Mathew tossed the dirty towel into the hamper, pissed at having to miss watching the game and clean up their stupid mess. It could have waited till after the game but no, the damn assistant coach insisted he do it now, so it wouldn't look dirty when the press came after the game. Christ, like it wouldn't be a pig sty within ten seconds of those apes coming in, win, lose or draw?

Jocks weren't exactly high on his list of favourite people but then he did enjoy their bodies, the smooth muscular thighs, the always tanned golden flesh of those chests, mostly devoid of any real hair, given they were just 18 or 19 for the most part. Still he hated their attitude and how they lorded it over everyone. Another dirty towel went flying towards the hamper but this time a cry of 'Hey' echoed as he turned to see Ron holding the towel. It had hit him square in the face and surprised him.

“Sorry, didn't see you come in”

“Yeah, well watch it”

“Said I was sorry, besides you aren't supposed to be here”

“Got kicked out of the game”

That sort of surprised Mathew as Ron was perhaps one of their best players, and rarely took any penalties. Must have been something serious to get him tossed, but then it would help to pass the time too. Ron was to say the least, rather pleasant to watch. He was one of those golden boys who had it all.

Rich parents, good looks, and a killer body dressed or naked. Mathew never really got to see too much when Ron was dressing, but what he had seen always gave him a boner. He glanced over as the 19 year old blond stud began to strip off his gear, just tossing them down to vent his anger. His blond hair was matted from sweat and it always struck Mathew how hot  it made the young winger look.

As more and more of the gear came off, Mathew kept his head lowered, glancing as often as he could, wondering if maybe this time he'd get to see more than a quick glimpse of what always seemed to fill his jeans nicely in the crotch. Ron was one of those who wore tight fitting pants. They helped show off a very nice rump and he would know. He had tasted many a nice piece of ass and the notion of having Ron's cheeks spread apart while he buried his head between them to taste his hole was something that made his nights less than dry.

Still it was only a dream and the idea that he even had a chance with a stud like Ron was stretching it. Yet, he could dream and those he had plenty of, specially about how he would make Ron squirm with the flick of his tongue up his hot ass, or how he would roll the edge of his tongue around Ron's bulging dick. While he himself wasn't exactly an Adonis, he felt he had more to offer a guy than looks. He had talent, not the kind that scored goals or made the winning basket, but the kind that made you cum and keep on cumming. Now for him, that was real talent not like the jocks he watched parade around in their undies or jockstraps while he cleaned up.

He looked up for another quick look to suddenly find a jockstrap sailing at his head. He ducked and looked up to see Ron staring at him, a strange glint in his eyes.

“Like what you see?”

The voice startled him. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a truck as he tried to think of what to say. Ron's voice hadn't been angry, but hell, that didn't matter. If the other's even suspected he had been checking the guy out, he'd be for it. He shook a little as he just stared at the sitting man, feeling the panic in his own heart thumping as he quickly swallowed, not sure what to say.

“Wasn't looking at anything”

Ron simply spread his legs apart, looked down at the semi erect cock that dangled loosely between the thighs. Then he looked back up at Mathew, licked his lips as he said “yeah you were” As he finished speaking, he leaned back against the wall, and spread his legs even wider, grabbing hold of his penis. He held it outwards, like an invitation to Mathew.

The mop handle dropped out of his hand as he stared at the cock in Ron's hand. It was slightly bent to one side and he could see the shaft thickening, almost as if it was enjoying his stare. It was all unreal as he didn't know what to do, and with a great deal of self control, he looked up at Ron. He saw the flat belly ripple a little and then moved past the strong looking chest. His eyes wandered up the sweat stained body to look into Ron's eyes and he was finally able to recognize the look. It was one he was totally familiar with as he took a step forward. The eyes seemed to open a bit wider as he took a second then a third step until finally he stood right in front of the naked athlete.

