I finally made it to being a senior in high school, and I was loving it. On both the swimming team and wrestling team, life was great. I had a ton of friends and was really having a good year. At 6 foot, and 175 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes, I had enough meat on my bones to make the school wrestling team for three years now. But my body was trim and well proportioned enough, with great arm strength, to do well on the swim team as well.

"Hey Jack! How's it going?" asked Monica, a school cheerleader who was real cute, as she passed me in the hall.

"Yo Jack! My man!" shouted Ray, one of the school quarterbacks on the school team, another good friend.

But this coming weekend was the one wrestling event I did not look forward to! I was bound to meet Eric, my mortal enemy. Well, not really. When we were little, we were the best of friends. Both being the only child in our families, we were inseparable. Elementary school was great and middle school, or junior high school as it was sometimes called, was super cool as well. The dumb city officials rezoned our neighborhood for high school and those muthas split me and Eric into two different high schools. Can you imagine that? We were two fuckin blocks apart! And they drew that damn line right between us. But that's not the problem. Eric suddenly got a bug up his ass and he no longer had time to be a friend any more! What the fuck?

My school day finished out without much drama. I had a bunch of reading to do so I went straight home, finding my mother in the kitchen.

"Hey ma!, I called out.

"I honey. Hope your day was good. You'll never guess who I ran into at the store today?" my mother said.

I just shrugged my shoulders as I guzzled down a glass of orange juice.

"It was Lorraine, you remember her? That's your best bud Eric's mother. She said hi!" my mother offered.

"Used to be my best bud, till he became an asshole!" I explained with an annoyed look on my face.

"Used to be? Oh come on. He was like your other half! You guys were attached at the hip and did everything together!" my mother added.

"Yeah, till he became an asshole and a jock, hanging out with all his jock friends from that dumb high school of his!" I said, glaring at my mother.

My mother walked to the front of the refrigerator and pointed to some of my sports ribbons and certificates.

"He became a jock? That's so bad, Mr. Jock yourself!" my mother said, glaring back.

"Whatever," I responded back.

"Anyway," my mother continued, "Lorraine showed me a picture of Eric. He filled out nicely, and keeps his beautiful blonde hair cut short now. I just loved his bright blue eyes finally being seen from under that mop of hair he had. Remember?" my mother offered.

"Well, if he grows some tits and a pussy, then maybe I'll give a shit!" I snapped.

"Oh Jack! Language Jack!:

"Well, whatever, sorry, but I got school stuff. Later Mom!" I announced, walking to my room.

A few days passed and we had our wrestling meet. At least it was at our school so I had a home turf advantage. I looked at the schedule and saw what I had dreaded. My match was last, and because of my weight class, I was paired with Eric, the asshole.

The meet began on time and we had a pretty good turn out. Since the two schools shared the same neighborhoods, almost everyone from each school was friends with someone from the other school, even the competing wrestlers were friendly, so it was a pretty relaxed match. The two teams pretty well split the matches evenly and then it was my turn.

Our team wore red singlets, and being as muscular as I was from swimming, my singlet was pretty snug. I looked good, even if I had to say so myself! I looked over as Eric walked over to our mat. I was a bit surprised, he had in fact filled out really nicely, and also filled his singlet out nicely. His broad shoulders and firm abs really shone through his singlet. And the bright blue color of his outfit really highlighted his blue eyes and short blonde hair. I had to admit it, but he was cute. I realized that we probably hadn't seen each other in a good three years. I kept a serious face as I looked at him and when our eyes met, he blushed. I then realized that he hadn't seen me all built up with muscles either.

We quickly looked away from each other and got into position, waiting for the referee to signal the beginning of our match.

The whistle blew and off we went, grapping and tackling and pinning each other, trying to get the upper hand. Most of the audience was quiet now, watching us, as it was the points of our match that would decide which team would get the overall win.

