****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 2: Narrator’s POV**********************


After that bomb on the Harmony Prom boat detonated sending shrapnel and pieces of the boat all over the Harmony bay. Anyone still left on the boat would surely have been a goner. Neighboring people and people in the area of the wharf immediately reported the explosion and the police made a dash to the docks only to see the ruined ship burning in a raging fire under the dark sky.

Commissioner Spencer and the rest of the police force arrived at the docks just in time to see the Harmony High Prom boat explode in a fiery blast. The blast illuminated the night sky and carried warm night winds carried the smoke high into the sky like a grey blanket.

Soon after the police had arrived on the scene news reporters and paramedics and the like followed suit and began to show up.

“Ok Miller give me some news.” Hope Spencer said. “First how is everything? Causalities?”

“Commissioner almost everyone that was on that boat tonight is accounted for, but there are a few whose whereabouts we don’t know.” Officer Miller replied.

“What there were causalities?” the Commissioner replied uneasily.

“No there weren’t any reported causalities, however there are nine people that have been reported missing.” Miller added.

“Names officers. I need names.” Commissioner Spencer interjected. “What are the names of the unaccounted people?”

“Michael Chandler, Eric Spencer, Kevin Brady, Jake McCarthy, Haley Macy, Emily Chandler, and Charlotte Livingston.” Officer Miller gulped.

“My god….” The Commissioner gasped. “I want search teams out here now. I want divers too and I want them in that water searching for any trace of those kids. We have to find them and we have to find them now!”

“Commissioner every available officer is going to be spending every waking moment making sure that all of those kids get home safely.” Officer Miller replied.

“Good I’m glad to here.” The Commissioner added, as she tried to hide the fact that she was nervous and worried for her daughter Kayla and her friends. “Nobody sleeps until those kids are found.”

“And I want the person responsible for this awful act brought to justice….” Commissioner said.

****Scene 2: Mike’s POV**********************

Prom night was really great for a while that is. Eric and I made up and made sweet love too. But the night started going downhill from the moment Charlotte walked in on us in the act. Yes in that act… Then after that Kayla barged in and then after her my sister Emily too. The night got progressively worse when we learned there was a bomb on the boat. My friends and I managed to get everyone off the boat but before we could get off of that ticking time bomb Regina and Alistair DeVille came in guns a blazing…..literally.

“Nobody, is going anywhere.” Regina Sneered. “My husband and I have other plans for you all.”

“What’s stopping us from just jumping overboard right now?” Kayla replied. “What do you want with us? You let hundreds of other hostages jump over board? Why let them go?”

“Because my dear you nine are more than enough to our revenge on this town.” Regina smiled.

“What do you mean? What revenge?” Charlotte laughed. “I just moved to this town last year I have nothing to do with this. I’m not….I don’t even have a connection to this town...”

“Oh you poor fool…….you do have a connection to this town… and to the people within it, since you are carrying his baby.” Regina laughed, as she pointed the gun at me.

“What luck we have two Chandlers!” Alistair snickered. “And a police commissioner’s daughter…..even better.”

“What I’m not a Chandler and I’m not friends with anyone here.” Haley added. “Why can’t you just let me go and have your way with the rest of them?”

“Because my dear you’ve seen too much and unfortunately for you I cannot let any of you leave.” Regina replied. “You should have left when you had the chance.”

“Well there’s nine of us and two of you all.” Kayla giggled. “We could always just overpower you and get that gun.”

“Well you could try that……but then your friend’s bodies would be riddled with bullets.” Regina laughed wickedly as she snapped her finger.

Within seconds big burly hulking men covered in muscles appeared and they were fully loaded….also they had guns too.

“Well that takes care of that problem.” Alistair laughed. “Now here is what were are going to do. We have a boat and all of you are going to board it or you can stay on here and die. It’s really your choice.”

“Not like we have a real choice but, were going to take the first one.” Jake laughed.

“Everyone if you want to live follow me and get into that life boat over there.” Alistair DeVille laughed wickedly. “Live…….another day that is….”

Eric, Kayla, and the rest of us all followed those two maniacs into the lifeboats because we were not about to risk getting shot in the chest.

