By P.J. Nevada

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Jungle Jim

Working on Wall Street is never fun. Being an investment banker means long hours and sometimes boring work, but it pays handsomely. Coming directly out of college, they offered me $100,000 a year and now, five years later, my salary is $400,000. And believe it or not, I am sick of it. I need a vacation. No! I need a change of life! So last week, I went into the boss's office and quit. Being single and able to save, at 27 years of age I was free to take a break and figure out what I wanted!

I needed change, and travel was on my agenda. I always wanted to experience Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and visit the wilds of the Amazon River. I went online and found a good flight and an awesome hotel on Copacabana Beach. It was everything I expected. The scantily clad boys and girls with their rich copper colored skin danced the Samba in the streets, and the best food and alcohol was always at arm's reach. After a week of parties and the beach, it was time for my next adventure: a cruise down the Amazon River to see the amazing wildlife. I flew from Rio to Manaus, Brazil, where I met the representative from the river tour company. He was waiting for me at the airport with my name on a sign. Oh yeah, my name is James Stoneman, and that's the name I saw on the sign my guide held up for me.

From the airport, we drove to the docks along the Amazon River where our small ship was waiting for boarding. I looked at the dark and wide muddy river moving along, ominously lying in wait for me to be within its grasp. I was shown to my cabin on the flat-bottomed river boat. It was an average-sized room, its walls covered in dark wood paneling, and a large bed made up in only white linens was next to a wide window overlooking the river. The weather was warm and humid and I immediately changed out of my travel clothes and into something more comfortable. I hung up a couple of shirts and stowed my suitcase in the bottom of the closet right after putting all of my toiletries on the sink counter in the adjoining bathroom. All in all, it was a pretty classy room. I put on a bright blue polo shirt, some white linen pants, and a pair of short white socks and a pair of loafers.

I certainly felt and looked the part of a tropical tourist. Back home, in my former life, my work schedule included long hours but it had lots of perks, like a free membership at a good health club near the office, so I was able to maintain my swimmer's physique from college. At 6 foot 1 inches and 170 pounds, I was lean and trim and loved my chiseled abs. I have black hair and blue-grey eyes and a nice firm jaw. Although I can easily sport a five o'clock shadow, there isn't a hair on my body besides two really small patches under my arms and a nice little bush I keep trimmed down below. I usually get the stares from both the guys and the gals.

And while I guess that maybe one day I may find a spouse someday and settle down, I will openly admit that a good muscular man in my bed is just as much fun as a large breasted woman! I took a quick glance at myself in the mirror and was pleased how I looked. A firm, muscular chest filled out my shirt nicely and I could see two little buds of my nipples trying to poke out. Nice! I combed my slightly wavy black hair and smiled as I left my room to take a stroll around the outside deck.

Walking outside, I stopped at the railing and looked over at the docks. The crew was busy hauling aboard some cargo and carrying lots of boxes and crates that looked like produce and other food staples for our trip. A nearby fishing boat provided some guys carrying large plastic trays filled with fish onto our ship as well. I could tell that we were going to have good food on this adventure up the Amazon River, exploring deep into the jungles of Brazil.

I soon realized that someone else was standing next to me, looking ashore and watching the hectic activity below.

"Ola' Sir!" the bronze-skinned young man said to me. From the leather sandals, denim jeans and snug black tee shirt, I immediately could tell that he was part of the crew.


"Your first time to Brazil and the Amazon?" he asked, running a hand up the bottom of the shirt and giving himself a couple of quick scratches while revealing some pretty impressive smooth, muscular abs. He stared at me intently with piercing light brown eyes. And those eyes of his caught me glancing down at his belly.

"Yes! I spent some time in Rio and did some sightseeing and now I am here for the wildlife."

"I think you enjoyed some wildlife in Rio already, no? The girls and boys there really like to wear as little as possible on the beach and they offer their own brand of wildlife," he said with a wide grin. "My name is Paolo," he offered, extending his hand as he spoke.

We shook hands and I immediately felt the warmth and humidity of the jungle when we touched.

"James here, but most people call me Jim, actually," I muttered. "And are you on our cruise too, Paolo?"

"Yes, I'm senior steward. I manage food and room service and make sure that the passengers are having a good time while they are with us. I have a staff of two others but if a passenger needs a bit of extra hands on care, then I will stop by their cabin as well, at any hour, day or night of course." He hesitated after delivering that most inviting offer. "So Jim, if ever you or your, um uh, wife, or maybe girlfriend ever needed something..." he began.

"Oh. No Paolo, it's just me on this trip. Looking to escape for a while," I said.

"No wife or girlfriend back at home waiting then, Jim?"

"Just me for now."

"Sorry to hear that Sir, but my offer is still open, if you catch my drift," he added, slowly looking me over from head to toe, extending me a very welcoming smile.

Someone walked by at that point and Paolo smoothly moved into a conversation about our planned excursion and the ship we were traveling on. I learned that our diesel powered ship was 150 feet long and carried about 50 passengers with a crew of maybe 20. The planned stops sounded most exciting. At each stop, we could get into smaller boats to travel down the narrower branches of the river. After a few moments, a man standing on the dock called up to Paolo and spoke quickly in Portuguese, motioning for Paolo to join him on the shore.

"They are apparently shorthanded and need me to pitch in to finish loading so we can get going," Paolo explained, and surprised me when he quickly peeled off his tee shirt, leaving his bare muscular chest exposed, right in front of me. Paolo shoved the shirt into my hands and grinned widely, seeing how intently I was looking him over. His dark nipples just stared at me while I took in a deep breath, catching a whiff of his slightly sweaty smell and a faint sense of tropical, spicy and aromatic scents reaching deep into my senses.

