He was lucky, he knew that now as he sat on the couch, catching his breath and trying to just forget all that had gone on. The police were finally gone and even his neighbours had dispersed at long last. Mind you he still wished that the guy from 4C had stayed. He was cute but maybe he was just like Rex. Gawd how could he have been so damn stupid as to let that guy in, never mind actually want to take him into the bedroom?

His best friend Mike had warned him, had told him that one night his desperation to find Mister Right would cause him shit. Well fuck, not like he was going to listen to Mike then, but he sure wished he had now. The guys he had been picking up at the bar or over on the street were not all bad. He had to give them that, and he had said as much to Mike too, who agreed but then he maybe had been lucky. At least until tonight that is.

Rex was one of those who looked good. He had the right look, the right hair, and everything else. He didn't seem to be a weirdo at first, and even after a few drinks he hadn't seemed odd even. Obviously Steve had missed the signs but it happened to the best of them he thought. Least he escaped without too much damage, other than some wrecked furniture, a few bruises maybe even. His stomach ached and the paramedic did suggest he see his doctor to be safe, but what was he gonna tell him? That he picked up some guy in a gay bar and got suckered punched a few times in the gut because he wasn't sucking the guy right?

That would go over real well. Wasn't like he could change doctors either, as he was stuck in one of those stupid HMO's where he had to choose at the start of each cycle. This one had just begun and already he had regretted picking this group of doctors. They made him feel like just a nameless number on a balance sheet that he really thought he'd pass up getting checked over there. Maybe he'd go to the local free clinic, least there he could tell them the truth without maybe risking his job. Might cost but so what. Better that, than risking something serious.

Steve wasn't all that concerned, despite the stern warning from the Paramedic. Mike would probably chime in too, if he bothered to tell him. Hell he knew he would anyhow, because that was what friends were for, to share stuff like this, and he grimaced. He could hear Mike now, lecturing him about picking up dufusses at bars instead of trying something safer, like joining some gay social club, or trying one of those online dating sites.

Thing was, Steve wasn't exactly looking for someone long term. Sure he wanted to find someone who he could maybe go to movies with, out for dinner or even to some musical play or something. He wasn't looking for someone to move in though and that was all those places had, boyfriends. Not his cup of tea even if he was getting up there in years. Still he thought he wasn't ready for that domestic crap. Partying, having some laughs, now that suited him still even if not every night.

It hadn't started out bad, which just goes to show you Steve thought. Not everything is as it seems and he should have seen it coming. The guy drank like a fish now that he looked back at it. He had a few himself but this guy was drinking at least two or three to his one. That should have tipped him off but he didn't tweak to it. The guy was just too damn good looking for him to notice that kind of stuff, besides what else did guys do in a bar but drink? Made sense and the guy wasn't falling down drunk or slurring his words even. So how was he to know the guy was totally blitzed?

They had talked, had some drinks and all seemed fine. Rex was a good talker, and he listened too. It wasn't like he monopolized the conversation. He genuinely seemed interested in Steve's answers. Maybe that is what made him not notice the other signs, like the upside down cross tattoo, or the gargoyle one on the other bicep. How had he missed those he wondered?

Steve shook his head as he walked to his bedroom and stared at what was once his pride and joy. The special Victorian styled chair was in ruins. He'd spent a lot to get that, and had hunted for some time and now it was just kindling. The bed was a total disaster. He'd have to clean it up now or else sleep in the living room which he really wasn't feeling up to. The couch was okay but damn it, this was his bedroom and he'd be damned if some drunk freak would prevent him from sleeping in his own bed.

Grabbing the sheets he ripped them off, venting a little as he tossed them and the blankets into a corner. He'd have to trek down to the laundry room and while it was late, he didn't care. He needed to wash the blankets, the sheets could wait as he had others. Still it was annoying. The smell too, he'd have to open the windows and air the friggin room out. Man, that guy didn't just reek, but stunk. Funny, he hadn't noticed it before it all went bad, but the guy was a pig. How could he have been so blind?

