The Photo Session

I don't know why but I'm just not comfortable taking pictures of myself. Its not that I'm bad looking, but I've never looked forward to being in front of a camera. But at age 30, I just couldn't avoid the fact that I needed pictures of myself, My name is Jack Ford, and I'm an architect. To be honest, I've been very successful, winning some awards and getting some recognition for designing homes and small commercial projects like small businesses.

Still single, and having a pretty flexible schedule, I usually hit the gym three times a week and have a pool at my home so I am able to keep trim and muscular. I'm six foot one and 175 pounds, tight and lean. With wavy brown hair and brown eyes, I like how I look. I just don't like taking pictures of myself.

Even thought I am an independent contractor and work my own hours and projects, I am part of a group practice and the other architects decided that each of us need to have professional photos taken for advertising and trade magazines, especially to congratulate each other on recent accomplishments, and lately, I've been getting the most professional recognition. So they're getting really serious about this and I finally agreed. I was referred to a local professional photographer in town who apparently has a great reputation.

One afternoon after work, dressed in a pair of khakis and polo shirt and sandals, I went to the photo studio for a consultation with the photographer. I walked in to find a guy at the front desk, looking like he was about my own age.

"I'm here to see the photographer, I have an appointment," I announced.

The guy stood up and offered his hand, "Hi, my name is Tom, Tom Travers. I'm the photographer."

We shook hands and I took a deep breath. He looked harmless enough, considering how much I didn't want to be here. Tom was about my height and my build. Also lean yet firm and muscular, his jet back hair, cut pretty close, was offset by a pair of piercing blue eyes. It was unusual to see someone with blue eyes and dark hair, so it was hard not to stare.

Our handshake broke and I knew I was staring. Tom gave me a polite grin.

"Sorry, man," I began, "The blue eyes and black hair is so different, so striking. I didn't mean to stare," I said.

Tom laughed. "Its cool, I get that a lot. Anyway, lets talk about what you want to accomplish."

"To be honest, I don't want to be here; no offense!" I began.

"None taken," responded Tom. "Needed for work or social?" Tom asked.

"I need some professional photos for publications and advertising," I explained.

"Not a problem Jack; I can call you Jack right?" Tom asked.

"Oh yeah, sure. So I need a few photos like that," I added.

Tom had taken out a pad and scribbled some notes. "We'll set up a time for you to come back. I'd like you to bring two suits and a sport jacket and several shirts and ties. We'll take a series of photos and see what looks good. It would be great to get what I call 'serious' shots and 'less then serious' shots so you can use the right photo for the right situation," Tom explained.

"Wow, I didn't think it would be so technical. I thought you snap a couple of pictures and we're done!" I said, sounding surprised.

Tom grinned. "Wait right here, I need to show you something," Tom said. He got up and took something out of a nearby drawer and soon came back holding up three photos before me. They were 8 x 10 in size so they were pretty easy to see. Immediately I could tell that they were all head and shoulder pictures of Tom. In the first picture, Tom was in a dark suit and white shirt and dark red tie. He had a somewhat serious face looking off behind the camera. In the second picture, Tom wore a light colored sport jacket and a plaid button shirt open at the collar. He was looking directly at the camera and appeared very relaxed and smiling. In the third picture, Tom wore a tight blue t shirt with a very low neck line. His arms and shoulders were bare and the tightness of the shirt outlined his firm chest prominently. His neck and shoulder muscles were prominent and I couldn't help but stare how sexual the photograph was. He expression towards the camera had a smirk as if he had just heard a dirty joke. For some reason, my glance kept going back to the last picture. Tom looked very sexy and his tight shirt highlighted his abs. Looking back at him in the studio, he appeared so stiff and formal.

"Interesting," was al I could say, my heart pounding a bit, as I was still staring at the three photographs.

"These three pictures I use for different purposes," Tom began. "The first is when I need to be professional and serious. Obviously family events and professional situations need this photo," he explained, holding up the picture of him in the dark suit and then he put it down on a nearby table, face down. This photo is obviously more relaxed. Maybe family or children's pictures, or fun events like a carnival or party where photos need to be taken," he said, again holding up the picture and then placing it face down.

