****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Eric’s POV**********************

Several weeks had passed since Mike and I had broken up and all of that time I had done nothing but mope around in think about the good times. Only a few days earlier I had witnessed my father’s trial……and as to be expected he had been convicted of attempted murder and was sentenced to fifteen years in Walworth State Penitentiary, a maximum security prison. Looks like I wouldn’t be seeing dear old dad anytime soon.

It was the day before Prom and the school had allowed all the seniors to leave three hours earlier so that we could get ready for tomorrow’s prom. Not that I wanted to go to prom without Mike. Even if he didn’t want to go with me.

For the last week or so, Kayla had been nagging me and bugging me about going to Prom. She had tried every trick in the book to persuade me to change my mind and go to prom. But she had yet to change it. She had texted me telling me she was coming over and seconds later her and Kevin were standing in my living room. Both of them trying to convince me to go to prom.

“Come on man,” Kevin pleaded “You just have to go man….. This might be the last time we see the whole gang together.”

“Dude way to be dramatic.” I chuckled. “Even if I don’t go with you guys to prom it’s not like we’ll never see each other again.”

“Eric you know what he means.” Kayla replied. “Every high school student, boy or girl should go to their senior prom. Just imagine all the memories you will be missing out on, by not going.”

“Kayla I won’t be missing out on anything” I interjected. “As much as I love you guys the only person that I want to be making these kinds of memories with……….. is Michael.”

“Eric I know how much you miss being with Michael………..I know it hurts but you just have to come with us…… You just have to.” Kayla pleaded.

“If you won’t do it for yourself do it for me…….and if not for me could you at least do it for Michael? He wouldn’t want you to be moping around all day waiting for him to come back to you.”

“Kayla even if I did go I would a freaking third-wheel. Kayla you and Kevin each have each other, and even Jake has somebody……..and I have no one. I would be sitting on the sideline all night like a fucking dumbass.” I sighed.

“Eric but you won’t be alone.” Kevin blurted out. “Michael’s going to be there too!”

“Wait? What?” I paused. “Kevin what the hell are you talking about? Michael’s going to be there?”

“Kevin we were going to wait to tell him.” Kayla said trying to get Kevin to shut up.”

“What Kevin’s trying to say is we kind of already convinced Michael to go to prom and now were over here trying to convince you too.” Kayla replied meekly.

“What do you mean? When did you guys do that?”

“Ummm on the way over here…… actually.” Kayla laughed. “So you see you if you come to prom with us, you won’t be alone. Because Mike will be there with you….. And you two can third wheel together.”

“Kayla you know I can’t do that” I sighed. “Spending all night with him will only make it worse for me. I won’t be able to hold him or kiss him, or do none of the shit I want to do with him….What fun is that?!”

“But Eric you don’t understand Michael misses you so much. Every time you’re not around he talks about nothing but you……It’s just Eric this and Eric that. You’ve got to know he still loves you and I know you still love him, so I just know that after spending a whole night together under the stars you and him will be back together in no time.”

“You just got to have faith Eric.” Kayla pressed. “It’s going to be a magical night that none of us will ever forget for the rest of our lives.”

“Not to mention they rented out this big ass yacht for the Prom!” Kevin cried overjoyed.

“Okay, okay I’ll go.” I cried. “On one condition.”

“Ok what is it?” Kayla sighed.

“The condition is that even if Mike and I don’t get back together you have to promise me that you will stop trying to push us back together. If it’s meant to happen it will happen. I know it.”

“But Eric…..” Kayla protested. “I just can’t stand to see two people who love each other so much not be together. You two belong together I’m just doing my civic duty and making everything right.”

“Kayla you heard him…..if it’s meant to be………he and Mike will get back together. You just have to let things work out on their own and without interference from you.”

“Ok fine I agree.” Kayla cried. “Ok I’ll leave it all alone. But all I know is that you better be there tomorrow Eric and you better have fun.”

“I’ll try.”

“Eric you better do more than try. This is our last high school prom……like ever!!! So that means that you better have fun.” Kayla cried.

“I don’t know how he couldn’t have fun……Prom’s on a fucking yacht this year!!” Kevin cried. “Man when I tell you it’s a big ass yacht I mean it’s fucking huge.”

“The yacht has all the amenities: it’s got an indoor pool, it’s going to have a freaking de-jay playing the coolest freaking beats, and even a buffet table with all the food we can eat man!”

“Man it’s going to be crazy……it’s going to be sick!” Kevin cried. “This is going to be an amazing night. Might even be the best night of our lives!”