No less than twenty minutes after we had all disembarked from the Prom boat and climbed aboard the life boat the bomb on the yacht detonated. Within seconds the boat we had all been partying on a few hours earlier exploded sending debris all over the bay and the nearby harbor.

“Just think you all could have been in pieces at the bottom of the water if it wasn’t for us.” Alistair laughed. “Some might say we saved you.”

“Saved us?!” Kayla cried. “You are the ones who put the bomb on the damn boat in the first place! You could have killed us all!!!”

“Darling don’t tempt us.” Regina smiled. “We have more than enough hostages what’s one less hostage when we have more than enough?”

“Now that you mention it sweet wife I realize that we have more than enough hostages…….and more than enough Chandlers on this boat as well…. So I think we better make some corrections.” Alistair chuckled.

“So I think it goes without saying that we can get rid of this one.” Alistair sneered as he pointed his gun directly at me.

“What you can’t kill him!!?!?!” Eric cried. You can’t I won’t let you. I won’t let you!”

“Yeah you tell him Eric,” Kayla yelled. “I’m not letting you lay a finger on Mike or anyone in this boat over my dead body!!”

“Well my dear that can be arranged.” Regina smiled.

“Are you people insane?!!?!” Kayla cried. “Michael is a Chandler if you kill him or do anything to him his family well come at you with a vengeance…. Not to mention his grandfather Victor will stop at nothing to destroy you for this.”

“Oh no were so scared.” Alistair said, feigning like he was trembling from fear. “Give me a break little girl. I’m doing this because I want Victor to come at me with everything he’s got……besides what’s one less Chandler on this earth?”

“Mr. Smith, Miss Spencer and all the rest of you for that matter I’m afraid you all have no choice in the matter so if I were you I would say your goodbyes to Michael.”

“Please Mr. DeVille could you just let Mike go and take me instead.” Eric pleaded to no avail. “Please Mister, please.”

“My mind is made up.” Alistair DeVille. “And after we get rid of precious Michael I think I’ll get rid of some of his whiny friends as well. Maybe I’ll start with his soon to be former boyfriend.”

My friends spent the next few minutes hugging and embracing me. First my sister Emily hugged me and kissed me, than Kayla hugged me, than Jake, and after him Brett, than Kevin; even Haley hugged me even though we were not really friends. Charlotte hugged me and I swear I could feel our baby kicking in her stomach. The Last person to say goodbye was Eric and when he embrace me he could not resist kissing me. When he kissed me I kissed back hard, but before we went too far I realized where we were and pulled away. “I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you too.” Eric whispered back, before stepping back to stand beside Kayla and the rest of my friends.

When I felt Eric lips on mine I thought for sure that this would be my last moments on earth. But that’s when I noticed Kayla wink at me. She was up to something. Before I could stop them Kayla had pushed Alistair out of the way.

****Scene 3: Kayla’s POV**********************

When I pushed Alistair DeVille all hell broke loose, because when I did this Alistair Deville fell and his gun went off hitting one of his flunkies in the chest. With one of those thugs out of the way Jake, Mike, Kevin and I were more than capable at taking down the other one.

But before we could react to the turn of events, Regina shrieked loudly. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

When we turned to see what was wrong that is when we realized that Kayla had pushed Alistair so hard that he had fallen. But he was nowhere in sight. We looked for him in the water and that’s when we saw the drops blood on the side of the boat. Using this as evidence we concluded that he had hit his heads in the fall and that he had sunk into the water never to be seen again.

“You all will pay for what you have done to my husband!!!” Regina shrieked.

“Lady we didn’t mean to….it was just an accident.” I pleaded. “How was I supposed to know he didn’t have good balance?”

“Mark my words you poor fools I will spend my life destroying everything that you all hold dear… EVERYTHING. Just when you think you have found happiness you will see it snatched away from you and you will know that it is my curse upon you. I curse you every one of you, EVERY single one of you will suffer for this!”

“Lady are you serious? This isn’t the 1600’s, nobody goes around cursing people anymore.” I laughed. “Homegirl you need to get with the program?”

“Curse!?” What Curse?” Wait what are you serious?” Haley gasped. “Lady you can’t be serious! You can’t just go around cursing people. I didn’t push your husband into that water even if he did abduct me!”