"This picture, holding up his t shirt photograph," looking at it and grinning, "is for social media and the few date sites I actually have the nerve to try!" he added, giving me a nervous giggle as he placed that picture down as well.

"Social media?" I asked.

Tom leaned his head in towards me, and looked around as if there were other people around. "I'm 29 years old and single and just have not been lucky in the romance department, if you catch my drift," Tom began to explain. "Sometimes on line I need to post a photo, and this is what I need. I hate doing it, but on these sites the guys wear little or nothing so this is as far as I will go."

"It is hot," I said before realizing what I said. "I mean it does do that I guess, but what kind site?" I innocently asked.

"Um, uh, gay dating sites to be honest," Tom answered. I started to giggle. Tom raised his eyebrows, not sure if I was responding positively or negatively.

"They are so going to take away my membership card!" I announced.

"Huh?" responded an obviously confused Tom.

"I had no clue, my gaydar is the worst!" I said, still chuckling. "That's probably explains my miserable social life as well!"

"You're gay too?" Tom asked, a small grin beginning to form on his face.

I nodded my head up and down. "Plus I have no real time to socialize, and .... I just hate having pictures taken of myself which is why my social media entries don't offer any pictures!" I said.

Tom responded immediately to my last comment. "Oh please, you have no reason to say such a thing. I'm sure you take very good photographs, anyway....." he trailed off, deep in thought.

"Well that settles it," Tom suddenly announced. "We are going to take some casual and personal social photos of you as well. We'll need a couple of hours," he said, reaching to a nearby counter and grabbing what looked like an appointment calendar.

"Gosh, I don't have any two hour bocks for like three weeks," Tom stated, looking disappointed.

"Well at least business is good," I observed.

"And my social life suffers for it," Tom added.

"Listen Jack, if you can come by at 4:00 pm tomorrow, I have no problem staying late," Tom offered, looking back up at me.

"I'd hate to take up your personal time Tom. That's so nice of you but I'd hate to impose," I said.

"Nah, its okay, besides I love taking a full photo portfolio for someone, especially a young professional like yourself," Tom said.

He looked at me for a moment, clearly looking closely at my skin and hair, in some sort of investigative mode. "Besides," he suddenly announced, "You're an easy target!"

"I don't like the sound of that!" I replied.

Tom laughed at his comment. "I like to work with good looking subjects because I don't have to worry about touchups or photo shopping or using gauze over the lens to hide imperfections," he explained.

"I guess I'm flattered then," I said. "You should be," Tom added, as our eyes locked for second before we both pulled away our respective gazes, each feeling a slight blush.

Tom quickly stood up, indicating that our consultation was apparently concluded.

We shook hands and Tom rattled off a list of all of the clothes he wanted me to bring the next day. I frowned once or twice as he spoke but he insisted I follow his requirements exactly.

The next day at work, I mentioned to some of my colleagues that I was moving forward with the professional photos. They were quite pleased with my decision to get the photographs so quickly. After work, I went home and packed a small soft side suitcase with all of the clothes I needed. At the designated time, I showed up at the photo studio and saw Tom at the door as he was escorting a woman and her young son out the door. I sat off to the side as Tom finished and then watched him lock the front door and pull down the window shades. He turned to me seeing me frown watching him locking up his shop.

"We'll be working in the back studio so no one will be out here. Besides Jack, you're my last appointment!" Tom announced. He then looked down at the suitcase at my feet and started to laugh. "Moving in?" He joked.

"Hey, you told me to bring all this stuff. Plus I wasn't sure about colors so I brought a couple of extra pieces," I explained.

Yeah, I guess I did," Tom replied. "Okay Jack, lets get some good pics of you," he said, grabbing my suitcase and forcing me to follow him to the studio. Once there, Tom closed the door to the room, which surprised me since the rest of his space was deserted. The room itself was large with a few pull down sheets that offered various backgrounds. In a corner was a large changing room with hangars and shelves and a large mirror. A large curtain on a rod was pulled back, obviously used for privacy when the curtain was closed. In the middle of the room was a stool and a large leather arm chair. I opened my suitcase after putting it on a table as Tom walked over with a hand full of hangars. We removed a black suit and a gray suit and a beige sport jacket and put them on hangars. I also removed a white button shirt which Tom looked at and made a face.

