After an afternoon and night of fireside foreplay and strip poker and a fuck or two, Paul, Greg and Roberto were exhausted. By midnight, the three had fallen asleep to the sound of the heavy rain storm.

Morning arrived to find a sunny clear sky, emptied of all of its rain. Paul and Roberto had fallen asleep in each others arms naked on the larger bed. Greg, also naked, found himself alone on the smaller bed. With the birds singing and the sunlight pouring into the cabin, morning finally arrived.

Greg was up first. Seeing his two best buddies still huddled together asleep, he left them alone and went into the bathroom. He showered and dressed, getting into a pair of boxers, jeans and a t shirt. All done, he walked outside into the clean morning air and breathed in deeply. It was wonderful. Greg walked back inside, went to the kitchen area and grabbed some food and put it in a small bag.

Greg found a pen and some paper and left a note, saying that he was off for a hike for a couple of hours and that Paul and Roberto should enjoy their alone time. He also listed a few paths and trails nearby and what the guys could find there. And then he grabbed his food and left.

The closing of the front door seemed to have stirred Paul. Paul stretched, finding himself tangled between Roberto's limbs, and laughed, enjoying his trapped predicament. That got Roberto to finally move and open his eyes, waking up slowly to Paul's cute smiling face.

"Hey sunshine!" Paul said to Roberto. Roberto groaned back in response. Paul leaned over to kiss Roberto while his hand slowly caressed Roberto's buff chest. Roberto moaned again, but still didn't move, so Paul's hand started to wander south along Roberto's body. It didn't take long for Paul's hands to find Roberto's cock, already growing with his morning wood.

"Don't do that. I gotta go pee", Roberto pleaded.

But Paul was already having too much fun. With the blankets already on the floor, the two nude hunks rolled around the bed, grabbing and licking and kissing and sucking whatever body part they could reach.

"Damn Roberto, this cock is like huge! Look, its already swollen and turning purple, its so hard," Paul said gleefully.

"I really gotta pee! Roberto whined

But this cock is too good not to use for a really hot fucking right now, Paul thought, as he reached to the side of the bed and grabbed the lube that they had enjoyed the night before. Paul was on his knees, pouring the lube onto his fingers and rubbing it on his ass crack and into his hole. He grabbed some more lube and coated his palm, then rubbing his slick palm slowly up and down Roberto's throbbing cock.

"Oooh, don't do that too hard, I'll lose it Paul," Roberto complained.

Roberto was still lying on his back, and his feet spread, when Paul maneuvered himself over Roberto, and while squatting, slowly lowered his lubed and eager asshole on to Roberto's rock hard cock. Both guys let out a loud "Aahhhh!"

With Roberto holding on to Paul's hips to give him an assist, Paul began to gently bounce up and down upon Roberto's stiff pole. Paul leaned back in ecstasy, feeling Roberto's hot cock skewering his insides. Paul loved it. He loved the feeling of being filled by his lover, waiting for the juices to flow. Paul moaned a low growl of delight.

Roberto was also reaching his special pleasure zone. His morning wood already made his cock sensitive, now buried in Paul's insides, Roberto's cock was alive with sensation. He knew it wouldn't take much for him to spew his cream deep into Paul, the man he had secretly lusted after for quite a while. Roberto looked up at Paul's face, his eyes closed in pleasure. Paul's, chest, his muscles rippling, brought a wide grin to Roberto's face, knowing that he had control to play and enjoy that beautiful chest. Those impressive pecs, that awesome set of washboard abs, all his, Roberto thought.

And then it happened, Roberto came with a vengeance. His hips bucked up, forcing his cock deeper into Paul. Roberto's hips and groin seemed to suspend in mid air as his body twitched and convulsed. The sudden shock to his own senses brought Paul to his climax, bucking him sharply back to earth and generating enough pressure to force his own cumming, simply from the pressure he felt from below. Paul collapsed back down on to Roberto's body, forcing Roberto's cock deeper inside of Paul. Paul's cock, however remained erect, dancing like a rogue fire hose, shooting its spunk in all directions.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh yeah oh yeah baby," Paul gasped and moaned.

