The water was just the right temperature as Ron slipped off his housecoat. He stood in the bathroom staring down at the milky suds in the tub, smiling. It was just how he liked it as he slipped his lithe young body into the steaming water. He stood there for a minute, letting his feet get used to the hot water, then slowly he lowered himself into the bath, letting his nerves relax under the hot caress of the soapy water.

It felt so damn good as he stretched out in the luxurious bathtub. Wasn't easy to have gotten either but shit, he deserved his luxuries. After all one didn't really expect a big name like him to live anything but the large life, now did they? He had his fans to consider. They expected to see things like over sized bathtubs, mirrors all over and bowls filled with condoms.

Things weren't always this way though. It had been fucking hard to put on the show that one expected but he had done it. There had been times when he had sacrificed food to just keep his internet connection. Without that, there never would be this today. Still he didn't like to dwell on that as the hot water eased the tension between his shoulder blades. God it felt so good to just soak.

His mind worked overtime none the less. Times past he would be worrying about the upcoming show, but not anymore. Ron had his routine down pretty good which pleased his fans. They got to see him in all his glory. One reason why he enjoyed a good hot bath before going live on camera. Though there had been times when the water hadn't been quite so hot or bubbly. Still back then it never really seemed so bad. Having Will covering his back had made a difference but that was then, not now. Will was long gone which he felt sad about.

Still it wasn't his fault. Will had made his choices just as he had. Sliding his hands down his body, he thought about Will and how hot he was. There was no denying that in comparing bodies, he wished his was more like Wills. He had a much fuller body, more rippling muscles back then, and one nice cock.

Man how he used to enjoy taking that cock up his ass back then, still wouldn't mind if things were different between them. The idea of Will's big cock pressing up into his ass made his own cock stiffen in the water. He glanced down his body to see the tip of his cock poking up through some bubbles. It made him smile as he let the water swirl around the bopping cock head. It looked like one huge periscope which gave him a bit of a giggle.

It used to be fun sharing a bath with Will. They would get more water on the bathroom floor at times, but it was fun. The way Will would wedge his feet between Ron's legs, the toes stroking the lump of flesh that he called his little torpedo. Will was always naming cocks. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he remembered Will pointing to a guy's dick on one occasion.

The guy was a true bear and had a massive amount of body hair. He was standing there, soft and his pubic hairs covered the cock. Will had pointed and giggled while hitting him in the ribs, attracting his attention. He had looked and Will had made some smart ass remark, about camouflage. It really had been funny then, as the guy was small until needed. When erect it wasn't exactly a foot long but it sure as hell looked like it. Will nicknamed the bear's dick Camouflage Harry.

Ron's hand moved around the base of his cock, enjoying the memories of those times. He loved the way Will was always joking, always taking a casual approach to life. Yet when it came to performing, Will was all business. He knew how to get it up and keep it hard, without any effort really. No fluffer needed with Will. Still it was amazing to watch how one second he had a huge hard on, next it was totally limp. Simply waiting for the next scene, or the next roll of film to be loaded.

Drugs had ruined that but as much as he had wanted to help his friend, he couldn't. Not if he wanted to succeed himself so they had parted. It hadn't been easy but business was business. They told each other it was okay, that they'd hook up again later, but Ron knew it was a lie. Will wouldn't come back, not with his habit.

Still the memory of Will in the tub kept his hand busy. He recalled how Will would tickle him, then splash his face with water, all the time stroking his cock with the toes. Man it would feel so good to feel the press of that big toe into his balls, then feel it sliding under his bum. The toes arching along his crack, pressing against the sensitive inside flesh. They always splashed but when the toes went down the ass, it all stopped. They would become serious then and look into each others eyes as if some secret message was written there.

Will had the most gorgeous eyes you could imagine. Each time he would look into them, his heart would beat quickly, as it was right now. His breathing would become shallow as he felt the foot pushing up against his cheeks. The hot water would swirl around, adding to the pleasure such touching brought to him. Will was one in a million in how easily he could arose any male.

The way he could just look into your eyes and make you hard. The simple way he would reach out and lightly caress Ron's cock, the tip of the finger lightly moving around the head, then down the shivering shaft was to die for. It would always get him hot, make him stiff. Just thinking about it was sometimes enough.

Then too how he would let the fingers lightly press into the sac. Light at first then gradually increasing the pressure while he would shift to get in closer to Ron. His body always had that scent too, the one of a hungry man on the prowl for sex. It would fill his nostrils and make his heart skip a beat or two as the fingers would then move down, to lightly touch the sac, pushing them a bit to either side before going quickly under to run up his love canal. God it would feel so good.

By then Will would be almost on top of him, hid hot muscular body pressing firmly down onto Ron. Nothing was by chance either. The hand would creep up to this hole, lightly pushing the water to add to the sensation in his rear. It all made the deep lingering kiss more special. To feel the finger probing, the hard monster cock pressing into his groin, the press of lips on his own mouth.

The memories were like yesterday as his hand started to pull on his hard cock. Nothing else could turn him on so quickly either. The taste of Will's tongue in his mouth still was fresh as he worked his cock in the soapy hot water. The smell of his manhood made his nostrils flare now as his hand was splashing the water, making waves in the bath. Water slopped over the edge but Ron didn't care as he closed his eyes, reliving just one of many times that Will would take him in the bath.

His breathing was short as he thought about how Will would press his cock hard into his groin. His own cock would be shoved aside for the sake of the groin fuck. Will would work him then, the finger pressing harder up into his butt. The pressing would make him squirm and moan. The sound muted by the now hard press of Will's mouth on his own. The taste and sounds were real as he felt his body surrendering to Will's presence. Yes he thought, take me now. It was what he would always say as the image of will turning him over, of taking no time at all to rip open a condom package.

The whole idea of being fucked in the bath had always gotten him excited, and Will knew it. He would have the condom over his pole while he still kept a finger probing deep into Ron's ass. The pressure wouldn't ease either. Even the sudden emptiness as he would pull the probing finger out just seconds before plunging his thick hard cock in always surprised him. The deftness he would use to spread his cheeks and insert that massive tool.

Pain would lance up his whole body. He would cry out loudly but it didn't matter. He was firmly impaled on that cock and it wouldn't let up until Will had been pleased. God how he could fuck too. The quick hard jabs into his body, the refusal to lessen it no matter how much he pleaded. Then after several hard deep penetrating thrusts, Will would start to add grinds to his motion. One second the thick cock was digging deep down into his guts, then it was twisting every which way possible. He would kick out and splash as the pain and pleasure became one inside of him.

The more he struggled and cried out, the faster Will would pound his ass. Sometimes he would even swallow some water, choking but it never lasted for more than a second or two as he would fight to push up, to meet every hard thrust that Will gave him. Even now he could feel that massive pole deep inside, feel it ripping his muscles apart. The cries were real too as he felt his body surrendering, giving in to the lust that Will held for him. It always ended that way, him crying as his body shook and cum shot from his cock to mingle in the warm water, or at least what was left of the water.

He sighed as his hand dropped to the side. His body was totally spent as he gulped for air, feeling the coolness pass over his body. Opening his eyes he stared up at the tiles and then looked over, to see the floor glistening at him. A sheen of water over the floor made Ron smile, just as it used to do when Will had been around.

Maybe one day it would happen again. Not with Will but someone like him. That would be nice to experience though he doubted it would happen. There just weren't many guys like Will around anymore. Ron sighed as he realized he'd have to get out of the bath soon. It would be nearly time for the cam show and as he thought about that, he wondered if maybe tomorrow he wouldn't go visit Will. After all, it had been almost three months since he had last visited the grave.




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