Sure the guy had a nice package on display and he made damn sure Steve could see it too. The way he sat at the bar table, always to one side so Steve had an unobstructed view of that giant package. Course what good was all that given the guy was bombed? When he had gotten undressed, it was as limp as a fucking wet noodle. There was no way in bringing that to life he had thought but shit, he had given it a good try. Least he had thought so but obviously, judging by the soreness of his stomach, Rex didn't. He had sore jaws before, but that had been sort of a pleasurable pain. Least it was from cocks that were hard, not pain from sucking and getting nowhere.

Nothing had worked and when he had finally decided to give up, that is when all hell had broken loose. The guy had called him every name he could think of, had told him he wasn't even close to being a bona fide cock sucker, that his mouth was still obviously virgin territory, and then he had suckered him. Had hit him hard right in the gut, doubling him over. It was all so unreal that he fell backwards, wondering what had happened. It had come out of left field and the second blow had woke him up. Steve had gotten scared then and when he managed to back away, listening to Rex calling him a pussy, a coward, he felt the fear. He saw the rage too in the other man's eyes and knew he was in for a dangerous time.

Steve tried to keep out of his way, had tried to reason with Rex but it only seemed to egg the jerk on. He kept coming at him, but Steve fortunately still had his wits about him. He wasn't as loaded as Rex obviously was, so he managed to stay a few steps away. He was desperate though, wondering how long he could play this game before Rex caught him. He had tried to figure out where he had left his cell so he could dial 911 but his mind drew a blank. Besides, he doubted if he'd have time to grab it from where ever it was, when the loud knocking had intruded. Someone obviously had called the police because they were pounding on his door, calling his name, demanding entry. Rex was confused which gave Steve enough time to reach for the door and unbolt it. Thank God he thought as two men in blue came bursting in and collared Rex, pushed him up against a wall. It was over in a few seconds really and then he realized he was stark naked.

The officers hadn't said anything as Rex was too, but before they carted him off they had his clothes gathered and one of his towels to cover the guy as they escorted him to their patrol car. One of them had also brought him a rumpled bed sheet that he had wrapped himself in. It was putting that sheet on that he had noticed the cute guy from 4C, his next door neighbour standing in the doorway, along with Mrs Menkes from 4D. She was a frightful looking lady at that time of night and as usual, had her squawking little Pekinese in her arms, shaking her head as she peered in.

The parade of people in and out made it all seem so real. It was like being the star of one of those reality cop shows on television. Paramedics coming in, checking his blood pressure and listening to his heart beat. Man all he wanted was for them all to leave and let him have a nice stiff drink. Course the paramedic told him not to, but hell, he knew he would. Still he hadn't yet as he picked up a faded pair of denims and slipped them on. In his closet Steve grabbed his laundry basket and soap and stuck the two blankets in along with the pillow cases.

No friggin way was he going to not sleep in that bed he thought as he checked himself in the broken mirror over his dresser. Steve had no idea how that got broken, but the stuff on top was all over. Guess it happened while he was dodging the maniac. He sighed, knowing that not only had he dropped about fifty at the bar, but tonight was going to cost him huge. Few hundred at least for the chair, more for the mirror and god knew what else was broken. He found his little sweeping brush and swept the broken glass off into a small pail he kept by the bed.

Still feeling angry he grabbed the laundry basket, some change, his keys and headed out to go down and do laundry at friggin 3am in the god damn morning. Damn it pissed him off but least the place was open 24/7 which once more made him think of Mike. Christ would he hear about this for weeks to come he was sure as he opened the laundry room door and there, stood the guy from 4C. Talk about awkward or what?

The light made him look so damn hot too, and he could see clearly the tell tale bulge in his pants. It jerked him back to reality as that is what got him into trouble earlier, looking at the bulge rather than the guy.

