It is about sex, or so he had thought. He knew that when Holidays came around he was miserable. It was like suddenly, with the flip of a Calendar, his world was turned upside down. No one was around or if they were, they with family. No one had time for him and sure a few of his friends would invite him over, but it was a duty invite. He hated those which was why he always refused. He didn't want their pity, and he wouldn't admit it to any of them either, but he just wanted their friendship, or in the case of Adam, his damn body. Christ he was one hot stud but out of his league.

Still the holidays were not something he looked forward to. Ever since he was 17 actually, when his father literally tossed him out of the house, while his mother stood by, screaming at him. His brother and two sisters were there too, pointing and yelling as well. It was as if in that brief instant that they had found out, he had developed some incurable illness that they were afraid of catching. Well screw them, he thought, flipping through his date book.

Staring at the names, the little notes he had, he realized, they were just fuck dates. He had no one there he could really call to just cuddle, to just sit back with some wine and watch a decent movie with. It was all a bit depressing, but then he always got that way at this time of year. One day he'd find someone who wanted more than to just ride his dick or have him ride it.

Mind you, it was rather fun, to get into the chase, the hunt so to speak. He liked the thrill of hitting some bars. To zero in on one that appealed to him and then stalk him. Well okay, not stalk in a bad way, but to watch him, to find out how to best approach him. He called it stalking but hell it wasn't like he followed the guy around the bar and then elsewhere. He merely observed him, noted what he drank and who he talked to. It gave him an edge or so he liked to think.

Then too he had been the object of such attention as well. It felt rather nice to know that even now, hitting the dreaded 40's that people much younger than him still thought he was a catch. He did look after himself, but lately, going to the gym was becoming a bit too much. Still the looks he got made it worthwhile. So he told himself anyhow.

The bar trip was good and it generally paid off immediately, but as he looked down at the date book, he realized that it didn't pay off in the way that made him happy. He wanted more out of his dates, and he'd like to be able to call people back, not just for an encore in the bedroom, but for maybe taking it to another level.

God, had he just thought that? Another Level? Man he must be watching way too many soap opera's or something. Then too, he did kind of yearn for that kind of relationship. It wasn't like he was planning marriage, but then that wouldn't be so bad either. He just wanted someone to share things with, other than his dripping dick or aching hole.

It wasn't going to be easy he thought. To find someone he had to change where he was looking. Bars were fine for the casual sex, but there had to be other places for guys to find other guys. Maybe he could check into those online dating sites. They seemed to be a little more geared to what he wanted. Least so it seemed.

Still, he wasn't about to reveal all his inner most thoughts at first. Maybe some casual cruising of guys, to exchange email or chat might be more appropriate. He wasn't all too thrilled with the notion of just suddenly finding Mister Right that way, but hell, no way he was going to find him at the bar or in the staff lunch room.

Thinking of that he smiled, recalling how he had met Chris there. Now there was one he wouldn't mind seeing again, even if he had been a flake. The guy just couldn't figure out that you couldn't expect to stay employed if you showed up to work late every other day. The supervisors just didn't give a shit if you were partying or had some hot date the night before. Chris though was a hot date himself, still while he had made it to work on time, Chris hadn't.

At least he had managed to get Chris into the sack before Chris was sacked. God, he was being rather poetic today as he briefly wondered what had happened to Chris? Had he found another job and was he still trying to set a record for times late? Bill wasn't really all that interested, but he did enjoy the night he had spent with Chris.

It was one of those let's grab a drink after work affairs, that had sort of developed into let's go back to your place for a nightcap type nights. It still amazed Bill at how much Chris could guzzle down and not appear drunk. Mind you, back at his place, he did show a few cracks in the sober look, but it didn't translate into his bed action.

The guy really did have a good body and in bed, was a tiger really. The way he moved around, touched him in places he didn't even know were sensitive that way, was amazing. It did give him pause for thought as his fingers flipped through the book and found the number he had for Chris. Hey, the guy was good and he was feeling horny too. It had been awhile and with the holidays, well not too many were around. Maybe Chris would be?

As he thought about dialling, he remembered that night. His hand reached down to adjust his stiffened dick a little as the vision of Chris' hard dick flashed across his mind. It was a rather different penis in that it was a bit bent. The head anyhow. It sort of leaned down when totally hard, sort of like a hook really. Certainly didn't effect his performance, and it did make for some conversation that wasn't dull. Chris did have a good sense of humor when pressed. Too bad more of it hadn't shown up at work. He might have survived longer. Still, the notion of that rather thick piece of meat pushing up against his hole was one he was enjoying.

His hand had done a little bit more than shift his own average looking penis. It was now playing with his head, teasing it as he thought about Chris, about the hooked penis he had and then there were his pecs. God the guy had one nipple that was a bit odd too. It also had a bit of a hook to it, but it was the deep brown around the nipple that had made him spend a little more time licking it. He liked the way it sort of was in a star shape, not the normal circular look most men had. It definitely had sort of points as if the skin was stretched.

