips bucked and I started to thrust forward to the mouth working my cock so well. I looked around, everyone else still asleep as my orgasm approached. I gripped the arm rests of my chair and stifled a groan as I my balls erupted. Scott sucked me hungrily, taking my load when I came. My heart was pounding. It took a few moments for my body to ease, relaxing into a post-orgasm calm.

My hand reached out to caress the highest bump of the blanket, trying to locate Scott's head. I heard my pants zip back up, indicating I was being serviced by someone who was very considerate.

The blanket lowered, revealing Scott's face, his expression looking up at me with one of apprehension. I could tell he wasn't sure of my reaction. He glided back into his seat, his gaze still fixed on my face. I smiled and patted his hand, releasing him from his worry.

"You're not mad?" he asked, his voice deceiving him with a slight stutter.

"Why would I be? Thanks for the wake up surprise."

"You looked so hot sleeping there next to me. I couldn't resist!" he explained.

I leaned my head closer. "Scott, just promise me that I will get to return the favor."

He nodded his head eagerly up and down, assuring me I made another friend, adding another member to my alliance.

"I guess I can go back to my seat, as I have a hunch you're not as tense flying anymore," I said with a grin, standing up, patting my clothes back to some sort of orderly appearance. I walked quietly down the aisle and back over to my seat. Sitting down and buckling in, I had no problem falling asleep instantly, having enjoyed the last few hours of the flight very much.

Some hours later, I stretched and opened my eyes to see the sun streaming into the cabin of the aircraft. I looked around as window shades were slowly being lifted, passengers were stirring, getting themselves organized and put back together. Breakfast was served and most people, including myself, made their last trips to the bathrooms to brush teeth, comb hair and wash up, getting ready for landing.

After a good flight and taxiing to the terminal, we left the plane and felt the gust of warm and humid tropical air. Walking a few yards through the terminal, I saw Bob, my photographer pal holding a sign with the name of the "Survival" show. I stood next to him as other contestants circled around us. Denzel gave me a thumbs up, his face still bleary from the long overnight flight. Scott sided up to me with a wink and the eager face of a typical 20 year old. Scott was still young enough to stand the test of a long flight. I looked around the group of guys standing next to me. I counted nine of us, including Bob.

Shortly after, a really good looking tenth guy, with cell phone in hand, deep in conversation, came up to stand next to us. Bob looked around and grinned. "Okay, gentlemen, looks like we're all here. This guy on the phone is the show's host. You may recognize Dick Summers from previous shows. Say hi to the guys, Dick!" Bob directed. The guy on the phone waved his hand with a quick grin and got back into his conversation. I looked over Dick carefully. Every hair was in place. His face, lightly tanned, could easily be on the cover of a men's fashion magazine. With a trim body, he filled out his clothes nicely. Too bad he wasn't a contestant that I could play with in our tropical locale.

"I'm Bob, one of the cameramen and associate producer. You'll see me and a couple other cameramen around but after today we will not talk again. Rules, you know!" Bob explained.

"We're headed for the Le Meridien Tahiti Hotel in Papeete where you can freshen up. Later today we will have our meeting explaining the game and how it will all go down. Today, the afternoon is free to crash or explore or whatever you want. Tomorrow we fly off to our destination," Bob added. "Now, it's off to customs and baggage and our hotel," he further directed.

After a short drive in our van, we made it to our hotel. All of us were stoked, having caught several glimpses of the bright blue tropical Pacific Ocean. It was hard to believe we were in the legendary South Seas! I was really excited. We drove maybe twenty minutes in one vehicle while our luggage was taken in a small pickup truck. We arrived at the hotel, walking into the lobby and the front desk where Bob and our host, Dick, were checking us in.

Dick turned to face us.

"Good morning gentlemen! Welcome and thanks for participating on our reality survival show," he began. "Its 10:30 a.m. right now," he announced, looking at his watch. I'll give you some time to settle in, shower and do whatever you want. We're here for one night only. Tomorrow after breakfast, we have a quick flight to the remote island where the game will begin," Dick explained.

We all nodded in agreement, excitedly looking at each other, sizing up our competition.

Dick cleared his throat. "At 2:00 p.m. today, I need all of you down here in the lobby. We will have our orientation and game rules meeting which should last for about three or four hours." I couldn't help but stare at him. He was really cute, even though I figured he was a few years older than me. Our eyes locked for an instant and we both quickly turned away.

We were all given room keys and told our bags would be sent up to us. From what I could tell, the contestants' rooms were scattered throughout the hotel. I was in room 969. Denzel walked by me and we each flashed our room numbers. He was on the fourth floor. I headed towards the elevators. Just as the doors were closing, Scott jumped through the closing doors. A couple of other contestants were in the elevator with us so I kept quiet for the ride. I hit the ninth floor button as Scott pushed past me to hit the 12th floor button, slyly poking me in the ribs as he did.

I got to my room and opened the door. It was a nice sized room with a king bed and a large window with a balcony facing the azure blue Pacific Ocean. I looked down from the window and saw two impressive swimming pools with palm-covered huts scattered about. Too bad we couldn't spend our entire time at this hotel.

A knock on my door alerted me to the arrival of my suitcase. I plopped the bag on a large chair and opened it up, taking out a pair of dark blue board shorts, black briefs, and a white polo shirt. I really wasn't tired enough for a nap. I was way too revved up being here and thinking about what was waiting for me, but I needed to take a shower first.

I walked to the bathroom and was wowed by the size of it. It could have been the bathroom for a small gym. I tossed my assorted toiletries on the long sink counter and stripped off my clothes, seeing myself in the mirror and couldn't help but grin. Still catching the eyes of 20 year olds, I thought to myself. I gave my cock a couple of quick pulls and turned to admire my still firm bubble butt cheeks. I gave them a pat and turned on the shower, stepping under the fancy "rain fall" shower head. The warm water felt good flowing over my body, still stiff from the long flight. I was tempted to have a nice slow wank but decided I had enough activity on the flight coming over. Besides, the area immediately surrounding the hotel looked interesting enough to deserve some exploration.

With the thought of discovering new territory, I hurriedly dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist, leaving the bathroom to go get my clothes. I walked over to the window and opened the glass door, stepping out onto the balcony, enjoying the warm tropical air flowing over my body. It felt so good. I gazed out at the beautiful ocean and savored the tropical tranquility. A quick knock on the door brought me back to reality.

Still in only my towel, I walked to the door and opened it, surprised to see Denzel giving me a nervous grin as he pushed past me to enter my room.

"I didn't want anyone to see me here. I'm not sure if we are allowed to talk to each other."

I mischievously looked him over. Dressed in a tight beige polo shirt and a pair of navy shorts, Denzel looked quite sexy. His darker skin was highlighted by the clothes he wore. His legs and butt were muscular and really filled out his shorts nicely while his shirt fit beautifully over his ripped torso. His pecs pushed against his shirt to the point of poking his nipples right into the fabric. Denzel's arms, especially his biceps, stretched the shirt sleeve material to its limits. After he looked around the room, he noticed that I was wearing only a towel.

"Oh man, did I catch you at a bad time?" he asked.

"Nah, just hopped out of the shower about to get dressed. I may wander about outside. It looks interesting."

I watched Denzel looking over my chest and arms. "You got some good muscles there, especially for a gay guy, you know?"

"Ha! You should come to my gym. You sound surprised that someone gay wouldn't be muscular. I'm not sure if I should be insulted or not!"

"Sorry. That came out wrong," Denzel offered sheepishly.

"It's okay, Denny. Um, can I call you Denny?" I asked.

"Sure man," he replied with a grin. "My best buddies call me Denny."