“Never mind that I will destroy you all the same.”

“Regina it’s going to be hard for you to carry out this vendetta when you are behind locked up behind bars.” Mike’s sister Emily giggled.

“Not to mention both of your goons are knocked out and one of them as a bullet in his chest. Lady you won’t be doing much of anything…..anytime soon.” I added.

“That’s what you fools think. I won’t spend one night in that jail or cell for that matter.” Regina laughed before jumping overboard. We thought she was going for a swim but in actuality she had jumped right on to a ladder that was attached to a helicopter. In seconds she was gone and we were stranded in the middle of the Harmony bay with two big hulking unconscious thugs.

“Just great, just fucking great.” I cried. “Now that, that wacko is gone we are on our own. We are completely on our own. Were in this small little freaking lifeboat. We’ve got no oars! We’ve got no gas! And we’ve got no idea where the hell we are.”

“Kayla everything’s going to be fine, Kayla.” Eric said. I really, really wish Eric had not said that because no sooner had he said that then we found ourselves in the middle of a violent coastal storm. Long story short the storm wrecked our puny little life boat off the coast of some jagged coastal island, and sent Kevin and I into the water.

Kevin and I managed to find shelter for the night on a conveniently located cave. We used that time gather ourselves. I had been in the water for so long that my body had gone numb, so I hadn’t noticed that my leg had a cut on it.

“I sure hope the others made it here safely.” I began. “I even hope that Haley and that awful Charlotte made it here safely.”

“Baby, Charlotte is carrying Mike’s baby you know that right.” Kevin interjected.

“Yeah, because she did everything in her power to make it happen.” I cried. “Ow!!!”

“What’s wrong baby?” Kevin asked.

“It’s my leg I cut it on that rock back there I think.” I replied.

“Baby let me clean that up for you.” Kevin said, before spending the next few minutes tending to my wound.

“Kevin maybe instead of going to school to study law maybe you should go and study medicine your hands feel so good and I think you could be a great doctor.”

“Thanks Kayla it means a lot but I’m just doing this for you.” Kevin chuckled. “I think your fever is breaking, stay put while I get some more cloth to wrap your wound up.”

“I think I stopped the bleeding.” Kevin exclaimed.

“Well let me get up and see.” I sighed, trying to push myself upwards. “Let me get up and see for myself.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!” Kevin cried. “Dr. Brady is in charge here right? Kayla just stay put for a little while longer I don’t want you falling in hurting yourself.”

“Look we need some more bandages.” Kevin sighed.

“Ok where are you going to find them?” I gasped. “Kevin this island looks completely uninhabited……There aren’t exactly bandages just lying around.”

“Yeah I know that baby,” Kevin smiled.

“That’s why I was thinking we could just use this.” Kevin smiled back at me as he ripped the sleeve off what used to be a very nice tux.

“Here we go.” Kevin added, before wrapping his former sleeve around my wounded leg. While he was in the middle of wrapping the bandage around my leg I suggested that he place a bandage around my arm as well.

“You know what? I think my arm needs a little bandage as well……there’s a cut on it.” I said, holding out my arm for Kevin to see.

“Kayla are you sure?” Kevin laughed. “I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Dude it hurts really bad…” I replied, giving him a little punch to the shoulder.

“Ah ok,” Kevin sighed, as he ripped off another of his sleeves. “Looks like I won’t be returning this suit anytime soon.”

“Kev, if it’s any consolation you look ten times hotter without the sleeves.” I giggled. “Ten times.”

“Ok, here we go.” Kevin said, blushing from ear to ear as he wrapped the bandage around my arm.

“Oh that feels so much better Kev,” I smiled. “You have a really great technique. You are a pro at making bandages.”

“You can call me Florence Nightingale, and baby that’s not all I’m a pro at.” Kevin chuckled.

“Kev, stop. You know we can’t do it here.”

“What do you mean we can’t?” Kevin sighed. “I thought tonight was going to be the night we…..you know have sex.”

“Kevin I think you should look at my foot as well.”

“Your foot? What do you mean your foot?”

“Yeah, I hurt it too.” I replied, trying to get him to change the subject to something other than sex.

“Alright, ok I’ll take a look.” Kevin replied.

