After their rousing sexual escapade, Paul, Greg and Roberto lounged in front of the fireplace to continue warming up, although their sex truly helped to heat the large room up. The three guys lay scattered about, half in and half out of the blankets. Greg looked over to Roberto, whose midsection was the only covered portion of his body. Greg smiled admiring Roberto's bronze firm chest, evidencing the years of football which build up those muscles. Roberto rolled onto his side, his blanket slipping off his body while his gaze was fixed on Paul. Paul was lying on his side, his eyes still closed. Although he started with a blanket fully covering his chiseled body, his leg stretched out from under the blanket, exposing it from his toes up to his hip, with one muscular ass cheek out in the air. Hearing his buddies start to stir, Paul sat up, looking around and grinning at his two best buddies.

"Hmmm, I sure feel a lot warmer now!" Paul said, hearing the heavy rain pounding outisde.

Roberto grinned back at Paul. "You have one fine ass, you know that hot stuff?" Roberto commented.

"You ain't so bad yourself amigo!" Paul countered.

"Oh face it guys, you are so hot for each other!" Greg offered.

"Maybe true, Greg," said Paul. "But we thing you're quite a piece yourself!" Paul added.

"I agree," said Roberto as he chimed in. "And you got some nice muscles and definition too from your swimming," Roberto added.

Greg stood up as the blanket fell off his body, standing naked.

"So I pass your test?" Greg asked with a grin, turning and stretching as if modelling for his buddies.

He walked naked into the bathroom as both Roberto and Paul watched, then turned to each other grinning after Greg left the room. Paul picked up his blanket and moved to sit near Roberto.

"That was wild - but fun, yeah?" asked Paul.

Roberto grinned back. "I hope we can play some more," offered Roberto as he planted a quick kiss on Paul's cheek.

"I'm sure we will," Paul responded, giving Roberto his own kiss on the cheek.

Greg walked in wearing a t shirt and boxers. "This is my only dry stuff, but its warmer in here, yeah?"

"Hell yeah!" Paul and Roberto said at the same time, then broke into a giggle.

Paul stood up, his blanket also falling and exposing his nude body as he walked into the bathroom.

Roberto, also naked, walked over to Greg who was busy looking over the kitchen area and trying to see what was what. Roberto stepped up from behind Greg and reached around giving him a hug.

"I have to thank you man for letting us come up to your family's cabin," Roberto began.

Greg turned to face Roberto and the two smiled. "No problem at all man, this has been awesome," Greg replied.

Roberto's eyes looked serious for a moment.

"What's wrong?" asked a concerned Greg.

Roberto paused for a second and scratched his balls. Greg's gaze followed downward with a grin.

"I really had fun making out with you and all," began Roberto. "But I think I have the hots for Paul," Roberto explained.

Greg grinned at Roberto. "Shit man, I knew you two had eyes for each other for a while," Greg said.

"What?" exclaimed Roberto, his eyes growing wide. "But we never messed around or nothing man!" Roberto added.

Greg smiled patting his friend on his bare shoulder. "it was obvious you were in a bromance, now you got to take it to another level. And don't worry about me, you both have smoking bodies and I expect to get my share, but my heart is elsewhere!" Greg said.

"No way!" said a surprised Roberto. "Good for you! And I love your body, so we're sure to play some more bro!"

Paul soon exited the bathroom. He was wearing a pair of dark blue sweatpants and a white tank top t shirt, which showed off his buff biceps. Paul walked over to his two buddies, playfully slapping Roberto's bare butt and then leaning in to kiss Greg on his cheek.

"You're next hot stuff," Paul said to Roberto.

"What you up to cutie?" Paul asked Greg.

Roberto walked off, heading for the bathroom, as Greg and Paul watched, admiring the muscled bronze ass depart the room.

"You know he has the hots for you Paul?" Greg said facing Paul.

Paul blushed. "Nah!" Paul said, still looking in the direction of the bathroom, even though Roberto was now out of sight. "And I can tell you have the hots for Roberto!" Greg added.

Paul blushed and tugged at his crotch. Greg's gaze followed Paul's hand, noticing the obvious outline of Paul's twitching cock, revealing the fact that Paul wasn't wearing any underwear.

The thought alone gave Greg's cock a reason to grow a bit as well. Paul looked down and noticed the slight tent of Greg's boxers.

Paul chuckled. "And what about you Greg? Where you fitting in this puzzle my friend?" Paul asked.