"So gay guys can't be muscular or masculine?" I added, teasing him with a grin.

"I guess you caught me off guard. You look good, that's all," he answered.

I walked towards my bed, where my clothes were laid out. I could feel Denzel's eyes watching me and decided to have some fun. With my back still towards him, I dropped my towel, exposing my firm, rounded, smooth ass. I heard him take in a deep breath.

"You um uh, want me to wait outside?" he stammered.

I picked my white shirt up and turned to face him, letting him have full view of plumping cut cock hanging over my balls.

"Why? You embarrassed? Besides," I began, as I looked down over my naked body, "there's nothing left for me to expose, huh?" I added with a chuckle.

Despite him being a grown black man, I swear I detected a faint blush in his face. I slipped on my polo shirt and took a step towards him.

"Besides, considering the blow job I gave you last night, I think I can consider you a close enough friend for me to feel comfortable around you," I offered with a smirk.

Denzel's and my eyes locked for a minute. I couldn't tell if he felt like a caged animal or an animal ready to attack and pounce on me.

"Relax Denny, any red blooded male or female from time to time will admire any other red blooded male or female," I explained. "It's only natural," I added.

I let him continue to look me over as I slipped on my black briefs and then my shorts. Once finished, I slipped on a pair of sandals. I walked up to him and planted a quick kiss on his cheek, leaving him wide eyed and unable to speak.

"Thanks for looking me over, Denny. I appreciate the compliment," I said. "Makes me think I still got it! Anyway, you should probably leave the room first. We can meet up on the street and wander around together."

As I put my wallet into my pocket and grabbed my watch, I noticed Denny still standing there, rubbing the front of his tenting shorts.

I stopped and turned to face him, standing near him. "You want some, don't you, buddy?" I asked slowly, feeling my own cock twitch.

"I don't know what exactly to ask for," Denzel responded slowly, weighing each word as he spoke. "Nick, I'm not gay, and I've never felt aroused by another guy. I really like girls."

I stepped closer to him and put my hand on his chest, feeling his firm muscles beneath the fabric of his shirt. He took a deep breath when I touched. I moved closer, leaving us inches apart as my hand, suddenly with a mind of its own, travelled across his pecs, finding his nipples, caressing and squeezing them, before moving on to his abs and belly.

"Stop worrying about titles. So are you trying to sell me another vote, Denny?" I asked with a mischievous grin.

Denzel stood, looking embarrassed, taking in a deep breath, as I continued to seductively feel him up.

"Price for a second vote just went up," he announced, his eyebrows rising.

I looked at his face closely, my hands holding him at the hips, my mouth inches from his. "A higher price?" I whispered. I leaned in for a kiss on his mouth, seeing how this otherwise straight guy would respond. He held his ground, returning the kiss with his full, soft lips. A smile appeared on his face.

"Tell me your price and I'll see if I'm interested," I said, teasing him.

"I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours," he said slyly.

"Hmm. I really don't know Denny. Not sure if I'm buying!" I said, leaving him dumfounded.

"You did say you're an attorney right? So is this a counteroffer?" Denzel asked.

I grinned back. I moved my arms over to him and tugged at his shirt, grabbing it at the bottom and slowly raising it, pulling it up over his head. I tossed it to a nearby chair. I turned back to him, my hands caressing his bare muscular chest.

"Here's the new offer," I began slowly. "My ass and your second vote on the game will be mine, but we're going to do this slowly. I want to enjoy your sexy, hard, body in the daylight. Last time I got to touch, but I saw nothing under that blanket," I announced, smiling as I finished stating my conditions.

I looked into Denzel's eyes, which remained wide while I made my offer. Still standing close before him, I removed my hands from his chest and pulled off my own shirt, exposing my muscled torso. His eyes dropped from my face to my chest as he took it all in. Without taking my eyes off him, I pulled at my shorts and let them drop to my feet. I stepped out of them, kicking them aside, leaving me standing in my underwear. Before Denzel could react, I pulled at his shorts and dropped them, surprised he went commando, remaining naked before me. I brought my hand forward to cup his beautiful, full sized balls. His eyes went wide, taking in a deep breath. I stepped even closer, our faces barely touching, his growing cock pushing up against me. "So we got a deal, Denny?"

Denzel grinned while I stripped naked, our hardening cocks pushing up against each other. I resumed holding his balls, caressing them gently. I felt his hand on my balls, confirming that we indeed had a deal. Leaning in, I kissed his neck and jaw, watching him close his eyes as he fell under my spell. My hands reached around him, pulling in close, our cocks grinding into each other. I smelled his skin, breathing deeply, smelling citrus. Obviously, he had also just taken a shower. I reached down to his cock and felt sticky liquid on the tip, evidence of his leaking precum. After a few moments, I pulled back and stepped away, his eyes showing the distraught look of a lost puppy. I smiled reassuringly when I walked over to my bag, rummaging through it, withdrawing my hand clutching a small bottle of lube.

I stepped over to the bed, motioning for him to join me. I squirted some lube onto my fingers and putting my hand behind me, evenly greased up my asshole, pushing in as much as I could. Taking more of the cool gel onto my fingers, I reached over and grabbed Denny's member, stroking it evenly over his hard rod, back and forth a few times for good coverage. His hips bucked and he let out a low moan with each stroke I gave him.

"Ready, Denny?" I asked.

Denzel nervously stepped behind me as I got on all fours on the bed, facing away from him, my ass positioned for him. Like an old pro, he moved forward, rubbing his cock and placing it against my rosebud. With his hands on my bare hips, he eased forward, his cock head teasingly puncturing my rosebud, slowly going in. I let out a low groan as he pushed his beautiful brown cock straight on home. At the half way point, it was Denzel's turn to moan as he began pulling out, initiating back and forth fucking. Slowly at first, he picked up speed, with each thrust applying more force and more pressure. After a few more thrusts, I was feeling no pain. He was hitting my prostate love button on each pass, making my cock, hanging long and hard between my legs, leak onto the sheets below. The feeling was amazing; Denzel sure knew how to fuck. All I could think about was his stupid girlfriend who didn't know how good a fucker she had dumped.

"Ooh yeah, take it, take my cock, ooh yeah, take it," Denzel moaned as he fucked me.

I growled in response, enjoying the pleasure. This was good; this was really good. "Mmm yeah, give me that cock," was all I could repeat. "Fuck me. Fuck me!"

I clenched down my ass muscles and Denzel moaned even louder, his body thrashing hard into me now, the bed rocking. He slammed me really hard, freezing in his forward position. I could feel his cream shoot deep into me. How he had that much spunk still in his balls after I drained him last night at 30,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean amazed me.

Denzel finally pulled out and fell onto his back next to me, panting like he ran a marathon, his skin smelling of sweat and sex. I flipped onto my back next to him, grabbing my leaking cock to jack, finishing myself off. I knew it wouldn't take much as I was already aroused and hard. With five strokes I erupted. My cum shot high onto my shoulder, chest and even my lower belly. I let out a loud sigh of satisfaction.

"You were awesome, Denny!" I said, my face turned towards him with a smile.

"You too!" he replied. After a few moments to recuperate, we both sat up. I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to the bathroom. I knew that large shower would be able to accommodate both of us. I turned on the shower which had two shower heads and we stepped in. We began soaping up, cleaning off the cum clinging to our bodies and leaking out of my ass. At one point, Denzel was facing away from me and I soaped him up. From his muscled shoulders to his strong back, I rubbed and lathered and explored. I went lower to caress those beautiful bubble ass cheeks, pleased he let me play. He flinched once or twice when my fingers "accidentally" touched his ass crack or "mistakenly" poked his hole. I didn't need to push the issue. He had certainly "come" far enough for my satisfaction. We finished up and I tossed him a towel, grabbing one for myself as we both dried off. I openly admired his amazing physique, observing him stealing glances at me as well.