Moments later he grabbed my foot and I felt a pain in it. “Is it this one?”

“Ow!!!!” I cried.

“Ok well yes……Obviously it’s this one.” He chuckled. “I’m just going to wrap it up with this bandage.”

“Ok just be careful it’s really sore.”

After he wrapped up my foot I asked him for another bandage. “You know what I think I might need a bandage for my elbow as well? It hurts a little.”

“Kayla are you sure?” Kevin replied.” It looks completely fine to me. Wait a minute there’s nothing wrong with your elbow, your just trying to get the shirt off my back.” He laughed.

“There’s more than one way to tend to the sick Kevin,” I smiled as I grabbed hold of Kevin’s face kissing him. He hesitated for a second but then he kissed me again.

“Babe I thought you didn’t want to.”

“Yeah I know, but I changed my mind.” I smiled. “I can’t resist you and right now I’m so scared we might never make it home alive. I just need to be with you.”

“I think maybe…..we better……um…..lie down.” Kevin said, he was tripping over his words left and right unable to speak clearly. “Kayla……..I-I-I I think we should…..”

“Your right we should.” I smiled, kissing him again. We kissed for a few sweet passionate moments.


“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmmh.”

“Mmmmmmmrf… mmmmmmm.”

“Whoa ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” I cried, when Kevin while making out with me grabbed my leg in an effort to pull me closer to him.

“Kayla you’re hurt! You’re hurt!” Kevin said flipping out. “You hurt your leg…..we shouldn’t be doing this. We have to stop….”

“Kevin it’s not you it’s my leg.”

“But you see what I’m saying?” Kevin sighed. “You are in no shape for this kind of thing. Alright!?”

“Kevin I’m alright……You don’t get it this is what I want.”

“Kayla this is Doctor Brady talking lie down and rest.” He said, almost making it sound like an order.

“Kevin I don’t need rest, and I don’t need to lie down! All I need is you all I want is you.”

“Kayla we got to find the others….”

“Kevin I need you……” I said cutting him off. “Don’t you get that?”

“You, don’t need to get hurt again.”

“Kevin you can’t hurt me……I know you would never hurt me.”

“Baby I’m just talking about your wounds you got enough of them.” Kevin sighed.

“We both want this……we might be stranded on this island for weeks but at least I’ll have you. I want to be with you.”

“Ok I do want you.” Kevin finally sighed. “You know I do.”

“Kevin we are all alone.” I said, as I softly rubbed my hand on his face. Everybody else is probably fixing the boat or looking for help…. They won’t disturb us. It’s just me and you.”

“Wait but, what about you know?” Kevin asked. “I don’t have a condom on me.”

“Kevin its fine I have birth control so its fine.” I replied.

“Wait?! What?!” I cried. “How did you know to keep it?”

“I didn’t…….I just happened to have it in my purse…….and you know I held on to that thing like it was the last one on earth.”

“Are you sure? About you know? Going raw?” he asked. “This is after all your first time.”

“Yes I’m sure I’ve got to do it sooner or later.” I smiled, as I kissed him again.”

****Scene 4: Kevin’s POV**********************

A few moments after that we stripped off all of our clothes and we climbed onto the pallet we had made for ourselves to sleep on. Tonight however we would not be using that mat for sleep we would be using it for other things.

I kissed Kayla’s back, gently as I laid a trail of kisses up and down her back; between doing that I massaged her breasts. Kayla had really nice boobs and they look good enough to eat

She pushed herself onto me and I pressed the entire length of my thick cock into her pink slit. As I did this she moaned and squealed in a mixture of pain and pleasure beneath me.

Finally, with one long drawn out groan, I raised her up and positioned the head of my aching cock at her wet entrance. She let my cock sink into her wet slit with a groan that continued for as long as I pressed my member inside her. I let out a huge gasp as the tightness of her pussy gripped me, pulling me deeper inside her, surrounding him utterly and completely.

“Fuck are all dicks this big!” Kayla groaned, as she arched her back so that I could slide my cock all the way into her warm wet pussy.

“Baby how would I know? It’s not like I fuck guys.” I said, as I threw my head back, looking up at the top of the cliff, and from that moment I knew that it was going to be hard not shooting my load right then in there. MY throbbing, engorged cock flexed inside of her, and knew that she could feel my cock stretching her insides out.