"Lets leave your other casual clothes inside for the moment. But this white shirt doesn't work," he announced before leaving the room. Unsure what to do, I just stayed in place. In a moment Tom was back, with a light pink button down shirt in his hand.

"Here, try this," he said, offering the shirt to me. "Its mine but it will be better."

"Yours?" I announced, wondering why I should wear his own shirt.

"Relax! First off, it just came back from the dry cleaners, and second, as an architect, you are a designer, so we need to show some fashion flare for you!" he explained with a grin. He then directed me to take the black suit with the pink shirt and get dressed. I went into the changing room and put on the pink shirt and black suit.

I came out, feeling silly dressing up for this but quickly relaxed seeing Tom's big smile. "You clean up nicely," he said, making me blush for a moment. Tom then handed me a maroon tie he had found in my suitcase. I put it on and he directed me to the stool where he already had placed his camera. Tom walked over to me, staring at me like I was some bowl of fruit or something. He walked around me twice slowly, muttering to himself and going "Hmmmmm" and "Uhhhh" a couple of times.

Tom finally moved to pick up the camera and walked back over to me, adjusting my shoulders once or twice and then put his fingers under my chin lifting my head up ever so slightly. His warm fingers stayed on my chin for only a moment, but it seemed to last longer. I stared at his strong chin and neck and noticed the beginnings of 5 o'clock shadow appearing along his jaw. I was nervous enough but the touch seemed to make me even more nervous. I think Tom felt it too.

Fortunately, he backed away and started taking a bunch of pictures, still talking to himself with an occasional "Good" "Nice" "Okay" directed at me. After a short while I felt myself finally relaxing and could see that Tom was a professional who knew what he was doing. Soon enough he stopped taking pictures and walked over to a small lap top computer set up on a high table nearby. He plugged his camera in to the laptop and motioned for me to come over. I stood nearest the laptop as he turned it on and he remained behind me. Soon I was watching the photos of me and I had to admit I was quite impressed. The black suit did make me look very serious and professional and the pink shirt did offer me a touch of some fashion. I turned to face him. "That was great, you really made me look good Tom!" I said as our eyes locked for a second.

"You already look good buddy," he offered freely. "I just gave you the right light. You're an easy subject," Tom added.

"See, pretty painless huh Jack?" Tom asked. "And pretty quick right?" he added, as he went back into my suitcase to put together the casual outfit for me to put on next. I nodded in agreement and took the jeans and red polo shirt he handed me. I was so excited by the results of the first formal photos, and eager for the next set, that I began to change right by the table without even going into the changing room. Tom made me so comfortable that I totally forgot that he was standing nearby. In no time I was bare chested and standing only in my black snug fitting trunk briefs. "Don't mind me," announced a clearly embarrassed Tom.

I looked up in surprise, seeing a blushing Tom clearly looking me over. "Oops, sorry Tom!" I announced, but holding my ground.

"Anyway, its just us guys here. Not like I have something you haven't seen before, right?" I offered with a giggle.

"Well, if you don't mind, its kind of warm under my camera lights. Would you care if I remove my shirt while I take the next set?" Tom asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Its your place man," I said, watching him peel off his shirt to reveal a really impressive chest. Smooth and hairless with a beautifully defined chest, I especially noticed his two large dark pink nipples. They really were eye catching, especially under his contrasting head of black hair. His stomach was flat enough to reveal those abs his earlier photograph merely hinted at. I especially liked the muscles that formed over his hips and created a V - line aiming directly at his promised land, disappearing under his pants. His abs were smooth yet reminded me of a tightly woven basket. I could hardly catch my breath looking over this guy. We both stared for a second until I went back to my clothes and pulled up the jeans. They were a bit snugger then I remembered but enjoyed the sound of the loud zipper as I pulled them up. Then with the polo shirt on, I resumed my place on the stool as Tom walked over, trying to position me just right. He looked like he was a bit distracted as well from looking me over. Again he moved me about, positioning, and again, I could feel a slight buzz of the sexual tension between us.

Tom picked up the camera but this time, I could feel him look at me a lot closer. I had a hard time looking off to the side as he had directed and instead my gaze kept floating back to him and his chest. I noticed how his upper body tapered down to his narrow waist. At one point, he had turned around to fix one of the bright lights he had directed at me and my gaze was drawn to his butt. Wow! Was all I could think. He had this little bubble butt that had a really nice curve. Not too big, his ass just fit on his trim muscular body.