"So much for exploring the area around the neighborhood. It's almost two o'clock and we have that meeting downstairs," I commented.

"You're right," Denzel said with a satisfied smirk.

"Maybe you should go downstairs first and I will follow in a few minutes, meeting you in the lobby," I suggested.

A short time later I emerged from the elevator in the lobby and walked to our meeting room. There was a table with some coffee and tea and cans of soda with glasses of ice. Once everyone was there, the meeting began. Eight of us were seated at one table while opposite was another table with Dick, Bob and two other guys seated facing us.

As things were described, I learned that the two new guys were also cameramen/assistant producers, like Bob. The four of them would direct and orchestrate the show. We were not to communicate with the cameramen and we would find notes at our campsite from Dick telling us when and where to meet him or what tasks or challenges we were assigned.

The rules and the goal of being the last man standing were explained, and we would be eliminated based on either losing an event or contest or by being voted out by the other players. We had to work together to set up camp, finding wood, rope and would be supplied with bags of rice and beans. The rest was up to us as to how well we got along. The last two contestants remaining would go head to head and then the five million dollar prize would be awarded.

The entire game would last about five weeks or six weeks on the island. We would not be introducing ourselves formally until the game began. In the morning we would take a short flight to Makatea Island, located 130 miles north of Tahiti. A small sea plane would carry us over. Tonight, we would find in our rooms a small nylon duffle bag and whatever we could fit into it was what we could take to the island. No electronic devices were allowed.

The island itself, which was 5 miles long and 3 miles wide where some natives lived, was not inhabited right now. The 100 or so islanders were moved and paid handsomely for their month long vacation away from their homes.

In the meantime, we were free to wander about near our hotel or could go into town to find some dinner. We could also spend the evening at the hotel pools or relax in our rooms. We were asked if we had questions and the obvious concerns about food and bathroom facilities were raised. And yes, food was on our own, but for the rice and beans. And yes, pooping was on our own too, although young palm leaves were suggested for a good wipe!

After the meeting ended and we stood up, most of us headed for the doors to leave the hotel. On the way out, I saw Scott and gave him a warm greeting. Outside, I felt a touch on my shoulder and turned around.

"Hello, I'm Mark. I'm 40 and an accountant," he said. He seemed to be about my height, but stockier. While I offered him a friendly smile, he seemed to look at me with hesitation.

"Nice to meet you Mark. I'm Nick. I guess we'll have an interesting month, huh?" I said, trying to make conversation with this pickle faced guy.

He stared at me for a second, his eyebrows furrowed. "Are you the gay one?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes I am," I answered.

"You do know all fags go to hell when they die? Don't you?" he asked, with that asshole face scowling at me now.

"You don't say? I wasn't aware of that, Mark" I replied without skipping a beat. "I guess I'll be there with the adulterers, tax cheats and other pencil pushers like you?" I said, remembering he was an accountant. He sneered at me. I openly grinned at him with the knowledge that my time with Denny and Scott would pay off nicely in getting this muthah fucker voted off the island first! I walked quickly away from him, leaving him standing with his lower jaw still hanging open.

With a satisfied smirk, I knew that I was about to have one helluva good time. Walking along the palm tree lined street from the hotel towards town, I saw another guy from our meeting, figuring that it was my turn to make a contact.

"I hope we can find a decent restaurant down this road," I offered, siding up to this guy.

"Hey, you're also on the show, right?"

"Yup! The name's Nick. I'm from California."

"I'm Virgil. I hope we can find a good barbecue place. I heard they have great pork ribs here."

"Sounds good to me," I added.

Virgil was quiet, but seemed friendly enough. Average height and build, balding, I guessed him to be in his mid or late 40's. I looked back over my shoulder to see asshole Mark and two other contestants heading off in another direction.

Virgil and I settled on a nice outdoor restaurant, located maybe two blocks down the road. Another guy caught up with us. He introduced himself as Mario, a nice laid back guy who told us he was a cook and 25 years old. He had a warm friendly manner about him. At maybe 5 foot 9 inches in height, and maybe 160 pounds, his straight black hair and brown eyes made him attractive in his own way. He didn't talk about any significant others so I assumed him to be single. I also read him to be straight, just for the record. Before we ordered, I saw Scott and Denzel walking by and waved them to come over and join us. The five of us hung out for a couple of hours, chatting comfortably, but each of us knew that once on the island, we would all become the competition and the obstacles to get to that big prize.

The sun went down and the breeze picked up. We walked back to the hotel and said our good nights, needing to get into a competitive mood that each of us would need. Back in my room, I found my small nylon duffle bag and went to work figuring out how to get everything I would need for the next several weeks of reality game show battles. I took shirts and shorts and some toiletries. I had a several disposable razors which I knew could each last a week. Fortunately my smooth skin didn't need much shaving, and my goal was to maintain a smooth face as much as possible. I also brought along some soap, sun block and moisturizer, knowing the sun and the salty ocean air could really mess me up.

Although I don't consider myself very vain, I knew we had a television audience watching, and the producers always kept two kinds of people at least halfway through a show. There was always the trouble maker, who was good for ratings, and then the clean cut cute guy who played the underdog. That's the role I was shooting for, hence the clean face and nice shirts. I also packed a thong and a Speedo bikini bathing suit, knowing that they would be helpful in any necessary seductions. Amidst the face and hand lotions, I also packed a couple of bottles of lube and a box of Trojans. Sandals were added to complete my bag which I could barely close. With some tugging, I was able to zip it closed.

I looked at the clock and it was late enough. I washed up in the bathroom and stripped naked before hopping into bed. Before shutting the light I set the alarm clock for the time they suggested and had no problem falling asleep. Tomorrow was going to be the beginning of a most unusual and exciting experience. I dreamed of being on the island, gathering materials from a jungle and trying to build a hut. I dreamed I was in the middle of a busy construction site, with guys calling out orders, bringing materials, hammering nails and sawing wood. And more hammering, more pounding and banging again. And more banging. The apparent commotion forced me to open my eyes. I still heard the hammering. No, it was banging. Banging? Shit! Someone was at the door. I jumped up and turned on the light. I was asleep for maybe only an hour.

I got out of bed, walking to the door. I was about to open it when I looked down at myself, noticing that I was naked. I unlocked the door and opened it only part way, craning my neck around the door to see who was out there. On the other side was Scott, standing there in a yellow tee shirt and blue boxers.

"Hey Scott!" I said groggily. "What's up?" I asked.

Scott offered me a weak smile. "I can't sleep, Nick," he said.

"I can!" I responded, with a snap in my voice.

"I guess I'm not use to being alone in a hotel in a strange place," he said.

"And you signed up for a month on a remote island?"

"You going to let me in, Nick?" he asked, almost pleading.

"Um, um, I'm um...... not dressed Scott!"

Admitting I was naked, Scott's face suddenly beamed like the kid offered a big bag of candy.

"Good" he declared, and suddenly found the strength to push the door open against me and barged in.

"Sex will help me sleep, Nick," he said as he pulled of his t shirt and dropped his shorts on the floor before jumping into my bed.

Well, I thought, I certainly can't kick some sexy cock and balls attached to this kid out of my bed, now could I? After all, I am going for the audience's favorite nice guy. The things some of us attorneys will do for the benefit of the public, I mused to myself.

I shut the lights and crawled into bed.

"My lube and condoms are already packed, buried in my bag for tomorrow Scott, so we may have to figure something else out," I said.