"I think the sex is awesome with you two, so I'm good to go. And I'm cool knowing you two will be a couple by the end of the weekend, if not already! As long as you don't mind sharing with yours truly!" Greg announced.

"No problem. You got a bitchin' body man!" Paul said.

Roberto emerged from the bathroom in a dark green terry cloth robe, tied at the waist. When he walked, the skin of his upper legs appeared, indicating that he probably wasn't wearing anything else underneath the robe

Paul stared, letting out a sigh.

"Okay you love birds," Greg announced, snapping both Paul and Roberto back to reality. "Let's eat. I know I'm hungry!" Greg said, noticing that Paul and Roberto were still grinning at each other. "Hungry for food, that is!" Greg added, forcing all three buddies to break out laughing.

Greg, Paul and Roberto got busy in the kitchen area, finding whatever food they had brought and put together a decent meal. Excited to be away from school and their normal responsibilities, they talked excitedly about one thing or another, occasionally making some sexual innuendo comment or joke and then breaking out in laughter.

With their clothes now mostly dry, they put away their belongings and everyone was cool with the idea that Paul and Roberto would share the large bed and Greg would take the smaller one. Greg's one condition was that during any sexual activity, he would be included. "No problem!" Roberto and Paul answered together.

The table cleared, the beers taken out, the three buddies played cards for a while without keeping score. They just reveled in their friendship, sharing stories and jokes. Their comments were much more open and honest then in the past, obviously because they had already shared so much more that very afternoon.

"We should play strip poker!" suggested Roberto with a dirty grin.

Paul and Greg laughed. "We're wearing so little already, whats the point?" commented Greg.

"I have a better idea," suggested Paul, as an evil grin crept across his face.

"Yeah?" asked a curious Roberto.

"Well," began Paul slowly, his two buddies leaning in closer as if they could hear better or quicker. "I know that I have fantasies, and have been curious about stuff, and I bet you guys have too, right?"

"Um, yeah I guess," responded Greg.

"Yeah, me too," admitted Roberto.

"So, we each get a turn for a suggestion, question, or request? Right? I mean, hey, this afternoon already broke down ANY barriers or shyness!" Paul giggled as he finished.

Both Greg and Roberto nodded their agreement.

"No rules, but anyone is free to say "no" if they want, okay?" asked Greg.

"Of course," responded Paul, picking up the cards and shuffling them.

"High card goes first, then we draw after that for second place, then we go around in that order if we want to do another round!" explained Paul.

"Why wouldn't we do a second round?" asked Greg.

"If I know Paul here, I bet we may not be able to perform for another round," offered Roberto, winking at Paul.

Nervous giggles erupted from all three buddies.

Paul shuffled the cards a minute more and then turning them face down on the table, spread them out. Roberto picked a card and looked at it, keeping it hidden. He was followed by Greg who picked up his card. Paul went next and immediately turned over an eight.

"Okay, not bad, almost the middle," Paul declared.

Greg tuned over his ten. All eyes turned to Roberto, slowly revealing his queen.

"Its my call," Roberto announced, offering a wink to Paul.

"Greg," Roberto began, surprising everyone, "I have a request, but I'm cool if you don't want to do it."

"Do what?" Greg asked cautiously.

"Well, sometimes late at night, I've heard you jack off," Roberto said.

Greg blushed. "Sorry man, I thought I was quiet. Oops!"

"No, no, its okay. I sometimes follow and jack too, cause I get all hot and bothered from your moans, but...."

"Yeah?," Greg said.

"I wanna watch you do it?" Roberto asked timidly. "Would you jack off now so I can watch?"

"So WE can watch," added Paul. "That would be hot!"

Greg giggled nervously. "Sure! Why not!" Greg announced boldly.

Greg stood up, looking around the room.

"Why don't you guys sit here on the couch and I'll start standing in front of you. I'll probably end up on the floor before you.," Greg suggested. "Does that work for you Roberto?" Greg added.

"Sure Greg," Roberto replied as he and Paul stood up from the table and walked over to sit down on the couch.

Paul and Roberto both plopped down, sitting very close to each other. Greg stepped in front of his two buddies, noticing Roberto turn to Paul smiling and giving him a wink while he placed his hand casually on Paul's knee.

Greg was already turned on knowing his two buddies were already hot for each other and wanted to let Greg turn them on as well.

Greg faced Paul and Roberto, making sure to lock his eyes with each of them, one at a time, as he brought his hands to his muscular chest and started rubbing his fair skin ever so slowly. After a few minutes of caressing himself, Greg hooked his fingers in the waist band of his boxers and slowly lowered them. First exposing his light colored pubic hair which had gotten his close buddies so aroused in the first place, he then dropped his boxers completely exposing his already thickening cock.