"I'll come collect my shirt from you later Jim, if that is okay with you, of course."

"Stop by whenever for your shirt whenever, Paolo," I offered, looking at him hungrily.

Paolo gave me a quick friendly poke in my belly before turning to head off the ship. I last saw him trotting down the dock to where a small pile of crates and boxes were standing. I turned to continue my exploration of the ship, and soon enough, I heard the rumble of the engines and we quickly moved away from the dock and began our journey down the river. I pulled a small paperback novel from a side pocket and sat down in a deck chair, making myself comfortable.

A few times, I saw Paolo walk back and forth, either carrying a small tray with a couple of glasses, or some other small items. He was now dressed in a white uniform. With his black hair slicked back, in that white shirt and white pants, he was certainly quite the eye candy. I noticed him stop at a few chairs where some middle-aged ladies were sitting. It was clear that they were flirting with him, if not down-right ogling him. My eyes peered over the edges of my book, enjoying the scene of him leaning over, moving his firm tight bubble butt in my direction. At one point, I watched him turn his head back over his shoulder in my direction and flash me a quick wink and a smile. I smiled back and watched him rub his hand slowly over one of his butt cheeks. I wasn't quite sure whether he was just teasing me, or letting me know that he knew what a hot piece of meat he was.

I tried to remain calm, enjoying the scene as it played out, and realized that my heart was pounding a bit harder and my breathing was getting a bit raspier. I lost him when he turned around the corner and disappeared, surely to assist another quest, and then spied him coming from the other direction a short while longer. He was standing at a small cocktail table occupied by an elderly couple. It struck me that his position was rather odd.

Obviously Paolo was listening to them, but he was standing sideways to them, but his body was facing in my direction, but his head was turned their way. It took me a few moments to figure out what the hell he was up to. When my eyes traveled down his body, over that buff chest, and past his waist and down to his crotch, I could clearly see the outline of his cock. That horny dog must have slipped off his underwear and was going commando for my benefit, which explained the angle at which he was standing.

And as if Paolo could feel my eyes on him, he looked over in my direction as he dropped one of his hands to slowly stroke himself for my benefit. His eyebrows went up when our eyes locked. I could feel myself harden instantly. Without realizing that I was out in public, I dropped a hand into my pants and rearranged my growing dick, making sure that it wouldn't get strangled locked in my now tight pants. I suppose my actions surprised him as he began to cough and choke, trying to maintain his composure as we teased each other. He quickly finished up with the couple and turned to head back inside through one of the service doors. The next time I saw him walking by, I checked out his crotch and noticed that he must have slipped his underwear back on because I could no longer detect any pleasing outlines.

While the sun was going down, dinner service began on the aft, or rear, deck. It was a fine European service with very good food and excellent wine. I opted to sit at a table by myself along the side and was able to enjoy the jungle scenery floating by. We passed a couple of small local villages, filled with some huts and small shacks while the children played naked along the river. As darkness fell, we could hear birds and monkeys calling out to us from behind the dark green jungle foliage. The images were quite haunting and serene.

As I was finishing dinner, Paolo walked over, holding up a bottle of wine in his hands for me to look at. "Can I interest you in one more glass of wine, Sir?"

"Oh, I think that I am quite full, but thank you, Paolo," I said with a warm grin.

"And how was your dinner sir? I hope you enjoyed it. If not wine, then maybe some dessert or something sweet?"

"Not right now, but maybe later I would enjoy something sweet, or even salty" I said slowly, looking back at him with a smile.

"And my shift, Jim..." he began in a lower voice.

"Nothing right now, thank you. I'm good," I replied, rubbing my lower belly.

"Ends at nine," Paolo concluded.

"That sounds wonderful. I hope you have a delightful evening, Paolo. The food and service was great," I added as I scooted my chair back so that I could stand up.

"Of course, Sir," Paolo said as he turned to walk away.

I wandered about the ship for a little while and headed back to my cabin. I finished putting my things away for the night and decided to take a quick shower, hoping to wash some of the night's humidity from my skin and prepare for the coming night's activities.

I soaped myself with the hard local soap that I found in the shower. I scrubbed and washed furiously, making sure to clean all of my nooks and crannies completely. After drying myself off, I found a clean and thick white robe which I slipped on, wearing nothing else underneath. I went over to the bed and pulled down the covers, laying down with my paperback to read before my guest appeared. Remembering something, I jumped back out of the bed and headed for my suitcase which I had left in the bottom of the closet. I fished out the small bottle of lube I had tucked away, smiling at the thought of how handy it had come in while I was in Rio, and added a couple of condoms to my search. I placed my hopefully needed supplies on the small table near the bed and got back in bed and returned to my book.

Nine o'clock rolled around in almost no time at all when I heard two low knocks on my cabin door. "It's open," I called out, having unlocked it only moments ago, wanting to be found lying on the bed in just my robe. The door opened and Paolo quickly stepped inside before glancing down the hall outside.

"Always lock the door, Sir. For safety you know," Paolo announced with a grin while turning the lock behind him. He stood with his back up against the door, wearing a pair of jeans and a blue tee shirt, just taking me in with his dark eyes. His feet were bare but for some sandals and his hair was again slicked back, but this time it looked wet.

"Your other tee shirt is over there on the side, Paolo," I announced, motioning my head towards the chair in the corner of the room with his shirt folded neatly on it.

"Thanks," Paolo said as he peeled his present shirt off and tossed it to the chair to join its mate.

