****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV***********************

I was getting really tired of going to school every day and not seeing Eric there every day. Not walking to my classes with him, not seeing him walk past my class (as he skipped his), not seeing him at lunch and not being next to him was pure torture for me. I could barely stand it.

But I knew that for now he and I would have to be apart. We were not apart because of some outside force; we were apart because of Eric. It was because of Eric so to speak; it was because Eric refused to be seen at school while he was paralyzed and still in a wheelchair.

He was very adamant about that; pride makes people do very strange things. I accepted this even though I wished to be with him. But the one good thing that kept me positive and prevented me from dwelling to long on the subject of Eric was lunch and of course good old Kayla……who was never a bore.

“Kayla please tell me you did not say that to your teacher?” I gasped.

“Michael I did…..I looked right at her and I said it right to her face…” Kayla laughed.

“Why would you say that?” Jake interjected.

“Because it needed to be said…” Kayla said smugly. “She sounded dumb so I told her so.”

“You are going to get in trouble.” Kevin laughed.

“Actually I didn’t get in trouble……” Kayla smiled.

“Why not?” I asked in complete astonishment. “Eric’s said basically the same thing to her and he got two weeks of detention.”

“Well that’s because she hates Eric.” Kayla laughed. “After I said it she just stood there looking dumbstruck.”

“So she didn’t even say anything?”

“No.” Kayla added. “She just went right back to teaching…….like I hadn’t even said what I said. The funny thing is I know she heard me because she gave me the ugliest look and everyone in the class laughed like I was some type of comedian.

“Wow that’s crazy.” Jake laughed. “Maybe she had good Valentine’s Day! So that’s why she’s in a good mood. Maybe some guy rocked her world last weekend.”

“Jake that’s gross!” Kevin laughed. “Mrs. Duncan is like ninety!”

“Dude everybody needs love……..even that old battle axe.” Jake replied. “If were getting it why wouldn’t she be getting it to?”

The whole table erupted in laughter…..

“Jake thank you so much for that image!” Kayla chuckled. “It is now permanently ingrained in my brain forever now. So thank you for that.”

“You welcome Kayla.” Jake replied sarcastically.

“Thank you guys for the laugh.” I said. “Having lunch with you guys really helps me get through the day. I just wish Eric was here.”

“You and me both.” Kayla added. “You and me both.”

“Even I miss him.” Jake blurted.

“What? Really?” Kayla gasped. “I thought you said that he was all wrong for Mike. What happened with that? What is Jakey missing his big brother?”

“Kayla don’t say that. He’s not my big brother.” Jake cried. “It’s just I’ve kind of gotten used to having him around and now that he’s not here it doesn’t seem right. Besides Kayla I know what I said…”

“Jake he kind of is your big brother…..he’s like three months older then you.” Kevin chimed in. “So technically he is your big brother.”

“Stop saying that.” Jake laughed.

****Scene 2: Haley's POV***************************

After the first lunch bell rang the crowds of hungry students began filling up the halls at the school. With all the students in the hall, I managed to sneak out of the school. This wasn’t the first time I had managed to escape the cage that was Harmony High.

I had skipped school many times before but this wasn’t like those other times; this was a business call. A very special business call….to a very influential woman with very deep pockets. A women who could make all of my dreams come true. Yes this wealthy woman would make all of my dreams a reality………all for one small price; this price wasn’t too high either.

All I had to do was break up a couple……………a very happy couple, I might add.

After I had managed to sneak out of school I drove to my destination; it was a house. The house was in a very nice neighborhood. There weren’t any cars in the driveway when I parked my car. I slid out of my car and walked up to the front door and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” a female voice said from inside.

I followed the woman’s example and opened the door, once I was standing in the foyer of the house, I happened to glance up at the staircase.”

“Don’t worry Haley.” The woman smiled. “You can relax were completely alone. My husband is at the office and well Michael and the other children are at school…..Somewhere you should be right now.”

“Well, you did want me to meet you here.” I replied. “This was the only time that worked.”

“Oh that’s fine dear.” She replied ushering me into her living room. “Come sit down……I truly relish chatting with you over a nice hot cup of tea. We have much to discuss.”

