Tattoo Two I woke up early the next morning and couldn't remember having such a restful night's sleep. A slow smile spread across my face as I began to remember the incredible day I had yesterday. Wanting to get a tattoo to reflect my time in the military, I met Kirk who ran his own tattoo parlor. But things got out of hand when Kirk showed me his body-sized tattoo of a snake, whose head started on Duke's pecs and slithered across his chest and over his shoulder and down his back. The snake could be found continuing across Kirk's amazing muscular ass cheeks and then circle around his broad leg and ending just above his toes.

And I can't believe I sucked that he-man off. That was just too wild, and way too good! So the plan was to return to the shop to begin work on my new tattoo. I jumped in the shower and washed up really well. I wanted to clean out all crevices and corners I had, not knowing what to expect for the day. My eager cock jumped to attention the shower, just thinking about the possibilities. No time for that now I thought. I need to save myself for later! I found a pair of loose black sweat pants and pulled them on, skipping any underwear which I felt would only be in the way. I rummaged around my dresser and pulled out an orange tee shirt from which I had cut off the shoulders. Stepping into a pair of sandals, I grabbed a cup of coffee and a donut and drove to the tattoo shop.

Parking outside of the shop, my heart sunk when I saw the 'closed' sign in the window. I peered through the glass door and saw Kirk walking towards the front, smiling when he saw me outside.

"Duke, you're here bright and early! Awesome," Kirk exclaimed, grabbing me in a bear hug.

"It said closed," I muttered. "You scared me," I added.

"Well, I am usually closed today, and I am closed for the public, but not for my favorite client!" Kirk beamed.

I looked over Kirk as we spoke. He wore a white mesh t shirt which allowed me to see parts of his snake tattoo across his chest very clearly. He also wore red sweatpants and I could tell instantly that Kirk also skipped the underwear today. An outline of his semi hard cock was already prominent as I had become intimately familiar with it having given Kirk a good blowjob the day before. Although Kirk had started to give me a good sucking before I left, we knew our energy was just a bit below where it should be and promised to continue that situation today. My cock twitched at the thought.

Kirk locked the front door and led me to his back office and showed me to the table he had set up. The plan for today was to ink as much of my back as possible and continue the work on the tattoo over the next few weeks. Kirk directed me to remove my shirt and then lie down on my back. He then turned and picked up a wet wash cloth. He brought it to my chest and began a slow wipe down of my body with the cloth. I could detect a hint of alcohol on it as he slowly wiped me over.

Kirk and I remained quiet, our eyes locked and grinning as his hand went lower along my body. When he got to my waist, I instinctively lifted my hips which allowed him to slip off my sweat pants.

"No undies today Duke?" he asked with a knowing grin.

"Nope, just like you Kirk!" I responded. For effect, Kirk looked down into his sweats as he pulled the waist band away from his body and then laughed.

"I guess not!" he quipped.

At that point I knew what was coming, after all, Kirk had an obligation! Kirk slowly bent over me and tugged at my balls and leered at my cock, which seemed to know immediately what was coming and began to grow and throb. By the time Kirk's lips touched the head of my cock, I could already feel my manhood throbbing. But since the day was young, and both Kirk and I were fully charged, Kirk went after my cock with a vengeance. He sucked hungrily, urging my cock to harden and engorge even more. And I was in heaven! I began to thrash beneath him while I lay in the table, wanting so much to cum, but Kirk would just not allow that to happen. Each time we sensed that I was nearing the point of exploding, Kirk backed off and slowed his manipulation of my cock.

But my body would not allow itself to be contained. The next time Kirk picked up the pace of some serious sucking, my hips bucked and the orgasm welled up from deep inside my loins. The table I was on trembled along with me as wave after wave of my cum spilled forth, being caught by an eager and apparently thirsty Kirk.

" Man, that was so hot Kirk!" I moaned in delight.

"Good Duke, I did owe you a hot suck and I'm glad I was able to provide!" Kirk said with a sly laugh.

"But here's the truth," Kirk began slowly. "After a good tattoo session, I doubt if you'll be either interested or horney enough to mess around. So here's the deal: we can mess around before each session but not after. So no monkey business. You won't be all that comfortable. Got it?" Kirk asked.

"Yes sir," I replied with a wink. I wiped myself clean and then put my sweat pants back on, flipping onto my stomach giving Kirk clear access to my back. We struck up a conversation as Kirk got his tools and inks ready and I got ready for the procedure.

Needless to say, there were many tattoo sessions to get through and some were more painful than others. A few months later, I came into the tattoo parlor for my last inking.

"Duke, you made it! The home stretch!" Kirk beamed.