Once finished taking pictures, Tom directed me back to the lap top where he had downloaded the latest batch of photos. And again, I was impressed. With him standing behind me, I examined my images carefully. "You did a fantastic job! I never knew I could look kind of relaxed and even fun!" I stated.

Tom but his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it gently. "Jack, you're good looking guy. I have no clue why you've ever avoided having photos taken of yourself. You already look fun and relaxed, and yet easily professional and yes, even sexy!" he added with a wink. "Are you ready for the social medial photos?" he asked. "We can have some fun with those!" he added.

"Uh oh," was all I could say along with a nervous giggle.

We walked over to the suitcase and I stood back to allow Tom to rummage through the hand full of things I had brought. He pulled out a pair of long board trunks as well as a short boxer brief style swim trunk. He finally pulled out a black sleeveless tank top shirt and the board trunks. He turned to face me and handed me the two pieces of clothing. "You can use the changing room this time Jack," Tom announced. I dutifully entered the changing room and closed the curtain behind me as I fully stripped. I quickly admired my naked self in the mirror and gave an approving nod. I guess I'm not too bad, I thought in my head.

"You're not!" I heard Tom call out.

Oh my lord, I said that out loud, I realized. I quickly dressed and came out blushing, only to be relived that Tom was facing away from me, moving the large cushioned leather chair o the middle of the room which replaced the simple stool I had posed on before.

"You are way too self conscious Jack . You just don't give yourself enough credit! As a successful professional, you should be a bit braver and take control of your life," Tom explained to me. "We're going to take some really fun sexy pictures and get you out there again!" Tom added.

Tom led me to the chair and had me sit sideways, my legs hanging over the chair arms and one of my arms draped along the back of the chair and my head facing the camera, smiling broadly. We began another series of pictures as Tom walked around me, snapping pictures and talking to me as he went. "Very nice" Big smile" "Good Good" he exuded in my direction.

"Jack, why don't you slowly remove your shirt. Do it as you normally would but just no fast moves," Tom next directed.

Although I should have been nervous, I obeyed Tom easily. After all, he was already shirtless and I knew that he was doing the best he could for me. Who knew, I thought, maybe I will start using one of these photos on some of the social websites that I used from time to time. After taking a few more pictures, Tom suddenly frowned at me.

"Hang on there Jack," Tom announced as he put down his camera and left the room. Suddenly some of the lights in the studio went off and Tom came back in holding a small package. It looked like a piece of clothing in a plastic wrap.

"I wanted more intimate lighting but I want you to try this on," he said as he handed me the package. I looked at it carefully.

"It's a pair of white boxers," I announced, looking back up at him.

"Yeah, a client left those for a shoot a while ago but never used them. Anyway, he never came back for them. They're brand new, never used," Tom announced.

"But they're size 'Extra Large" and I wear only a medium in underwear," I protested.

Tom looked at me with an evil grin. "I know, and sometimes a little humor goes a long way for something sexy!" Tom stated.

"Sexy?" I said blankly, taking a big empty gulp of air looking at this package.

"Put 'em on!" Tom directed.

For some unknown reason, I obeyed and went into the changing room, slipping on the very loose white boxers, forced to hold them up at the waist with one hand.

I came back into the studio to be met with Tom wearing a very big grin. "Nice," I heard him croon under his breath.

"Now get back on the big chair again, sitting sideways with your legs hanging over the side!" Tom ordered.

I did as he said, sitting shirtless on the chair and still holding onto the boxers

"Arm across the back of the chair please, " Tom said, forcing me to let go of the boxers, which immediately lowered on my belly, barely covering my trimmed pubes. I took a gulp and tried to focus as Tom resumed taking pictures of me. He stepped in closer a few times, and the tension in the room clearly increased. I felt myself staring at Tom's shirtless body as he was now staring at me from both behind his camera and away from his camera.

"Pull yourself up a bit in the chair Jack," Tom directed, forcing me to slide up which resulted in the slight lowering of the boxers. I looked down and saw what I had hoped not to see: most of my pubic hair was now exposed. My rearranging had revealed more of me! I looked up at Tom with a questioning glance.