Chris enjoyed having his nipples sucked too. He had moaned quite a lot when Bill had nibbled. The little rake of his teeth over the firm nipples made Chris squirm too. It had really aroused him and made Chris' body arch upwards. Sort of like he had just been goosed really. It was wild too, the way they had both sweated while touching and kissing. Most of his dates didn't do that, kiss that is. They just sort of quickly reached out for his penis or pulled his hand to theirs. Chris was different, he must of spent at least a half hour moving around Bill before actually attending to the penis.

Course by that time he was pretty horny and in need of some touching there, but Chris was pretty good at just giving him enough attention but not too much. He still remembered how hot it made him feel, to be near the point of cumming and then suddenly to be pushed back. It was like what he imagined love to be, where it passed beyond just the physical needs. Chris had that way about him.

The ups and downs of emotions was something he vividly remembered. Strange though, he never had sat back and thought deeply about it. All he had done was think about it, smile and have a rather quick jack off to the memory. This was different though as he realized that he really had enjoyed the time with Chris.

His hand was pulling at his shaft now as he looked at the phone number. No way would Chris be home, he thought, or be interested in another casual meeting. Least he didn't think so, but fuck the guy was good in bed. Maybe, if he called, they might hook up at a bar or something, or maybe, just maybe he might roll out the carpet and invite him for dinner?

The idea of Chris eating dinner at his table, and then maybe undressing again in that way, that little strip tease number he did last time was almost too much. He could feel the ache in his groin as he relived that little episode. Shit if he kept this up he'd be shooting his load in no time. The thought of Chris was becoming a bit too vivid. His hand was pulling on his now exposed cock. His pants had been opened, his shorts shoved down and as he yanked on his hot pole, he didn't remember pulling it out.

Yet the image of Chris, the way he sort of just floated around the bed, checking out the queen size structure. He pushed down on it with both hands, and yet turned his head to look over at Bill. The twinkle in his eyes said a lot, and it had made Bill squirm a bit. To see that look almost made him blow his load. The eyes were something, and the look, the tilt of the head and then how he had stood up, put his hands on his hips and sort of just nodded his approval. It was a bit comical and yet rather enticing too.

Thinking back, he wished he had taken out his video recorder. The whole strip number was something out of a porn flick. Well better actually as he had twirled the shirt, had even swatted him with it in a playful manner. It all made him aware of just how good looking Chris was. It made him drink in all of his looks, not just the thick pole that finally was exposed to him. In all honesty, the package he sported was what had first attracted him to Chris, but through the entire strip tease, he hadn't really paid it much attention. The shake of his arms, the way he stuck his legs out, the butt even. It all took centre stage as if Chris was telling him that he was more than just a body with a nice dick.

The whole night had really been like that. It wasn't just the tools that made it memorable, but how they were shown off. It was the whole package really as his hand continued to stroke his cock, while he thought about getting his nerve up to call. Damn it would be nice to once more feel those thin pale lips pressing against his. Or to have that mouth open as the tongue dove down his throat, licking and tasting it all at once. The idea of having his long tapered fingers pulling his ass cheeks apart, to run lightly between them. It made him shiver and his eyes were a bit glazed over.

Bill could see the wild look on Chris' face as he had ran his hand down Bill's toned body. He had whistled as the hand moved down the stomach, feeling the muscles coiled within. It was a compliment he felt rather proud of, and the look as the hand touched his hard dick. The way the eyes seemed to burst into flame as the hand wrapped around his pole, holding it hard within. The grasp was firm and he almost winced as Chris held him and actually pulled him closer. It was all part of the whole night, the harshness one second, then complete tenderness the next. The to and fro was unnerving as he didn't know what to expect next.

One second the fingers were teasing his balls, poking at the scrotum, then suddenly were digging deep into his buttocks. Or they were pushing his inner thighs apart and the dark haired beauty was suddenly between his legs, tasting his manhood. God it had been unreal to feel the mouth encase his dick and to have it wrapped so tightly by Chris' thin mouth.

He shivered thinking about it and the warm gooey liquid of his cum coated his closed fist. He had cum while day dreaming about Chris and how he had first sucked on his pole. Shit, to think that they had done a damn site more was enough of a reason as he wiped the hand on his trousers and reached for the phone.

He sure hoped Chris was still at that number, still available.

The ringing on the other end stopped and he heard that voice once more in his ear. He was home and still sounded the same, still had that rather sexy drawl to his words as he answered. Bill smiled as he felt his dick growing hard once more. He had just cummed but he knew that after the call he'd be cumming once again, and if damn lucky, later that night as well, and not by himself.




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