"Lube on the island! How thoughtful, Nick!" he exclaimed as I felt his warm naked body crawl on top of me, kissing and caressing my face and neck. As tired as I was, my cock needed no further urging. It was erect and throbbing, leaning on my belly under Scott's body. In no time, I felt Scott's smooth body crawling down, his mouth working lower and lower to its intended target - my cock.

"Hey, I'm the one who owes you a suck off, remember?" I reminded him.

"No problem hot stuff, we'll flip around after I get you off!" he explained.

On his knees, Scott was expertly working my cock. He tongued at my pubes, played with my balls, pulled and tugged on my sac as his mouth tightened over my cock. I was convinced this tropical air was definitely making my cock get hard faster and stay harder longer. Time on this all man island was going to be a lot of fun, I realized. I closed my eyes as I was guided into a wonderful feeling of bliss. There was no way I still had any cum left in my balls, but I was wrong. My hips and ass began to grind into the sheets of the bed as Scott took more and more of me down his throat. I was caressing the hair on his head, keeping him in place over my throbbing hardon until I felt my orgasm arrive. My hips bucked, thrusting up to meet his amazing mouth as I shot my load. I didn't have as much as usual, but hey, an orgasm is an orgasm right?

Scott licked me clean, finally lifting off my body, moving to face me and planting a deep hot kiss on my mouth. Hip lips parted as mine followed his lead; our tongues meeting and playing. I could taste the remnants of my pungent cream still in his mouth. After a brief tongue battle, Scott pulled off me and flipped onto his back.

"Okay Nick, ready when you are!" Scott announced. I looked over to him and smiled. This is the guy doesn't know for sure if he's gay, bi or straight? I smiled thinking about it. Well, I have a headline for him. If he's this hungry to suck and be sucked, well, he should be able to easily figure this one out!

I leaned over him, seeing his smooth firm body in the moonlight streaming through the window, and knew this was a true delicacy. His chest muscles had a nice divide down the middle, with small dark nipples staring at me. Scott nearly had a six pack of abs, the skin so smooth they showed off the young muscles beneath. At 20 years of age, he was already a hottie, and I bet at 30, with some good gym time, this guy would be smoking hot. I looked further down and could see his trimmed pubes above his cock, which was already hard and throbbing.

With my target in sight, I dove down, my mouth open, eager to take this piece of hot flesh. My lips tightened and went to work, knowing I'd hit the right nerve. Scott began to claw at me, squirming underneath, his strong young legs thrashing as I sucked his cock tighter and faster. His moaning increased as his arms pulsed like the rest of his body. I had to hold his hands to keep them still as I continued my assault. As I held and stroked his body, he did the same to me. Another soulful groan revealed his orgasm. Scott's hips bucked towards me as I held on, my lips locked tight, pushing him to greater ecstasy. His body shook as his balls drained into my mouth, which I dribbled back onto his belly. We moaned in delight for several more moments.

I rolled off him. "Nice, huh?" I asked.

"Awesome!" he sighed, rolling onto me again and offering another kiss, and another tongue duel.

"Not so bad!" he announced. "That was cool tasting my own cum after you sucked me off!"

I turned on my side to face him in the moonlight, smiling contentedly.

A few moments later, Scott was out of bed, looking around the room in the dark while naked, searching for his shirt and boxers. He found them and dressed, walking back to the bed and leaning over to kiss me again.

"I bet I can sleep really well now, Nick!" Scott said softly. He walked to the door and opened it, peeking around the doorway down the hall to make sure he wasn't seen, and out he went, before calling back in a whisper: "Good night, and thanks, Nick!:

Tomorrow was going to be a big day, a very big day, I realized as I rolled onto my side. I easily fell asleep and stayed asleep until my alarm went off in the morning.

I woke up early, shaved, showered and dressed. I packed my suitcase and threw the small nylon duffle back over my shoulder and went downstairs. My suitcase was to be held by the hotel. I went outside to the waiting van to join the rest of our troupe. Good ol' redheaded Bob, my favorite cameraman/producer grabbed my bag and with a quick smile, ushered me to take a seat. I found myself seated next to Mario and off we went.

It was eerily quiet in the van on the way to the airport's charter terminal where we found our waiting plane. After a quick flight, and a few last minute cautionary words, we eight contestants were left on the beach on our own. We knew that the first order of business was to collect whatever fallen palm trees we could find and create some sort of shelter.

Clint, a big and brawny guy, identified himself as a construction worker so we let him take the lead for the project. Looking to be maybe in his late 30's, with brown hair and brown skin, his hairy chest popped out of his muscle shirt. He turned to our homophobe Mark for additional direction, so I took note to recognize their apparent alliance.

Another guy who made himself known was a guy named Rod. With long blonde hair and a tan complexion, I was taken aback when he announced that he was a doctor. His bright yellow, low-collar tee shirt revealed a smooth, tan upper chest. I had him pegged for another West Coast surfer dude. I immediately took a dislike to him, watching him order everyone around as to where they should leave their bags, what rocks to move, and other silly items of business that he took upon himself to manage.

Rounding out the last of our beach-bound tribe was Virgil, the quiet guy I met last night, who sadly looked incredibly out of place here. I'm sure he would have preferred to be sitting in front of a television with a six pack of beer in his lap. The poor guy looked lost, wandering from one guy to another, offering his help. I gave him a quick greeting and with Denzel and Scott in tow, we moved over to help move a couple of palm tree trunks around until we were able to set up two open-sided huts, covering them in palm leaves we strung in place with the vines we found scattered about.

With the dust settled, and everyone nearly out of breath, sweating and exhausted, we found ourselves divided between the two beach front structures. Denzel, Scott and Mario joined me in the first hut while Mark, Clint, Doctor Rod, and Virgil settled into the second lean-to. Looking over at the other group of guys, I immediately targeted Virgil as the guy I would work on for any upcoming votes. Mario got a fire going on the beach, preparing the rice and beans which was supplied to us, while the rest of us found some sticks lying on the beach which we sharpened against some rocks and tried our hand at spear fishing in the water.

I could describe the events that followed but that would lead to some rather embarrassing images. None of us had any talent, although Virgil nearly took off one of his own toes several times. And to our utter amazement, we actually were able to catch a handful of fish that would prove sufficient for Mario to prepare a halfway decent dinner for us. After we ate, all eight of us wandered about, making small conversation as we went. I walked along the beach, exploring and admiring the beauty of this tropical locale. I found Virgil and stood next to him looking out on the water. He proved to be a friendly enough guy, urged onto the show by his wife. We talked for a little bit and he excused himself, heading back to our huts.

"Good talking to you, Nick," he called out.

"Same here, man."

I walked a little further to find Mario, our cook, sitting on a large rock.

"Mario, I can't thank you enough for that great meal. Considering where the hell we are, in the middle of nowhere, dinner was really good!"

"Thanks, Nick. I appreciate that! As long as you all know that I can cook and keep everyone fed, I figure no one would be eager to vote me off too soon," Mario joked.

"Well, you have my vote, Mario!"

I sat down next to him, trying not to crowd him. "It's beautiful out here, isn't it?"

"Hell yeah, as long as we don't go crazy being out here for too long," Mario offered. "By the way," he began in a low voice, looking around. "Mark, Rod and Clint tried to get me into an alliance with them. They said the rest of you were fags, pagans and morons."

I had to laugh. "Well, that's a new label for me, part of the fags, pagans and morons team. Which of us is doing the animal sacrifice at sunrise?" I teased.

Mario laughed. "I know that you are gay. I've watched you and that kid Scott checking each other out."

"Does that bother you at all?" I asked.

Mario grinned, still staring out over the water, shrugging his shoulders. "My brother is gay, and I love him, so what do you think?"