The last session went quickly as Kirk had me stand naked in the back room, touching up various parts of the tattoo which spread over my entire body just like his. Once he was done, Kirk stripped and we both stood naked before the full length mirror and compared our tats! Kirk's snake had shades of blue and green while my snake had shades of red and purple. I just loved my new tattoo. I turned to face Kirk.

"You did an awesome job man, and standing here naked next to you is really making me horney!" I said.

Kirk folded his hands across his chest, shaking his head from side to side. "Don't want to mess up the job. It really needs a good couple of days for the ink to lock in and for your skin to calm down," Kirk explained, much to my disappointment. Instead, the two of us went out for lunch and had a really good time. I knew that I had made a new life-long friend, going through this experience together.

About a week later, I received a phone call from an excited Kirk.

"Duke, I need a big favor!" Kirk began.

"Tell me buddy. What's up?" I responded.

"A good friend of mine teaches at the junior college in town and he has a class of these 20 year olds interested in military careers after they graduate. He likes to have a couple of guys from at least two service branches stop by once a year. So I told him about you. Since I'm Army and you're Navy, he thought it would be perfect!" Kirk excitedly explained.

"I'm no teacher. I don't know what to say to these kids!" I answered nervously.

"I did this once before," Kirk began. "It's no big deal really. And kind of fun to be honest. They just have ordinary questions like what a typical day is like in the service and if we ever operated any special weapons or stuff. They so look up to us guys who have gone through this stuff!" Kirk said.

"Well, I'll do it for you man," I replied.

"Awesome Duke! I really appreciate it, plus I owe you big time," Kirk gushed.

"And I'll hold you to that promise!" I said, laughing for effect.

A week later, as planned, Kirk picked me up at seven pm. As this was not a mandatory class, and considered to be informal, the lecture would be held after regular class hours. We parked and walked towards the college building and saw just a handful of cars in the parking lot.

I was a bit self conscious about this whole thing and didn't quite know what to wear. I put on a white button shirt, thinking it would give me some authority, but then added a crisp pair of dark blue jeans over just a jock strap. With a pair of sandals on my feet and my hair combed, I figured I was ready. Looking over at Kirk, I smiled seeing him also in a button shirt, bright blue, and also jeans and sandals.

A young man soon walked over towards us, who I assumed was one of the students, held out his hand towards us.

"Kirk, so glad you made it. The students so enjoy hearing about the real world. Thank you for your time!" he said.

"Mark, thanks for having us," Kirk said, shaking this guy's hand. And then Kirk turned to me.

"This is Mark, Mark Stevens, the instructor for the class."

"And Mark, this is Duke, my friend from the Navy." Kirk announced.

Mark eagerly grabbed my hand and shook it while I smiled politely. I was amazed how young this guy looked. Although he was about my height, he appeared firm and muscular but significantly trimmer then me. I guessed that his short blonde hair and bright blue eyes gave him that youthful appearance.

The three of us casually walked together into the building and down the hall into a class room I was directed to sit in a chair on the side of the class room next to Kirk as Mark began the class. I looked around the room to see about eight young guys, all about 20, eagerly listening to every word their teacher spoke. It was good to see students so involved in their education and future. What also surprised me was just how fit they all appeared to be. In t shirts or polo shirts and shorts or jeans, they all seemed to sport pretty decent physiques. Maybe along with this class, they were taking certain athletic programs that kept them fit and ready for entrance into one of the military branches.

Soon enough we were introduced and Kirk and I took our places standing in the front of the room. We briefly discussed our time spent in the military and explained the functions and duties that we had experienced. The eight students sat in rapt attention, hanging on our every word. This was much easier then I had anticipated and to be honest, I was really enjoying myself, offering my knowledge to share with these fine young men. Soon enough, we opened the floor to questions from the class.

We took some questions about our backgrounds and experiences in the military, and pretty soon I was very much at ease. Then a hand shot up from one young man in the back, a red head with blue eyes wearing a tight t shirt and shorts. Fit like the rest in his class, his tapered waist screamed swim team.

"Yes? What's your question young man?" I responded.

With a glint in his eye glancing quickly sideways to one of his buds, signaling that this question was going to be interesting, he began.

"Hi, my name is Ted. And I'm glad you guys came tonight, but I was wondering about tattoos?" he said.

"Ted, do you mean tattoos in the military and what's allowed?" I began.

"Nah," Ted replied. "Your tattoo, the one on your foot over your toes. I noticed it when you walked in since you're only wearing sandals. What kind of tattoo is it? And how many do you have?" he asked with a slight blush.

I cleared my throat, looking cautiously over at Kirk who was wearing a very mischievous grin, and his silence let me know he was letting me hang out on my own with this question.

