Donny still walked with a bit of a limp. His ass hurt still despite a nice hour long soak in the tub and a further hour down in the hot tub of the Apartment. He couldn't believe he had taken that monster cock. Thinking of it still made him wince as he clearly remembered the searing pain as State Assemblyman Howard R Muenster the 3rd had penetrated his ass last night. God, to even think of his name, made him wince but he had to admit, the guy knew how to please a bottom.

Maybe it was the power trip or something, but that pompous ass knew how to fill his ass. Shit he'd have to make sure he was near a toilet for the next few days, given how his hole had to be open wide enough for the whole friggin state to pass through it. Christ it hurt but he smiled, enjoying the memory of that unbelievable night with one of the so called power brokers of the state.

He had met the assemblyman at one of those fund raiser dinners. He hadn't thought much about the guy, and didn't exactly cotton to his politics either, but he was there representing his company. He had to play nice despite his own views and for $1K a plate, he'd expected a damn site more than some cheap diner fare. Still it was an expense he would write off but as he hobbled around the apartment, he couldn't resist but wonder what the press would make of it.

After all, he wasn't unknown to the local media, and good old Howard was a regular feature on the radio and television stations. Hell he was slated to perhaps make a key speech in the 2008 convention which would be something. Doubt if they'd let him if they knew he liked to slam other guys with his dick. Course he had as much to lose himself. It wouldn't do for his craving to take it up the ass made front page news. Though he suspected some of the press suspected he was Gay, they didn't know for certain and Donny planned on keeping it that way.

Still finding himself in a corner with the Assemblyman hadn't been planned. It happened and in his own way, he was rather glad it had. After all it wasn't often that one had their rump paddled and ploughed by an upcoming politician with national aspirations. It was perhaps the one thing he hated about the whole evening, the damn pompous attitude of the man.

He dropped every important name he could think of. He didn't show any mercy either, matching the man almost name for name but in the end, the guy won simply out of his own exhaustion. How often could you work some hack politician name into a conversation? Howard it seemed had it down pat, and come to think of it, he was damn certain he managed a name or two while his massive cock was splitting his rectum.

As he sat down tenderly on his couch, he could still feel the man's breath on the back of his neck as he slapped his cheeks, pulling them apart with his hands and prodding his rectum with the head of that monster. Christ it had hurt, as he slowly inched it into his butt. The pain was nearly too much but he held on, biting the sheet and wishing he had taken a muscle relaxant first. Still once Howard had penetrated him it eased, but only for a second. Howard was definitely not a top who liked to work their dick in.

Just like his stance on Abstinence in Sex Education programs, his sex life was hammer them hard and often. Howard had made his name doing just that in his political life. He had railed against homosexuals, illegal immigrants, Muslims even and naturally abstinence only in schools. He was what Donny termed as one mother fucking tight wad, and it was a corker to realize that Howard got off on fucking other guys.

The guy was a hypocrite, but man could he fuck. The way he slammed that dick in and out, it was like a pile driver gone nuts. The pain was still fresh in his mind as he relived those brief minutes in the bedroom. God how he had cried out, struggled to not have Howard stop. It was perhaps partly that it was Howard that allowed him to keep going, to keep on taking the pounding. After all, not many could say they been fucked up the ass figuratively as well as literally.

Howard's latest bill in the state house would cost Donny and his company millions in government contracts, and the son of a bitch knew it then. He knew he was going to introduce that bill when he took Donny up on his offer for an after party drink at Donny's apartment. That was what rankled the most he thought, as he reached out to pour himself a drink. Christ the man had balls, he had to give him that. To seduce him and all the time know he was going to cost him millions. Maybe that was what made it good for him? To know that he was fucking Donny more than just with his dick?

Donny wasn't bitter but he'd take some satisfaction in seeing the son of a bitch defeated. After all, business was business and sex was, well sex. He liked the way Howard drove his dick in and out, how he would twist his hips every now and then and how at times he would be like a fucking machine gun, pumping clip after clip deep into his ass. Other times he was like a shotgun, firing off a barrel slowly, then the other. Thinking about it already had Donny hot, had his own dick excited.

There was no way he would forget the size of that cock either. He had spit out the mouthful of 18 year old Scotch when he saw Howard roll it out for him to see. Christ it wasn't even hard and it looked like the friggin Washington Monument. It was long, thick like hell at the base too. The balls surprised him because they were overshadowed by the huge piece of meat. Yet in all honesty they weren't exactly a pair of peas either. Not coconuts, but certainly a good nectarine size. Christ he needed a drink as he thought about those swinging balls.

The way they hung there, dangling with that huge pole between. Donny wondered if Howard ever bruised himself swinging that pole in the shower, but as he stared at it that night, he realized that Howard fully intended for him to take it in his ass. It wasn't unexpected, the sex, but when he first saw it, he sure had doubts. Sitting on the couch now he didn't regret the decision, just that he didn't insist on using the whole tube of lube instead of a handful of the liquid.

He smiled at that thought, and he knew that there would be a next time too. After all he had let Howard know that he was interested in contributing some good hard earned cash to his national campaign. Howard had a yen for Washington, but while he was looking forward to another night in bed, he knew that his contribution would never be close to what Howard on his mind.

After all, two could play the screw you game. This time he wouldn't mind have his ass split open by Howard, because what could Howard do he hadn't already done to him? So a contribution he would give, though it wouldn't have the zero's after the number that Howard expected. Hell if he played it right, maybe he'd wangle more than just one more shot at taking the huge pole in his ass. Course it would have to be after he had some time to heal. And judging by how loose he felt right now, that wasn't going to be a few days either. The smile grew wider as he put the drink down and did his best to rush to the toilet. It was going to be worth it, as he felt his body's inability to hold on. Yep he thought, it was worth it.




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