I reached around Eric and cupped his round smooth ass cheeks in my hands and gave a playful squeeze.

"And these are mine tonight!" I said.

"Petey, all of me is yours tonight!" Eric said correcting me.

"Unless of course, you want to skip breakfast and see what we could do now?" Eric added, moving in for another deep open mouth kiss and immediately sending my mind skyward, and getting my cock growing again!

"You so need to tell me how you learned to fuck a guy so well!" I said before my mind went back to its pure state of bliss.

I held Eric tightly and he looked in my eyes.

"So you think you are hard enough to give me a good fucking babe?" Eric asked.

"You make me so hard all the time!" I responded.

"Then do you want me on my back facing you or doggie style on my knees?" Eric offered.

"Doggie style? I am definitely not your first then am I?" I asked with a slight frown.

"You are the first guy I have made love to! But yes, I did have sex with another guy once. I think once I tell you about it, you'll be just fine. He's a great guy but you have nothing to be concerned about, honest! But for now, its you I want to feel deep inside me! Got it!" Eric said.

I looked him in his eyes and knew I believed him and trusted him. "Then on your back. I want to watch you when I have you!" I answered. In no time, he was holding up his legs into his chest and I looked down and marveled at his beautiful cock and balls. His cock was already hard, pulsing with life and offering a few pearly liquid drops. I leaned in, holding his legs apart at his knees and gently licked his cock head clean, only to see a few additional drops quickly appear. I licked down the length of his cock and found his balls. I took one ball in my mouth and gently tugged the other one with my fingers, gently massaging the loose crinkly skin. I then popped out one ball to give the other a loving bath in my mouth. Eric cooed in delight. My hands now free massaged and felt up his firm sculpted abs and belly. I was in heaven, and from the sounds Eric was making, he was too!

Feeling adventurous and wanting to please my partner as much as possible, I ran my tongue under his ball sack and along that little ridge of skin that we all have down there and love to flick or have flicked for us! My tongue found his hole and lightly bathed his rim with my tongue, feeling the ridges and crevices of his skin. My tongue darted in once or twice, tasting only the saltiness of his sweat and a bit of the soapy smell from his late night shower when our "romance" truly began. I could feel Eric squirm above me as I tongued his ass.

"Oh Petey, oh lordy, that feels so fucking amazing!" Eric cried out. I knew I was doing well and continued, adding my fingers to his ass as I gently massaged his hole while tonguing his rim. I watched his pucker loosen and I knew it was time to switch tools on him! I positioned my self above him and position my raging cock against his hole. Unsure what to expect, I pushed in slowly. I heard him wince when my cockhead popped in, and held position, waiting for him to get use to having me. Whatever guy on guy experience he might have add, I was no longer concerned, as his reaction showed that he was truly enjoying me.

After waiting a few moments more, I pushed my hips forward a bit and pushed more of my hard cock into Eric's sweet ass. I loved the heat and tightness that I felt and moved ever deeper; slowly slowly until I felt I was all in! I looked up at Eric's smiling face looking back at me.

"I want all of you!" he said. "You have all of me already babe. I am balls to the wall!" I announced.

"Feels good Petey!" he replied. "Now fuck the living daylights out of me!" Eric directed.

And so I did! Slowly at first, and gaining momentum as I went, I held my body over his while my hips pumped and grinded over him, my cock a wild piston pumping in and out of my lover's sweet ass. It felt so good. It felt so right. I was in absolute heaven, and didn't want this moment to end. I could feel my cock stiffen and grow even more, as I felt Eric's ass both loosen and contract as I went.

"So close, so close!" I warned.

"And look at what you're doing to me," Eric gasped, motioning to his hard twitching cock between us which was leaking his juices profusely. The sight of his naked hard body and pulsing cock on display pushed me over. I rammed in one final time, pushing my eager cock to its limit and felt my body quake and spasm, draining itself once again. I had no idea my balls could offer so much in so short a time period. My hard thrusts obviously had a similar effect on Eric, as I watched his cock spurt like an out of control fire hose, thick and wild and spewing from the head! My body slowed, and my hips pumped a few more times, getting more sensitive and ready to take a break! My breathing slowed as my eyes locked with Eric's, both grinning that grin of satisfaction that can only come after a good sweet orgasm. Our bodies shiny with the glow of lovemaking sweat, I finally pulled out and slowly let myself fall onto my back beside Eric on the full size bed.