I examined him closely, ogling at his chest and noticing that the top snap of his jeans was undone, offering me an additional inch or two of smooth and firm golden skin even lower than before. "Very nice, Paolo," I stuttered.

"I took a quick shower, just in case, of course," he offered, suddenly seeming a bit shy.

"I just did too, a few minutes ago, I mean," also rapidly beginning to feel a bit more hesitant, but still eager for something to happen.

Paolo smiled, and took a step forward. "Stop!" I said, freezing him in his tracks.

He put his hands on his hips. "You do know that I am going to fuck you out of your mind, don't you, Jim?"

"Unless I fuck you first, hot stuff. Now give me a slow strip before you get over here."

"But I'm only wearing these pants now," he offered, lowering his zipper just a bit to give me a view of a hint of his black pubic hair. His low riding jeans were so hot, I had to battle from jumping up there and taking him before he moved another inch closer.

"Well, lose them. Let me see if I even want to allow you in my bed," I hissed at him.

Paolo offered me a sexy shrug of his shoulders. "If you demand to get a peek at me, what can I expect to receive in return?"

I could feel my heart pounding heavily in my chest. "Just this," I announced as I pulled my robe open and revealed my naked body, my growing cock already half hard and beginning to tilt upward. I slowly brushed the back of my hand down my chest and onto my belly, teasing him lustily.

The offer clearly worked because Paolo's hands flashed to his zipper as he slowly lowered them, forcing his pants to hang seductively lower on his hips. "So are you planning on topping me tonight, hot stuff?" he cooed as his pants fell to his ankles and he cupped his balls, playing with himself.

"Hell yeah," I warned. "Turn around slowly Paolo and let me see that hot ass of yours that I will soon be pounding." Paolo turned obediently, facing the wall and leaning against it, his hands held high, as he pushed his hips and ass out towards me, showing me those two hot bronze bubble cheeks for me to drool over.

"Look good at it good now, because you ain't gonna get this tonight. But you can hang onto them as I pummel you into submission," Paolo advised. He turned back away from the wall and towards me, revealing a hard, uncut cock, easily 8 inches in length.

I looked over that pulsing cock and his pair of low hanging balls, and could feel my mouth begin to salivate. I let my hand drop to my own aching cock and began a slow pump, easily coaxing it into a full throbbing erection. "My eight inch cut meat tube says otherwise. Now get that sweet body of yours into this bed, now!" I ordered.

Paolo walked towards me slowly, still cupping his balls and looking me over lustily. He continued forward towards the center of the mattress until he was forced to get onto his knees in order to crawl closer, still heading in a straight path. His eyes openly revealed his animal desire. He fell on top of me, pinning me down as he lowered his weight closer, our faces now inches apart. "I am so going to make you my bitch," Paolo threatened.

I calmly smiled up at him. "If you are lucky, and if I so desire," I began, pacing my words slowly and seductively. "Then only maybe would I consider giving you a chance at my tight sweet hole tomorrow, after I first take you tonight, Paolo," I said as I quickly scissored my legs open wide and pulled them around him, bringing them back together across his back, locking him in place. At the same time, I pushed my face up towards his, moving in for a hot angry kiss. Our lips met as our faces pushed into each other, our bodies squirming for a tighter connection. And once attached, our tongues met and our passion grew calmer, suddenly sated by this first contact.

I felt Paolo nibble on my lips as my tongue pushed in further, forcing his tongue from side to side as I explored him deeply. With his ass locked above me, facing skyward, I freed one hand to reach off to the side and grabbed the lube and opened the top. I was able to dribble some onto my fingers until I heard the bottle fall to the floor in my haste. I knew that I had surprised him when I looked into his face and watched his eyes snap open wide when my fingers found his hole, and I began to grease up the entrance to his glory tube.

"No way," he bemoaned, shooting me a dirty look.

"Can't have two tops at once, my man of the jungle," I cooed as I began to let two of my fingers please him and poke around, occasionally thrusting in to give him a wonderfully pleasurable feeling.

"Do you want to suck me and get me nice and wet, or should I lube my cock too," I asked.

"I want to taste you," Paolo said in a lower voice. I immediately unhooked my legs off his back and let him free so that he was able to slide down my body, kissing my chest and stomach as he descended.

Once down between my legs, he opened his mouth and began a slow sensual lick around the head of my cock. He certainly knew what he was doing as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensuality of his expert tongue. I ground my ass into the mattress, wanting nothing more than to cum at that very instant. Paolo moved lower, licking and sucking on my balls and then continuing down, kissing and caressing the soft ridged skin just under my balls. And as if my head wasn't already floating, detached from my body, he went lower still and began a most expert rim job. His tongue darted in and out of my hole, teasing it up until the moment I almost begged for him to thrust that hard cock of his deep inside of me.

But at that very instant, I looked up to see Paolo bring one of his hands behind his body and a moment later, he had one of his fingers, greased up from the lube I had just inserted in his ass, into my own ass, getting me ready for his throbbing tool. I quickly came back to my senses and prepared for battle. With both of our asses now lubed and primed, and our cocks hard and eager, leaking their initial drops of love potion, our naked wrestling match began.

Supremacy switched back between us several times, each threatening to conquer the other as our bodies heated up and sweat began to pour off our bodies. Our shiny skin made maintaining a hold that much more difficult. We laughed several times at our predicament, knowing that the loser would get as much enjoyment as the winner, regardless of how the situation would conclude. At one point, Paolo had me pinned on my side, with him hovering over me. I saw my chance dangling before me.