"Thanks for that," I mumbled under my breath.

Mario turned to me, leaning in close. I could barely make out his facial features as the sky darkened. "After all, Nick. A man has needs, and since my girlfriend isn't here, a blow job in the dark is still a blowjob, isn't it?" Dumb I am not, and I don't need to be clubbed over the head to catch his drift. I leaned in for a fast kiss. "Feel like getting sucked off right now, Mario?"

In a flash, Mario was standing, undoing his shorts and pulling down his briefs before sitting back down on the rock. My hands caressed his firm shoulders and chest as I maneuvered in front of him. Lowering myself between his legs, I caressed the inside of his thighs, hearing him let out a low moan. "Been way too long," he announced.

His delicious cock was in my mouth, my tongue sliding up and down the underside, bringing him to his full erect size. Mario leaned back, one of his hands caressing my head as I worked his cock. Gaining friends and getting some fun at the same time. Not bad, I thought. I sneaked a peek to my left and right, but even in the dark, I could not discern anyone else's presence. Mario must have been hard pressed for an orgasm, because it didn't take long for me to get him off. With a low guttural rumble and a gasp, his cock stiffened in my mouth as he began to shoot. I dribbled his seed out of my mouth but made sure that he was drained completely.

Mario pulled himself together, pulling back up his briefs and shorts before we parted. We determined that it would be best for him to go ahead of me, and I took the opportunity to take a quick dip in the ocean. I stripped naked and dove into the water, making sure to wipe my chin and shoulder free of any of Mario's orgasmic evidence.

My time in the water was amazing. Still possessing some of the warmth from the earlier tropical sunshine, the ocean felt really good. I splashed around for a while before heading back to the beach. I got dressed and walked back to our camp, seeing the fire our group maintained since we made supper.

I arrived at my hut to the commotion of a message having been received from the show, signaling that it had begun. Our three cameramen/producers were hovering about, either observing conversation between the contestants, or drawing us apart for individual comments that we wished to make. I was happy to learn that the guys in the other group already referred to us as the pagans, which thrilled me, knowing that they were identifying themselves as the bad guys, already attacking us, for the benefit of the television audience.

Mario and I shyly locked eyes for an instant, forcing him to blush at the thought of our brief encounter. We were also told that a contest was scheduled for the morning which would result in the elimination of two players. Mario, Scott, Denzel and I were all tired enough from our long day allowing us to relax easily. Despite beds made of palm leaves over the hard sand, we were soon dozing. Off in the distance, I could hear that loud-mouth Mark and the arrogant Rod already shouting orders to each other. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Morning came and breakfast was a repeat of dinner - rice, beans and fish. With cameramen in tow, we were led up a hill away from the beach to cleared zone looking like a soccer field with nets at each end, but combined with the elements of an obstacle course. The field was all sand, uneven, with hill, moats and small pools of water scattered about. Our host explained that this was an individual soccer game challenge, with two balls at a time at play, and we would score individually. With the two balls set in the middle of the field, we were placed on the sidelines, a whistle was blown and the game began. We all ran towards the center and Denzel and Clint were the first to take control of the balls and began their runs, over and around the obstacles.

Mark made it a point to push and bump into me as often and aggressively as he could. I was able to hear Dick Summers announce our plays, and he made it a point to comment on Mark's deliberate, aggressive behavior. I gave as good as I took, but was quite upset when Mark turned his sights on Scott, going after him even more aggressively. After about 40 minutes of play, a whistle was blown and the game ended. We were squired over to one corner and sat on the ground to be presented with the results. Denzel was the clear winner so he was safe, and then it was revealed that Clint, the biggest guy on the island had the lowest score and was eliminated.

"We do have a change in results, however," Dick Summers began. "Although Doctor Rod had the next lowest score, he will not be eliminated. Sounds of surprise echoed amongst the contestants. "Our on-site medical crew looked at Scott, who was injured when he collided with Mark and fell, tearing a ligament. It was determined that Scott cannot remain on the island; and instead will be airlifted from the island this afternoon for medical treatment."

With a loss from each hut, things were not improved as to any possible vote that night come about. Wandering back to the beach, I went over to Scott to check on him. He was sitting on a chair next to some of the other cameramen, who were not filming at the time.

"That bastard Mark tripped me intentionally. I didn't even have the ball," Scott sneered.

"That fucker," was all I could say.

"Just get him for me," Scott pleaded.

"He's already my prime target. Don't worry. Sorry to lose you though, Scott. I was hoping to spend more alone time with you," I whispered with a dirty leer.

Scott shot me a thumbs up as I returned to the beach and our hut, wanting to check in with Denzel and Mario. I told them about Scott and what he said, and we agreed that the first vote should target Mark. We were allowed to wander about the beach the rest of the day. We tried to straighten up our hut as best we can, considering that the tropical breezes kept blowing sand and leaves back inside. After that, we returned to the water to collect fish for supper.

After dinner, as we three laid in the dark, we talked about our lives back home and what things we would do with the money if we won. We were then allowed a few days to rest.

Sometime later, we were sitting around, looking out at the ocean. At one point, Mario moved closer to me.

"Nick, I had a chance to talk to Virgil when I was cooking."


"Virgil absolutely hates Mark and Rod. They've taken to ordering him around and practically made him their servant. He told me he saw Mark trip Scott without any reason. He'll vote for Mark first chance he gets. We have to promise to get rid of Rod next."

"Consider it done. Tell him that," I happily announced.

The next morning, we woke to find a light warm rain falling. With Dick Summers and the cameramen around us, we were informed that today's event was going to be a treasure hunt through the jungle which was about a mile down from the beach. The six of us would search for five medallions that would make us safe. The last player would be automatically eliminated.

"And after dinner," Dick added, "there would be a vote to eliminate one additional player. With three players from each hut, I knew that anything could happen. Our timing set, we were walked to the jungle area and the game began. We ran without plan, not even knowing what these medallions looked like.

Suddenly I heard Denzel shouting. "I got one, I got one."

Still running and searching, I heard Doctor Rod, yelling, but he didn't sound happy, so hopefully he hadn't found a medallion. As I ran, I tripped and fell on a vine, falling and landing on my back. I looked up to see a small red chain and a coin the size of a silver dollar hanging on a branch over my head. I found one!

Several minutes later, in quick succession I heard both Mark and Rod shout out that they had found their medallions. I made it a point to not announce mine, even though I had a cameraman following me and recording my fall and discovery.

Mario was next with his medallion and a whistle blew, signaling the end of the game. I was disheartened to realize that it was Virgil who was without a medallion. Back in the clearing on the beach, it was confirmed that Virgil lost and would be leaving right away. We said our goodbyes. I was sad to see this decent guy leave us so soon. He certainly wasn't my first choice.

Our dinner ritual was repeated, but it was much quieter than normal. Mark and Rod kept themselves apart from Denzel, Mario and myself, occasionally looking over at us as they spoke in hushed tones.

Nick, can I speak with you for a moment please?" Denzel asked, as he led me away from Mario.

"Yeah Denny, what?" I looked back over my shoulder as I saw Rod walk over to Mario, who was still tending to the fire pit.

"Can we go after Rod instead of Mark tonight?"

"How come, Denny?"

"When I found my medallion, that racist dog let loose a string of obscenities and profanities at me that I haven't heard in years. He used every anti-black name he could think of. And Virgil told me that he was antigay as well," Denzel offered.

"Let's talk to Mario. As long as we take out both of those bastards, I don't care who is first," I admitted.