Roberto could only wail and moan, until he realized that now he REALLY had to pee. He rolled on to his side, the only way he could remove the impaled Paul off his cock. On their sides, Roberto was able to scoot his hips backwards and free his cock from inside Paul. Once Roberto was free, he jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom, not even having time to close the bathroom door.

Paul fell back onto the bed giggling, as he heard Roberto's loud pee stream hit the toilet bowl allowing Roberto to let out a loud "Ahhhhh," as he emptied his bladder. All finished, Roberto realized how sticky and sweaty his body was. Roberto turned on the shower and stepped inside and began to wash his body removing all evidence of his sexual escapades. Roberto grabbed a towel and wiped himself dry, wrapping the towel around his waist when he had finished drying off his amazing body. Roberto walked back into the larger room, only to find Paul sitting upright naked in the middle of the bed with a frown painted on his face.

"What's wrong babe?" Roberto asked.

"I was hoping to shower with you," a disappointed Paul answered.

"There is like no room at all in that shower or even the bathroom," Roberto explained as he walked over to the kitchen area and found Greg's note.

"What's that? And where's Greg," asked Paul, who was looking around the room and realizing that Greg was missing.

Roberto looked back at Paul with a grin. "Greg's been up and washed and dressed and went out and will be gone for a couple of hours. He wanted to give us some space." Roberto explained. Paul grinned ear to ear.

"And I know exactly what we are going to do today, babe, so get that sweet ass of yours in to the bathroom to wash and dress while I straighten up out here and make us some food. Then we're going on a hike!" Roberto concluded.

With Paul finally in the shower, Roberto was able to clean up the place, making the bed and putting the scattered clothes in their proper places. He found enough items in the kitchen area to make a pot of coffee and warm up some breads and rolls. Soon enough, Paul came out of the bathroom, fully dressed and smiling ear to ear.

"So what's the plan, big guy?" Paul asked.

First we eat then we go on a hike. The sun is out and its already warming up so we'll grab some snacks and go. It will be fun," Roberto explained. The two ate their food hurriedly, excited to get out and enjoy the nature and hopefully, and probably, fool around later on in the day, once there very active and healthy cocks had a chance to regain their energy!

As Paul and Roberto were leaving the cabin and closing the door, Roberto ran back inside one last time to come out with a small duffle bag which he threw over his shoulder.

"What did you get, Roberto?" Paul asked.

"Oh, just some extra stuff for the hike, nothing much. I put the food and water in there with a couple of extra shirts in case the winds picked up," Roberto answered.

Out in the warm sunshine, Roberto and Paul felt energized. They marveled at the scenery and just loved being outdoors. They also hoped that they might run into Greg and be able to hike together. Maybe an hour out, Paul and Roberto did in fact find Greg.

Greg had removed his shirt and was sitting on a rock, leaning against a tree with his face pointed up to the warm glow of the sun. When he heard Roberto and Paul approach, he opened his eyes and grinned.

"Hey guys! Glad you finally crawled out of bed. I hope at least one of you got some good morning sex out of the deal!" Greg said.

"Well I got fucked, AND I came too," Paul proudly announced.

"Awesome, that's just what I was hoping to hear!" Greg commented.

Greg stood up and stretched, tying his shirt around his waist and joined the other two in their trek through the woods.

"You guys find my note?" Greg asked.

"I didn't read it but Roberto did. He said you listed some places to check out around here or something?" Paul offered.

"Good," Greg responded. "Roberto, you going where I think you're going?" Greg asked.

"Yup, I'm looking forward to it!" Roberto said.

"Me too," Greg added.

The three walked silently for a short while longer, occasionally stopping to drink some water or enjoy a particular view. Around the next turn on the trail, they came upon a small lake, very secluded, with calm and crystal clear water A moment after the three guys saw the lake, they also spied, on the other side of the lake, a small waterfall. It looked like there was a small ledge behind the lake where the waterfall hit the ground before it spilled into the lake, creating a perfect natural and private shower area.

"That looks awesome," shouted an excited Paul.