I grabbed his cock, now slick with sweat and pulsing, maybe a hair trigger away from release. I looked up at him with an evil grin and grabbed his hard dick tight, and began a firmly squeezed jacking. No other part of my body could move due to his forceful hold on me, and I realized that he probably bested me in the strength department, but I now had his family jewels in my control. I stroked him eagerly, going as far down and up the length of his cock as possible, pulling back his foreskin and exposing the sensitive glans on his cock head. I kept up the pumping action, eager to get him off. Paolo gasped a couple of times, indicating that my plan was working. I felt his body shudder and noticed his grip on me loosening.

"I don't want to cum yet, Jim. You can have me first, I promise," Paolo offered, rolling off me landing on his back. I let go of his cock, although I was secretly hungry for it.

"Do you want to be on your back with your legs up or do you prefer on your knees doggie style?" I asked him calmly.

Before he said a word, he pulled himself up onto his knees and turned away from me, offering a sweet view of his sexy ass. Not wasting a moment, I got onto my knees behind him and got into position. I inserted to fingers for a soft rubbing and massage of his asshole, getting him loose and ready for me. I leaned over to plant a quick kiss on his lower back and then reached under him to fondle his low hanging balls and give his wet cock a friendly squeeze.

"Ah, oh, no! Don't! I am so close. I want to cum when you are inside of me," he pleaded.

I reached over to grab a condom wrapper and tore it open with my teeth. I rolled the latex rubber onto my hard cock and got ready, moving my cock closer to Paolo's body.

It didn't take long for my assault to begin. Starting out slow, I rocked my hips gently back and forth, going deeper each time into Paolo's love cavity. I kept my hands on his hips, massaging them and squeezing them as I rocked deeper and deeper into him. At one point, hitting my limit, my skin slapped against his ass and I could see his balls swinging wildly underneath him. My moans increased as he began to groan with each of my thrusts. A couple of times, he clamped his ass muscles down on me, bringing my orgasm that much closer. I relished in the delight and enjoyment of him taking all of me, but also actually looked forward to the following evening when we would be switching places.

Our groans turned into howls as I got closer and closer to my moment of release. I reached down underneath us and found his cock, already leaking and twitching. I ran my palm over his cock slit to collect his drops of cream and applied it to his erection, jacking a few times until a low growl escaped his lips. His body shook beneath me and he came onto my hand and the bed below. His orgasm caused him to clench his ass which in turn sent me over the precipice. My body shook and heaved and my hips shot forward, burying myself deeply into his loins as I emptied my balls in several waves.

It wasn't long after that we found ourselves lying side by side on the bed, our naked sweaty bodies still recovering, leaning up against each other. I'm not sure how long we slept, but I do recall somewhere in the middle of the night, Paolo getting up out of bed and hunting around for his clothes in the dark. I know I was drifting in and out of sleep but do remember him leaning over me and giving me a sweet yet sexy open mouthed kiss.

"You were delicious, Jim. I can't wait for another round soon," Paolo cooed.

I remember opening my eyes to see him standing over me, the moonlight filtering in through the window shades. "Yea", that was sweet. You have the best ass ever, Paolo," I said in response.

"And you promised me your ass next. Remember?"

"I am all yours, hot stuff," I said, before drifting back asleep. I slept like a rock for the rest of the night until I got up early the next morning, excited for the day's new adventure. After a nice hot shower and a quick shave, I grabbed a green polo shirt but put on the same white trousers, thinking that I had only worn them for a couple of hours the evening before. I ate a good solid breakfast of juice and fruit and hot cereal and looked over the patch of jungle facing the river where we had anchored. Paolo walked by me a couple of times, looking a bit tired while racing about, making sure that all of the guests were well cared for.

Paolo stopped at my table, once to bring me juice and the second time, stopping to refill my coffee. "I hoped you slept well, Sir," he innocently inquired.

"Not at all," I snapped back teasingly. "It was a bit bumpy at first," I offered with a wink.

"Rough waters perhaps?"

"Maybe, but I did fall asleep afterwards," I commented. "And how about you, Paolo?"

Paolo shrugged his shoulders. "Kind of beat, to be honest. Can get a bit rough sometimes," he quipped.

"Well, Paolo, hopefully you'll have an easier night tonight then," I said with a mischievous wink and stood up. "Well, off for an excursion. Have a great day!"

"You too, Jim. Stay safe."

I was then directed to the small skiff that had been lowered to the side of our ship.

They told me that I was the only one who had signed up for this particular bird tour. I was introduced to the single crewman whose name was Carlos. We said our hellos and Carlos took his seat at the front of the little boat behind the steering wheel, and off we went down the small tributary of the Amazon River. We chatted a bit and I was happy that he spoke English very well. I took many pictures and really was enjoying myself, finding myself totally immersed in the moment and not even thinking about the gloriously sex-filled night that I had just enjoyed. I did however smile at the prospect of a repeat performance again tonight. . Shortly after that, I felt the boat pick up speed. I looked up at Carlos and noticed that he had a very worried look on his face.

"What's going on Carlos?" I asked, looking back and realizing just how far we had already traveled from our bigger ship.

"I think all the rain we had last week has gotten the rapids moving much faster than expected," he said, trying hard to maintain control of our little boat. I held on tight, watching ahead, but only saw more rapids. Our little branch of the river got faster and louder. Soon, large waves began to splash over us, getting us wet. All of a sudden, I heard Carlos screaming in Portuguese, but could not understand a word of it. I stood up and looked ahead. My mouth dropped open. Holy fuck! Before us was a waterfall! I couldn't see all of it but I certainly could hear it. We were about to go over! Our boat began to tip and way too soon it flipped, throwing me and Carlos into the churning river! I held my breath and prayed, and then everything went dark.