“So what did you want to talk about?” I asked acting coy as I settled into my seat.

“Little girl don’t play dumb.” The woman smiled. “You know exactly why we are here…..and why we are having this conversation.”

“Look lady I’m trying my best. I can’t just break Michael and Eric up, I’m not cupid.” I cried. “I’ve had a little trouble and in case you haven’t noticed I’ve been sitting in a jail for a crime I didn’t even commit.”

“You will address me as Mrs. Chandler.” She smiled sweetly. “Don’t you think I know all about that? Who do you think posted your bail all those weeks ago?”

“You did that?”

“Of course I did that.” She laughed haughtily. “Who else would have worried about a poor little nobody like you? Unless you have another wealthy benefactor I don’t know about.”

“You know I don’t.” I said rolling my eyes at her.

“Maybe if your spent a little less time disrespecting people and rolling your eyes and a little more time completing the assignment I gave for you we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now!” she snapped.

“Look Mrs. Chandler I’ve tried everything…….those two are inseparable.” I cried. “Nothing, Heaven or Hell can break them up…….especially not me.”

“Look little girl.” She snapped back. “I posted your bail weeks ago…..and before that I gave you this assignment. It’s been almost a month and they are closer than ever.”

“Do you know why I chose you to complete this task?” she asked. “Well I’ll tell you why……….I chose you because I wanted to help you; and if you help me then I can help you.”

“Why is it such a big deal who your son sleeps with? So what if it’s a guy?”

“Because it is!” she snapped. “Because that’s not what I want for my son. He deserves to be with a beautiful woman……..a woman from his own background, a woman from the right family……..and definitely not a man; definitely not Eric Smith.”

“Ok even if you can’t really accept the fact that your son is with a guy, what do you expect me to do about it?” I asked. “Those two are in love….everybody knows that.”

“I don’t care if God knows it!” She yelled back. “They don’t need to be together. Besides you and Eric used to be a couple……………maybe with a little help from me you could rekindle that former romance with him.”

“How am I supposed to rekindle a relationship with Eric?” I cried. “In case you didn’t know he left me for a guy……Your son to be exact.”

“Quite frankly dear I don’t give a damn how you do it.” She snapped. “Just do it……and do it fast!”

“Where are you going after this?” she asked.

“Back to school….lunch is over by now.”

“Sorry but there’s been a change of plans…” Mrs. Chandler smiled. “My son is meeting Eric at that little coffee shop downtown….Lila’s. I want you to go there and work your charms on Eric. Woo him, flirt with him; just get him into your bed.”

“That’s going to be a little difficult, considering the fact that he’s in a wheelchair.” I laughed.

“Shut up!” she snapped back. “You know what I mean. Just do it!”

“Maybe if I had some more money.” I smiled.

“You are becoming quite the nuisance. I think I’ve given you more than enough money; and you still haven’t done what I asked.” She snapped back. “Either you complete the assignment I gave you or I find someone who will.”

After that I left her home and minutes later I was standing outside Lila’s. I peered into the glass window and sure enough there was Eric was sitting off to the side. He was sitting alone; waiting for Michael and presumably the others.

When I entered the coffee shop I noticed that he looked a little down. Maybe this would be easier than I thought. We did date for a year after all. I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.”

“Why the long face?” I chuckled.

“Hey Haley!” Eric said nervously, trying to form a smile. “It’s just my legs……and the fact that I’m stuck in this damn wheelchair. It sucks!”

“You can’t let this little paralysis thing keep you down.” I smiled. “Do you remember last year when Mrs. Wilson said she would fail anyone who didn’t turn in all the homework assignments by the end of the year…………..knowing full well that you hadn’t completed the first one.”

“Hell yeah I remember that.” Eric laughed. “She was so smug about it……She thought for sure she would be seeing me next year.”

“But you proved her wrong didn’t you?” I laughed.

“Yeah I did……….I was up all night and the next day when I turned in all 152 homework assignments she was shocked.” Eric smiled. “That look on her face was priceless.”