"How many of these pics you use is up to you, but you should feel free and comfortable. We can stop now if you prefer or see if we find a good pose that's a bit more suggestive," Tom explained, putting down the camera and obviously waiting for my response.

I thought for a minute. I really had what I wanted, but should I go further? My brain clicked and buzzed. Oh, what the hell!

"Let's do it!" I announced, "But be gentle with me," I joked at a smiling Tom.

On my own I pushed myself further into the big chair, watching the loose boxers slide further, revealing the edge of my cock root. I looked up at Tom with a wink, who suddenly blushed as he was watching my actions quite closely.

Tom resumed taking pictures, his face now a deeper shade of red as he circled around me. I slowly raised my arms above my head in a stretch, arching my chest and stomach as I moved. I actually felt a bit roused, pushing my hips into the air above the chair. When my body settled back down into the seat, wiggling my hips as I went, I looked down to see the fly of the boxers had opened a bit, revealing some bare skin and hair, exposing part of my cock. I looked over at Tom and enjoyed his embracement, wiggling my hips as him. Where I got this sudden burst of sexually brazen behavior, I will never know, but I decided I had further to go. I brought my hands to my chest and began to rub my body, caressing and teasing my pecs and nipples and abs.

The embarrassment that Tom had seemed to dissolve when a huge grin appeared on his face. "Those pants of yours look so tight Tom," I announced in a tease. With Tom's hand still on the camera taking pictures, I watched as he giggled and kicked off his shoes and undid his pants. As they lowered, he kicked them off, soon standing in only a pair of blue plaid boxers. There was no question where things were now heading and I felt like a horney teenager. With my eyes glued on Tom admiring his sexy firm muscular body, I rearranged myself once again in the seat, this time facing forward with my legs in front of me on the ground. I was still covered up and seductively spread my legs as I dropped one of my hands into the front of the boxers. I was so glad that they were lose as I had ample room to start a slow deliberate jacking of my eager cock. I spread my legs even more, letting my body slide lower, but still keeping my eyes locked on Tom, whose own boxers now began to show a growing tent.

I could feel my breathing quicken and I'm sure my face began to flush as I felt my cock harden and begin to leak. Tom knew well enough to finally put down the camera and pulled over a chair in front of me to watch my show. I continued to stroke myself, suddenly more aroused then ever, really getting off on someone watching me masturbate.

"Should I consider this our first date?" I playfully asked with a wink.

"I don't know," Tom answered. "I usually don't have sex on a first date, but technically only you're having sex right now!"

I grinned but continued to pump my hard cock.

"And I'm not having any sex," Tom answered with a pout.

"So is this our first date Tom? You haven't answered me yet," I repeated.

Tom stood up, crossing his arms over his bare chest, then scratching his crotch and then his head, as if in deep thought. A slight grin appeared on his face as his hands went slowly to the waist band of his boxers. Ever so slowly he pushed down on the waist band as they seductively slid down and over his hips, revealing first his trimmed pubes and soon the base of his cock. Our eyes remained looked as I continued to jerk myself off, breathing harder as I went. Tom's boxers went lower until his gorgeous cock could spring free, fully erect. His boxers slipped down the rest of his legs to his ankles, allowing him to kick them off. He stood naked before me, offering me a view of the naked body of one very hot guy! I to see where those V - shaped muscles over his hips followed and ended along an incredibly flat and smooth lower belly above is glorious cock and full hanging balls. Slowly Tom walked toward me, eventually getting on his knees right before me. His hands reached forward towards my boxers, my hand furiously pumping up and down just below the white material.

With his hands now on the two sides of the fly of the boxers, he gripped the material firmly and began to pull outward until we could hear the ripping sound of the boxers which soon opened like a flower blossom, exposing my hard cock wrapped with my hand. I said nothing as I continued to pump, my grin now spread from ear to ear.

"Now we're having our first date!" announced Tom as he pushed my hand off my cock and leaned forward, kissing my cock head and eventually opening his mouth, taking in my cock and beginning a very sensual sexy suck. He glanced up at me from time to time as he worked me over, driving me into a wonderful state of bliss. My hands went to Tom's head, caressing his soft hair and letting him take me. I leaned back into the chair, spreading my legs even further for him.