Denzel and I walked back to our hut, moving towards Mario, when the three cameramen and Dick Summers walked over to us. I gave Dick a grin but he quickly looked away. Before we even had a chance to look at Mario, we were each handed a card and a black marker and told to write down the name of the contestant we wanted to vote off. Holy fuck! We hadn't talked to Mario about our changed plans, I thought in a panic.

Figuring that Denzel was going with his new plan, I reluctantly wrote down Rod's name. Our cards were collected as we were told to sit around the fire pit, the three cameras rolling, watching us for our expected reactions. Denzel's card was read first.

"Denzel picks Mark."

I shot Denzel a panicked look. "I went with the original plan not knowing if we would change it!" he announced, a look of surprise on his face.

Mario's card was read next.

"Mario picks Denzel."

What? Oh my god. Rod must have talked Mario into turning against us, I realized.

Mark's and Rod's cards were read next. They both picked Denzel as well. Denzel sat there shocked. My card with Rod's name was shown, but the vote was clear. Denzel was asked to leave. We said our quick goodbyes as Denzel offered me a thumbs up and then shot a middle finger over at Mario.

In our huts that night, I could hear laughing coming from Mark and Rod but silence pervaded my hut. Mario wouldn't look at me.

The silence was overwhelming. "What the hell could Rod have said to you to make you change your vote," I finally asked quietly.

Mario remained silent for a while before finally moving closer to me. "Rod said Denzel had gone to them to switch sides and you guys were planning on throwing me out."

"That's ridiculous," I responded.

"That's what I said," Marion offered. "Until Rod pointed out that you two walked off without me to talk in hushed tones, looking back at me."

"Holy crap, Mario. Really? Denzel wanted to tell me that Rod was a racist and called him quite a few colorful phrases revealing his true colors, so to speak. We looked back watching Rod approaching YOU! We were about to ask you about our plan to see if we would switch our vote and get rid of Rod instead. Fuck!"

Mario shrugged, moving back over and lying down, letting me know in no uncertain terms our conversation was over. Damn, damn , damn. I needed a new strategy. I thought and thought, hearing Mark and Rod laughing about their success over near the fire pit. We had the next few days to relax, just hanging around.

A few days later, one evening after we ate, I rummaged through my duffle bag until I found what I needed and changed. I looked back over at Mario, who had have fallen asleep. I stood up and walked towards the sound of the surf, barely seeing where I was going but for brief reflections on the water from the fire, as I walked towards the ocean. I dove in, splashing noisily around for a little while and got out, being sure to tug down my red speedo bathing suit slightly lower than normal, exposing the top of my pubes. I walked directly to the hut where Rod and Mark were sitting, making sure to stand behind the fire so that they had a good glimpse of my wet, near-naked body.

"What the fuck are you doing over here, you fag?" Mark called out.

I chose to ignore the talking sphincter and put my hands on my hips, paying attention solely to Rod. "Congrats on a bold move, doc. I would never have guessed that such a move would work. It was brilliant."

"I doubted it would. I didn't realize how stupid Mario is," Mark added, trying to get into the conversation.

I kept my eyes locked on Rod, watching him as he looked me over closely. "Just had to get rid of the black guy, that's all. No hard feelings," Rod offered in his defense.

I stood quietly, shrugging my shoulders as I brought one of my hands to my bare wet chest, stroking my abs slowly and innocently. I watched Rod watch me. "Night boys," I shouted out as I turned to leave.

"You weren't watching that gay weirdo, were ya, Rod?" I heard Mark asking.

Heading back to my hut, I was grinning to myself.

The next day, I remained in my red Speedos. With cameramen in tow, we were told to combine our huts into one large one. Again, Rod took the lead and I followed his directions with a friendly smile. As we were told to stack our things in one particular area, I made it a point to kick some of Mario's things about, making his area appear much messier. Mark couldn't yell at Mario fast enough, but I kept quiet and maintained my distance.

With the new combined hut completed, the four of us were sweating profusely, so we needed a dip in the ocean. Rod was first to bail, stripping to his boxers and running to the water, diving head first into a large crashing wave. "I'm next," I shouted, running in after Rod.

"Well," began an indignant Mark, if queer Nick is in the ocean, I'm not going. I'm sure I'll catch some disease," the ignorant bastard announced loudly. All the better, I thought. Swimming out towards Rod, I reached under the water and pulled down my Speedo, letting it fall off my body as I swam further out. Getting closer to Rod, I splashed about, diving under the water when he was watching me, making it a point to let my bare ass surface out of the water each time.

"Water feels so good, doesn't it?" I commented when I was close enough to be heard.

"Um, yeah, sure," he responded nervously.

I continued to splash around, not trying to hide myself at all, even though most of me was under the water. I noticed that Rod was steering us into the more shallow area of the water. Whether he was trying to escape me or get me to be exposed in water that wasn't as deep I wasn't certain.

"So, Nick, are you going to try to turn me against Mark?"

"Nah, I have no reason to do that. Besides, I figure that our next event will be a challenge or contest of some sort, and Mark is the oldest one remaining.

"But with all of his anti-gay comments and slurs," Rod offered, revealing his surprise and curiosity.

We were able to stand up in the water, which barely covered my crotch. My abs were now exposed. I looked back to shore and could see both Mario and Mark standing at the water's edge watching us. I turned to face Rod, most of my bare ass facing the beach, putting a hand on Rod's shoulder. "Listen Rod. I've learnt a thing or two in my life being gay. Those guys that yell the loudest about gay people, these guys who constantly focus on sexuality and orientation and gender, well, I don't have to say more, do I?" I offered with a wink. 'Keeping Mark around makes me happy. He is so curious, you know," I offered with a wink.

"Bullshit, I don't believe you."

"I'm not saying a thing, Rod. I never kiss and tell," I whispered as we both walked towards the beach.

"You owe me a new swimming suit," I called over to Rod, making sure the other guys heard me. As I got closer to Mark, he stepped away from me, his eyebrows high seeing me stark naked.

"Mario," I loudly announced, you should have jumped into the water. It was nice and hot, and refreshing too," I said loudly. I looked back over my shoulder, heading for the hut to find some clothes, as saw Mario, Mark and Rod all heading off in different directions. This should keep them all wondering, I guessed.

Back in the hut, I laid down, waiting for the show to announce what event we could next expect. Mario slinked back into the hut, looking around and finding both Mark and Rod gone. I knew that he wanted to talk, and was probably still hesitant since he turned against Denzel.

"And?" he finally asked.

"There going after you next," I calmly stated.


I could see the shock on his face from the lie I was feeding him.

"Rod said that you couldn't be trusted because you turned on Denzel so easily," I added, shrugging my shoulders. "Sorry," I added.

It wasn't long after that we had another contest for the game. With cameramen out in force, a race was set up along the beach. As we ran, different stations had to be completed; first completing a big jigsaw puzzle, then climbing though netting, and finally untangling rope knots. In the heat of the sun, the race was torturous, but my prediction was correct. Mark did have the most trouble keeping up and thankfully, lost. Our show host announced the results and on camera, we said our goodbyes. Mark was taken aback at the dirty looks he received from the three of us. And just for fun, I flashed him a quick wink before he turned away.

That night, we had another tropical shower, as Mario, Rod and I lay quietly in our hut. Surprisingly, the rain added to the temperature and the humidity climbed. With cameras gone for the day, I stripped naked to go to sleep. Mario and Rod couldn't help but look over at me, probably wishing that they were as brave to shed their clothes for the hot night. We were all restless, tossing and turning, as tomorrow was supposed to be our final day, with a winner determined by sunset.