"That was nice!" Eric offered.

"Only "nice?" I said, teasing Eric and gently poking him in the ribs with my elbow.

"Fine! It was fucking awesome, incredible and hot Petey! A better answer?" Eric responded while giving me his widest grin.

"Yup!" I announced, putting one arm on my belly and slipping the other around Eric's shoulder, pulling him closer beside me.

"And you are fucking awesome and incredible too babe!" I added, turning to give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

We lay quietly together for a few more moments, savoring the after fuck glow we both shared.

Eric sat up and turned to me. Time for a shower.

"Wish we could have our own bathroom here so we could shower together! It might be a bit weird messing around in the big dorm showers," he said with a wink.

"One day we should look into getting an apartment!" I suggested. Eric grinned widely at that, grabbing a towel and some clothes and headed out.

Not wanting to be tempted, I didn't leave the room until Eric returned and then I left for my shower.

We washed and dressed without further sexual incident and headed out to get some food.

Eric and I sat at a table having our lunch when I saw Eric freeze, spotting someone. I watched quietly and noticed a tall guy walk over. I had seen him in some of my classes. We never really talked but for a fast hello or comment about some assignment, but he seemed nice enough. Kind of cute to be honest. His dark brown hair was kind of wavy and not too long. He had friendly eyes and by the looks of his bright blue polo shirt, he seemed to have a pretty muscular physique, a bit more muscular then myself or Eric. I was surprised when he freely sat down at our table, giving us a wide grin and big hello.

"You must be Petey? How are you doing? My name is Josh," he announced, holding out his hand for a shake.

I shook his hand, offering a weak smile but turned to face Eric with one of those "what's going on" type of looks.

Eric sat quietly for a moment, sizing up the situation, not quite sure what to do, and then I realized that this must have been that guy Eric had referred to, his "other" sex partner.

I put my hand on Eric's, which was on the table, as if to stake my claim. Eric blushed while Josh shocked the shit out of me by smiling and put his hand on top of mine!

"Petey, I have no intention of going after your guy. We are just good friends and talk about stuff. Looking at you two now, I guess you guys moved it to the next level, huh?" Josh asked, looking in the direction of a slightly uncomfortable Eric, who nodded in agreement.

Eric looked at me, not sure how I was handling this moment.

"Petey, I've been so uncertain about us and was afraid of scaring you off if I made a move. I knew Josh was gay and just started talking about it. Josh really helped me understand my feelings, as well as trying to read your feelings. When I then admitted that I was then uncertain about doing stuff with a guy, you know, the actual sex, Josh offered me some moves," Eric explained, looking at me like a puppy unsure if he was about to be kicked to the curb.

Josh listened quietly and then turned to face me. "Petey, Eric adores you and was concerned about pleasing you and doing the right thing. Well, I haven't had much experience, but I have had some, and I offered what little knowledge I had with Eric. By the way you look at each other, I would venture to say that you two had a "successful" encounter. For that I'm really happy," Josh concluded.

I took a deep breath. Somehow, I believed these two guys and actually understood it. I mean lets face it, it never bothered me that Eric, or I for that matter, had been sexually active with other partners before. And Eric wanted to do something new correctly! And this guy was being honest and direct about it.

I took a deep breath and relaxed. I could see both Eric and Josh take deep breaths as well, making me laugh at how tense I had gotten the whole situation. I put my hands on Eric's shoulder and Josh's shoulder.

"I'm okay guys! Honest! Sorry I got uptight. It was just a bit of a different scene for me.

"Eric, we're cool! After last night, we're rock solid!" I said.

"And Josh, for whatever input you had to making last night's sex with Eric that good, I thank you!" And with that I gave his shoulder a quick squeeze, actually making the big guy blush!

We must have chatted at that table for three hours. Josh was really a nice guy and I could see both Eric and I being good friends with Josh. Over the next few months, the three of hung out on a regular basis. Josh knew when to leave if Eric and I started to mess around. We even tried fixing Josh up with the "right guy" but sadly that never worked out.

One Saturday night, the three of us were at a bar, hoarding the happy hour snacks and nursing a beer or two, and I looked around the table and thanked my lucky stars for having these two really good guys in my life.