Steve “Sorry, didn't think anyone would be here”

4C “No problem, only have one load, uh.. you okay?”

Steve “Huh? Oh yeah fine, thanks, Steve's the name by the way”

4C “Mark, uh, you sure know how to liven up a weekend, glad it wasn't too serious”

Steve “Guess the noise must have been something. But yeah, least the cops showed up in time”

Mark “Sounded like he was trying to kill you”

Steve “Felt like he might, uh, you call the cops?”

Mark “Uh, yeah, sorry but it sounded, well pretty bad”

Steve “It felt like it, uh, woke you up? I am not normally like that, I mean I don't get those kind of uh, visitors, often. In fact uh, he was the first, uh…”

Mark “Its cool, no I was working and heard it all so, no problem”

Steve “Working? This time of night?”

Mark “Yeah, I do web shit, and I like the nights, quieter, well, most nights that is”

Steve “Sorry, it really doesn't happen, so web sites huh? You design them? Or what?”

Mark “Kind of, I have my own, do a bit of this and that on them, not anything to brag about I guess, but I do okay, least it helps pay the rent and stuff”

Steve “Sounds like fun at least, and hey, no one trying to knock you off either. Friend of mine spends a lot of time online, I really don't, too busy picking up assholes at bars is my mission I guess.”

Mark “Hey least you can laugh about it, too many take it all too serious.”

Steve “I guess, still it was a bit of a shock. All those people, bet Mrs Menkes will be telling stories for the next month. Hope the super doesn't get too pissed, hate to have to leave this place, the rent isn't bad and its convenient for work.”

Mark “Seems like an okay guy, his wife is a bit of a pinhead, but I haven't been here that long. Your place must be a mess”

Steve “A bit, haven't really had time to go through it all, wanted to get these in and then tidy up a bit. Damned if I am gonna let some drunk stop me from sleeping in my own bed.”

Mark “Need a hand? I can handle a broom okay”

He hesitated because while the idea of Mark coming up to his place was nice, he was a bit gun-shy. Maybe there wouldn't be a second person awake to call the cops if this one turned out like the first? Shit when would he learn he thought as he accepted the offer. Besides, obviously the guy didn't seem to mind that he was gay, as he had seen him naked when the cops were there. He had to know and well, he was hot and that bulge again. Damn it was inviting though he didn't think Mark was family. Still, you never knew and his gaydar was not the best or so Mike kept telling him.

Heading back up he felt nervous. Somehow he didn't know what to make of Mark and yet the guy was hot. He had a nice smile too and for what it was worth, the guy seemed nervous too. Least he didn't come across as being drunk and that was definitely a plus as they entered Steve's apartment. The place looked worse than when he left. Mark let out a low whistle and then just smiled and that was pretty much all it took for Steve. He was once more on the hunt as he grinned back.

It took them over an hour to put things back, to clean up the mess that Rex had caused in his little temper tantrum. In that time Steve learned that Mark was 31 and did adult sites. He was managing a couple of sites for some people and it was stuff he seemed okay with. Nothing gay though which made Steve relax a bit. After all, his instincts were bit raw given all the crap with Rex, still he wouldn't have minded a tumble with Mark. The guy was maybe six foot tall, had a well built body that rather looked inviting to Steve. There didn't seem to be any fat on him, though it was hard to tell with the bulky pull over he wore. Still the denims he wore showed nice thighs, and definitely something between the legs.

He was a sex pig, he admitted it to himself as his daydreaming about Mark was making it harder and harder for him to concentrate on their conversations. For a second or two Mark seemed to be picking up on the vibes, though Steve wasn't certain. Still every now and then he would catch Mark looking where he shouldn't, or was it merely wishful thinking? He kind of thought so but then again, the guy was into adult sites, maybe there really was a chance?

