Tim stared out at the falling snow, shaking his head as he had thought all that was passed. Hell he had moved from the East Coast to get away from the dreary winter and the damn snow, yet here he was on the West and there was the stupid snow, sort of like it had followed him, determined to make his life miserable. Well he'd show it as he reached down for his gloves.

Grabbing the pair of winter mitts he realized that they weren't his, but were Josh's instead. The touch of the wool on his fingers reminded him of last night when they had finally let nature have its way. Maybe in some ways it was fitting for it to be snowing outside too. It sort of fit, the first snow fall and his first time doing it with Josh. Okay so he was sentimental but damn last night in bed had been amazing.

It hadn't started out that way but then it never did. Sex was something that just sort of happened and last night was no exception. Josh was a hot stud, nice dark hair with a sort of blonde frosting on top and down several strands on the sides. Yet it didn't look fake or Queenie either. It sort of highlighted Josh's face, made him appear even more handsome and desirable.

Tim felt the slight tremble in his groin as his memory flashed back to last night and how perfect everything was. They had met through one of those personal contact sites, Cruising Men something or other. He hadn't thought much about those places until he had stumbled across Josh's profile. Man it was so, well standard but the picture, it made his dick jump. He kind of thought it was a fake but he thought he'd give it a shot. After all it was free.

It took Josh nearly a week to reply but there was something special in the way Josh had spoke. Tim could sense the hesitation and nervousness just like he had felt when he had spotted the reply in his inbox. It struck a nerve and he naturally replied to the email. It went on that way for about a month before they both got the nerve up to meet online for a bit of talking in the chat room.

It was awkward at first but then they started talking about music and movies they had seen. Somehow they had similar tastes which had surprised him a bit given that Josh was about 4 years older than him, but it didn't seem to matter much once they got talking.

Funny how the talk worked and he began to look forward to more. It was almost like being back in High School and his first crush on another. Same sort of worry, same sort of anxiety too. That sort of surprised him because he was normally pretty placid. That changed once they had chatted a few times. It didn't take long for Josh to suggest they get together. Somehow he just knew that it would work out as they made that first date. He didn't remember how many times they had gone over the details either. Seems every day for months though in all honesty not even a week had passed before they had that first encounter.

Tim walked into his bedroom to look for his winter jacket and as he did, he noticed his bed was still a disaster from last nights sex with Josh. God, to think it wasn't even 12 hours ago that he had laid there, his head nestled into the crook of Josh's muscular body. The scent of sweat permeating the whole room had only heighten his glowing feeling. His cock had been limp, but then who's wouldn't be after the time they had? The ache in his body was once more there as he recalled how Josh had taken him on Tim's own bed. There hadn't been any hesitation and the whole night had been a bit of a blur. Between a rather nice long pole being jammed into his mouth and then the warm wet mouth crushing into his own was something he'd never forget.

Josh was like a small hurricane. The way he would shift his lanky body around and yet not once did they separate from some part of their skin touching each other. It was like they were glued together or so it had seemed afterwards. Maybe they were, given all the jizz that both had shot onto each other in the course of the night. Neither bothered to wipe it off so it dried or tried to on their hot flesh.

He could still remember his reluctance earlier in the day when he had finally showered. Tim hated to let the water rinse off the caked on cum but then, he did have to go shopping. Still maybe next time they met, he'd arrange it so he wouldn't have to go out. He could let Josh's cum linger on his own body longer, enjoying the scent, the feel of it for just that extra few hours.

The way Josh had surprised him by turning him over and spreading his butt apart, to tenderly run his finger down his butt crack, then to slowly and deliberately tease his hole. Man, he could still feel that rolling wave of pleasure that seemed to never end. His legs trembled as he recalled the first wave of ultimate joy that came to him as he felt Josh's tongue flick and taste his hole.