“Looks like someone’s a little excited.” Kayla laughed.

****Scene 2: Emily’s POV**********************

“EMILY KATHERINE GRACE CHANDLER!!!” my mother Elizabeth Chandler yelled from downstairs. “You get down here RIGHT now! Right this instance!”

I rushed down stairs immediately to see what on earth my mother was raving about now. When I reached the end of the bannister there she was staring angrily at me with those piercing green eyes of hers; I should know I inherited them from her.

My mother was nearing fifty but her fair face hid this fact. She still looked almost as young as she did in her and father’s wedding photographs with only slight traces of her age, such as the slight streaks of grey in her hair or the age wrinkles on her still lovely face.

“Mom what’s wrong? Why are you yelling are you trying to wake everybody in the house up?”

“What do you mean wake everyone up?!” my mother yelled back. “Emily you do realize that its one o’clock in the afternoon. The only person in this house that’s asleep is you. Your father’s at work…..Mike’s out with his friends. Mikayla and Wes are over their friend’s house for a sleepover.”

“Since you’ve got back from Europe you’ve done nothing but go out every night and sleep in every day. You’ve done nothing productive but drink and party.” My mother lectured, before stopping to smell the air.

“Wait? What is that?” my mother began……”Is that weed I smell?!?!”

“No.” I lied, having been caught red handed.

“Emily Kathrine Grace Chandler don’t lie to me.” My mother shot back. “I was a teenager once too. I know exactly what weed smells like.” She said, leaving to question how she could have known and whether her statement was just some random thing or whether it was an admission of past misdeeds.

“Girl I won’t have you stirring up trouble in my house…..I want you out of here. I want you to go anywhere. You can go to university again or you can go back to Europe just as long as you come back clean.” She added.

“Fine then!” I yelled. “I’ll leave just like you said…..But I’m not going back to Europe I’m staying right here in town. I’ll just move in with grandfather and grandmother I’m sure they’ll love having me around the house. If you could even call the Chandler Estate a house. Some call it a mansion, other’s call it a castle, but my family and I call it home.

Situated on a 200 acre island with stables, a golf course, tennis courts, basketball courts, a pool and pool-house, lavish rose gardens, expansive wine cellars, a carriage house, and a mausoleum and crypt filled with deceased Chandlers. And right in the middle of it all a 110- room Gothic revival mansion divided among five floors and sprawled over 150,000 square feet. Equipped with countless bedrooms and bathrooms and complete with turrets, towers, and elegant balconies and terraces providing sweeping views of the Harmony Harbor and the bay. That’s not to mention the wide range of catacombs and secret passage ways underneath the house. Those parts are little two creepy and dark for me; but the servants and the obvious perks are a definite point in favor of my choice to stay with my grandparents.

After that I ran upstairs to get my things………

****Scene 3: Mike’s POV**********************

When I got home I walked upstairs to find my sister Emily in her room rummaging through her stuff. She had clothes and empty suitcases scattered all over the floor.

“Hey sis, what’s going on?” I asked, standing in my sister’s doorway. “What’s with all the clothes all over the floor?”

“I’m moving out.” She quipped.

“What do you mean moving out?” I gasped. “Wait? Why? But Em, you just got back!”

“I mean I’m moving out…..hasta la vista……..see you later I’m out of here.” Emily laughed. “I’m getting the hell out of this house little bro.”

“But Em you just got back……….I’m going through a lot right now and I really need you to be here.” I sighed. “Sis you know I can’t talk to mom about this kind of stuff….you know she doesn’t like Eric, she hasn’t even accepted the fact that I’m gay yet.”

“Emily please don’t go……..I need you.”

“Baby brother relax I’m not going anywhere. I’m just moving out of here. I’m going to be staying with grandfather and grandmother for a while.”

“But why?” I pleaded. “Why are you moving out?”

“Because I can’t stay in this house anymore.” Emily sighed. “Because Michael, mother is always getting on me about every little thing…. She’s always talking about how all I do is party all night, drink, and do extracurricular activities.” She laughed.

“Like drugs….” I blurted. “Emily, but you do all of those things.”

“Mikey that is beside the point. I just can’t live in this house anymore.” Emily replied. “I can’t deal with mom being extra all the time. And as for you and Eric answer me this do you still love him?”

“Emily of course I still love him.” I cried. “How could you even ask something like that? I will always love Eric. But I just can’t get over seeing him and Haley in bed together…..”