Greg stood just in front of Paul and Roberto, cupping his balls and closing his eyes, allowing his cock to grow to its full size of a cut 8 inches. He barely opened his eyes to see what his audience was up to. Paul was slowly rubbing the front of his sweatpants which already were tenting. Paul's eyes were hungrily fixed on Greg's naked hard and sculpted body. Roberto was probably enjoying Greg's show even more. He had allowed his bathrobe to fall open. With his legs spread, we was ever so slowly stroking his exposed hard uncut 9 inch cock. Paul occasionally peered over to Roberto's cock, forcing Paul to hungrily lick his lips.

This scene really got Greg into his jack off and pushed away any inhibitions he might have had left. He slowly laid down, his feet spread and facing in the direction of the couch where his buddies were seated.

Greg opened his eyes, staring directly at Paul and then Roberto. Offering a grin, Greg brought his hand to his mouth, sloppily licking his palm until it was dripping wet. With his knees raised and his legs spread, Greg began to slowly jack his cock, moving from the base slowly up to his cockhead and then back down again, clutching and tugging his balls as he went. His groans increased as he went, pushing his ass down into the floor of the room. With Greg's eyes closed, he pumped his cock with a vengeance. Up and down, up and down, Greg was going at it with abandoned lust and arousal. Roberto and Paul were equally enjoying the moment. Roberto slipped out of his robe, sitting naked and began his own jack off. Paul had also stripped naked. Without his sweatpants and t shirt, he also began to stroke his hard erect uncut eight inch cock.

With Paul and Roberto sitting naked together on the couch, they were close enough for their bare hips to rub against each other. Soon moaning loudly themselves, they watched Greg fast approach his moment of release. Paul suddenly turned to Roberto and grabbed Roberto's stroking hand, stopping it mid stroke.

"What?" asked a startled Roberto.

"I don't want you to cum yet, okay?" asked a seemingly concerned Paul.

"Sure babe, not a problem, but I'm so boned and horney, my cock may do something on its own," explained a grinning Roberto.

"But you also have to stop, okay?" Roberto added with a wink and a twinkle in his eye.

Paul stopped stroking as well just in time to hear Greg suddenly moan louder.

Paul and Roberto watched Greg on the floor and saw his cock throbbing a deep purple, in stark contrast to his otherwise pale body. But his chest actually was beginning to flush a light pink and his face was now a deeper shade of pink color as well.

"He's about to blow!" whispered an aroused Roberto to Paul.

"Fuckin hot!" added Paul.

"That's later hot stuff!" Roberto offered to Paul with another wink.

They turning back to watch Greg, who was suddenly arching his back off the ground and continued to squirm at their feet. Greg froze in place as his cock, now rock hard, twitched and let loose the first volley of his cum. He twitched several more times as stream after stream of his cum erupted from his quivering cock. Two jets of cream hit his chin and shoulder while the rest hit his chest. Greg's panting and gasps calmed as his body relaxed and slowly came back to rest on the floor. Roberto and Paul watched the show, their cheeks flushed as they were breathing hard, their mouths open, revealing the level of their arousal.

Greg slowly sat up, turning to face his buddies, not quite sure what to say, but offering a sheepish grin.

Paul stood up quickly and quietly and walked to the kitchen area, coming back with a few paper towels in his hand.

"Here, buddy!" Paul said holding out the paper towels to Greg. "You were awesome!"

"Amazing!" added Roberto, as Greg began to wipe up.

After a few minutes of wiping, and Paul and Roberto watching on the sidelines, Greg spoke first.

"So who's next?" Greg asked.

"I think Roberto and I may have the same request, so we may not need to do the cards thing." Paul suggested.

"I think so too," Roberto added. "Paul wants me to fuck him! Right Paul?" he asked, turning to face Paul.

"Yes sir," Paul announced excitedly. "And then we flip flop okay?" suggested Paul, with a questioning look on his face.

"You bet!" said an excited Roberto.

As Roberto and Paul stared at each other in anticipation, Greg suddenly dashed out of the room and into the bathroom. He came out, with a look of triumph plastered across his face, holding up a small bottle.

"What's that?" asked a curious Roberto.

"I planted this lube here months ago, hoping I'd get lucky one of these days," Greg explained with a giggle, offering the tube to Roberto.

