Sitting at his desk, Cory signed his name to the last of his Christmas cards. He paused a minute as he stared at the rather large stack of cards. It had taken him most of the morning to do as well. Each one he had put a personal greeting on, plus a line or two of something benign. He was no Hemingway but he liked to make them all a bit different and he felt like he had succeeded.

He had been sending out cards each Christmas for years now, but never so many as he was sending this year. It was all due to him finding Cruising Men online and all the new found friends he had met as a result. Strange too, because basically he was rather shy, even when he would go to the bar.

That too had changed for him. Every weekend wasn't lost in a blur of alcohol haze. Come to think of it, since October he hadn't been to the local bars once. Not a single journey and yet before he started answering ads he was a regular at the bar. Every weekend and for years. Funny too, his bank account seemed to be reflecting that lack of bar activity too.

While it was nice to have a bit more in the bank, what really had him thrilled was that he actually felt better. No more hangovers or wondering if he had been an ass the night before. Now he knew what had happened and while there had been some he wished he could forget, there were a damn site more that he was hoping he'd never forget. One of the reasons for so many cards this year. He had made many new friends and while not all had shared his bed, they were all people he was glad to know.

Then too, there were a couple who not only shared his bed but did a damn site more. Like Joe for example. He was not local but they had started off as pen pals and met a few times in the chat room. They had enjoyed the talks and when Joe had mentioned that he was coming to town for a business trip, well naturally Cory suggested they meet. After all they had discussed quite a few things and well, he didn't feel threatened either. Nor did Joe because he quickly agreed to the idea and even gave Cory the hotel where he would be staying.

One thing led to another and soon they had set up a dinner date at the hotel. He was a bit nervous because he hadn't met too many at that stage of his dating, but he figured the hotel was a safe place to meet. He wasn't surprised either when he met Joe, he was exactly as he had described himself, except maybe a tad heavier but he looked pretty much like the profile pictures he had. Was nice that and they got along as if they had been long time friends. The chats they had prior had helped keep the nervousness down to a more acceptable level and soon it too was dissipated. They just got along as if old school or office friends.

Dinner had been good and the only real awkward moment came afterwards. It was almost as if Joe wanted to suggest something, but was too shy. He sort of felt that way but that hadn't stopped him before, so Cory had made the obvious comment. The relief on Joe's face was priceless actually and Cory kept that image in his mind, even now months later. Joe had a nice face and the thin little moustache and goatee or whatever they called that sort of suited him. He at least wasn't one of those who went for the total unshaved look or the 5 day growth type. Most couldn't carry off but Cory suspected Joe might if he was so inclined.

After a last drink they had elected to go to Cory's apartment. Cory had sense the need for discretion and Joe was appreciative. They had taken a taxi and Joe had made the appropriate noises about Cory's sense of décor. He was rather proud of how he had set up the place and was touched by Joe's appreciation of it. Not like it was out of some fancy magazine, but he thought he had done a decent job of blending some art work with the odd statuette and stuff. 

Sitting on his couch they shared a bottle of red wine and well, things naturally progressed and before he knew it, shy reserved Joe had disappeared. The guy was a bit of sex nut once he had felt the green light had been given. Suited Cory just fine too as he enjoyed the foreplay almost as much as he enjoyed the final pleasure of shooting his load.

He had to laugh though, because half way through a rather arduous embrace and kissing session Joe had pulled back, asking if Cory was into safe sex or if he did it bareback. Naturally he used condoms and it was touching the way Joe had gone into a short little spiel discussing why condoms were the only way he'd go further. Must have rehearsed that speech for ages Cory thought, but it was a nice touch. What was funny was how Joe brought out a few packages to sort of emphasize the point. It was funny because the one thing he hadn't noticed was the small crystal bowl on the end table. It was filled with an assortment of condoms. When Cory laughed and passed over the bowl, he saw the eyes open wide and found himself suddenly in an even more passionate embrace that before.

It just went from there. Their touching and kissing was like touching fire he recalled and somehow the two of them were shirtless and their pants were open and hot pulsating dicks were exposed to the other. He still wasn't sure how it happened or how he had even managed to return the favour because all he could recall was how good Joe tasted. The slight scent of cologne mingled with sweat had really turned him on. It was a fragrance he hadn't smelled before and each time he leaned forward, to lick at the well proportioned man nipples or to run his lips across the rather hairy chest, he smelled it deeply, making him feel even more aroused.