"I figured you'd like it," responded Roberto. "I know how much you like a nice shower. And I once heard you say to your other friend Petey how you thought sex in the shower was so sexy! Maybe you can enjoy some sex in that shower a bit later!" Roberto announced with a giggle.

"Sounds like a shower orgy to me," said Greg. "Assuming you guys want to share!" added Greg.

"Hell yeah!" Paul and Roberto shouted together.

Roberto put down the large duffel bag he had carried along and opened it up, pulling out three blankets which he spread on the ground. He took out some sun block and some six packs of beer and assorted snacks, He pulled off his shirt and grabbed the sun block, quickly spreading some on his chest and arms. Once done, he turned to Greg.

"Hey bud, get my back please?" he asked, handing the tube to Greg and turning away from him. Greg began rubbing the cream on Roberto's back, slow and steady.

"Paul, lose the shirt, I'll do you next!" Greg offered.

"Then I'll take care of you Greg," Roberto said.

When everyone's backs and chests and arms were covered with sun block, Roberto pulled off his socks and shoes and stood on his blanket. He then removed his pants and peeled off his briefs, leaving him standing naked. He found the sun block and covered his legs and as much of his butt as he could reach. Laying down, with his hands behind his head, he stretched out in the sun and closed his eyes.

"Check with you later guys!" Roberto announced, as he closed his eyes and took a nap. Paul and Greg looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

"I am not that tired!" announced Paul.

"Me neither," added Greg, "But I sure could go for a swim!" Greg said as he stripped naked, hopping on one leg at a time as he pulled off socks and shoes. In no time, he ran to the edge of the lake and dove in, splashing and hollering as his body hit the cold water. Paul looked over to Roberto who was apparently already sleep, not reacting to the splashing and yelling made by Greg. Paul also stripped naked but walked over to the naked and sleeping Roberto, where he kneeled down next to his bronzed stud.

Paul looked over the sleeping body before him and grinned, feeling such an emotional connection. Paul leaned down and opened his mouth, sucking in the soft cock lying before him. He suckled and licked for a while until he felt the appendage begin to enlarge in his mouth. Roberto stirred.

"Mmmmm, nooooo. Lemme sleep Paul. We'll play later," Roberto moaned aloud.

"Hey, how'd you know it was me babe?" Paul asked.

Roberto lifted and tilted his head, one eye opening, squinting in the sunlight, looking at Paul.

"I 'd know that tongue anywhere, hot stuff!" Roberto explained and Paul giggled.

"Okay, later then . We're going to go for a swim and see you later, cool?" Paul offered.

Roberto gave a thumbs up as he settled back down on the blanket and returned to his nap.

Paul stood up, scratching his balls, and looked out to see Greg already halfway out, working his way to the other side of the lake, which wasn't that far away at all.

Paul dived in and gave a shriek. "Fuck its cold!" he said.

Greg heard him. Its warmer out here. And the waterfall side is in the sun also," Greg shouted out.

In a short time, Paul caught up to Greg, having taken some broad swimming strokes with his firm defined shoulder muscles, which glistened and stretched in the sun as he swam. Greg eagerly looked over the naked Paul swimming around him, especially enjoying when Paul would turn to swim on his back for a few strokes, allowing his semi hard cock to surface out of the water, like a small submarine periscope. Greg, already an accomplished swimmer, had no trouble swimming circles around Paul as the two of them began to splash and play like little school boys.

Reaching the other side, the two emerged from the water and walked to behind the waterfall. Greg, having admired and fantasized about Paul, was already very hard. His throbbing cock stood out, eager to find some action. Paul looked over to Greg and saw the erect cock.

"Someone wants to play!" teased Paul. Greg walked under the waterfall as he turned to Paul. "That an offer?" Greg asked.