“Mike but you only saw them in bed together…..you didn’t actually see them in the act so to speak.” She continued. “So how do you know that they had sex? How do you know it wasn’t just some big misunderstanding?”

“Because Emily I saw them, not in the act. But Eric had his pants down and Haley didn’t even have any underwear on. They had to be having sex……she was groping him.”

“What did she say?” Emily questioned. “And what did he say when you found them in that hotel room?”

“They were in a state of shock. Haley basically implied that they had sex.” I started. “But Eric was completely shocked……He kept denying it…..he told me that nothing happened.”

“But then that’s when he stood up and walked over to me……” I sighed. “And that shocked me so much….Partly because I was so happy that he could walk again and partly because I knew that he had been keeping this from me…..”

“I know he was trying to protect me…..but he could have at least confided in me.”

“Michael why don’t you believe him………maybe he’s telling the truth and Haley is the one is lying. If you love him like you say you do, you should have faith in him that he’s faithful to you.”

“Em you don’t understand I want to believe him. I want to believe him so bad. But I don’t want to be hurt again. I couldn’t bear it.”

“What do you mean hurt again?” Emily asked. “What are you saying?”

“There’s something you need to know….. There’s something that happened a few months ago to me… Nine or eight months to be exact.”

“What do you mean nine months ago? What are you saying? What are you pregnant or something?” my sister laughed absentmindedly. “I didn’t know Eric’s dick was that good that it can get a guy pregnant.

“No I’m not pregnant…..guys can’t get pregnant.” I laughed trying to brush it off. “But I’m having a child…..”

“What do you mean you’re having a child?” she gasped. “I thought you were gay. Please explain this to me because I don’t understand.”

“A girl………that Charlotte girl that you met at Eric and mine’s engagement party she’s having my child…..like any day now.”

“What do you mean having your child…….” My sister replied, more confused than ever. “Michael’s she’s a pretty girl and it does look like she’s about to burst any day now…….But she doesn’t seem like your type…..”

“You know the whole thing about you being in love with Eric and super gay.” She laughed.

“She’s not my type……but that didn’t matter to her.”

“What do you mean it didn’t matter to her?” Emily cried, getting serious. “Michael what did she do? Did she…..did she do something to you?”

“Yes……” I said, tears welling up in my eyes. “Yes she………….she………she.”

“She raped me.” I cried, unable to clearly make out the words. How could I tell my sister that I a big muscular man had been raped by a small petite girl? It barely even registered with me, even though I knew it happened….”

“SHE did WHAT?!”My sister yelled. “How did she even do this to you?”

“She drugged me…….at least that’s what she said.” I sighed.

“What did mom say? What about grandfather and the rest of the family?” my sister cried, her face visibly shaken by what I had just told her.

“They were all angry. Grandfather was so furious I was worried he would do something to her. Everybody was very upset……except for mom she took it has proof that I wasn’t really gay.” I began. “She was actually trying to set me up with this girl.”

“Wait so you’re telling me that this girl……this Charlotte chick……a girl our delightful mother tried to set you up with sexually assaults you and she barely bats an eye.” Emily yelled. “Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“Emily don’t be like that she was caring in her own way……it’s just she want her baby boy to be straight and with girls…..All moms want that deep down.”

“I don’t give a fuck what mom wants. She’s out of line thinking that she can turn someone straight.” My sister yelled. “But what I really want to know is why this bitch is? Why is this Charlotte chick not in jail?”

“Well that’s about to change real soon.” Emily laughed. “You can be sure of that.”

“Emily please don’t get involved. I already have Kayla getting involved and trying to fight Charlotte every day I don’t need you fighting her too.”

“Mikey it’s too late I’m already involved.” Emily replied. “I’m your big sister and you are my little brother and I’m going to fix all of this for you. “Prom is tomorrow right?”

“Yeah, why?” I said uneasily.

“Good because I’m crashing that party and I’m going to give that girl a piece of my mind.”

“Emily can we please drop this…..I don’t want to talk about what that girl did to me anymore. I just want to relax and not think about that….”

“Ok well back to what we were talking about earlier. About your love life right?”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“Mike the bottom line is that Haley Macy a liar…she always have been and always will be a liar.” Emily laughed. “You can’t believe a word she says….especially since you basically stole her man from her.”

“Em I didn’t mean to…….Eric kissed me and broke things off with her.”

“Well do you want him to keep kissing you?” Emily giggled.

“You know I do…….” I sighed. “More than anything but I can’t just get over the fact that he cheated on me with Haley Macy.”