Course having Joe's hands grabbing at his hard penis and cupping his rather full scrotum hadn't hurt the moment either. Man it had felt good to be touched there, to be manhandled so firmly and with such desire. He could feel Joe's fingers tremble a little each time they ran down his inner thigh and around his groin area. The way they kept moving and touching him had made him squirm a bit too until finally they both had gotten up and moved towards the bedroom. It was like they were on the same wave length on that score.

Cory only had a double sized bed but there wasn't a single inch of that bed that they hadn't rolled over and around. Joe liked to hold onto him and he didn't mind it one bit. The press of Joe's hot male body against his own frame was in itself a turn on. The feel of Joe's rather thick penis rubbing against his belly one second, then his leg the next made him moan a bit. He knew the instant that they had entered the bedroom and undressed that he wanted to feel that dick buried in his ass. He couldn't explain why, but it was like a mission he needed to succeed at.

In their chats, he knew Joe was more of a bottom than a top but he was determined. By the end of the evening, he was rather glad he had insisted and strove to achieve that end too. Christ he had never been fucked so well and so fully as he had that night, well least not for a few months anyhow. After all it wasn't like they were gonna be lovers, not with the distance between them.

Still the way he had gotten Joe to want him, to need entering his body was the real turn on. At first Joe seemed to shy away from going in that direction, but some sweet encouraging words in his ears helped. He loved biting on the little ear lobe ridges, whispering into the ear itself. Then breathing too, and flicking his tongue inside. It all turned Joe on immensely and he got his reward not all that long after they had rolled around a bit. Joe was a virtual tiger then, the way he had firmly got Cory onto his back, forcing Cory's legs up in the air and over Joe's own firm shoulders. The feel of his legs resting on those massive shoulders made his body tremble as he knew he was going to get exactly what he had desired, Joe to be buried into him.

Joe must of sensed that because he didn't go right into putting his dick in, he grabbed it and teased him, moving it up and down his butt crack. It made Cory squirm as he tried to corral the elusive man meat. His cheeks flexed and he even let out a small little cry of desire, but Joe managed to ignore all that until he was off guard. It was then that Joe plunged his cock into the waiting hole and he didn't let up for one second. That one thrust sent the huge dick deep into Cory's willing rectum.

He felt the stinging pain suddenly roll up his spine as Joe drove it in hard and fast, all the way till he felt the hard press of Joe's pubic hairs and groin into his cheeks. Christ it was like heaven to him as the sensation seemed to just keep going all over his insides. His head was bit dizzy from the sudden feelings as his body shook to the deep penetrating entry.

Cory felt the thick head pressing deep inside and he had groaned loudly. The sound of his own voice startled him a bit but he couldn't help himself. He reached out to grab at Joe, to try and bring him closer when suddenly Joe's face loomed over him and the little goatee tickled his chin as his mouth was just as roughly forced opened. The harsh press of lips only made him twist and turn more as Joe kissed him deeply, and he tasted the man fully while his body was being pounded into eager submission.

He had never been fucked so hard or so deeply as that night. Joe had a bit longer than average cock, but it was definitely thicker than most. It all added up to one hell of a fuck though. Then too, Joe seemed quite adept at twisting his hips and making that thick pole bang around where there simply was no space. His muscles had screamed in utter joy at the way they were being stretched and pushed. It drove him nuts. He loved it and was begging for more in between loud grasps for air.

The complete surrender to the moment had lasted an eternity or so it had seemed. Reality was that it was mere minutes that first time. It got longer as the evening wore on and Joe entered him a few more times. How he found the stamina was beyond Cory's imagination, but he didn't care because each time Joe entered his willing body, it was like a night of fireworks that seemed to just never end. The rush was something he still could recall clearly. His mind didn't seem to miss much either and as he sat there, he smiled. Off to one side was one of the small packages, ready and stamped for deliver. All they needed was for him to attach the cards.

Cory smiled as he placed Joe's card on one of the more brilliant colored packages. He would enjoy that gift Cory thought as he made sure the card couldn't fall off. Cory was certain that the Mathew Rush dildo would make for the perfect gift for a bottom like Joe.

As he got ready to get up, he wondered when Joe would have another business trip to his neck of the woods. He'd have to ask when they met for their regular weekly chat tomorrow night. Maybe he'd remind him too about the last one, and how he still had that crystal bowl of condoms near by, for when Joe came back for another visit.




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