But Eric and I were pretty evenly matched, and we were each able to escape from the other's holds. A few times we were face to face, chest to chest, and I started to remember how we wrestled when we were younger, always having fun. At one point, I swear he pushed his groin into mine, and it felt like an electric shock. Did he feel that too? This was too weird. But that jolt gave me a burst of energy and I was able to flip him and push him down to the mat. I caught him with his left arm behind his back when I pushed him down. He let out a yelp as he grimaced but I held the pin. The referee declared me the winner and I stood up, the referee holding my hand high for the crowd to see. The match and meet were over as my teammates came by to congratulate me.

The crowd soon dispersed and I looked over to where Eric was still sitting on a bench, holding an ice pack on his shoulder. Old memories of a friend drifted back and forced me to walk over to him and sit down next to him.

"Sorry Eric, didn't mean to hurt you!" I offered.

"Yeah whatever," he snapped.

"I said I'm sorry man! Jeeze you became such an asshole!" I responded.

"And you didn't?" he replied.

"Me? That's a laugh," I said.

"Well help me to the lockers in this rat hole school," he said standing up and took a few steps with a limp.

"I didn't do anything to your leg," I stated.

Eric turned his face to me with a half grin. "I tripped on the bench after our match!" he stated.

I rolled my eyes as I stood next to him, letting him put his weight on me as we hobbled together to the locker rooms. He directed me to where his stuff was and sat down on the bench.

"My locker is up there. Open it and pull down my stuff Jack!"

"You ordering me around man?" I asked.

"Please Jack. Besides, your half to blame for putting me in this condition," he offered, with a slight grin forming on his mouth.

"That school zone change sure messed things up huh?" Eric offered.

"So why did we stop talking to each other?" I asked, looking at him closely as he peeled off his singlet and remained in only his briefs. My mother was right, he was pretty good looking, especially with his smooth firm chest staring at me.

"I dunno," he offered with a shrug, pulling his clothes together.

"You gonna shower?" I asked. "Nah, I'll do it at home," Eric replied.

"Well, I better go get changed," I said.

"Jack?" Eric called as I took a few steps away in the direction of my own locker.

"Yeah Eric?"

"Would you mind walking home with me? I can use the extra shoulder? Eric asked.

I really wasn't sure what to do, to be honest. Here was a guy who had no time for me for three years, but suddenly seemed like a friend; a friend I used to know and still missed in some way.

"yeah, give me a second Eric," I answered.

I hurriedly took a shower. Most of the team had already left. I through my wrestling stuff into my locker and knew that I would deal with it on Monday. I dressed in my briefs and jeans and threw on a clean blue polo shirt, and stepped into my sandals.

I walked back to Eric's locker and found him dressed and ready to go, but without a shower he still smelled a bit rank, his hair still messed up.

"Come on gramps, lets get you back to the old folks home!" I joked.

We walked back to his house, my feet finding the way just by memory and the unknown hundreds of times I had done it before, years ago. We didn't talk much, except occasionally complimenting each other on the wrestling match. When we got to his house, I turned to go my own way.

"Hey Jack, want to come in? My folks are gone this week," Eric asked.

"I don't know man," I answered with a shrug.

"Oh come on, my shoulder could use a rub down after I shower," Eric asked. "its your fault it hurts ya know!" he added with a half smile.

"Fine!" I said, not sure why I was even agreeing to this, still being somewhat mad about the whole thing.

We went inside and I found a seat on the same couch where we had sat countless times. Eric walked over to the stairs up to the room and began climbing up. He didn't seem to have too much trouble and I turned to put on the television.

I could hear doors open and close upstairs and finally heard the shower rubbing. It stopped and soon after, I heard Eric call out.

"Hey Jack, come on up. I need you to loosen up my shoulder," Jack asked.

I shut the television and walked up stairs, heading to his voice coming from his room.

I went inside to see Eric wearing only his wet towel around his waist sitting on a small work out bench, straddling it facing forward.

Eric tossed me a tube of some kind of muscle rub and tossed it to me.

"Here, sit behind me so you can get at my shoulders!" Eric said.

I took the tube from him. "Yes sir!" I responded as I sat down, feeling like the two of us were on a horse or a ride together, never having been so close to another guy like this before.