I don't know how long I was out but when I came to, I realized that I was on the muddy bank of the small river. Oh shit! The boat! The waterfall! It all came back to me quite clearly. I looked around but there was no sign of the boat or of Carlos. I could still hear the waterfall in the distance but no longer see it. The river must have carried me for a while downstream. I guess I was lucky to be alive, but where the hell was I? I looked myself over, and except for being wet and muddy, I seemed to be okay. I stood up and immediately felt a sharp pain in my ankle. It looked a little swollen but I could still move it. Just a bad sprain I assumed. I hobbled along the river bank for a while, walking slowly toward of the sound of the waterfall. I figured that was the direction we had come from. But I wasn't too concerned. After all, there was a professional crew back on the cruise ship that would certainly come to rescue me, right? Hopefully Paolo would recognize my absence.

I walked a few dozen yards over rocks and branches and grass and other vegetation through the thick jungle foliage, keeping the river within sight at all times. I could hear birds and monkeys chattering around me, probably watching me wander along. I stepped on some cracking undergrowth and branches and suddenly my foot fell out from below me and yanked me up about three feet off the ground. What the fuck?

I shouted out in surprise and looked about from my upside down position and realized I had stepped into some sort of hunting trap. Despite my uncomfortable predicament, I was actually relieved. I was just glad that no one decided to use a metal trap that certainly would have injured me. I figured that some hunters must be nearby and therefore I would be rescued shortly. I shouted out for help but all I heard back was the hooting of some birds. I lifted my wrist to see how long I was hanging but realized my watch was gone, probably lost in the river rapids. My back pocket was torn so my wallet was gone also.

After a short while, I started to hear the snapping of twigs and dried leaves and realized that someone was approaching. Out from the jungle I could make out the figure of what looked like a man. And it was. I was rescued! As this guy came closer, I could see that he was bare chested. With copper-colored skin, he was extremely muscular and seemed to be wearing only large leaves like a skirt around his waist. He must be a native.

Maybe he was a local hunter, but for some reason I wasn't afraid, staring at this primitive guy. He had straight black hair, cut rather short. He didn't have any markings or face paint or anything else you would expect to see on such a character in a movie. And all he was wearing were these large palm leaves circling his waist. He had massive legs and really muscular calves. His biceps were also quite impressive. Walking closer to me, he peered over me with his dark brown eyes, apparently just as surprised at finding me, as I was at seeing him in his jungle. His skin was smooth and clear. There was not a single blemish or freckle anywhere on his body. All I could think of at the moment was that if this guy got cleaned up and into a sharp suit, he'd be quite the eyeful. He continued to stare, wrinkling his nose as if unsure whether to speak or move.

"Can you get me down please," I asked slowly, trying to read his expression. He stared blankly at me, still looking me over closely.

He took a step closer then turned to walk away.

"No! No! Don't go. I need to get down!" I called out.

When the jungle man turned away, he gave me a glimpse of his bare ass cheeks. So his palm leaf skirt seemed to cover only his front. I stared at his butt as he walked away, and for some strange reason I just couldn't take my eyes off him. His ass was absolutely perfect! Muscular and round and bronze, like the rest of him, this guy obviously had no tan line! But hey! Snap out of it Jim, I thought. I need to focus and get down from here!

My jungle man came back a few minutes later with some vines and some sort of strings in his hands. He stepped behind me and tied my hands together while I struggled unsuccessfully to prevent him from doing that. He had a tremendous grip and I was not able to stop him. Once my hands were tied behind my back, I felt him wrap his arm around me, holding me tight against his bare chest, and with his other hand he reached up and cut the rope holding me up. I fell into his grasp and inhaled deeply in relief, picking up his manly, sweaty smell and the odor of raw dirt and foliage at the same time. I was able to get onto my feet and stand up after touching the ground, while he now stood behind me and held me in place. He was a bit taller than I was, and definitely more muscular.

If I was the swimmer, then this guy was the quarterback; with a lean, buff, and muscular body. He motioned for me to sit down at the base of a nearby tree, my hands still tied behind me. I followed his lead and sat down, watching him look around the area as if to figure out what to do. Between cutting me down and moving about, he must have lost a couple of palm leaves on his waist as I could now see his cock poking out. Long and tan, it must have been a good five inches soft. Boy, this jungle man was hung. I could only imagine that thing when it was hard. I tried not to look but I did. Once or twice he caught me staring because he looked down at where I was looking and tried to move around his leaves to cover himself up.

As if things couldn't get worse, it started to rain. Jungle man continued to walk around, apparently collecting fruits and berries. I was surprised when after he grabbed a banana and began to eat it, he then offered one to me. I tried to look him in the eyes and smile but he turned away quickly after looking me over. I looked down at my wet self and saw that the rain had made my white linen pants almost see through, as they stuck to the skin on my legs and revealed my black trunk style briefs. Again, I watched his smooth shiny wet body move about like a sleek jungle animal, graceful yet strong.

And again, I stared at his crotch, watching as his cock played hide and seek under the palm leaves. This time he saw me staring and he stopped what he was doing and stood over me, noticing my black underwear through my soaked pants. He grunted something and pointed at my crotch but I clearly had no clue as to his meaning. He grunted louder and pointed again, but I could not respond. He seemed to get madder at the situation until he quickly leaned down over me and began to tug at my pants. I fought back with my body but was unsuccessful, since my hands were still tied.