Slowly Mathew lowered himself to his knees, his eyes never leaving those of Ron. He could see the lust growing as he leaned forward, his hands suddenly touching the two warm thighs. He felt a strange exhilaration run through his body and he felt the quiver pass to Ron's body as well. He heard him catch his breath as he touched the legs.

He couldn't believe he was going to do this, not in the locker room out in plain view if anyone else came in, yet the sudden scent of Ron's body filled his nostrils. He breathed in deeply the sweet smell of sweat that came up from Ron's exposed crotch and he couldn't think for a second. It had to be a dream but that smell, that special aroma of a man aroused wasn't a dream, it was real as he began to lower his head. His hair fell across his face and he quickly brushed it aside as he looked down at the now nearly erect cock that filled his vision now.

The press of hands on his shoulders was light at first and barely noticeable but as he lowered his head more, the pressure grew. Suddenly he felt himself being forced down, and he opened his mouth just in time to feel the hot cock head push past his lips.

The taste of salt came rushing to his mind as he opened his mouth wide, to take all of the cock that suddenly was being thrust in. The press of the hot flesh made him gag for a second, and the press eased up for a second, then once more began to increase as the lust took over. Mathew's mouth closed over the pulsing pole that was inside and let his tongue flick upwards at the underside of the cock and as the taste made him groan, his own lust took over.

His hands dug into the soft flesh and then began to move over the hot skin. He could feel the muscles tighten as his head began to slide up and down to a steady beat. His heart was beating wildly as he sucked on the hot cock, and breathed in the deep scent of the crotch. His legs shook as he heard the soft moans coming from above as he closed his eyes, and began to really suck on the cock. His tongue licked as he pulled his mouth nearly off the pole, teasing the cock head and tasting the salty pre cum that was now flowing.

Mathew's hands now grabbed at the firm butt cheeks and dug in deep. He pulled upwards, sending the fully erect cock back deep into his own mouth. He felt the head against his throat and once more nearly gagged as he struggled to keep it all deep inside. He groaned too as did Ron, and his head moved up and down fast and furious as Mathews fingers continued to dig into the flesh of Ron's ass.

The body struggled a little from his pressure, but he kept his mouth wrapped tightly around the blood filled pole and he sucked, and sucked. The sounds echoed in the cold room. He was certain someone might hear them but he didn't care, just as he didn't care if the whole team suddenly walked in. He had his dream being realized as he licked at the head and then eagerly gobbled the huge cock back into his mouth.

The arching of Ron's hips upwards, driving the cock further in made him tense up. He could feel it now, the release nearly there and he opened his jaw even wider to take it all, to insure he didn't miss a single drop of what he hoped would be a flood of Ron's milk. He wasn't disappointed as suddenly Ron cried out, and his hips lifted up off the wooden bench.

The cock dug deeper into his throat and then suddenly reared back as it began to shoot it load into his mouth. He gagged briefly as his mouth was filled with the hot cum and before he could swallow that first load, the second was already on its way out. Sweet and salty cum dribbled out of the corners of his mouth as he took that first taste, sending it down his gullet, even as more came flooding in.

He swallowed three or four more times before the cock in his mouth began to dry up. The body held in his hands was shaking as he slowly lifted his head up, letting the now drained cock slip slowly out from the grip of his lips. He felt totally exhausted even though he really hadn't done much and as the cock was finally free, he looked upwards.

Ron's eyes were still a bit glazed over, but Mathew could see the satisfaction reflected in them. Leaning back on his own legs, he felt the press of his own cock. He also felt the wetness in his shorts, knowing that he too had fully enjoyed himself. He also knew, by looking into Ron's eyes, that this wasn't going to be the end of things between them.

As the loud buzzer sounded outside the room, he quickly stood up and tossed the towel that had been on the floor next to him. He just grinned at Ron as he leaned over to pick up the mop before anyone else came in. He could see Ron staring at his ass and his grin grew wider.




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