The shivers then had been amazing. His whole body had almost exploded and come to think of it, after a few deep thrusts of Joshs tongue into his ass, he did explode. His cum had shot out all over and he had been upset until Josh turned him over and simply licked at Tim's cum soaked belly. It was all perfect then, and would be that way throughout the night. Josh didn't seem to mind that Tim had failed to control himself. They had laughed a little as well, and Josh had challenged him, demanding that Tim make Josh lose control as well.

It was his first time rimming another guy and he was hesitant, but the glint in Josh's dark eyes managed to make him forget his inhibitions. He had smiled and roughly pushed Josh backwards, reaching out for the long rather hairy legs to toss them up and over his own broad shoulders. He wanted Josh to see him do it and Josh quickly let himself be positioned. It was almost like Tim had done it before but as he bent down, his own brown locks brushing against Josh's flat belly, he could feel the muscles tensing inside of Josh.

The whole feeling of Josh's body made him breathe in deeply. He wanted to give as well as he had received and he started to caress the inner thighs. Tim heard Josh suck in his breath with each touch as he pushed the dangling penis up and moved his fingers down under the hanging scrotum. The body jerked a little as his fingers traced the hard groin and then slowly moved down the spread open butt crack. Tim didn't know how, but somehow his hands were gently prying apart the soft white flesh, and his mouth was kissing the thighs, tasting the sweat that trickled around and inside. The smell of Josh's cock made him sweat as he let his head brush past to lick at the root of the cock, to taste it and moisten it even more.

Standing at the edge of his bed, Tim realized he had his pants open and was tugging at his harden cock. Hell the snow could wait as he began stroking his erect cock. The memory of his first rim job making him wish Josh was still there, because if he had been, he'd have his face buried once more between those soft flesh butt cheeks.

They had tasted so good as he had let his tongue roll down the crack. The way Josh moaned and squirmed with each lick of the tongue told him that he was doing it right. Josh's feet were resting on the small of his back, pushing him down, urging him forward. As his tongue came to that sweet spot, his own body grew rigid. The smell of Josh was over powering as his tongue licked around the pink hole. His eyes were shut as he let his mind enjoy the sensation. He could feel his cock jerking a bit as he finally let his tongue taste the pink hole.

It was like sticking your finger in a light socket. Tim couldn't believe the way his body jerked or at how Josh's own body began to sway and move. It was almost as if they were in the middle of an earthquake. The bed squeaked as he dove his face deep between the soft fleshy cheeks. His nose pressed up and to one side of Josh's scrotum. The scent made him snort that only seemed to make Josh groan louder. His tongue was now delving deep into the very insides.

He glanced upwards, watching Josh's cock sway and move and his hand moved up, pushing at the base, squishing the balls underneath. His tongue continued to lick and flick inside and with each flick, each taste Josh cried out in pure pleasure. It was making him feel feint as his own body was squirming, wanting to once more shoot its load, but he held back, desperate to have Josh cum before he did.

It was close but he had seen the cock thicken. It was like watching a balloon nearing its capacity and then the loud scream as Josh simply couldn't hold back. Tim buried his tongue in that instant, pushing it as deep as possible into the small pink hole.

Josh's hand pounded the bed as his cock exploded, shooting his cream up and over his belly to splatter across his chest and chin. He saw it go flying as his eyes stared at the pulsating penis shoot. It made his own legs tremble as he knew that he was close behind, that his own cock was ready to fire and he pulled his head back, removing his tongue as the final spurts of cum came from Josh's pole. He moved his body up and jammed his own groin closer to the heaving body of Josh, his hand now flying up and down his own pole, and his head tossed back. It took him only a few strokes before he too cried out, and his stream of cum went flying onto Josh's still quivering chest. His load of cream mingling with Josh's spent load.

Time breathed out as he realized he had just jerked off to a memory. His cum was dribbling down his fingers as his eyes were still a bit glazed over. He smiled as he noticed that one of his shots of cum had fallen on one of the gloves that he had tossed onto the bed.  Maybe he had a souvenir after all. The smile grew across his face as he pulled up his pants. Josh was supposed to be back this evening and Tim knew he would once more taste Josh's hole.




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