Paul grinned, walking under the water next to Greg until they stood inches apart, facing each other. "Absolutely!" announced Paul, as he leaned in for a deep mouth to mouth kiss with Greg. The fair skinned Greg reciprocated, opening his mouth so their tongues could meet and explore each other. Soon enough, Paul and Greg had their arms wrapped around each other, caressing the others bodies as their hard cocks leaned upward between their bellies. Hands explored backs and asses eagerly. But Paul made the first move as he gently pulled Greg off him and turned him around, providing a clear view of Greg's smooth bubble butt. Paul ran his fingers along Greg's ass crack, exploring along until he found his target, Greg's ripe soft asshole. With all of the water falling on them, it was easy enough for Paul to slide a finger inside Greg's love cave, playfully feeling the inside warmth and moving slowly back and forth. Paul added a second finger to provide even more pleasure to Greg, who had closed his eyes under the falling water and was playfully tugging on his rock hard cock. Now with three fingers in, Paul began a deliberate finger fucking of Greg. The warmth felt good as Paul's fingers plunged deeper and deeper, eventually feeling the small knot inside, which was Greg's prostate. Paul zeroed in on that spot, massaging it slowly and lovingly. Paul leaned forward, resting his chin on Greg's shoulder, his mouth near Greg's ear.

"You ready for a good fuck hot stuff?" Paul whispered to Greg.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah," was all Greg could mutter.

Paul pulled his fingers out of Greg's ass and moved his cock head to rest on Greg's ass which was now twitching open. With a slight push from his hips, Paul easily slipped the head of his throbbing eager cock inside. With his hands either on Greg's hips or wrapped forward on to Greg's belly, Paul worked his cock slowly forward, pushing more and more inside Greg.

Paul left his head leaning on Greg's shoulder, whispering gently, alerting Greg of his cock's progress. In a short time, Paul soon found his cock totally buried.

"You have all of me Greg, you stud!" Paul cooed.

"Mmmmmm yeah," was still all Greg could say, as his body began to rock gently back and forth, forcing Paul to respond by pushing his hips forward into Greg.

Greg and Paul were soon locked as one body, moving together and increasing the pleasure of each other. Greg began a more earnest jacking of his cock while Paul continued to plug him from behind. Paul quickly pulled Greg's hand away from his own cock.

"No way, big boy! We're saving that cock of yours for my ass. I want to feel you deep inside of me! Once I finish, we turn around and you are going to take my ass. Got it!" Paul directed.

"Mmmmm yeah man," was Greg's now familiar remark.

The two continued rocking back and forth, the waterfall fuck getting more and more heated. Paul actually thought for a minute that the water would turn to steam when it hit their bodies. They hugged and caressed and fucked and fucked. And then the muscular sexy Paul felt his insides begin to boil. His hips bucked with a wilder effort until they froze in place, having thrust forward into Greg's ass. Paul felt his balls jolt as they spewed forth his cream in several spurts. Paul gasped and groaned into Greg's ear as he felt himself drain.

The sexual energy between Paul and Greg slowly subsided. Greg stepped forward, pulling himself off Paul's deflating cock as he turned to face Paul. Greg then leaned forward and planted a full kiss on Paul's lips. "Man, that was awesome, thanks hot stuff!" Greg said.

Paul, still smiling from enjoying an amazing orgasm, took Greg by the hand to the side of the hill, as they two sat down just outside the noisy waterfall.

"I need a breather, man! That was like hot! Sex under the waterfall! How cool is that!" Paul explained.

The two guys sat quietly, and then Greg began looking over Paul, hanging on to his own cock and bringing it back to life.

"Ready babe?" Greg asked, as he offered Paul his widest smile. Paul returned the grin as he went to Greg and kneeled before him.

"We got to get this cock here nice and ready yeah?" Paul asked. Lowering his head, Paul got to work slurping and sucking Greg's cock, nurturing it back to its full erect size. Greg moaned in acknowledgement, feeling his cock grow and throb inside Paul's wonderful mouth.