"Baby I'll go slowly," I assured her, as I pulled her close to my crotch, letting my balls slap gently against her perfect ass.

For the next few minutes, Kayla grinded her pussy on my dick. As I picked up speed the panting and heavy breathing coming from both of us increased steadily

 "I've wanted to do this for sooo long," I murmured gruffly as I pressed my hard muscled body against her soft body. That’s when I realized that this was the first time Kayla had been in such a vulnerable position. Pardon the pun.

“Babe I have a confession to make to you.” I replied as I slowed down my thrusting into Kayla’s tight little ass.

“Yes baby?” Kayla, said as she turned around.

“I have to let you know that I’m still a virgin…….this is my first time too.”

“Kev, I already knew that.” Kayla giggled.

“What how did you know?” I gasped. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“Because I didn’t want to be awkward….” Kayla sighed. “Like what was I going to say? Hey sweetie I have a suspicion that your still a virgin? That’s like the worst thing you can say to a guy.”

“Well I’m definitely not a virgin now.” I chuckled, as I glanced down at the sweet little ass grinding on my dick. Damn I was in heaven, I could die right now and be complete. That night we made love multiple times that night and several times the next morning.

****Scene 5: Kayla’s POV**********************

Kevin and I fell asleep after making love for the first time it felt so great, so right and it made me wonder why Mike couldn’t resist Eric. When Kevin and I woke up were both startled to find the others starring down at us.

“When did you guys get here?” I said as I wrapped myself in what was left of Kevin’s jacket.

“Only a few minutes ago,” Mike laughed, as he pointed at the scattered clothes covering the cave’s floor. “I can see you two have been busy.”

“Yeah it sure looks like it.” Charlotte whispered under her breath.

“You know what Charlotte at least she’s not pregnant and carrying a gay guy’s baby!” Haley replied.

“Shut up,” Charlotte yelled back.

“Make me!” Haley replied.

“Kayla did you at least find something we could find to get off this stinking rock?” Eric laughed.

“We didn’t have time.” Kevin blurted. “Kayla was feeling a little bit under the weather.”

“Yeah, I bet.” Jake chuckled.

“I tried to tell you guys that there was a bomb on that boat…..but you all didn’t want to believe me.” Charlotte interjected. “I tried to tell you all.”

“Homegirl how do we know you didn’t have something to do with that boat exploding into a million pieces?”

“You don’t…..” Charlotte replied smugly. “You just have to trust me.”

“Huh, trust you?” I scoffed. “You have got to be out of your mind?” Did you hit your head before you got here?”

“No I didn’t.” Charlotte interrupted. “If it wasn’t for me all of you would be dead…………including you Kayla so if you really think about it, you owe me your life.”

“I don’t owe you anything Charlotte and neither do any of my friends.” I scoffed. “The only reason you did this is to get back into Michael’s good graces…..admit it.”

“Admit it! Admit it! You came aboard that boat with the sole purpose of trying to get Michael by showing him how kind you were. You warned us so that you could have a chance with him in the long run…..You didn’t do it because you cared about anyone aboard that damn yacht!!!”

“No it wasn’t like that…….it wasn’t like that at all.” Charlotte cried. “I warned Michael because I knew it would be the right thing to do.”

“And because you knew it might help you get back into his good graces...” I pressed, as I grabbed hold of Charlotte’s arm.

“Ow!!!!!” Charlotte cried, as I tightened my grip.

“Kayla you’re hurting her.” Mike began. The poor guy had such a big heart that he even felt pity for people who truly didn’t deserve it. He was nothing but a big softie.

Ow! OW! OW! OW!” Charlotte cried.

“OW! Ahurghhhhh!!!” Charlotte continued until she was screaming.


“Charlotte what’s wrong?” Eric asked. Almost all of us were concerned for her…..that is except for me. I was buying her nonsense.

“There’s a pain in my stomach……I think I’m going into labor!!!”

“What do you mean?” I replied. “You guys can be buying this nonsense.”

“Aurghhhhh……OH God!!” Charlotte cried, as she lowered herself to the ground.


STAY TUNED……………………….



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