"Josh, I have a question for you." I said.

"Yeah bud, anything!" Josh replied.

"How long has it been since you got it on? You know, had sex? And that means with another person?" I boldly asked.

Both Josh and Eric sat silently.

"Um, uh, well........" Josh began hesitantly.

"If I had to include someone else in the room at the time......." Josh continued.

"Sadly, way too long. It might have actually been Eric, months ago!" Josh added with a blush.

I leaned in as Josh and Eric leaned in towards me as well. "I owe you big time Josh, for getting the ball rolling, so to speak," I said as I winked at Eric. "And if you don't mind Eric, I'd love to have a three way with Josh," I proposed.

"And Josh, despite being one sexy cute hunk .... ," I began, winking at him which caused him to blush.

"I think you're one way cool guy, super nice and super sweet! You're pretty special!" I concluded.

Eric looked cautiously at me. "Petey, I'm okay if you're okay with this. Josh?"

Josh looked from me to Eric and back to me. "To be honest, I think you're both smoking hot and have had fantasies about both of you," Josh admitted. "But the last thing I want to do is mess things up for you guys!" Josh added.

With that, I stood up with a wide grin and could already feel my cock rising in anticipation. Eric and Josh followed me out to the street where we walked back to our dorm room. We talked of our classes and other people we knew and I could feel the tension easing. Once or twice I poked Josh playfully in the ribs and was quite impressed by the feel of his firm body. Eric and Josh goofed around a little and I could easily see their comfortable friendship. I however, was just feeling hot and horney and must admit I jerked off once or twice to an image of a naked and hard Josh in my head.

We got to our dorm room and I locked the door and pulled the shades closed. I left on only one dim light and passed around some cans of beer that I kept in my min fridge. I was surprised that the conversation didn't cease and that we really were comfortable with this idea and with each other. We were all seated on the carpeted floor in the middle of the room and I sat behind Josh and began to knead and massage his muscular shoulders.

"Josh, remove your shirt," Eric directed. "it will make it easier for Petey to give you a good rubdown. I paused while Josh removed his shirt and both Eric and I stared at the bare skin of this muscular piece of manhood. Josh blushed for an instant knowing that he was being ogled but I think he secretly enjoyed the attention. I went back to rubbing his shoulders and several times my hands wandered down his front to massage his pecs and occasionally rub over his hardening nipples. Eric removed his shirt and moved to sit in front of Josh, but was facing forward and offered his chest. Josh's hands instantly started to explore Eric's body. I was loving it, feeling up Josh and able to ogle Eric at the same time. In no time the three of us were moaning gently from the pleasure we were offering and receiving.

Josh suddenly stood up and slowly unzipped his pants and pushed them down over his muscular legs. He kicked off his sandals and stood in only his boxer briefs, which I would say were pretty snug. His round full bubble butt ass filled his underwear quite nicely while his front offered an equally impressive basket. I leaned in to hug him and nibble on his neck and whispered his ear.

"Josh, I want you to strip and get on Eric's bed and lay down and start to play with yourself. He gave me a wink and obediently moved to the bed, where he had no trouble getting himself hard. I could tell he was quite turned on by our little scene.

Eric and I stripped and as if we were reading each others minds, moved to the bed and joined Josh where, on each side of him, we played and explored his hard naked body. We marveled at his firm chest and compact abs and loved to watch him stroke his cock, which I guess was easily 9 inches hard. Although uncut, his erection stretched his cockhead way past his foreskin. Our fingers helped him stroke his rock hard cock and his precum helped keep our fingers lubed enough for some pretty good strokes. Eric and I stared at each other with contented grins. Josh had already closed his eyes and was enjoying the attention of our four hands on his body.

Eric and I leaned in for a deep kiss. Our tongues swirled and twirled and when Josh looked up to see our action, he moaned out loud.

"That is so fucking hot guys! You are going to push me over the edge in no time. Thank you for including me in your bed!" Josh offered.

"Thank you Josh for joining us, and thank you Eric for letting me share you," I said.

With Eric and I leaning against each other, back into our deep kiss, Josh maneuvered himself beneath us and pulled our hips closer. I felt his hot mouth beginning to suck me and then when he stopped I saw that he was sucking off Eric.