We made idle conversation about nothing in particular, until we thought we heard something outside in the dark. We listened carefully for a few moments, trying to determine who or what was out there. The rain stopped and we sat up, surprised when in walked Bob, my red-headed cameraman, another cameraman that I didn't really know, and our show host, Dick Summers. The crew never come into our hut before, never venturing further than an on camera interview with our hut in the background. The two cameramen carried in their equipment before anything was turned on.

Dick stood up at the door, looking us over. His short black hair, cut short, tried vainly to stay in place, despite the humidity. In a light blue buttoned shirt and a pair of jeans, his slim body screamed for release. Probably in his late thirties, his slight swimmer's build hid his age well. I remember reading in the tabloids that he was dating some young starlet, and then dating another one a week later. But there never seemed to be any serious or long time girls on his arm. There were suspicions of course as to his sexuality. But here he was standing in front of me, with his gaze drifting a couple of times to me and my naked crotch. At this point, I didn't feel the need to get dressed for anyone's benefit.

"Well, gentlemen, as this is your last night roughing it. We wanted to talk to you individually and try to get a little insight about each of you for when we do our full end of show interviews on camera," Dick explained.

"That sounds like a good idea," offered Rod.

Mario stood up. "So who goes with who?"

"Sam, why don't you take Mario outside somewhere and find a quiet corner to go over some questions," Dick said, motioning to the other cameraman, who immediately smiled at Mario as they stepped outside.

I looked over to Bob, giving him a hopeful smile, only to have it cut short. "I'll take Rod here," he said, as he led Rod out of our hut next.

I remained seated on the floor, cross-legged, cock and balls hanging, waiting for Dick to speak.

"Guess that leaves us, huh, Nicholas?"

I stood up, giving my ball sack a quick scratch. I liked the sound of him calling me by my full name. It made things sound more serious for some reason. "Do you care if I don't feel the need to grab some shorts, Dick?"

"Your call," he said, trying not to look down at my junk.

We walked down the beach for a while, the moon poking through the clouds, lighting up the beach. Arriving at the same big rock on the beach where I first played with Mario, I sat down. I patted the rock next to me, motioning for Dick to sit down. "Its amazing out here, isn't it?" I said.

"It is one of the better locations we've used for our shows."

I sat quietly, looking out at the ocean, with the moon's reflection dancing on the water. "I love swimming in these waters. The water is so warm and soft, if that makes any sense."

"The production schedule keeps me in this hot trailer on the other side of the island. I sweat like a pig most of the time and can't do anything more than stare at the water," Dick admitted.

Turning to face him, I was very surprised. "You're shitting me. That's awful. To be so close and unable to enjoy it."

Dick shrugged. We remained silent a while longer until I stood up and pulled him up with me.

"What?" he gasped in surprise.

"Be quiet, you just lost your position of authority, if only for the moment."

I smiled broadly at him while my fingers quickly undid the buttons of his shirt. I pulled it open and slid it off over his shoulders. I was pleas that he kept himself in such good shape. With only moonlight assisting me, I could see some decent pecs and abs, covered in a light dusting of hair. He smiled back as a light tropical breeze wafted across his clammy skin.

"That feels nice, but I shouldn't be partially undressed."

"Partially, Dick?" I said with a laugh as my fingers busily went after his jeans, unsnapping them and pulling down the zipper. I dropped to a crouch and tugged off his loafers and socks while he put a hand on my shoulder to steady himself.

"Oh Nick, you can't. I shouldn't," he pleaded.

I tugged down his pants, noticing that despite Dick's please, he wasn't stopping me. I looked up at him, his feet kicking off his jeans, and I reached up and pulled down his white BVD's. He was nicely hung, and plumping up as he stood above me.

"You stripped me faster than my wife does," Dick commented.

"Wife? What wife? I didn't know you were married, Dick. What about all those tabloid girlfriends?"

"My agent's idea. All for image I'm afraid. And the wife was a college girlfriend. We rarely see each other," he explained with a sad shrug.

"So let's get wet," I shouted, grabbing him by the hand and dashing into the waves. We splashed and dove under the water, getting our heads wet. We both emerged a few feet out, still able to stand; the water level just coming to our armpits, our shoulders and heads above water.

"Your right, this does feel amazing," Dick admitted.

"And even better skinny dipping," I added, reaching over and giving his cock a quick pull.

"Hey," he shouted, surprised by my grope.

I remained standing in place, closely facing him, a smirk on my face.

"So it must be hard not having you wife strip you, while you're out here in the Pacific without her," I said, prodding for more information.

Dick shrugged again. "She produces a show in England, while I'm mostly in California. We're friends still, but it never worked out for us."

"Sorry to hear that, Dick. It must get lonely."

Dick just stared. "She has someone over there tickling her fancy."

"Damn, that's awful," I said as I took a step closer to him, our faces maybe a foot apart now. My hand reached out and cupped his balls, but he didn't step back. "Don't you have someone tickling your fancy these days, Dick?"

I watched him take in a deep breath of air. "Not since I was in college. He was my roommate."

"So what happened?"

Career came calling and a guy in my bed wouldn't look good on my resume. So I got married instead. We were apart a month later."

"I imagine these days, that wouldn't be the case, Dick."

He laughed. "It might even help it, to be honest." Dick took the next step forward, looking deeply into my face.

"Did you know we were planning to highlight you as the hero of the show, the good guy?"

"Oh?" I innocently replied, planting a quick kiss on his lips, feeling his hard cock poke my belly.

"Yeah. And once Bob told me how well your photo session went, well, I found you quite intriguing.

"Intriguing?" I repeated, before opening my mouth for a much better kiss. Our arms coiled around each other, as we pulled ourselves closer, our mouths hungrily locked in some hot French kissing. We both moaned, our bodies enveloped by the warm tropical water. The heat emanating from our bodies grew.

"Do you think we can try a quick fuck here in the ocean?" I whispered.

"Always worth a try," Dick whispered back. "Plus, I've always had an eye on that ass of yours, ever since you teased Rod in front of Mark. Brilliant move, by the way, after they blindsided you by voting off Denzel."

Our hug broke, I turned my back towards Dick, pushing my crack against his crotch. I rubbed up and down against his body, the warm water making us slick, and he pushed his cockhead against my hole.

"Oh yeah, fill me up. That feels nice."

With a few more moves, I felt him pop inside me. The ocean water helped, but not as much as I hoped for. Dick wrapped his hands around my belly as he pushed again. I let out a light groan but being filled up more than compensated for the discomfort. His slow thrusts picked up speed, I howled in response.

Dick reached around, finding my cock, beginning a slow stroke under the water. "Oh god, oh god," I moaned, getting pleasurable sensations from both sides.

"Shih, we don't need an audience, especially the night before the final contest," he warned.

I loved being held so tightly, my back covered by his warm muscled chest. And then he came. Dick grunted, his face buried in my neck. I didn't cum, but I was rock hard. I knew once the cooler air hit me, I was doomed to lose my hard-on and shrink anyway. But my ass felt so good, I didn't care.

Once we pulled apart, we walked to the beach hand in hand. My steps were wobbly, partly from the surf, but mostly walking bowlegged having been just plowed so completely. "That was nice, Dick."

"Thanks. It was, and I so needed that!"

We found Dick's clothes and he got dressed. I of course remained naked, and as expected, my erection was soon gone in the night air, just as expected. Turning to head back to the hut, I walked with a contented smile.

"You owe me an orgasm, Dick."

He laughed. "I received a call from the coast yesterday."

"About what?" I asked.

"Apparently, the ratings have been pretty good for the shows we've already aired, and the studio wants us to have a first place AND second place winner."

"No shit, that's awesome. I hope racist Rod doesn't win anything.

"Oh really," Dick said with a smirk. "So what were you saying about an orgasm a second ago?"