“But what if he didn’t cheat on you…..what if you walked in on nothing? What if nothing happened? Would you take him back?”

“I would take him back in a heartbeat………but I just can’t get that fear that something did happen out of my mind.”

“So what if something did happen?” she replied. “He loves you and you definitely love him. Why don’t you just take a chance and go to him?”

“Who gives a fuck what happened? You two are so completely in love it’s a crime that you guys haven’t got back together. Ever since you and Eric broke up all you do is mope around.”

“Like I came into your room the other day and you were sitting on your bed looking at old pictures of you and Eric.” She smirked. “Mikey you know you still want to be with him….”

“Promise me you’ll tell Eric how you really feel tomorrow at prom?” Emily said. You two deserve to be together. Don’t let something is stupid as a misunderstanding ruin your relationship because this is what mom wants…….she wants you to be with a girl or nobody.”

“But I want you to be happy and you are happy with Eric. So that’s who you need to be with.” She added.

“Ok………ok sis,” I cried. “Calm down Em, I’ll talk to Eric like you said tomorrow at Prom if he’s there. You have my word.”

“Don’t worry little bro you don’t have to give me your word….I’m crashing that prom and I’m going to see for myself.” She giggled.

“Oh great….” I smiled.

****Scene 4: Chris DeVille’s POV**********************

“Father what do you mean I have to leave the prom before 10:00?” I protested. “That’s when those things get good. What are you trying to do? Make me miss the best part?”

“No my dear Christian you won’t be missing the best part.” My mother Regina said approaching from behind me. “You need to listen to your father because he and I are just looking out for you.”

“Looking out for what?” I asked, looking a little confused. “What could happen at a Harmony school dance?”

“It’s a prom my dear………and let’s just say things are going to be explosive and that this prom is going to be one that no one ever forgets.” My mother Regina smirked, her lips curling into a twisted grin that sent shivers up my spine. And she was my own mother….

“What did you guys do?!?!” I cried. “What?!”

“Christian you don’t have to worry about that. Just listen to your mother and leave before 10 o’clock or you will stay at your own risk.” My father Alistair replied, sitting comfortably in his overstuffed chair.

“So you guys are planning something?” I gasped. “You have to tell me. You always say that I’m going to take over the family business one day. I have to be treated as an equal if I’m going to do that. Tell me what you guys are planning.”

“What we’ve been planning?” my mother sneered. “What your father and I have been planning is the revenge we have waited for……for years. For years the DeVille name was dragged through the mud, ridiculed and degraded but now all those self-righteous townsfolk will suffer for their actions……

“Yes the means to carry out our sweet revenge has finally come.” My Father cackled evilly. “They will lose the one thing that they value most in this world…..their children…..”

“What? No!?” I cried. “What you guys put a bomb on the boat?! ARE you serious!! ARE you GUYS kidding me……….I know these people you can’t just kill them!!!” I yelled out.

“Oh but we can and we will.” My father laughed back. “Christian you have a lot to learn if you are going to lead this family to higher heights. Not one of them means a damn thing……….and after to tomorrow night the Spencers, Bradys, McCarthys, Barretts, Smiths, Macys, Williamses, Huggins, Stewarts; the whole lot of them will pay!”

“Especially those damned Chandlers!” my mother added.

“You guys CANT do this……” I pleaded. “It’s not right…..IT’s wrong!”

“It’s already done.” My mother Regina laughed wickedly. “And as for it being right nothing could be more perfect….more right. Tomorrow is going to be deliciously divine and I don’t want to miss a minute of it…..”

“Ok what if something happens. What if someone finds the bomb? What if I don’t get off the boat in time? That’s going to throw a wrench into your whole plan if your little bomb kills me instead for all those innocent people. Or do you not care about what happens to your screw up son?”

“Now that just won’t do.” My mother smirked. “You know we love you…..just make sure that you are out on the deck by 9:50. Our lifeboat will be there to pick you up. So you better be ready.”

“And you are to tell no one of our plan to inflict our wrath on this town.” My father added.

“You guys can’t honestly believe you can get away with murdering half the town?” I cried. “You have to be delusional.”

“My dear sweet son.” My mother Regina smiled. “DeVille’s have been GETTING away with things for centuries, and this time around is no different. Tomorrow night this town will suffer and this family will rise.”

“Harmony High’s Prom is going to be an explosive affair.” My father laughed.

“No dear it’s going to be a show stopper…..”My mother replied, before proceeding to laugh manically….

STAY TUNED……………………..



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