With the place more or less cleaned up, laundry ready to bring up he knew his time with Mark was nearing an end. He felt rather glad of the company and so far they had pretty well stayed clear of all the taboo subjects. Mark hadn't asked him about Rex, which was fine but as they gathered up their laundry, it was the silence that was making him sweat a bit. He wished it would be something else making him sweat but as he glanced over at Mark pulling stuff from the dryer, he didn't think it would happen, least not until Mark's muffled voice spoke up from within the dryer.

Mark “There something on my butt?”

Steve “Huh? Uh, no, no why?”

Mark “You keep staring at it”

Steve “Sorry”

Mark “Why? I mean not to your liking?”

Steve “Uh no, it's a nice ass, just uh, well”

Mark “You think I might be like that shit you were with earlier?”

Steve “Well, I don't think so, it is just that, uh, well…”

Mark “I don't bite”

Steve “You don't seem like you are, I mean, uh… shit, this is feeling bit weird.”

Mark “Little I suppose, but my neck is getting sore from trying to see if your uh interested as well, I mean, I never really did get a good look earlier, if you know what I mean.”

Steve stared at Mark who had taken his head out of the dryer and stared right back at Steve. The eyes were wide open and Steve felt rather embarrassed as it was the first mention really of earlier. Yet as he looked he could see that Mark was interested, or at least attracted. The bulge in his denims was definitely more pronounced and it had the desired effect on him too. He could feel his own dick shifting in the pants, the blood rushing stiffening his own desire.

Steve “I didn't think you were uh, you know, family”

Mark “Huh? Family? Huh, if you mean am I Gay? I don't know, not maybe my first choice, but I like sex, and before you ask, no you wouldn't be the first guy, just that I rather limit my uh, experience, if you know what I mean”

Steve “No, not really”

Mark “I don't take it up the ass, there, I said it, and no I won't go there, but I don't mind getting the oral stuff.”

Steve “I see, so you saying you'd be interested?”

Mark “If you are willing to keep it to those limits, yeah I'd be interested, you?”

Steve “You suck too or just uh? I mean.. shit this is crazy, standing in the laundry room talking about blow jobs.”

Mark “Been in stranger places but we could go back upstairs to uh, put your laundry away, and no, I don't suck, I'll get you off by hand though, I mean if you want?”

Steve “Yeah, I do, I didn't think I did, not after, well, you know, but yeah I would”

He couldn't believe his good fortune really as he put the laundry basket off to the one side. Here he was, back in his bedroom with a hunk and about to suck on some straight cock, well okay not totally straight but least this one should be able to get it up. The last one sure as fuck couldn't.

Steve moved forward but saw how Mark backed away a bit. He had a little smile on his face, sort of a hesitant one and Steve realized, he might have done it before but he was right, it wasn't his first choice for getting off. Mark was just horny, wanted to get sucked and it sort of ruined it a bit. He had hoped it was an act, but looking at Mark now, he knew it was for real.

Mark didn't even take his shirt off. He unbuttoned it and then with his legs resting up against the bed frame, he simply popped the denims open, unzipping them and shoving them down his lanky body. Steve noticed the thick thighs twitching a little and before he could blink, Mark had pushed his jockey shorts down and there it was, not fully erect but not totally soft either.

Steve licked his lips as he stared at the rather plump looking piece of meat that dangled between Mark's legs. It was as he had thought, thick. He glanced up to see that Mark wasn't really looking at him. He was already off somewhere as he knelt down on his own knees, facing the dangling penis. Reaching out with his hand he touched it, feeling Mark tense up, almost recoil even.

He had been right, Mark wasn't family. He pulled the penis towards him and with the flick of his tongue circled the head of the cut dick. Steve had thought he might be uncut but no luck there. He tasted the flesh and noticed the sweet scent of sweat as he took the head between his lips. He let his tongue lick the bulbous head, tickling under the cap a bit and heard the soft intake of breath from above. Two hands now rested on his shoulders as Mark moved inwards towards him.