"I never knew having my picture taken could be so enjoyable!" I joked, forcing Tom to stifle a laugh and then gag on my cock, only causing me to break out into laughter and making him gag even more. Tom stopped and looked up at me.

"Stop that or I can't do my job!" Tom protested before giving me a wink and kissing the inside of my thighs, which I found deliciously ticklish. Tom leaned back down over my cock and resumed his most excellent suck job. In no time I found the roar of orgasm building deep inside of me. I warned him of my imminent cumming but he waved my words away, revealing his intent to go all the way. I obliged him as my hips rocked under me and my orgasm crashed over me like a tidal wave, making my body quake and my cock twitch, resulting in my cum erupting from my cock and into Tom's waiting mouth. He sucked hungrily taking wave after wave of my juices and he continued to lick and suck my cock. The wonderful orgasm soon slowed and Tom delicately licked me clean. Finally looking up, all he could say was "Wow!"

I nodded my approval, having just enjoyed the best orgasm I had experienced in a very long time.

"So now, how can I help YOU out Tom?" I asked.

Tom shrugged his shoulders. I enjoyed this too Jack, for what its worth," Tom announced. "I hope we have a second date soon!" he added.

I slowly pulled myself together and stood up, pushing Tom out of my way and walked to the side of the big armchair. I sat down on one of the arms of the chair and leaned backwards, which forced my hips back and rolled my asshole into view along the side of the chair.

"I think if you walk over to the side and be sure to bring that hard sexy cock of yours, we can begin our second date," I announced as I ran my finger along the rim of my rosebud, wetting it up with the saliva I dribbled onto my fingers. Tom grinned as he caught my not so subtle hint offering my ass for him to assault. He moved into position and we were thankful that the height of the armchair allowed his throbbing cock to line up perfectly with my waiting asshole. Hanging onto my hips and caressing them gently, he moved in and began to insert his cock slowly into my eager hole. In no time he was plunging in and out, offering me a most satisfying fucking. In and out, harder and harder, Tom began to moan and groan louder as he went. With the pressure on my prostate, my cock began to re-inflate and throb with each thrust Tom offered.

My heart was once again pounding as the pressure on my love button increased. Our eyes met and we felt just wonderful, knowing that we had made more than just a physical connection. Much more. Tom came soon enough, his body now glowing in a shiny layer of sweat and then he froze in place, his hips thrust forward as he drained his balls into me. My cock began to steadily leak as if in a slow motion orgasm, draining whatever cream was still left in me. Exhausted, Tom fell onto me, our sticky sweaty bodies now stuck together. We held tight as one, enjoying the moment which was quite intense.

Before long, we stood up and Tom guided me to a back bathroom where there was a stall shower. We took our turns washing and drying and then came back out to the studio where we dressed in silence, each enjoying the glow of the moment and reflecting on the really good sex that we just experienced and enjoyed!

In a bit of a trance, Tom showed me the rest of the pictures, up to the time I began to play with myself in the loose boxers. He separated the 'raunchy' photos and put them on a separate disk and then separated the 'formal' pictures' from the more casual 'social media' pictures on disks so that I could use them.

For some reason, we were both starving and decided to go out for dinner together and determined that we would consider that our third date. I have absolutely no memory of where we went for supper that night but do know that we were there for at least three hours, talking about everything and anything. We found out that we shared similar ordinary childhoods and had both put more time into our careers and that our personal lives suffered. I looked over the three disks that he had given me and put the disk with the serious business photos in my shirt pocket. I then handed him back the two other disks. He took them with a frown, surprised that I didn't want the fruits of his labors.

Keeping a serious face, I spoke. "I have absolutely no intention of needing the social media photos because I have absolutely no intention of going onto some dating website. I'm not looking any longer because I am no longer available," I announced with a grin, making Tom giggle with excitement. "And the raunchy pictures are for you if you miss me!" I added. Tom reached across and took my hand.

"I'd rather wait for the real thing Jack!" Tom stated slowly.

Seeing how late it was, I looked at my watch and whistled at the time.

"What do you say about our fourth date? Your place or mine?" I asked with a dirty grin.

"Well, you're the one with the suitcase of extra clothes," Tom reminded me. "So you're coming home with me tonight!"



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