Silently I began rubbing his shoulders, remembering what we had learned in our few sports first aid classed from both swimming and wrestling classes. Eric didn't respond but occasionally winced or moaned, depending on what I was doing, although my hands never left his shoulders.

"So you said I was an asshole for ruining our friendship? Tell me how?" I asked in a low calm voice.

Eric turned his head sideways, half facing me.

"I was kind of nervous at the new school, so I called your house a few times, and left a message on your phone, but you never called back. I was kind of hurt to be honest," Eric explained.

"A message?" I replied. "That's impossible! My father hates answering machines and wont let us get one! We don't have an answering machine!" I said, my voice rising in confusion.

"No shit? That doesn't make sense. I know your by heart!" Eric said.

"Really?" I said, a bit surprised and equally impressed. "You really remember it?" I asked.

Instantly Eric rattled off a phone number, but I instantly recognized it as our old phone number.

"Holy shit! We changed our phone number. That's our old number. NO wonder we never responded!" I said in disbelief.

"So you never got my messages? Eric asked.

"You doofus!" I said as without realizing it, my hands slipped off his shoulders and wrapped themselves around his belly, playfully poking him.

Eric laughed at our crazy misunderstanding but then shuttered under my touching his belly.

I leaned my head forward into his upper back, thinking how this stupid mistake had cost us three years.

"I missed you man!" I offered.

"Me too, Eric added, pushing himself back on the bench into me. Without thinking, I continued rubbing his belly and abs, feeling his firm muscles under his soft skin. I kept my head on his back, moving my face between his shoulder and neck, nuzzling slowly.

Another low moan escaped his lips, but this one sounded very different.

"Jack, take off your shirt," Eric said in a near whisper. "I want to feel your chest against my back," he explained.

I peeled off my shirt, unsure what I was doing but knew this felt right. With my shirt off, I scooted up closer to him until my bare chest pressed up against his bare back. It felt good. My hands continued to rub his chest as they fell lower and lower, now caressing his abs and belly. My fingers brushed up against the top of the towel wrapped around his waist. My fingers instinctively tugged at the towel until it loosened and fell to the floor. I still couldn't see what my fingers were feeling but I knew that hey were now exploring Eric's sparse and fine pubic hairs. But I had to do more, as my fingers found his growing cock and began to play with it, exploring it and messaging it as if it were my own.

With my head still nuzzled against the back of Eric's neck, I began a slow stroke.

"Oh Jack Oh Jack!" is what I heard Eric say over and over. My body heat intensified as I continued to reach in front of me and jack Eric's now hard cock. It felt so good feeling his hard tool in my hand until he suddenly moved forward and pulled free, standing up and turning to face me. I looked up at his amazing body and saw his hard throbbing cock quiver before me. Without missing a beat, I reached out and grabbed him by the hips, pulling him and his beautiful cock right towards my face.

My mouth salivated as it opened wide to take in my first cock. My tongue lapped around the sweet soft cock head which topped his rock hard tool. I held him close and tight as I took more and more of his hard hot cock into my mouth. In no time, his hips began to rock back and forth to give me a delicious face fucking. Eric's hands caressed my head and ran his fingers through my hair as he bucked and lurched in my mouth. I was in a frenzy and could not stop, only wanting more and more of his hard maleness, pulsing in my mouth and on my tongue.

Eric suddenly pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth, leaving me looking up at him with a perplexed disappointed face.

"I don't want to come yet!" Eric offered, as he reached out to my hands and pulled me to my feet. His hands quickly went to my waist as he undid my belt and unzipped my pants, opening them and quickly pulling them down my legs. At my ankles I was able to kick them off as I stood in only my briefs, which by now were sporting an obvious tent.

"Lose em!" Eric commanded with a grin, as I smiled back and quickly pulled off my briefs, standing naked before Eric and allowing my now free cock to bounce up in its fully erect state.