I stopped walking. "I never came with you. I may lodge a complaint with the studio execs," I teased.

Dick smiled warmly at me. "Nicholas, I have a question to ask you first. I hope you don't take it the wrong way," he said rather cautiously.

I remained quiet, waiting.

"I'd like to look you up when we get back to California."

I was pleasantly surprised by his comment. I stood quietly, processing what he said. "Dick, you are sort of married. I don't get into that scene. I am flattered though; I really am. I've watched how you managed the show, and treated everyone so kindly and respectfully. And you are a good fuck, for you age of course," I teased. "But I don't quite consider you available yet."

Dick laughed nervously, but the disappointment was clear on his face. "You're right, Nicholas. "Life is too short, and I think I need to face facts and get the divorce I've been putting off for way too long."

"What facts, Dick?"

"Well, the marriage is over. My wife lives with her boyfriend overseas. And secondly, I don't want to spend the rest of my life with a woman anymore. She's happily wrapped up in her career over there anyway. I need to do what's right for me. And being with a man is what I want."

"Wow, that is news. And I have a career, too."

"But it's a career and a life in California, not Europe. This season is the last for America's Survival Reality Show. I want to do some executive producing of other shows keeping me mostly in California."

"Okay, Dick. Well, based on all of that, I would very much like to hear from you when this is all done."

A wider smile could not be found anywhere else on the planet except the one of Dick's face at that moment. We walked back to the hut and I stepped inside, finally picking up a pair of shorts and slipping them on.

"Gentlemen, tomorrow will be a big day, so get your rest. Thanks again for all of your efforts here," he concluded, before throwing a dirty look in Rod's direction. Mario and I talked a bit, as he described some of the questions he was asked.

"Yeah, those were pretty much the same questions I got. How about you, Rod?"

Rod grumbled, looking annoyed and not saying much more.

"So are we having a contest, or a vote, or a game or challenge tomorrow?" I asked.

"I don't have a clue," Mario offered. Rod said nothing, giving a shrug in our direction.

Morning arrived with clear blue skies. A nice tropical breeze kept temperature and humidity to comfortable levels. With several cameras filming at once, Dick, dressed in suit and tie, welcomed us to the final show and thanked us profusely for our efforts during these last few weeks. They did go by quickly, I realized.

Dick went on to inform us that due to an incredible response, the prize money was going to be handled differently, and the winner would receive three million and the runner up would get two million dollars. Apparently the rules required a five million dollar total payout, and that was still going to happen. With our odds increasing, no one was complaining.

The rules for the day were announced next. We would run an obstacle course along the beach, to be followed by reconstructing a large cinder block puzzle, the pieces made of Styrofoam. Finishing times would determine the winner. We were separated and interviewed on camera, one at a time, by Dick. The interviews completed, we went back to the hut to relax for a few minutes. Shortly after we sat down, Bob came by and asked for Rod, who followed him out.

I looked through my clothes and decided to change for the final event. I grabbed a see-through blue mesh shirt and put it on. I dropped my shorts and put on a black jock strap and a pair of short nylon running shorts. I thought a sexy look for my final appearance was appropriate, especially to show off for Dick. I thought about his invitation and was intrigued. He was cute, successful, and clearly established. The emotional maturity was also a plus, but that marriage issue concerned me. After all, talk is cheap.

It wasn't long before we were called outside. Rod was nowhere in sight.

"Sadly, our popular Doctor Rod decided to resign from the competition and leave our show immediately," Dick began, offering me a slight grin out of the corner of his mouth. "He felt his behavior and some of his inappropriate language towards another contestant rendered him unfit to properly represent this show. We certainly appreciate his integrity and wish him the best. With that out of the way, let's get ready now for the final challenge between our two favorites, Mario and Nicholas. Gentlemen, we wish you the best of luck."

We were led to the starting line, and a brief moment later, the whistle blew and we were off. Running along the beach, holding even with Mario, I thought about my days on the beach and all that had transpired here. I was certainly ready to return to civilization and enjoy a good hot meal and a real shower. Then it hit me. Holy Fuck, I could do no worse than come in second as runner up, receiving two million dollars. Two million dollars! Even after the damn taxes peeled away a third, I would still have over a million and a half for myself. Quite a cushion for starting a new law office, I realized.

The race path took us into the ocean a couple of times, not going any deeper than our waists, and my mesh shirt and nylon shorts proved invaluable, not soaking up any water to slow me down. I glanced over at Mario, whose cotton tee shirt and cotton shorts hung on him low, dripping wet and heavy. He tried to squeeze them as he ran, but it cost him time. I was safely out in front and rounding a turn, seeing the large Styrofoam blocks waiting to be assembled.

I got to the blocks and sized them up, trying to see how they fit together. I moved them about in several combinations until I could see that they were supposed to form a large pyramid. Once I realized the larger pieces made up the base, it was clear sailing from there. I became aware Dick had been calling out our status and was practically screaming now, describing me finishing the puzzle and heading into the home stretch run. I looked back over my shoulder to see Mario arrive at the puzzle site as I began my final dash. Tears welled up, realizing I was not only going to win the grand prize, but also had a new potential man in my life. I ran like hell, seeing Dick and the cameramen and our hut on the beach, waiting before me.


Pushing my cart through the aisle of Whole Foods, I felt a tug at my sleeve. "Aren't you that cute guy who won America's Survival Reality Show?"

"Yes ma'am. I am. I can't believe you still remember, that was almost four months ago.

"Well, you were my favorite," the middle aged woman added. I thanked her and moved on. Gathering a few more items I needed to make dinner, I headed outside and smiled at the sun. I hopped into my white Jaguar and put the top down, smiling at one of the few toys I treated myself to with the winnings. I drove down the road, passing the building I almost rented for my law practice, and was glad to not have followed that path.

Pulling into my driveway, I grabbed my two bags of food from the front passenger seat.

"I'm home, babe! They had those mushrooms you like so much. What are you making?"

"Doing stir fry tonight, Nicholas. Oh, by the way, you got that modelling contract for Andrew Christian underwear. Nice going."

"No way! That's crazy that they want me!"

Dick walked over, waving an email at me. "I told you the exposure from the show was priceless." He leaned over and gave me a hug and kiss, taking the bags from me.

Dick put the groceries on the counter. "Plus my ex said she had a Rolls Royce promotion coming together for you in England."

"That's so nice of her. I can't believe she wanted to do it after you told her about us."

"Hey, I told you she was already looking for an excuse to divorce so she could marry Reginald. I didn't realize they were together for three years! Can you imagine?"

"I hope she comes to the wedding." I stood behind Dick, wrapping my hands around him, holding him tight. "I still want to go to a beach resort with you where we can fuck all day long and never get dressed." I kissed his left ear sloppily.

"When this latest project is over, we'll take a honeymoon. It just may be before our wedding. I need one more month. Then I'm all yours, lover," he cooed, slipping his hands under my shirt, caressing my belly, pulling the shirt off my chest. My only response was to peel off his shirt as well.

"Are we going to fuck on the kitchen floor again?" I whispered.

"Complaining?" Dick asked as he pushed down his shorts and briefs, exposing his already growing cock.

"But the stir fry vegetables are watching," I teased.

"I thought you liked having an audience, Nicholas?" Dick said with a lascivious grin.

"Now Dick, you know I have no interest of being a porno star!" I teased back.

Dick leaned in for a big open mouthed kiss, our tongues dueling. I have a home video in the bedroom that says otherwise, you sex hound!" he said into my ear as I felt one of his fingers slowly invade my pleasure pit, trying to loosen me up.

"You sex fiend," I moaned as I lowered myself slowly to the kitchen floor.


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