The fear or whatever was gone as Steve slid the growing penis deeper into his mouth. He could taste the sweat now and feel the heat as the blood pumped into the thickening veins underneath. His hand reached down to pull at the rather smallish balls. He twirled them and prodded the leathery skin of the scrotum.

Pain lanced through his shoulders as Mark clenched him. The fingers dug into the flesh until they reached bone and held on, as suddenly Steve felt the cock pushing in and pulling out, a rhythm suddenly developing as Mark was face fucking him. He pulled his tongue out of the way and tried to open his throat more to accommodate the pulsing pole that now pushed in and out with a rather strident force. He gagged a little but the thickened cock didn't skip a beat.

Mark kept pushing it in and pulling it out, the heavy breathing from over his head made him reach around to grab the firm buttocks. They were clenched tight as he helped hold the body steady, guiding it more or less into his mouth. The steady pounding made his jaw ache, and the pain from earlier came back but this time it wasn't so bad. The beating of the back of his throat felt better as he realized that Mark's cock was fully erect now. The hot blood circulating into it had made it grow thicker and he had some trouble holding onto it.

Sounds of his own ragged breathing and sucking sounds filled his ears as the steady beat of the dick into his mouth came faster and harder. He was being fucked hard by Mark and it hurt but he enjoyed it too. He liked the way Mark had suddenly taken charge and his own dick was aching in his pants. He wanted to reach down to pull it out but he didn't want to let go of those firm cheeks. Besides if he did, he might fall backwards from the hard jarring thrusts that came quicker and quicker with each passing second.

His throat was stretched more than he could ever recall. It was filled totally by the thick hot flesh of Mark's dick and he gurgled from the stress. The hard pounding made him sweat as he dug his own fingers into Mark's tight ass cheeks. No cry came from the man above as the pressure seemed to drive him faster. The breathing grew more ragged, more urgent and suddenly the huge dick was buried deep down into his gagging throat. He was choking as a sudden flood of hot cream came spurting out and down his throat.

Steve's mouth was suddenly filled by the tangy taste of cum and began to dribble out of the corners of his tightly closed lips. The pounding had stopped briefly, and the shudder of the huge pole transmitted itself to his own body as he felt his arms shake. The sudden explosion had stunned him as he swallowed quickly, feeling the cock rearing back for a second explosion.

With almost as much force, the cock pressed inwards and a second spurting stream of cream came flooding out. He gagged more this time as he tried to swallow this added load with the first. He coughed as more of the hot milk came out of his mouth and ran down his chin. Steve's eyes rolled back as his fingers dug until they touched bone as he wanted to suck the huge dick dry. He nearly retched as the large stream filled his throat and mouth but he kept on swallowing, enjoying the salty taste that filled his belly.

A much smaller third stream just seemed to be there, as his throat screamed in agony from the thick pole wedged inside. The cum had all been drained and he felt the pole shivering, and shuddering as his lips finally released their hold on the hot flesh. The hands on his shoulders suddenly released and he could feel the blood returning. His body ached and Steve was certain that he had shot his own load into his pants as he licked his cum soaked lips. He was exhausted from the minute or two it had taken for Mark to shoot.

The cock finally was pulled out, and he stared at it. It was a thing of beauty he thought, wondering what damage it could do inside of his ass, but he didn't even dare ask. He knew the limits as he looked up, to see a glazed look in Mark's face. He was still in his place, as his whole body suddenly quivered. The hands once more dug in for a second, steadying the man above. Steve merely waited, knowing that it was over. There would be no second take, this had been it.

Steve leaned back on his heels, and before he could even think of something to say, Mark had his shorts up and was already pulling on the zipper. It was that quick, and Steve realized, there would be no reciprocation. He didn't mind too much as he was tired. It had been a long night but it hit him. He should have listened to Mike, this was no way to meet new friends, even if just for a one nighter.




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