I continued to pull back from him, although unsuccessfully, until I heard a loud tear. Jungle man was ripping the pants off my body! Unable to work the opening, he pulled apart the front, tearing the pants open and destroying the zipper. His force was so strong that the pants continued to rip apart below the zipper and then he pulled whatever was left of my pants down and off my body. With my shoes in the way, he looked at my feet and grunted angrily again, now pulling my shoes off my feet, leaving on my socks. He finished removing the pants material and left me in my only my shirt and briefs and white socks. Jungle man stared intently at my briefs, maybe confused because they weren't palm leaves or something.

The rain increased in intensity and he continued to stare at my body. I was paler then he was and maybe he just didn't have much contact with someone from the civilized world. He pushed me back to the ground and when he did, I tipped over and I fell towards a sharp rock on the ground. I moved quickly and put my hands, still tied with the vine, over to the rock so that I was able to quickly rub the vines against the rock edge as I fell. It worked! I fell onto my face but was able to use my freed hands to catch myself. I stood up and looked at him. His eyes were wide showing his surprise at what I had just accomplished. I thought I detected the flash of a quick grin but I wasn't sure.

I stood up but didn't try to get away, curious as to his behavior. I think he was also surprised that I didn't try to run away. I sat back down at the base of the tree while jungle man was still checking me out. I got brave and touched the edge of one of the palm leaves he was wearing as he got closer. He squatted down right next to me, his soft but long uncut cock hanging below him. Jungle man saw me stare down there, but this time he lifted the palm leaves to give me a full view.

Damn impressive, was all I could think! He grunted again, this time pointing at my crotch. I got it. Jungle man must have wanted to play show and tell. My heart started to pound. Who knows what I had just started. Suddenly, a small twig fell from the tree overhead and fell onto my neck at my collar. It made me want to scratch my neck. It was a very small twig that I fished out of my collar but sensed another twig or something was still on me.

Jungle man stared intently at my collar and suddenly reached out grabbing each side of my shirt with his hands and then ripped the collar and shirt wide open, buttons flying and clicking against the bark of nearby trees, the shirt material tearing as if a mere piece of paper. Jungle man tore at my shirt until it was fully open, my bare chest exposed to him and the rain. He reached over my shoulder and pulled off what I thought was another twig, but was in fact a large ugly spider. My eyes went wide in shock while I watched him toss the spider far away, behind himself. Crap, I suppose he just saved me from a nasty bug bite or something, but still, a bit too dramatic for my taste. And thanks for destroying my shirt in the process, I thought.

I slipped off the remnants of my shredded shirt that jungle man had practically destroyed with his strong grip. I better not try to scratch anywhere else! So here we sat, the rain only increasing in intensity. But the air was warm and so was the falling rain. And my jungle man was starting to turn me on. His innocence and brute strength both scared and aroused me. And then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed it. His cock hanging below him seemed to twitch. He must have felt it because he gazed down at himself. Sitting now close to him and wearing only my wet briefs, I was easily losing whatever inhibition I might have had left. I cautiously reached out and pulled one of the big palm leaves off his waist. Jungle man didn't flinch; he only sat and watched quietly. Only two large leaves remained. I waited for his reaction, but there was none. So why not, I reasoned, and slowly pulled off another leaf. I continued until I removed the last one as well, leaving him squatting before me naked, his cock twitching, and only a string of vines remained, wrapped around his waist. He watched my actions, occasionally looking at my face or down my body, my chest shiny from the rain pouring over my lean muscled skin, soaking my black briefs.

I reached out to yank at the string of vines at his waist and tried to pull at them, but they did not budge. Jungle man looked down at them and with one of his hands, pulled and tugged until they seemed to unwind and fall off his body. Seeing him totally naked, so close, his muscles glistening in the rain, was really turning me on. I could feel my cock get even harder in my briefs. This was one fantasy I could never ever have imagined.

I let the back of my hand graze over his rippled abs. I heard a low moan escape his lips. Awesome, I think my jungle man is getting turned on as much as me! I got brave and let my palm reach up to caress those impressive pecs of his. He remained still, allowing me to explore and give him a good feel. I felt his heart beat pick up and he took in a deep breath. I stared at his huge brown nipples and gave them a light rub, feeling them grow erect beneath my fingers. His eraser sized nibs were warm to the touch and I jiggled and tweaked them to a nice erect size. Now it was my turn to take a deep breath as I could feel the heat rising from between my own legs. I looked down and could see the obvious bulge in my briefs. I looked down at jungle man's crotch and my eyes grew wide. His cock was defiantly growing. It had to be seven inches long now and it was still only semi hard. I licked my lips and swallowed hard. There was no turning back now!

Jungle man looked down at his growing cock and grunted something, then looked at my wet briefs. He motioned to them and I could only guess that he wanted me to remove them. As I brought my hands to my waist, jungle man seemed to grow impatient. He reached down to the fly part of my briefs and found the fabric opening. But instead of fishing his fingers in as I expected, he began to pull the fabric apart. With another loud rip he tore my briefs open from the front like a book, exposing my growing cock and balls to the warm and wet jungle air. He kept pulling as the material came out from under my ass and he held up the shredded briefs as if he had caught some wild black bird. And as if to make a point, he tossed the torn material behind him over his shoulder and let out a loud laugh.

With a shrug he turned his gaze back to my cock which was paler and maybe an inch or so smaller than his. He leaned in closer until our faces were not far apart. Jungle man then took his hand and ran it across my bare chest, playing with my nipples as I had done with his. I was surprised by his gentle touch when he got my nipples erect and I began to breathe heavier. He immediately sensed my heightened awareness and he gave a quick tug to his own cock, which was now almost fully erect, easily 9 inches in length, I would have guessed.