“No you overcome something. You overcome an impossible odd.” I replied. “Just like you will overcome this impossible odd…….like you do all others.”

“Thanks a lot Haley.” Eric smiled. “I really appreciated you saying that. I really needed to hear that.”

“Why? Don’t you have a boyfriend who can say things like that to you?” I winked at him. “God knows he does other things for you.”

“Yeah he does……he always does.” Eric replied. “And I appreciate that; I love him for that……….but it just feels good hearing it from someone who isn’t my boyfriend or one of my friends.”

“Well I just had to come say it.” I smiled. “I saw you in here looking upset so I had to come cheer you up.”

“But you didn’t have to.” He replied. “That means a lot to me; especially after what I did to you. After I broke up with you to go be with Mike. I really am sorry for that.”

“Don’t mention it.” I smiled. “You don’t have to apologize to me. It’s not your fault who you fell in love with……you can’t help being attracted to guys anymore then I can help skipping school.” I laughed.

“Oh I see.” Eric chuckled. “I was wondering why you were here so early when school doesn’t let out for another hour. Hope you’re careful.”

“Look at you worrying about little old me.” I laughed. “Don’t worry about me…..I’m a pro at skipping; they haven’t caught me this long.”

*****Scene 3: Elizabeth Chandler’s POV***************

After that foolish girl left my house I decided that I needed something to take my mind off that the world I had built around me was falling apart. That was of course a nice little shopping spree at Wyndemere's; the most luxurious Department Store in town.

I was having a glorious time; that is until I ran into Regina that insane DeVille woman. She was not happy to see me and neither was I.

“What are you doing here?” I laughed haughtily. “I’m surprised you can still afford to shop at this establishment seeing as all the financial difficulties your family has been going through lately.”

“Elizabeth I have every right to frequent this establishment!” she snapped back. “My money is just as good as yours. I deserve to dress nicely as well.”

“Regina if your money’s so good why did your husband make a pathetic attempt to take over my family’s company?” I laughed. “Must not be that good if you need more.”

“What do you know about that?”

“I know enough.” I smiled

“So you had something to do with my husband looking like a fool.” Regina snapped. “You miserable bitch!”

“Regina there’s no need to say such vulgar things……………I had nothing to do with that, Victor doesn’t let people in on his plans; let alone his daughter-in-law. I only know what he’s told the family. Besides, female dogs are more your thing!”

“I didn’t know anything about what Victor actually did to your husband to make him look like a fool. All I know is your husband tried to beat Victor and he failed. …” I sneered.

“In any case it is good to see that your taste is improving…. It’s good to see that not all nouveau riche people like yourself lack refined taste” I smiled. I actually adore that outfit you’re wearing. I loved it when it first came out. I’m absolutely amazed it’s lasted so many seasons.”

“With luck it could come back in style.” I laughed.

You love kicking someone when there down don’t you?” Regina yelled back. “I think you love it so much because your life is so empty. I think you’re jealous of me.”

“Huh! Me jealous of you!” I gasped. “Regina don’t make me laugh. What reason would I have to be jealous of you? I have everything; family, money, power, while you seem to be lacking in the power category.”

“You must be jealous….you always seem to revel in the misery of me and my family.” She shot back.

“Regina dear, you and your family bring it on yourselves when you assume that you can compete with us.” I laughed haughtily. “I find your attempts at climbing the social ladder rather amusing but when it’s all said and done I really don’t have much use for you. Because quite frankly darling I don’t give a damn about you or you.”

“Bye-bye now Regina,” I said, turning on my heels. “It’s been very funny but I must be getting back to reality.”

****Scene 4: Eric’s POV***************************

I wasn’t quite sure why Haley was being so nice to me after everything that had happened between us. Even after I had left her for a guy. But there was nothing I could do about that because I had always had feelings for Michael; now those feelings had turned to love.

Despite being with Michael now I meant everything that I had said to Haley; and I really was sorry about leaving her so abruptly. But that was in the past; and apparently she had moved on as had I. Thirty or so minutes later my friends showed up; school had finally let out.

“Hey guys!” I smiled, as they walked up to where I was sitting.