"Well Ted, on my foot is the end of a snake, a sea snake to be precise. And oh, I only have one tattoo," I offered.

"No way," came a voice from the other side of the room. "I can see another tattoo under that white shirt you have on!" I looked at the student who corrected me, as he settled back in his chair. With dark hair and dark eyes, he wore a tank top and displayed his own tattoo of a snake coiled on his shoulder.

"Well, to be honest," I began slowly, not quite sure where this conversation might lead. "It's the same tattoo." I concluded.

"Whoa!" came a collective gasp from the class.

"No way," stated Ted.

"Can we see it?" asked the dark haired guy on the other side of the room.

I shrugged my shoulders, unsure how to proceed and looked over at Kirk and Mark, their teacher. All I got was grins from these two guys. "What does the rest of the class think?" I asked, not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable.

"Does anyone object if Duke removes his shirt?" Mark asked the class. He was greeted with all the guys shaking their heads from side to side, displaying eager grins to see my tattoo.

"Well, here goes," I said, as I unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it off, standing shirtless before the class. I slowly turned around to let them see the back. "And Kirk here is the tattoo artist that did my tattoo," I announced, making sure that Kirk could not escape the attention either. Before I realized it, the class came up to the front of the room and gently put their fingers to my skin to feel the texture of the tattoo and trace its lines. In all honesty, it was a bit of a turn on being stared at and examined this way.

Ted, evidently the curious one in the bunch, pointed excitedly at Kirk's feet. "He's got one too!" he shouted. And just to make things fair I guess, Kirk removed his shirt, giving the class full view of his chest and back as well.

I watched Ted look over Kirk and then he walked up to me, standing closely. He positioned himself in front of me as most of the class was now ogling Kirk. Ted looked me squarely in the eye. "I want to see the rest of the snake," Ted said, a look of mischief appearing on his face. Before I could respond, Ted's fingers were undoing the snap at the top of my jeans and ever so slowly lowering the zipper. This eager guy made sure to keep his hands pressed firmly against the zipper as he opened it, making sure to press against my awakening cock. And while I wanted to stop him, being on display in front of the room was somehow becoming a major turn on for me.

With one hand on Ted's shoulder, I lifted my legs one at a time to allow him to remove my jeans. Standing almost naked in only my jock strap, the rest of the class turned to see me and oohed and ahhed at my full size snake, encircling my body. Ted stood facing me, still close, and clearly not looking over the rest of me, but focusing on my face, trying to read my expression. His hands went to the head of the snake over my chest and he slowly traced his fingers along the length of the snake. I looked over at Kirk and noticed that the dark haired boy with the snake tattoo on his shoulder was already working at removing Kirk's jeans as well. This was becoming quite the show and tell experience that I had never imagined.

About half the guys were around me while the other half focused on Kirk. I looked around the room and could not see Mark, their teacher, any longer. I guess this was too much excitement for him to deal with. I suddenly gasped as I felt a hand on my ass, caressing and squeezing and exploring my firm muscular cheeks. At this point, I decided to just go along with the ride and enjoy the show, which apparently had me and Kirk as the stars! While Ted continued his snake tracing exercise, he finally arrived to where the snake circled under my balls. And ever the diligent student, he tugged on the waist band of my jock strap and deftly pulled it down and off my body. My cock sprung upwards, already hard and throbbing and again met with oohs and ahhs. In no time, Ted had captured my cock. He had lowered himself to his knees and began to suck me in earnest. I knew this guy had some experience because his blow job was amazing. And dare I say it, but this guy could take more of me then Kirk was ever able to handle. I caressed his head of short red hair and gasped again as I felt a finger poke into my rosebud hole.

Looking back at Kirk, I was not surprised to see him also standing stark naked in front of the room as well, also receiving a blowjob from his chief admirer, the guy with the snake tattoo on his shoulder.

"His name's John," Kirk offered, as if reading my mind.

Kirk offered me a wide smile and a wink, clearly indicating that he was enjoying himself as much as I was. But I wanted more, motioning at Kirk to watch what I was about to do. I pulled a disappointed Ted off my cock and stood him up facing me, offering him a knowing grin. I reached down and pulled off his shirt, revealing a firm muscular chest, with pale fair skin that most redheads possess. I quickly undid his pants and pulled them down, surprised that he wore no underwear and revealed a dark red patch of pubic hair over a nice size cock and low hanging balls. I spun him around and leaned him over the desk, bringing forth his pale pink bubble butt ass. I got on my knees and spread his cheeks, burying my face in between them, and began to rim his puckered hole. He smelled sweet and salty all at once. My tongue pushed inward, forcing ted to gasp as I went. I licked him up as best as I could and began a slow methodical tongue fuck, pushing in and making him squirm. I just loved squeezing those plump ass globes I held tight in my hands.