Eric quickly sat down and pulled me by the hips, as I had just done to him, taking my hard cock in his mouth and beginning the most awesome milking I had ever experienced. Crazy thoughts ran through my head as my old best friend had suddenly become my new best lover, giving me greater pleasure then any of my girlfriends had ever offered. My hips bucked back and forth in rhythm to his sucking and my lust continued to grow. My cock meanwhile grew harder and firmer, approaching the point of no return.

And this time it was my turn to pull out before I came, seeing Eric with the same disappointed face that I must have shown moments before. I pulled Eric to his feet and dragged him over to his bed, where I threw back the covers and left the sheets bare, pulling him down and into me as we found ourselves locked in a tight embrace, our faces locked as one with our mouths open in a tight hot kissing session. Our tongues eagerly explored each other's mouths as we moaned and groped each other passionately.

"Who fucks who first?" I asked in a whisper in his ear.

"You fuck me hard! I'm the dumb one who never bothered to walk two damn blocks to your house to find out why you didn't answer my phone calls!" Eric offered with a grin.

"Then it will be your turn to fuck the hell out of me for being a dumbass not smart enough to walk two blocks to your house and ask why I hadn't heard from you!" I added.

Our grins grew wider and wider, staring at each other, both feeling foolish for being upset without making the effort to correct the misunderstanding those long three years ago.

"But I sure as hell love making up Jack!" Eric said, as I nodded eagerly in agreement.

I rolled off my lover as he remained on his back and wrapped his hands under his legs, pulling them up and close to his chest as he rolled his sweet ass into view. I looked at his pink rosebud hungrily as I spit on my palm and slicked up my cock eagerly. I got on my knees on the bed and positioned my self for the right angle as I inched closer, pushing my cock head up against his glorious hole. I leaned foreran as I moved forward slowly, entering his love canal; and poking in deeper. I loved the hot hotness my cock felt as I moved in deeper and deeper. When my eight inch cut cock was halfway in, I began a slow steady rocking motion, feeling the joy of my first really good and really loving ass fuck. I was in heaven as my rocking picked up speed and my throbbing cock went deeper and deeper with each thrust. When Eric grunted, I watched his face for a sign that I should slowly down or go easier but the wide grin plastered on his face let me know that we were doing fine. Mighty fine!

My body moved lower and lower over Eric, with my strong muscular arms supporting my upper body weight as my hips went into a swivel and fuck motion that they seemed to know instinctively.

We both grunted and moaned as our fuck got only better and better and hotter and hotter. I could feel my passions rise from deep within my loins as my cock seemed to grow and grow and I pounded Eric's sweet ass. And then I knew my moment was close. MY thrusts increased in speed and intensity and Eric's face soon flashed crimson, as I knew his delight was also intensifying. And then I came. My orgasm froze me in position after one last deep thrust into my lovers ass. My body quaked and spasmed as I felt wave after wave of my thick cream escape form my balls. I felt one, two, and even three jets of cum shoot into Eric's sweet ass. My heart pounded and I felt sweat drop from my brow on to Eric's chest and then my body began to slow. MY movements slowed and I soon fell onto Eric, with my sweaty chest stuck to Eric's glistening and shiny chest. Locked face to face, our mouths again found each other as our tongues went to work, with less energy then before as we both panted in our heavenly exhaustion.

Eventually I rolled off and landed on my back next to Eric.

"Jack, that was so amazing! Fucking amazing actually!" Eric offered.

"Actually Eric, it was literally FUCKING amazing, or is it amazing fucking?" I asked jokingly.

We laid quietly side by side. "You know my mother kind of hinted that we kind of reconnect. She saw your mother in the store," I explained.

Eric looked at me with a grin. "My mother told me the same thing. She said we were an inseparable pair!" Eric added.

"Inseparable is a good word!" I said, reaching out to give Eric's cock a quick squeeze and watched it pulse at my touch.

"You ready for my ass man?" I added.

"Hell yeah!' Eric replied, as he got onto his knees and moved my feet up, putting me in the same position he had been in.

"Wanna get fucked love?" he asked with a dirty grin?

To be continued?



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