He was just standing there, leaning against the wall at the loneliest bus stop on the route. It was picturesque but it was generally a dead stop except for today. The bus roared up and the green eyes merely gave a glancing look at the huge noisy monster that stopped right near him.

He had a mop of brown hair along with his red t-shirt that showed his pecs despite the material. His age looked to be on the youngish side but the stubble around his chin said he at least could shave. The lips, Christ the lips were a nice thin pink that made you dream about spreading them apart and diving into the mouth or better yet, to have them wrapped around a nice throbbing cock.

There was no denying that this guy was of interest as Ben watched him enter the bus and drop his fare into the coin box. The driver had seemed surprised by not just seeing him at the stop, but at him actually having the fare. It was unreal to hear the coins drop as the rather short young man made his way down the aisle, his eyes darting to both sides as he took in the nearly empty bus.

It wasn't like he didn't have a choice of seats, as there were hardly anyone on the bus, yet he made his way down and sat right next to Ben, making him feel special and yet surprised. Something in the boy's face made him smile and he almost creamed his pants then and there as he gazed at the return smile. The face had lit up and the eyes seemed to dance as he leaned back into the seat.

Ben couldn't resist the smile and introduced himself. He was taken aback a little when the guy introduced himself as Castello. It was a unique name and yet it rolled off his tongue like a sexy song. It reminded him of Spain and the latin men that graced that fair land. He smiled back and shook the guy's hand that made him tremble from the touch.

Everything about Castello made him warm and fuzzy. It was unreal how a stranger could have such a devastating effect on him and he could barely put two words together as Castello began talking to him. It was like being in heaven he thought as he shifted a bit. The lump in his pants made him ache but he didn't care as long as he could revel in the warm glowing tones of the boy next to him.

In the course of the conversation it came out that Castello was 18 and had just gotten back from a wild party on some friends boat. Hence his presence at the lonely boardwalk where the bus had picked him up. He smiled as he talked about the joy of swimming out in the ocean starkers, as he had put it.

The notion of being there, of seeing this hunk naked splashing in the blue of the ocean was nearly too much for Ben. He just smiled drinking it all in as he listened fascinated by the openness of the young 18 year old. Ben was so taken with Castello that he almost missed the opening but recovering quickly he prompted the boy and then invited him over for a drink and some lunch.

Hell at worse he'd at least have some damn good thoughts to jerk off too and if things went the way he had hoped, he'd not need to jerk himself off. He might leave that to Castello if he could contain himself from spending every second devouring the young man.

There was no mistaking the glint in those green eyes either as they got off at Ben's stop and headed up to his small one room apartment. It really wasn't much to look at as Ben wasn't exactly rolling in money. The place was furnished which was supposedly more than Castello had. He remarked how all he had was a mattress off to one corner of his room.

Christ the guy seemed intent on mentioning things that only aroused Ben more. The idea of rolling around on a mattress with Castello made his dick rock hard in his jeans. As he thought about an opening, he notice that Castello had turned his eyes straight down to Ben's crotch. There was no mistaking the smile that crossed that amazing face and the way he suddenly licked his lips put all thoughts of being coy out of Ben's mind.

Wanna get it on? Was all he could say as he stared at Castello and the way he gazed at Ben's lump. The nod of his head only made him shake more as he stood there, unbuttoning his shirt. As he fumbled with the last button he glanced up to see that Castello was already getting ready.

First he had lain down on the white sheet that Ben used for a sort of throw rug. He had stretched out and had his shoes and socks off before Ben had his first shirt button undone. It was as if he was hornier than Ben, which couldn't be possible.

Castello just looked up with that wicked smile of his and sort of laughed as he stretched his smallish frame out on the white sheet. It suited him as suddenly the t-shirt was off and he lay there, his bare chest heaving a little from the exertion and all it did was make Ben break out in a glowing sweat of anticipation.

He would have ripped his pants if the zipper had stuck on him and he stood before Castello naked, enjoying the boy's wide eyed gaze. He could almost feel the eyes as they went up and down his naked body, devouring it and every little detail. Ben became a bit self conscious but it eased the second he noticed Castello taking his own pants off. He teased Ben as he stood up and let the pants hang down below his firm cheeks.

It didn't take Ben long to realize that Castello was indeed just as horny as he was. He moved closer to the nearly naked young man and reached out for him. He couldn't believe the heat as they grasped each other. His own hands wrapped around the well built body and he felt the warmth touching his very soul as he let Castello move in closer, his hot body almost gluing itself to Ben's own sweating frame.