Holy fuck! Josh was sucking us both off at once! This was way too hot. The hornier Eric and I became from being sucked simultaneously, the more passionate and noisy our kissing became. That in turn got Josh even hotter, sucking us with more and more fury. Suddenly Josh got onto his knees, like me and Eric, pushing his face into ours and offering up his lips and tongue. Never before had I French kissed in a three-way, but our tongues were everywhere and lips were on all sides. It was too sexy and too hot to describe but I soon found myself stroking my own cock, still wet from Josh sucking me moments earlier.

Josh pulled my hand off my cock, and incidentally had pulled Eric's hand off his cock as well.

"I want you both! Now!" Josh grunted. Eric and I looked at each other in disbelief.

"Mouth and ass as the same time?" Eric asked.

"No! Both of your cocks in my ass! I saw them do this in some porno and I want to feel both of your cocks and I bet you'd love to feel each others cocks as you fuck me," Josh explained. We thought about it for a moment, trying to figure out the logistics and slowly took our positions. I first laid down on the end of the bed, with my legs hanging over the side. Josh followed by getting on top of me, facing me, and holding himself up over me in a push up position, angling his ass over my twitching cock. I reached down and pushed my cock into his waiting ass, and was relived to find that he had somehow put some lube in his hole before getting into position. I looked up and saw Eric moving closer, stroking his hard dick and spitting onto his fingers to keep it nice and wet for this very, very hot experience. Eric moved slowly toward us as Josh moved back onto my hips, forcing my cock deeper into his sweet hole. I cold feel Eric pushing his cock against mine and try to push past Josh's rim. Josh moaned once or twice but Eric kept up the pressure.

It would be the next day that Eric admitted to me that he had been using his fingers on Josh's asshole to loosen him up and try to relax his sphincter to widen up. And then suddenly it happened - Eric's cockhead popped inside Josh's hole! Slowly at first, Eric pushed in further, bit by bit. I was almost ready to shoot from between the pressure of Josh's ass and now the sensation of Eric's cock siding up against mine. I looked down over my body which was under the shadow of Josh's body and could see Josh's cock hard and pulsing, twitching and facing up to me, with two beautiful balls swinging below. And then Eric began to thrust. Slowly at first, and then picking up speed, I could feel the pressure of the fucking going on. I tried to thrust a bit put the logistics made it difficult. But to be honest, I was having the ride of my life and knew that I could cum at any moment.

And it was when Josh started to squeeze and clench his ass back down against the two cocks, I simply lost it. My body shook and I could feel myself shoot deep into Josh's love canal. My cum must have coated Eric's cock real good because his pumping suddenly picked up speed and vigor. And that apparently pushed Josh over the edge. With a low growl like a timber wolf, Josh moaned and I could feel hot streams of his cum shoot down over my chest. One shot actually made it to my chin. Josh looked over at me and giggled, leaning in for a quick kiss on my lips and he took long lick over my chin, taking back his cream. I giggled in response and then heard Eric wail out loud, signaling his own orgasm. And of course you know my story: whenever I've heard Eric cum, it would send me over the edge. I actually had a smaller second orgasm, a few spurts erupting from my shrinking cock as it was falling out of Josh's well worked ass.

Eric moaned and howled as he fell off Josh and landed on the bed next to me. A spent Josh lost his balance and fell onto the bed next to me on the other side. The room reeked of semen which was now pouring freely out of Josh's ass, just filled with our two heavy loads. We panted for a few minutes, the smell of our sweat overtaking the smell of our cum. But that sex was good, as we all breathed and grinned from a wonderful experience.

"Wow," was all I could say.

"Me two," added Eric.

Josh rolled onto his side, facing us as Eric and I looked over. "You okay big guy?" Eric asked.

I looked at Josh, and noticed a single tear in the corner of his eye. "Awesome doesn't even come close," he began.

"Petey, I always had this fantasy. Thank you for making it come true! And I can't think of two guys who I'd rather have in my fantasy - or in my ass!" Josh concluded, actually bringing a tear to my eye as well.

"For the record, I hope you share our bed again soon," I offered.

"Real soon," added Eric, who gave me a warm hug and kissed my shoulder as he lay next to me.

Hope you enjoyed guys. Part three maybe?



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