“Hey Eric,” Kayla smiled back. “I take it you had a good day. You look like you’re in a good mood.”

“Yeah I guess I am.” I replied. “Do you guys know how hard it is to keep someone from looking at the news?” I laughed. “It’s freaking impossible especially when you’re stuck in a wheelchair.”

“Eric you can’t keep your mom from seeing the news forever.” Kevin laughed.

“I’m not trying to……..I just need to wait until this whole thing blows over.”

“What about right now?” Mike asked. “Isn’t she at home right now? What if she sees the television and what if it’s about your father and it’s about what he did?”

“Mike relax she won’t see anything.” I chuckled. “Before I left I unplugged the power……….she’s probably calling the power company right now.”

“Eric you can’t do that.” Michael cried.

“Babe I can; I had to. I’m not going to let her find out what my father did to this family. I have to protect my family.”

“Eric we understand you want to protect your mother.” Kayla interjected. “But she’s going to find out one day…….and it really should be you who tells her. After all there’s living breathing proof of what he did walking around this town.”

“Speaking of that where is my bother?” I chuckled. “Where is Jake?”

“Actually I don’t know where he is.” Kayla giggled. “I disappeared after school let out. I think he might have ran off to be with that new guy of his.”

“That’s great for him.” I exclaimed.

“Wait a minute.” Kayla cried. “When did you start caring about Jake’s love life?”

“Don’t get me wrong I don’t.” I explained. “I’m just glad he’s got guy………..so he can stop trying to get with mine.”

“Speaking of guys. You guys will never guess who I ran into earlier today.” Kayla chirped.

“Who?” we all asked in unison.

“Christian DeVille.” Kayla continued.

“What’s that jerk doing talking to you?” Kevin asked, raising his brows. “Baby do you want me to give him another black eye?”

“Kevin relax.” Kayla said placing her hands on Kevin’s chest. “He just wanted to talk to me.”

“About what?” I asked. “What would Chris DeVille want with you? You’ve already showed him that you’ve moved on with Kevin.”

“He wanted to apologize to me.” Kayla continued. “He says he wants to move on…….and that he would really like for us to be friends. He even said he wanted to hang out with me one day.”

“If that jerk wants to hang out with you……..I’m going to be right there.” Kevin said. “I’m not leaving you alone with that douchebag!”

“This must be the season of regret or repentance or something.”

“What do you mean?” Michael asked. “What do you mean regret?”

“Well for starters Chris doing a complete one eighty…..and also me also.”

“What do you mean Eric?” Kayla asked.

“A few minutes before you guys showed up; I was here with Haley and she really helped me feel better about this whole paralysis thing and she even accepted my apology to her.”

“Eric, babe you don’t need to feel regret.” Mike replied. “You should never have to feel that way.”

“Babe I know that, but I just felt like I needed to apologize to her.” I said. “I felt like I owed it to her for what I did. I only wish I had come to terms with my feelings for Michael a year ago instead of dating her. She thought that our relationship was real but I lied to her.”

“Eric you don’t need to apologize to that bitch.” Kayla blurted. “It’s not your fault you fell in love with Michael……You should never feel ashamed about that. Besides I don’t trust that girl; she’s almost as bad as that tramp Charlotte.”

“Don’t let her phony sympathy fool you.” Kayla continued. “She doesn’t fool me.”

“Kayla let’s be honest, you don’t trust any girls.” Michael laughed.

“Yeah with good reason.” Kayla smiled.

After that Michael and I went to his grandparents’ house. The Chandler Mansion was much better place to meet up; it was far better than his parent’s house or mine. Plus there were so many rooms, so many wings we could be as loud as we wanted. Mike didn’t offer that we go there, actually I suggested we go there for obvious reasons.

God forbid my mother walk in on me and Mike; especially with my mouth wrapped around my boyfriend’s cock. I needed some privacy for what I was about to do with Mike. I still couldn’t get it up long enough to actually have sex with him as long as I really wanted to.

There was however a lot of things I could do with my mouth. And I was going to show him just all I could do.