"Go have your fun guys," Greg began. "I know I'm in for a hell of a show. I'll stay out of the way!" Greg offered.

Paul and Roberto moved to the bed, where they sat naked in the middle of the mattress, staring at each other and noticing the other's hot body. With their eyes locked, they slowly moved towards each other, finding themselves soon locked into a tight embrace.

Roberto soon pulled away as he maneuvered Paul onto his back, pulling his knees up and legs spread. Roberto stood up at the side of the bed, pulling Paul to the edge so that his ass was just about to hang over.

Opening the lube, Roberto took some on his fingers and spread it across Paul's waiting puckering rosebud. Fully covered in the lube, Roberto took a handful and spread it over his already engorged cock. Paul's eyes widened at the nine inch monster which was about to fill his hungry hole. Roberto wiped his hand on his side as he moved closer to Paul. With a grin on his face, he pushed his cock head up against Paul's ass.

"Tell me to stop or go slow if you need. Okay?" asked a concerned Roberto to Paul.

Paul looked up with a grin facing Roberto. "I will, I promise, but I know I can take you. All of you!" Paul announced with a wink and a grin.

Roberto moved in closer, slowly poking his cock head through Paul's entry gate, his eyes on Paul's face, looking for the slightest grimace or look of discomfort.

But no such look ever appeared on Paul's brave face. Roberto moved further and further, deeper into Paul, easing his cock slowly and resting only for a moment. Roberto suddenly looked up and into Paul's face, which now had a bit of a flush on it.

"All in!" Roberto happily announced. "You feel so nice and tight babe!" Roberto added.

"Give it to me, big boy! I want a good pounding!" Paul declared, bringing a giggle from Greg who was sitting on the end of the bed watching the drama unfold.

Paul and Roberto turned to face Greg, offering their wide smiles.

With his hands on Paul's raised knees, Roberto began his assault slowly. Moving his cock out slowly, he pushed it back in and then repeated the process. With each thrust, Roberto offered more energy each time. Paul cooed and moaned in delight with each thrust, his grin growing and his moans getting louder as he accepted Roberto's assault with glee. Roberto got bolder and more aggressive, hanging tightly to Paul's knees as he rammed his cock harder and harder into Paul's eager ass. Roberto felt his cock grow and enlarge, enjoying the tight hot moist hole offered to him.

On the side, Greg was aroused once again. His cock now fully engorged, he laid on his side casually stroking himself and rubbing his nipples, enjoying the wonderful fucking session that he got to observe so closely. He was fully taken by the amazing physique of his two pals.

And Roberto fucked on! His continued pounding of Paul's ass was giving him unbelievable pleasure, added by the fact that Paul was his man. Having these feelings for Paul now being fulfilled, he was in heaven. Roberto looked down and examined Paul beneath him. He saw that while Paul's eyes were closed, Paul's smiling face revealed that he was enjoying himself equally. Paul's firm muscular chest was a major turn on, and those rock hard chiseled abs were such a delight for Roberto to admire and now enjoy. Looking further down Paul's body, Roberto admired Paul's neatly trimmed pubes and his erect 8 inch beautiful cock, which now twitched with a life of its own, clearly enjoying the stimulation from below.

Roberto knew he had reached his edge. Holding Paul's legs tight, he thrust one last time, as deep as he could go, and felt his balls surge with energy. Roberto's hips were on fire as his orgasm spread throughout his entire body. His body quaked and shook as he felt his cream pour forth and into Paul's ass. Paul opened his eyes, locking his gaze with Roberto, receiving the fucking that he had fantasized about countless times.

Greg moaned on the sidelines, shooting whatever spunk he had left in his balls onto his chest, as he came along with Roberto. The heaving breathing slowed. The heart pounding subsided and the three buddies soon found themselves sitting upright on the large bed. The smell of sex and cum and sweat filled the room.

Paul looked over to Roberto. "Awesome man! My turn now!" Paul announced with the look of a hungry wolf.

"How you want to take me, hot stuff?" Roberto asked, as Greg got off the bed.

"Where ya going buddy?" Paul asked, turning to watch Greg leave the room for the bathroom.

"I'm gonna wash up and turn in. I'm beat. You know its midnight already?" Greg responded.

"Then I'm going to sleep; or at least try to! I'm going to leave you lovebirds alone!" Greg added with a wink and a grin.

Paul then turned back to Roberto. "On your knees big boy! I'm going to take you from behind I think," Paul suggested.

"Yes, sir!" announced a happy Roberto, ready to offer himself to the guy he had fantasized about for quite a while!



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