Even though he was uncut, his cock was long enough to have reached past the end of his foreskin. His cock was mesmerizing. A shade of pale bronze with almost no pubic hair above, it throbbed with his excitement. I could actually watch it pulse in sync with his heart beat, like a jungle anaconda waiting to pounce! I stared and stared and jungle man followed my gaze, knowing quite clearly what was holding my attention.

And then he did it. He reached out to touch my cock with a single finger. His light touch made me jump, as if hit with a jolt of electricity. He gently caressed and explored my cock, lifting it delicately to fondle my balls. Although we had the same body parts, they seemed different enough for him to have this amazing discovery. But his gentle yet serious touch only aroused me further.

I moaned in anticipation and unable to wait any longer, I reached out to fondle his massive tool. I let my fingers gently glide along its length, teasing him as he had teased me. He moaned and groaned louder this time. I knew he was feeling that same need for release as I was. I grasped underneath and held his balls. They were slightly larger than mine, and the skin was smoother. While I had some fuzz on my ball sack, his ball sack was silky and hairless. I reached under further still finding no hair, as I caressed his skin lower, finding his hole and poking it once or twice. Jungle man gasped at my touch and his cock twitched before me while a shiny drop of liquid formed at the slit. I was getting him going! I looked back down at my own throbbing cock and was surprised to see I was leaking too; quite a bit as a matter of fact. He looked down at my cock and brought one of his fingers to my cock tip, touching my wetness. He withdrew his finger, bringing it closer to his face for examination, and then he stuck out his tongue and licked it. He did it so delicately and erotically that I thought I would cum right then and there!

With my hand still at his crotch, I opened my palm and grasped his long hard cock. I could feel the hard muscle beneath the soft skin and instinctively, began a slow long stroke up and down his shaft. The warm falling rain kept his cock slippery and easy to jack as he looked into my eyes and I almost melted. The look of bliss on his face was amazing. It was a look of pure innocent pleasure masking the heat of wild jungle lust. He spread his legs wider as my stroking picked up speed. I swear I could see his cock stiffen even more as he soon lay down on his back on the ground, and I moved over to squat over his body. He kept his legs spread, giving me complete access to his most private parts.

I got onto my knees and moved a bit closer, leaning forward until my head was hovering over his massive cock. My mouth began to salivate, and I did what any other turned on horny guy who likes other guys would do at that moment. I lowered my head and licked the top of his cock. His sweet precum was amazing. I grinned to myself thinking that this was the only cream I had ever tasted that was probably additive free and as pure as nature. My mouth went lower and I took in more of his cock, locking my lips tighter, keeping my teeth out of the way, and gave my best sucking performance ever. I went even lower, trying to keep my mouth and jaw and throat relaxed, but I knew that I would never reach bottom. But jungle man didn't seem to care that I could only cover the top two thirds of his massive throbbing tool. I could feel his body thrash beneath me as I sucked and sucked, up and down, up and down.

Soon I felt his hands at my hips as he started to reach around me, all while I was busy sucking him. Jungle man's strong arms had no problem lifting my body up and over. He swung me around, my mouth pivoting on his still hot throbbing cock and then he lowered my body over his face, positioning my cock over his mouth. Like a skilled crane operator, my hard cock descended straight down into his waiting eager mouth.

I felt his lips close around my cock as he began to suck me off. If I was his first cock, he was a born natural! My jungle man took me down to my pubes, coating my throbbing cock with his hot lips and tongue and saliva and sending my brain into orbit. The frenzy of lust in me urged my cocksucking to new heights. I pumped at the base of his cock with my hand vigorously while my mouth worked the rest of him. Meanwhile, he had picked up the pace on my cock at the same time. I could feel my hips buck and his fingers, holding onto my ass cheeks, straightened out and were soon playing with my rose bud.

As I had briefly touched his hole before, now he was exploring mine. But while my explorations quickly went back to his cock and balls, he gallantly fingered on, pushing two fingers deep into my ass and immediately finding my prostate, massaging my love button. I moaned in ecstasy, and he knew he found my sweet spot. With jungle man lying on his back while I sucked him off, I was sadly unable to explore his own man burrow. But I sucked and sucked. His hips began to buck and thrust towards me and I knew that his cumming was coming. Not knowing anything about him or his tribe or his village or anything, I had no clue what kind of sexual experiences he might have had, but I guessed that this was a new one for him.

And then it happened. I heard a low guttural growl rise out of him and I swear it was loud enough to scare off any monkeys or birds that might have been curiously watching nearby. His hips rose up off the ground and I felt the first spurt of his cum shoot out and hit the back of my throat. And then came another and another and yet another. I lost count at how many times his cream shot out of his awesome cock, and I tried to take it all. I got some of his load but felt a lot of it spill down my chin.

He finally finished and I lifted my face off his amazing tool. In the meantime, I was going through my own bliss when jungle man brought me to my own rousing climax. I know I came a lot, certainly not like him, but he was able to swallow almost all of my juice. I finally rose off him as we came apart and I sat up, still naked and wet, out of breath and looking skyward, letting the rain falling from above wash off my face. The rain was still warm but much lighter now. Jungle man sat up next to me, offering me a sly grin.

I looked over at him. "I'm sure that you cannot understand me, jungle man, but that was the best mutual suck session I ever had in my entire life! Too bad you destroyed my clothes and I am lost here in this jungle! I doubt if the boat crew will ever find me out here!"

The buff hot muscular man from the jungle looked over at me and stared silently, maybe trying to figure me out. His stare soon turned into a mischievous grin and he moved closer to me, our naked hips now touching. He wrapped a hand around my shoulder and squeezed me into him, and right after that, he patted my raised knee, as if to let me know things would be okay. Or was he simply ready for round two? I looked down and marveled that his anaconda between his legs was already twitching again.