Ted moaned back at me, "Yes, Yes, yes," clearly signaling that his ass was getting hungry for something more substantial than my tongue. And who was I to deprive him of such, I thought. I stood back up, feeling my cock still wet from Ted's attack, and now seeing his asshole drip with my saliva, I knew the time was ripe for attack. With my hands now on Ted's hips, I maneuvered myself and slowly brought my cock head up to his eager hole. With a light but firm push, I heard the pop of my cock finding its target. Ted gasped but I remained still, giving his asshole time to adjust to this new visitor. After a few moments, I began a slow rocking motion in and out, allowing his ass muscles to relax and get accustomed to my cock.

Again I looked over at Kirk, who had followed my lead, and was already busy thrusting his cock in and out of John's muscular ass. And from the sounds that John was making, I was pretty sure he was enjoying the ride! Ted was also having fun, still grunting "yes, yes," as I was now in full fucking mode. The other guys in the class had taken a step back, giving us full control of our space. Only two guys now remained near me and two guys remained near Kirk. Although lost in the lust of the moment, I was not able to fully follow what these other guys were doing, but from the sounds of it, I think they had already begun pawing each other and dipping their roving hands into each other's pants.

I'm not sure how long our fucking actually lasted, but I know that I soon felt the surge rising from deep inside me, signaling the arrival of my orgasm. And then it hit, forcing me to plow even harder and deeper into my red haired fuck hole which resulted in him squeezing down on my cock. And that did it! I came with a mighty force, my cock emptying itself into Ted's tight little hole. I don't know how many shots I fired into his ass but I felt my toes curl right under me! I moved one hand around to Ted's belly, gently massaging and caressing his smooth but tight skin and suddenly felt his stomach clench. I knew that I had set him off and sent him into his own orgasm just from the actions of my cock buried in him. He giggled in delight as I petted his dripping cock and hot balls.

As our orgasms subsided, I pulled him up and my now limp cock fell out of him. I turned him around and brought him into me and gave him a tight hug, facing him with a thankful grin.

"You're one hot little fucker ," I announced. "Thanks for that!" I added.

Ted politely kissed me and smiled. "You're welcome, and thank you for sharing your tattoo!" he stated, giving me a wink. ""Snake tattoos really turn me on!" Ted announced, sneaking a peek over at John, the other student who was also finishing up from his fucking by Kirk.

"Oh really?" I said, my eyebrows rising, seeing him looking over at John.

"Does he know how you feel about him?" I asked, my head nodding in John's direction.

Ted looked down at the floor, shrugging his shoulders.

I lifted up Ted's face to look at me. "Hey, you're one hot number, don't short change yourself!" I said.

Grabbing Ted's hand, I pulled him along with me towards Kirk and John.

"Hey John! Kirk is mine and I want him back!" I announced, grabbing Kirk towards me.

"Get dressed you slut," I said teasing Kirk. "I'm taking you home!" I announced, already picking up my own clothes from the floor. My actions forced Ted to stand in front of John as I pulled Kirk out of the way.

Getting dressed, I watched Ted out of the corner of my eye, as he and John reached for their clothes as well. Both quiet and sheepish at their predicament, John finally spoke. He leaned in to Ted as if to whisper while they hurriedly dressed.

"That was way fucking hot huh, Ted?" John said quietly, as if not to be heard by anyone else.

"Hell yeah," responded Ted.

"I never knew that about you?" John offered, grinning with a blush on his face.

"Well, I like guys and I like snake tattoos, what can I say?" Ted said.

John's eyes went wide. "Nice, plus ... I kind of have a thing for red heads!" John added, breaking into a nervous giggle.

"I could use a soda. How about you?" Ted asked, his voice quivering with a bit of nervousness.

"Hell yeah," responded John, as the two guys were now fully dressed. Ted and John turned to me and Kirk and gave us a wave goodbye as they hurried out of the room. Ted added a thumbs up in my direction.

I looked around and realized that Kirk and I were now the only two remaining in the room. Fully dressed, we turned to leave as well. "Told you it would be a fun class, Duke!" Kirk offered.

"Fun, and interesting for sure man!" I commented, as we took each other by the hand and walked out of the room. "I'm thirsty, you?" I asked. "Hell yeah!" responded Kirk.

"Nice tattoo, by the way," Kirk added with a mischievous giggle.

"Oh fuck you, you ass!" I joked back.

"Okay," responded Kirk, as he squeezed my hand tighter.



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