Once Greg felt his cock close to being ready, he pushed Paul off and made him stand up. Paul looked at him with wide eyes until he felt Greg spin him around, and he soon understood. With Paul's ass in his face, Greg leaned forward and got the destination target ready for his now hard cock. Greg extended his tongue towards Paul's twitching rosebud. Greg ran his tongue slowly around Paul's puckered hole, wetting it up as much as he could. With his tongue, Greg pushed through the barrier, pushing inside the warm hole, getting it moist and ready to welcome Greg's cock. Satisfied that he had done enough, Greg started to stand up. But Paul leaned back and pushed Greg to return to his seated position. Facing away from Greg, Paul slowly lowered his ass onto Greg's waiting erect cock. Greg held onto Paul's hips and guided him to the waiting target. Slowly, but surely, Paul felt his cock slowly get impaled by Greg's waiting and eager cock below.

Then they were docked. Paul sat securely on Greg's lap, with Greg's cock securely locked inside Paul's ass. Paul began a slow rocking motion up and down as Greg countered with some upward motion from his hips. Greg ran his hands around Paul and enjoyed the feel of Paul's buff muscular chest and abs. He fingered Paul's large nipples. Tugging and squeezing them as he explored further. Greg's hands went lower, feeling Paul's lower belly and finally reaching the small trimmed pubes which were still wet from their waterfall escapade. Paul still bucked up and down, taking in the full feeling of Greg's cock rubbing his prostate, and soon felt Greg cup his balls and gently caress and squeeze them. But Greg had already found its true target: Greg slowly jacked Paul's cock back to life. Despite having given its all for a hot fuck moments ago, new life emerged. Reamed from below and jacked from above, Paul's head swam in delight. His mind rising out of his body, he knew he could expect a monumental orgasm at any time.

Greg meanwhile was doing just as well. Paul's tight ass offered pure bliss. Its tight wet heat surrounded Greg's cock and brought it to full size, pressured and held tight. But he knew his explorations of Paul's body was limited. Greg had a feeling when the three returned to the dorms, Paul and Roberto would become a couple, and probably begin to share their lives together. It was time for Greg to find his own partner so that he could enjoy such bliss. And in that instant, Greg came. His hips bucked up one last time into Paul's heavenly ass and felt his jiz shoot out. His cock's final surge hit Paul in just the right spots, as his own cock came through one more time, shooting out whatever cream he still had left in his balls.

Sweating and cum slicked, the two guys eventually rose together and walked back under the waterfall, allowing the cooling waters to cleanse their naked bodies. After a turn for a warm hug and deep kiss, they left the tranquility and privacy of the water fall and dove back into the lake. They calmly swam back to the other side of the lake, where they saw a naked Roberto looking back at them, offering them a wave and a grin.

Back together again, Greg and Paul told Roberto of their sexual encounter under the waterfall. Roberto was glad they had some fun and he was happy to enjoy the much needed nap.

The three good friends got dressed and began their hike back to the cabin.

"I had a weather alert pop up on my smart phone while you two lovebirds were busy screwing," announced Roberto.

"And?" prompted a curious Greg.

"What did they say?" asked Paul.

"Seems that crazy rain storm we got caught in driving up here hasn't fully moved out yet. They expect it to come back our way!" reported Roberto.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Greg. "So now what?" Greg added.

"Maybe we should head out this afternoon after we clean up and stuff," Paul suggested.

"I was thinking the same thing," Roberto said.

"Well, I can't say we didn't have fun! And we can always come back!" Greg stated.

"Maybe next time Greg can bring his own date!" said Paul as he turned to Greg.

"I hope so!" agreed Greg.

Back at the cabin, the three Frat Guys cleaned up the cabin. They washed the bathroom and cleaned up the kitchen area. They stripped the beds and wrapped up the cum covered sheets, knowing that back home, they would take the pile to the laundry and bring back clean bedding the next time they escaped back to their "love" cabin. The three laughed at the nickname they gave the building.

They drove home chatting excitedly. They were looking forward to their regular routines, having been energized by their sexual playtime.

Paul and Roberto occasionally looked at each other for a lingered stare, happy to have their true feelings revealed.

The three Frat Guys did go to the cabin again two weeks later, checking the weather first of course, to return the bed linens and restock the cabin.

However, two weeks after that visit, they visited the cabin again, but this time they were a party of FOUR!. Greg brought along Joshua. But that's another story. We can say however, that Greg and Josh did visit that waterfall on the other side of the lake!



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