"The rain was so heavy that your ship hasn't been able to move at all. So it is still anchored out there around the bend in the river," he said in perfect English without an accent. My jaw dropped, probably hitting the forest floor with a thud, hearing jungle man speak for the first time.

"You spoke! And you spoke English!" I stammered. "So what was with that whole grunting act and ripping my clothes?" I added, my face probably glaring somewhat.

Jungle man just grinned at me slyly. "Yeah, sorry, I just couldn't resist playing with you and acting native!" he said.

"You bastard! You fucker!" I shouted, not knowing whether to hit him or kiss him.

"I know. Sorry, but you're such a hottie, and with the storm coming, I knew we could have some fun in the rain, especially when I saw you checking out my palm leaf skirt!" he said with a dirty grin.

"So what's with the jungle get up then?" I asked.

"I just needed a break from being a Hollywood lawyer with the long hours and constant pressure, so I took a tour out here two years ago and just stayed. I make money from guiding some tours now and then just to keep cash in my pocket. I know that I will return to civilization one of these days. The local village is just a couple of miles back and I help out at their school. Every now and then I come out here to this part of the jungle and stay in a small cabin I have out here and go native and hunt for my own food for a few days at a time. I love it. But I never thought I'd catch the likes of a stud like you! Besides, I just love my cock and balls hanging lose and free," he added with a grin, looking down at his semi hard exposed cock.

I smiled meekly back at him and gave his cock a few friendly tugs. "Well, I sure as hell liked that," I proudly announced.

"And for what it's worth, that was some of the best man on man action I've ever had, and I haven't had any in months, so thank you!" he said.

With my own cock coming back to life, I leaned over and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. "It was, wasn't it? And for the record, you are quite a hot stud yourself!" I offered. Jungle man stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me to my feet with his strong grasp.

I took a step towards him, our faces inches apart. "My name is James Stoneman. But you can call me Jim. What's your name, jungle man?"

He grinned. "I'm Dwayne. Hi, Jim! Let's walk back to my cabin where I have some clothes you can wear. Later on we can walk back to the village where we can get a boat to take you back," he said. "And by the way, I had already heard that the other guy who was steering you boat had already made his way back to the village. He thought you were already there. That's when I decided to see what was going on," Dwayne added.

And here I was thinking that we were so far removed from civilization. "And you said my boat was staying put for now?" I further inquired.

"Yep. It is staying in place for the night certainly until the river settles back down after the storm," he said as he looked up to scan the still cloudy skies.

"But I really don't have to get back to the village this very moment do I?" I asked with a sly grin on my face, waiting for his reaction.

Dwayne, my jungle man, had already begun walking quietly ahead of me, deep in thought apparently, while I enjoyed the view of those beautiful ass cheeks flexing before me.

He suddenly stopped and turned, cupping his balls for a full scratch. "You mean, like you'd want to stay overnight with me out here in the wild?" he asked incredulously.

"As long as we can let the ship know that I am staying in the village overnight, and that you don't mind, of course."

"Hell no, I wouldn't mind," Dwayne announced with a big smile.

"So then, yeah, I'd love to spend the night with you. I've never gone to bed with a real live jungle man before!" I looked down at my already hard cock already twitching in anticipation of things to come.

By the time we walked back to his cabin, it was getting close to nightfall. With only a couple of candles lit, Dwayne used his two-way radio and got word out that I was found and safe and unhurt. Dwayne walked over to me carrying some vines and large palm leaves and quickly fashioned for me a covering like the one he was wearing when I first saw him. He then fashioned a similar garment for himself.

Dwayne wandered about the large room, collecting fruits and vegetables from various bins and then pulled out some fresh bread that he had stored in some airtight containers. While placing a bottle of wine and some glasses on the table, and lighting a few more candles, we heard some loud knocking at the front door.

With me seated on a small chair a few feet away, I heard a voice come for the front door.

"So is he here? Was he found?'

I looked up to see Paolo barging past Dwayne, his clothes wet and muddy.

"Jim! You are here. You gave us quite the scare, man!"

"Dwayne found me and he radioed in that I was here and would stay the night," I explained.

"I left right after the storm eased up but I guess it was before that message came in," Paolo added, as he began to realize that Dwayne and I were practically naked, but for our jungle outfits. His brows furrowed as he realized our near nudity.

"Yeah, sorry you got upset. Although for a short spell I really was lost, I suppose," I admitted."

"Until you um, got together?" Paolo offered slyly as Dwayne walked over to stand right next to us.

"Everything okay here, Jim?" Dwayne asked hesitantly.

I draped my hand across Paolo's shoulder, giving him a quick tight squeeze. "Absolutely Dwayne. Would you have a problem setting another place for my hero who wanted to rescue me, just like you did?" I asked, winking at Dwayne.

"I haven't done three, for dinner I mean, in quite a while. Maybe since college," Dwayne admitted, blushing slightly.

"Paolo, you so need to get out of those wet clothes," I began. "Dwayne, anymore palm leaves around for our good pal here?"

Dwayne sadly shrugged. "I'm afraid not, but I'm sure that we could share ours, huh Jim?"

Dwayne and I simultaneously turned to face Paolo and began to walk over to him stripping off his wet clothes, waiting until he stood stark naked before us. We began shucking palm leaves off our bodies as we stepped closer, grinning broadly.

Paolo smiled, fully understanding where things were heading, slowly rubbing his bare belly, and obviously itching to let his hand fall lower. "Oh guys, you so don't need to give up your palm leaves for me. From where I'm standing, I think I'd actually prefer to go without any palm leaves, if you don't mind."


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