Nothing seemed real as they clenched each other. His hands touched the firm cheeks of Castello's ass and he felt the flesh shiver to his own touch. It made his body jerk a little as he struggled to keep his focus. This was what he had imagined only ten times better as his hard dick pressed hard into Castello's belly.

Castello knew how to rev up Ben's motor, and soon his lips had parted enough to allow Ben to taste the sweet juices of Castello's mouth. It tasted so fresh and alive that he felt his body heave a bit, despite the firm grip around his hips from Castello. It made him grind his body inwards, feeling the belly as his dick pushed in. The pre cum making the cock slide a bit upwards.

The strange explosion of lights and sensations stunned Ben for a time as he explored the reaches of Castello's throat and mouth. It made him shake and then suddenly it was all gone from him. In less than an instant, Costello had moved out of his grasp and was spread out on the floor.

The innocent face was turned up towards him. His semi erect uncut cock dangling over his thigh as he pursed his lips, inviting Ben to come explore all of his body. Nothing seemed more desirable as Ben stepped forward. Castello leaned back and just looked at him, waiting, inviting him closer.

The way he placed his one arm over his brown mop of hair, the way the eyes seemed to be brooding only made Ben groan as he stepped closer, taking it all in. He loved the slender body as it was  stretched out before him, waiting for him. There was something so sensual about it that he could feel the cum boiling up inside of his body. The ache in his groin was tremendous as he licked his dry lips, devouring the naked beauty of Castello.

The closer he got the wider Castello's eyes grew. They were fixed on Ben's own uncut dick, and as he stood at the boy's side, Castello moved up and stretch outwards, showing him his open legs and waiting penis. The look on his face made it apparent that he wanted to feel Ben's mouth over the throbbing pole.

His eyes took it all in. The hair matted on the lower legs that seemed to shiver as he stared at them. It all made him shake as he kneeled down to explore the waiting body of Castello. His lips were dry as he licked them, thinking for a mere second of how the boy's flesh would taste. He had already tasted the mouth and now he slowly moved inwards. His hands pushing aside the well developed inner thighs, exposing even more of the boy's manhood. There was nothing small about Castello and  he couldn't contain himself any longer.

His head bent down and in a flash he was rocking as he tasted the fresh meat in his mouth. The aroma of an active man assaulted his nostrils as his lips wrapped tightly around the now throbbing uncut cock. The foreskin stretched backwards as the head came forward to Ben's expert tongue action. The raspy tip licked and his teeth nibbled at the hard head that filled his mouth and then slowly moved down towards Ben's waiting throat.

The press of the flesh into his throat nearly made him gag as he dug his fingers into the warm thighs. The fingers digging and not a cry came from Castello. Only the sound of his ragged breathing let Ben know that he was doing it right. The salty taste of the boy's pre cum made his head swim. The pain in his own groin grew as he slid his mouth up and down the sizzling pole that was Castello's shaft.

The groaning grew louder as he realized it wasn't just him making the noise, but also Costello. The sudden arching and tightening of the thighs made him move faster. He could tell by the press of those manly balls banging into his chin that the boy was nearly ready. His own body was nearly there too as he opened his eyes, to stare over at Castello.

The brooding eyes were closed and thin lines were evident across the face. The jaw was set and he could see the quick deep breathes as the chest moved in rapid succession to Ben's movement. The body was almost shimmering as he dug his chin deep into the soft belly. The wisps of pubic hairs mingled with the growing sweat of the boy's steamy cock. His eyes couldn't handle the vision any longer as he closed his eyes, letting his sense of taste and his desire take hold of him.

He rocked on his knees and felt feint as the cock in his mouth's tight grip suddenly reared back and a hot steady stream of milk came flooding out. The salty sweet mixture surprised him with its force as it went roaring past his tongue and down his throat. He coughed but kept the precious liquid within, trying to taste every drop that passed his taste buds. The pain in his own body became more urgent as the hot streaming milk began to swirl deep in stomach, as even more came flowing out from the still thundering cock between his lips.

The sound of release echoed in his ears as he grasped hard the boys bucking hips. His fingers dug deep into the willing flesh, touching bone and still the hot cream came to him, the sound of pleasure rolling around in his ears. His body shook in time with that of Castello's own jerking frame.

As the large load of cum dribbled out from the corner of Ben's mouth the boy beneath moved and slightly pushed Ben off his cock. He swallowed as he saw the boy turn around, to lay down on his belly, offering Ben what he had desired from the first. The warm fresh cheeks now stared at him and he quickly swallowed the last remnants of Castello's introduction to his body.




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