Once we were safely inside one the upstairs bedrooms at the Chandler mansion we started doing what felt so natural to us. Mike laid me down on the bed and we started kissing. Slow at first but then we started getting more into it. I sucking on his neck while he straddled me.

While we were on the bed I took Mike in my arms and I kissed him hard……..as hard as I wanted. Our wet tongues intertwined, becoming one as our sweaty muscular bodies pressed together. I felt his hands rubbing up and down my chest playing with the light dusting of hair running down my abs and squeezing my pecs hard.

I held onto him tightly in my arms as I pulled his warm body closer to me, passionately kissing him. As we kissed, he let me rub my hands all over his body; as I explored his body. I loved kissing him and I loved holding him in my arms; there was no thought

Finally after a few more minutes of passionate kissing, Mike pulled away from me; but it wasn’t because he was stopping me. He gave me a peck on the cheek and raised his hands up so that he could pull his shirt off. Once his shirt was off he dove back into kissing me; never hesitating not even for a moment.

He still had his pants on but that didn’t stop me from feeling his hard cock pressing into my stomach. I wanted to relieve him his aching pain. I l grasped him by the waist and pulled up onto the bed so that his crotch was level with my face. He may have put on a few extra muscles (it was so sexy to feel him up) working out in the last months but I could still pick him up like a feather.

“Eric, what are you doing?” he protested.

“Babe relax.” I grinned. “Your cock is has hard as a rock. Let me help.”


“Babe I insist.” I smiled, grinning from ear to ear. Within seconds I had pulled his pants…….underwear in all down below his thighs. Without hesitation, but with much surprise on his part I devoured his cock in my mouth. I had taken his nine inch cock in my mouth many times before; so this time was no different. When I took his cock in my mouth for the first time he let out a sexy moan that sent shivers up my spine. I felt all warm and tingly inside knowing that I was pleasuring him like he always did for me. He had spent weeks coating my cock with his gorgeous mouth it was time I returned the favor.

Soon I was sucking him off as his rock hard cock throbbed in my mouth. I felt Mike place his hands on my head; letting it rest there as I guided my lips over his cock flicking my tongue up and down the shaft.

I wanted to make this a remarkable experience for him. I used my tongue letting it glide across his cock. The wonderful sounds leaving his mouth told me that I had him just where I wanted him. While I feasted on his cock I used my hands to massage his balls and his body; caressing his big balls them while I ran my fingers over his naked thighs so that I could get at his ass.

I paused from my worship of his cock letting his leaking cock leave my mouth. After his cock was before me……..twitching in all of its glory I started to lick the length of his cock. As my tongue began its journey along the length of Mike’s cock I paid particular attention to the swollen head and the tip.

As I sucked his cock I continued to caress his thighs while I let my other hand travel up to his stomach and chest; gently exploring his gorgeous body as I ran my fingertips all over his body, as I felt his muscles.

After a few more minutes of sensually working his cock over I had worked my way back up to Mike’s lips…………his sweet, sweet lips. He moaned into my mouth signifying his approval. We didn’t spend too much time kissing before Mike knelt down between my legs.

Before I could stop him he had yanked my pants down and he had his cock in my mouth. While he was sucking on my cock he started stroking my stomach and chest; letting his fingers run through the light dusting of hair on my chest.

Pretty soon his mouth and his wet tongue was doing wonders on my cock. I placed my hands on his head so that I could hold him close. After a while he let my cock fall out his mouth and he started kissing my balls and licking them. He worked his way back up to my mouth before he was facing me once more.

We continued to kiss passionately; our tongues doing battle against one another. We kissed and it felt so good. So good to hold him and so good to feel his body on mine.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” I whispered hoarsely. “I want to make love to you again…..just like a use to.”

“Babe, you know we can’t do that.” Mike cried. “You can’t even walk……..let alone thrust your cock.”

“But I really want to.” I protested. “This sucks so much. I can’t wait tell I can walk again…….until I can take you in my arms and carry you to our bed.”

“Neither can I.” Mike smiled. “But I don’t want you to rush anything…..baby I would wake forever for you. I love you.”

“I love you too babe.” I smiled back.




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